10 Most INSANE FAKER OUTPLAYS In League of Legends Esports History

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    We talk about the 10 best Faker outplays in League history.

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    Concepts: Best ADC 10.20, Best support 10.20 best mid laners 10.20, best junglers 10.20, best top laners 10.20 patch 10.20 rundown, 10.20 lol, 10.20 changes, Karthus nerfs 10.20, Maokai nerfs 10.20, Kled nerfs 10.20, Nunu nerfs 10.20, Kassadin nerfs 10.20, Katarina nerfs 10.20, Lulu nerfs 10.20, Aatrox buffs 10.20, Illaoi buffs 10.20, Sion buffs 10.20, Urgot buffs 10.20, Ryze buffs 10.20, Varus buffs 10.20 Braum buffs 10.20,

    0:00 Intro
    0:39 QOTD
    2:00 Number 10
    5:02 Number 9
    3:30 Number 8
    6:24 Number 7
    7:56 Number 6
    9:24 Number 5
    11:18 Number 4
    13:20 Number 3
    15:05 Number 2
    16:55 Honorable Mention
    17:56 Number 1
    19:49 Conclusion
    20:14 Outro

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    1. Andres Garcia

      Faker is the peyton manning of league of legends, the muhammad ali of league of legends. He brought the game down to a science, everything is calculated! His play is one that cannot be matched for another 10 years.

    2. Zod Shieda

      Epic fail Rek'Sai at 11:16 Reason: Didn't get through dragon pit with her E

    3. Kami

      Wolf gets like pretty much no credit for the initiation done in number 5, as well as the silence from Huni. Sad that ‘Faker’s Shockwave’ became a meme in Korea to bully Wolf. Literally all Faker did here was a simple follow up Ori ult after the engage.

    4. OwOYoshiyukiUwU :3

      He may not be in world's but he made League what it is today for me he's still the best player in league of legends history

    5. _Tsukiyama

      the league community is trash

    6. Kuya Jess TV

      The micro plays,the way he dodges everything we was like a kungfu master in a video game.Hes mastery level inspire more players and humanity to be Godlike in anything that we want or love to do.

    7. Mac Y

      Of how many people Faker inspired and brought people to play this game and watch must be crazy. Riot owes him a lot to their success.

    8. Keylo moon

      He alright he just slightly better than me

    9. Colt Bratcher

      where the f can i download that art at 5:46

    10. KaykayGaming

      look at the cleanse, look at the moves!

    11. Maricle Redpav

      Bruh the demon king left his marks in the league world

    12. Zed Lucas

      this is why i love Zed Top1 play Faker 🙏

    13. Casper

      They lost not because he is washed up, they lost because they won to many times. But no matter the lost I still want them back up the throne.

    14. Kurumi Tokisaki

      Wonder if we can see him playing in Wildrift 10:03 the most epic scene

    15. Clover Gaming

      Faker is invincible but how his team really trust tht he will not die is impressive

    16. Nudik Prudik

      i didn't watch the video yet, but if won't see that zed duel "faker what was that", i'm gonna literally unsubscribe

    17. Angrybirds neyugn

      What happened to T1? Why are they not in world anymore?

    18. Your big Fan

      that no.5

    19. 09SkyFrost

      18:59 this was like a portrait of me and my younger sibling playing a game

    20. 09SkyFrost

      My dream team where they value their team more than cs doesnt exi-

    21. D4rkYT

      Now I remember why my brother was a Riven mid laner.

    22. Reynaldo Congzon

      When faker just proving to LS I’m not dying u pabo. He just keep on saying he’s dying dude faker still have his flash my goodness. He is so inaccurate.

    23. Danilo Pablo

      I'm missing that Azir play he throws about 3 man under Azir's passive turret by drifting and ulting That was great

    24. Buff Beluga Boi

      Am currently at the second best play, but I already know what number 1 is going to be. We probably all knew

    25. Travis

      I like how faker doesnt smile too much when interacting with others physically, but smiles in front of his pc.

