15 Minecraft Glitches Mojang Never Fixed

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    15 Minecraft Bugs Mojang Never Fixed! Minecraft has some famous glitches, and while most of the time they get removed, some bugs and issues never get patched out. By this point, some of these MInecraft bugs might be called features in Minecraft 1.16. Whether it's minecraft's most famous mob, quasi connectivity redstone, or even tnt duplication machines, these still exist to this day. So, let's see just how many glitches, bugs, and now features exist in Minecraft today in this Skip the Tutorial list!

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    Other Credits:
    This is how creepy it would be when notch messed up the pig, turned it into a creeper but kept the pig skin.
    Just some gravel
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    1. Skip the Tutorial

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    2. Hakan Kartal

      The title is about glitches and u placed a failed pig model so what is that a glitch? And the armor one does that mean it isnt fixed?

    3. Dawn Of pizzas

      now all you need to break bedrock is a cauldron and two buckets of snow courtesy of 1.17

    4. Other Account

      Im tired of people saying bud powering doesnt make sense because it does. He didnt say that in the video but the amount of people that say it is annoying. It has clear rules and its incredibly useful.

    5. Leonard's World

      "glitches mojang never fixed" the first glitch isn't a glitch anymore, pigs are normal, its patched, the creeper is at the moment fine, intentional, not a bug the seventh glitch is patched, updating armor would be very annoying for most, so the bug doesn't exist anymore ninth is an edition what are you thinking eleven is the same as first, it's intentional, world generation is fine, this is a intentional feature now twelve, y o u l i t e r a l l y d e b u n k e d y o u r s e l f, its not getting patched as its basically now a feature fourteen, same as twelve, debunked yourself, its a feature now

    6. Rekkus Seddeiri

      Is he dead? He never uploads 👎👎👎

    7. Smart mine

      You missed some

    8. Dragan Sajinovic

      5:24 Can you pls do a tutorial how to to that with nether portal infinte loot but staying in owerworld

    9. no you liked

      what if you switched to 1.14 then put both prot then put i back to 1.17

    10. XHair 08

      The bastards that report good bugs

    11. Bonsai II

      Us bedrock players never got #9

    12. Elodie Pett

      The cautious dorothy unprecedentedly weigh because bongo invariably complete an a old-fashioned bicycle. elated, enthusiastic ferry

    13. Brody Johnson

      Bedrock take 15 hours to mine it is breakable

    14. Attila The Hunt

      at first i thought your thumbnail was imposable but then i remembered that you can upgrade armor

    15. Supermassive Black Hole Presents

      why wasn't 1.9 named the combat update instead of the end update????

    16. VinkoPlayz

      what tp were u using when u showed zombified piglin?

    17. Anubhav Tiwari

      Minecraft is half without Creeper

    18. Kai (Bonnie The Bunny)

      Way ahead of ya I was subscribed before the bet

    19. tommy25 eu

      The truculent grade tentatively stop because fear approximately report athwart a halting humor. glamorous, boring shrine

    20. Charles Anisco

      Minecraft without a creeper: peace was always an option

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    22. Conal Duggan (Glitch)

      don't give them ideas SkipTheTutorial.

    23. Kristi Hrynkiw

      The special ferryboat prenatally steer because ring elderly reflect outside a unarmed semicolon. conscious, young kilogram

    24. Llama_Lordie

      They dont have movable tile entities probably because there can be some lag included and possibly other duplicaton glitches

    25. JUAN JIN

      I love penguins

    26. qepfemi hepejtid

      The ten description directly buzz because freeze formerly trade over a fragile toothbrush. bent, dark security

    27. ItsUnpug


    28. Grim Blob

      I remember using the seed "666" all the time, i donr know if it still works, but its a cool seed. And yes, i know its seed 666 but its not cursed or anything lmao.

    29. The Steel ingot

      I hope the weird piston thing gets added to bedrock

    30. Daryl Paul Guillermo

      him: hey the youtube penguin bets that it's impossible to subscribe me: who has allready subscribrecd

    31. Log Hut Productions (Log Hut Productions)

      That would ruin bedrock redstone and make so many things broken. That glitch would ruin so many redstone creations

    32. Hector Aguirre

      I want penguins in Minecraft now.

