17 Weird Ways to Store Your Items in Minecraft

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    17 Weird Storage Systems You Can Make in Minecraft! Minecraft has plenty of different ways to store your items, so some weirder methods are sure to slip under the radar. In that case, whether it's using llamas, item frames, unloaded chunks, and more, it's on this list. So today, let's cover some of the weirdest minecraft storage systems you can build to store your items in this Skip the Tutorial list!

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      2. JaydenGamer

        I just got wanted in Minecraft

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        I’m already subbed thoO-O

      5. Comic Book Profile

        i play in creative hehe

    2. Rubellite

      what if you use shulkers to store items and then you put the shulkers in the donkey's storage slots?

    3. Rookie Cookie

      100% weird, 0% practical. Probably offending the entire comment section, but this is just trying to throw items at everything.

    4. Cosmo Blue Moon

      I just use my tablet to use as a player storage system I just let my brother follow me with my items

    5. DeadTreeGaming

      Number 10 could be used for food as well

    6. TheWhoKnowsPerso n

      Put shulkers in the mules pack

    7. SamSam

      *Me reads the title* Me Says: By using a Chest Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh😎

    8. John the herbalist G

      4:44 When creeper blows up my chests 🤬😭😭😭

    9. Aurell Oyell

      number 16, helwo 2b2t

    10. tom riddle

      Nobody Skip: Number 1 : you all use donkeys and mules to carry items around Number 2: you should use them to store it Me : hol up

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    12. Sinisa Prostran

      Your name is aiden

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    13. Oto Cers

      Looking at all of those options, I would better stay at chests and barrels

    14. Deja Zoo

      how the f you made pick in first place bro to mine those cobblestones and red stones 😂

    15. idil şensöz

      well you can use a shulker box with the donkey hack

    16. madpuffin


    17. Savage Kitten

      I subbed after the enderman placed I’m sorry :(

    18. Brooklyn

      Yeah, droppers/dispensers only have 576 slots (if you have stacks of 64)

    19. Spark

      Hey aidan!

    20. TheWestcoastnz

      I'm here for the puns, I was not disappointed

    21. Kwazzi5

      I use my inventory

    22. Overlord 81

      way 18, ENDER CHESTS (take this as a joke)

    23. Nova Blast

      Alternative title: 17 weird ways to waste my time

    24. Daniel Marquez

      Dude image building a giant redstone contraption except for chopping a single tree.

    25. Kjudu

      Chest is still the best I think

    26. jingerbredman

      Just put da shulka box in da donky.

    27. Cypixal

      at 6:55, did you smelt 64 coal ore?

    28. Pascal S.

      Barrels are useful if you looking for a storage container which is also a solid block, but can not be triggered. You can put Redstone on a barrel, but you can't put it on a chest. I don't have any other usecase

    29. pbj240

      Would hoppers around the nether side of a portal pick up the items that are loaded for 15 seconds? No idea how these things work but maybe hoppers a work around to the spawning items after 20 items go through?

    30. Stanislav Petkov

      all that is not practical, i use donky sometimes. When i go nuild something near my base and i dont have shulkars. But when you know how fast speedruners kill the dragon and you have good pc ro render the End, you can go fast with ender chest book with mending and unbreaking for the elaitra and few stacks of fireworck, you can loot the end and have your enderchest fill woth shullkar boxs. But i wonder how else can you hide your storeg in 2B2T surver sins they play with every hack they can. Meybe there is practikal.

    31. Celeste Morrow

      This is what I do to get diamonds on survival I just go to creative and get iron netherite and diamonds

    32. MrImpulseGaming Durmax Alex

      Mules with shulker boxes way better than that llama train

    33. flop snail

      you can also store things with baby piglins. They have 8 inventory slots, and can pick up and drop any item. Adult piglins only pick up gold related items, and porkchops. They drop these items if they have them, aside from gold ingots, and either kind of porkchops.