    26. wyatt matsuda

      Faker looked pretty good today had to come back and watch this

    27. D -Studios

      The changeable wholesaler holoprosencephaly provide because atom macropharmacologically rob within a imaginary scarf. smooth, thick act

    28. Khắc Xù


    29. Jamie Yang

      Roses are red, Violets are blue, There’s always an Asian, Who will play better than you,

    30. The Small Things

      I just expect faker selecting teemo and get 20/2/5

    31. PotatoOiix

      Probably faker vs ryu and he push an entirely people.

    32. Juan Alfaro

      QOTD: the best outplay that will be remember forever will be the zed outplay.

    33. diego esquer

      what u didn't notice is that in his 5 play he was 0 4

    34. MidLane Smurf

      Watch wildrift gameplay here kolove.info/wiki/03HsXPW0Z-J4Gvp9kZIrig

    35. MidLane Smurf

      Watch wildrift gameplay here kolove.info/wiki/03HsXPW0Z-J4Gvp9kZIrig

    36. MidLane Smurf

      Watch wildrift gameplay here kolove.info/wiki/03HsXPW0Z-J4Gvp9kZIrig

    37. 태리taeri terry태리

      17:40 that escape!😨

    38. The Dragon Ruffy

      All these people talking about prime. There are so many factors as enemies perfomance, stamina champ choice and potential teammates meta and coaches Some factors changes to the worse but can be changed again too. Lets believe in Daeny for an ingane summer. I dare him using Clozer again. Let Clozer or any player play as long as you stop dilsturbing Faker. He deserves at leat one more world win.

    39. Monochrome

      Huh, watching this makes me realize just how old Zyra, Zed, and Vi's art is.... or at least their little character portraits or whatever.

    40. Gitesh Dewangan


    41. Kian Demalata

      My number 1 is: "Look at the cleanse look at the moves, faker what was that"

    42. LOL nidalee

      When everyone knows you are the best they focus you hard and honestly the fact that faker dosnt have 10 deaths every pro game shows how good he is. They literally 4 man dive him under turrent every game

    43. What's my name?

      We would still have to wait for another 10 to 15 years for another demon king to arrive that will take over the current demon king's throne

    44. A happy lil shushi roll

      you know youre the GOAT when people renowned as the "best" currently and even the ones that people think are better than you still say the phrase "holy shit thats faker"

    45. Random Viewer

      TopPlays#3 the only time faker use skin at international stage,

    46. Benjamin Smith

      My favorite play is the Caps on Syndra vs Nemesis on Corki.

    47. Rayan Jeyani

      Bla bla bla skip skip skip what an annoying video...

      1. Azz OP naw

        Stfu kid

    48. Gerick Guiyab


    49. Leon Alexander Rudolph

      Favourite moment mouze vs gl 2020 summer split tolkins tp and then 5 man ryze ult

    50. MelonYT

      Tolkien in Esl

    51. Marius Schmid

      mine is rush Lee Sins first insec in Pro play

    52. Anthony

      faker is jordan caps is lebron im jus waiting for a kobe 🥱

    53. AxpeKtru


    54. Gerrald Smith

      My brain hurts watching this

    55. Aserve Yout

      and there goes Ryu career.

    56. lukasbandow

      The XPeke was legit fire

    57. Daniel Dolebski

      Zed vs Zed of course best!

    58. Willyfred Dela Cerna

      Hi do c

    59. Melody Woo2

      You talk too much

    60. 딘 세이오거스 티노

      ryu vs faker zed !!!

    61. Micheal Rosette

      Fountain hook of Dendi

    62. Ritsuka Fujimaru

      not included: the Cassiopeia ult-behind flash-stun-forward surprise vs Corki in LCK Spring 2017 it was so nasty that Riot decided to fix Cassio the next patch..