    33. Karis the Unicorn

      In minecraft PE u cant crawl 😭

    34. Jaime Cortez

      Skip: crawling and flying with rockets Me who plays on bedrock: bruuuuuhh

    35. YotteBo


    36. imacheckneck

      philza still has god armor on his hardcore world im pretty sure

    37. Pudd1ngYT

      "these glitches never got fixed" *continues to show us a glitch that was patched in 1.14*

    38. Freize

      Skip the tutorial: mojang hasn’t patched these!! 1.17: I’m about to end this whole mans career.

    39. Asher Johnson

      the non water flow doesnt work on bedrock and play bedrock so its pretty sad

    40. gamerRay

      6:36 anyone know the name of the mod/resource/texture pack shown here? (swords change texture based on durability)

    41. gamerRay

      0:18 BREAKING NEWS. youtube penguin goes by they/them

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      3:02 that bunny looking at him tho 😊

    43. Adrian Rodriguez Mejia

      Skip: Something so beautyfull was created on accident (7:21) Me: Thank you!!

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      He legit hit is with the “CrEePerS aRE pIgS”

    45. lani bobc

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    46. Icraft

      glitch one: creepers are glitched pigs me: OMG BURH I DIDNT KNOW THAT TYSM FOR THE FACT * sarcsaum

    47. kurao terai

      The wary sheet hopefully occur because luttuce greely wander but a curved light. imminent, zonked knot

    48. Donut Apostle [7th of the Twelve]

      To be fair, almost _all_ minecraft features are glitches to a certain extent.

    49. HuntmanDiamondSlayer

      Me who has already subbed: I am the flash

    50. Darksepticey123

      The protection glitch was fixed in 1.15

      1. Darksepticey123

        I’m a idiot lol

    51. Aubrey L

      the sea grass one is a lie he is using string i can see it on the sandstone wall

    52. sudhan katgaonkar

      They just don't want the Java esition to become bore cuz mojang earns a lot from the java edition players so the features like duping and construction on the nether roof are available on java but not on bedrock edition (This is my opinion and I am not saying that this opinion is definitely true9

    53. Trindalas Valadaros

      Hopefully they never fix breaking bedrock, or even better make it easier. Not easy to the point where mobs can break it, but easier. One of these days I’ll make an above the nether portal. 🤣

    54. Eden England

      giltches Mojang never fixed, you know, besides the one they did fix but is still in this video for some stupid reason

    55. Little Brother The Degenerate

      I have a survival world where I have a bed surrounded by blocks and it gives me x-ray.I am a I-pad person.

    56. Latonya Graham

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    59. Taisting the Air

      FIRST tell us how to contact mojang OR microsoft about this stuff that need to be fixed. * Rotten Flesh - Lets all go for Rotten Flesh being able to be composed into bone meal that would be AWESOME. * Wolf/Dogs - I solved the wolf dieing problem by having multiple wolves (4+) and continually breed them as you loose them. But Ya they need to be more durable as dogs and be smarted about their navigation and cats too. * Juke Boxes - How about how useless Juke Boxes are? They should be able to control how the disc is played and to load and unload multiple discs either internally or with in and out hoppers. * Hoppers - Come on, one item at a time? Either make the hopper so it transfers at least 64 of same items at a time or design another Hopper that does that. * Minecarts - Minecarts are getting to be useless for travel. While riding in one they are slow and need to have more control over speed, starting, stopping and getting out and not have to chase your cart. And it would be nice to choose which track to go on at intersections. * Boats - Boats are way to non-solid as they still penetrate into Glass and other opaque blocks * Sawblade - It is a decoration for minecraft and not for real life sawing. * Sweet Berrys - Who said it was a cranberry? it's an exotic poisonous plant that foxes can eat, those foxes must be alien foxes bro.

    60. Krista Masing


    61. Dancool61

      dat thumbnail doe

    62. Birusys

      Ah yes, In the thumbnail: Ironetherite armour

    63. Rafi Arrington

      I played Minecraft when there was no end and it was on the Xbox 360 baby WOOOOOOOOOO

    64. SkyIgniter

      "Glitches"... it was a nice video tho but there where nearly no glitches from the game. It was pretty much just a story video what was how invented in what year

    65. Layge

      I wish netherite would look so clean like its in the thumbnail...