    63. IVD

      Everybody inspired to be better at league because of faker. Specially those who main mid. Nobody can be more audace to call out the mid king

    64. Theau FM

      My fav is the first insec

    65. Teng Talucod

      That no. 1 play never gets old

    66. Freedom John Dayag Pielago

      Ngl. I slowly felt emotional as the video went on. Cried a little at the end

    67. Azrael

      The unkillable Demonking... what a stupid nickname

      1. Azz OP naw

        I knew that that's the effect of lacking parent's guidance want me to teach u some kid?

      2. Azrael

        @Azz OP naw get lost punk😂

      3. Azz OP naw

        Go play with ur iron friends

      4. Azrael

        @Azz OP naw lul

      5. Azz OP naw

        Just as ur whole life lol

    68. Diego A.P.

      The best Faker plays were the two Cassiopeia R + Flash and it throws to the other side... it is so difficult and so beautiful...

    69. Nae Seth

      All the people type " ez " in normal game , should watch this video :)

    70. tyler smith

      Faker's outplay vs Ryu.

    71. Jonathan Kim

      19:14 the face of just another victim of the GOAT...

    72. Animal Shorts

      this so so cringe these plays arent even that good the enemy is just playing dumb without any knowledge of the enemy lol.

      1. Azz OP naw

        Who dafaq r u typical iron dog

    73. Son Zhu

      Boxing - Mayweather MMA - Khabib LoL - Faker

    74. Sasuga Megami

      EVERY "TOP 10 FAKER PLAYS" Ryu: please stop

    75. NoodlesRGood

      For the number 1 imagine if the camera was somewhere else

    76. Julius Baltazar

      the way he destroyed ryu


      That Rakan play is gud and yet they only see the Orianna's ult

      1. Khang Mal

        Not just Rakan play, but also his plan as well

      2. Khang Mal

        It was Rakan’s plan back in that game, because they forced the enemy team to be in bot lane as long as possible to make sure all the wards in the baron cave were all gone.

    78. xZed

      20 minutes for 10 plays? What’s wrong with you people just play the clips and stop talking.

    79. ninja gamer

      After 2:40 minutes you showed the first gamepley ?? You serious?


      what is your favorite faker moment me: yes

    81. Massey Lemons

      The garrulous mimosa decisively scribble because tooth developmentally bore mid a sleepy canoe. nice, psychotic brace

    82. Zabdiel Bunquin

      Idk why but kt mid laners are cursed to get owned by faker

    83. Γιωργάγγελος JL

      Some people dont get that you cant be on your prime forever..Faker is the best player to ever play at esports tho!! And i dont think any player will win more titles any time soon.

    84. sao yang

      I’m glad I watched all the way to the end to get that zed v zed explanation. I’ve always wondered how they’re two zeds in pro game.

    85. Isaac McBain

      I actually got emotional watching this video again ❤️

    86. あゆむ

      I miss SKT! Thank you for showcasing some of his best plays. You guys are awesome!

    87. 태리taeri terry태리

      Damn. That oriana escape from 3 enemy is just out of this world

    88. 『 白 』Shiro

      I think is this a Wolf's play. Supports are always secret hero ...

    89. TheCpomp

      xPeke 39 hp nexus backdoor is obviously the greatest play of all time come on now breh

    90. Zach


    91. Susmita Nayak

      Who just came here to watch how faker play?🙌

    92. Moisie Moisie

      Faker 1v3:put the guns down boys...your surrounded

    93. Leon Tißen

      19:51 wait what? They dont play in fullscreen???

    94. Tommy Story

      Best in the world

    95. Manuel Rodrigues

      xPeke backdoor also a legendary play

    96. Zac Dillon

      Why you guys have to ramble on and on just show the clips, I'm not sitting through 15 minutes of talking just to see 5 minutes of footage I can see anywhere

    97. 心売り

      it's not just that, he didn't have vision but still reacted to jhins flash auto attack with zhonyas 3:05

    98. A Howie Chang

      Fakers zed should be illegal

    99. Primus Filius

      why it look like Faker doesn't want any of the attention and looks bored?

    100. Ti jony

      Faker mãi mãi là 1 huyền thoại bất tử 🤗