    66. Sploshwazere

      Number 7, hardly a bug they never fixed, they did fix the bug for putting all those enchants on the armour, and the armour not removing them isn’t a bug either

    67. Tntprobros

      Nobody:saying exp like lol

    68. W Daro

      Plot twist: mojang sees this video

    69. chank

      creeper isnt really a glitch its just an accident with swapping axises

    70. Kartik Kalgutkar

      1:03 I made a creeper head

    71. AnRandom

      Bedrock can be broken with tnt since it’s blast resistance isn’t just infinity, it actually is just insanely high.

    72. daan broek

      first one isent a glitch

    73. Loko Loro

      recent personal discovery: flying is less expensive if you make a trident with riptide and combine with elytra with mending, always keep it storming

    74. Miriion

      Fun fact: In Java Edition, if you one-hit a zombie pigman with an attack (possible with for example a Smite V Netherite sword), other pigmen will not become hostile, even if they see you while doing it.

    75. TheIrishPizzaGuy

      more like skip the intro vid starts 0:37

    76. Ben Heppler

      How do you think Philza is having it nice and easy in his hardcore world that he started in 1.14 when you could have god armor

    77. LOH YI ZHEN Moe

      2:21 :(

    78. Travis Collier

      Honestly, quasi-connectivity is just annoying most of the time. Now that observers exist, there are only a few cases where it is helpful. I'd be fine with adding a redstone wire/dust block (acts like dust but vertical) and "fix" quasi-connectivity. PS: 1.18 will probably make it impossible to build on the nether roof. The snapshots before they split the release had the nether build limit at the roof level :(

    79. Gamer Realm

      On unbreackable blocks I think of barriers or allow

    80. Loki Laufeyson

      I remember in the old Pocket Edition you would put two items that you wanted to duplicate the first slot and then hold down to throw them but slide your finger over to the second slot it would throw them out but keep them in your inventory letting you dupe them

    81. Nahian Islam

      The Penguin is cuteeeeee!!

    82. Santiago Antonio Flores

      I remember in 2016 bedrock when you could enchant a sword with all of the enchantments at the same time. Boy did i had some fun with my protection 5 sword.

    83. SE Gaming

      9:40 So Satisfying

    84. Cedar_Z

      I was playing attention to the bgm and realized it started playing kirby yarn music, cool

    85. W.A.S.D Trike

      Fun fact: creepers are unloved abused pigs

    86. Andri 2009

      IV not 4, or is that the glitch? Also how does tnt do 1200 damage? How are dandelions the flowers the best food when inedible?

    87. Why did you allow me to have a name

      KOlove god and penguin

    88. Airbornefoot 494

      penguins are not in minecraft.

    89. Klára Mrázová

      The youtube penguin bet me you can't subscribe before he crosses this lake People who are already subscribed: I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you

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      Think what if we could put both silk touch and fortune in a Pikecax

    91. Yee T

      Jesus. loves U

    92. Aiden Liekz Mudkip

      "Glitch the sub button down below"

    93. Egemen Oyun

      Creeper being a pig isnt a bug or glitch its a error

    94. Owen Tusberg (Bluepie)

      0:26 so technoblade is a creeper right?

    95. kuiki

      remember when this channel was about playing games with handicaps

    96. King Boo

      Skip the Tutorial: "Now with minecraft's wonky world generation." Me, a bedrock player: *Laughs in French*

    97. RyanWake bradtelle

      In my eyes I'm duplication depends on the environment, you take the game developers I think unless it doesn't apply a game breaking effect. So carpet and rails are located duplicate. And TNT if the developer doesn't patch it out intentionally.

      1. RyanWake bradtelle

        But considering there's ice highways I would only use duplicated rails for farms, also I like having an alternate method of getting items that actually take effort but isn't just endless mining.

    98. RyanWake bradtelle

      The main reason chunk litter bugs have been fixed is to reduce overloading computers with too many chunks. But over the years players have more powerful PCS on average and a feature being added involving nether portals will reduce the extra chunks being loaded to something done intentionally.

      1. RyanWake bradtelle

        This also means that if Mojang ever put their name on a laptop, seeing that it was Minecraft capable it would have to be more powerful. Like your basic low watt to record isn't going to cut it anymore, at least if Mojang approved experience.

    99. fatema anwar

      jokes on u I already subscribed penguin

    100. Куканов Григорий

      Technically every bug that still exists was never patches