    34. M.K.R Family

      Every Video needs a Commenter Steve

    35. Demonetize Bot

      Stupid enderman I'm so fast I hit the sun button twice

    36. Evan Morales

      You can try putting your stuff in shulkers then putting it in the chest on the lamma

    37. It's Jemmy

      >Animal Crossing New Horizons music in the beginning >Starts playing Pokemon HGSS music Boi, thanks for the nostalgia. Damn, I kind of miss playing that game, now.

    38. TheidentifyThief

      With all those chest carts you better hope you don’t fall in there

    39. tedscheese

      8:24 is so cool

    40. Tanjirou kamado

      Guys I dropped my phone in water RIP

    41. Jevareeplayzz Roblox

      Ur name is ADIAN?

    42. Bloxi

      Can you put a chest on a donkey on bedrock edition and how??

    43. Tseku Teku

      I lost all my gears in the nether and i gave up trying to get it back but when i came back 3 days later irl it was there

    44. Minecraft lover

      careful when you use the foxes as storage because they can jump over fences ( unless in some versions of minecraft they can't )

    45. Dorota And Patrick Serafin

      I know Skip The Tutorial's real name.. I know your name is Aidan, "Skip The Tutorial".. I bet a lot of people know your name too.. no harm made ;)

    46. Miklo WorldTV

      Will it work on ipad

    47. superbas gamingYT

      Number 1 i didnt even know that was possible

    48. simon wager

      wait why are closed captions on and why does it say that skips name is aidan

    49. Kathyra K. PenKeeper

      idk why, but this is really funny to me...

    50. Mohamad Rashad Al Assali

      Once i had a skeleton who killed me and picked up my sowrd and threw his bow. He dealed a lot of damage

    51. Zen_Rhino

      Did u know that foxes will equip your Armour too? And use it

    52. ohinEEdh31p

      Me who puts shulker boxes in mule storage

    53. FOX

      Damn i been used to transport 😔

    54. Emerald iguana

      Semi auto ultra power infinite going sorting system

    55. C Y

      “It’s way more fun to destroy than clean up” Me: I still remember the days of me exploding my legos everywhere....

    56. Rishikesh Breaking

      POV: your giving a zombie your shulker box full of diamond, emerald and netherite tools and when you kill him he won't drop shulker box

    57. Mathugh's Youtube World

      Can you put shulker boxes in donkeys.

      1. Asht Mslf


    58. GokuSan

      Just Give it a nanme

    59. Amalgama- Dette

      I dont like the llamas becouse they can stop following you at any time like any animal, its better to have a mule full of shulkers with a tope whiñe you ride another mule full of shulkers

    60. Jacket games

      why not store stuff in chests its ore efficient than all of these convoluted storage systems

    61. Aura Shorts

      Honestly when it comes Down to this, I going to make a double chest

    62. ryan zheng


    63. M0NST3R rl

      Haha I died to the wither with maxed out gear and a zombie picked all of my armpit and my sword lol

    64. AndZRi


    65. the not as epic bread

      I have a public sever thank you

    66. DasKeksSchwert3

      The Problem with foxes is, that they can eat ANY item and after that, the get an effect. So I wouldnt store my valuebles with foxes

    67. Terrabyte

      G O O S E

    68. jay ninja

      I know you think about me transporting items sholker boxes.

    69. Alan Decker

      I literally just lost all my diamonds because of you.

    70. Ethan Rouse

      I’d much rather spent hours chopping down trees, fists only, then do any of these. Garbage video

    71. StxrDust PH4NTØM

      What if you fill shulker boxes and then fill up a shulker box with the shulker boxes then it just keeps going and you have infinite storage

    72. TheGamingDane YT

      Here's one a shulker that's empty Then get enough shuliers that they all fit in the same shulker then fill them with the items you wanna keep and then put all shulkers into the empty shulker And rinse and repeat!

    73. lizzyardio

      I'm real sub.zilla

    74. Chaco101 HD

      I’m still using chests

    75. BespiGT

      I loved the dobkeys

    76. Kitty Cat

      Decode da message I know what you mean but we all know the truth. You told me about the ###### but I didnt believe you. I admit I was wrong about the ####### it tore apart my world our world. You keep telling me to forgive my self but i cant I hope you can understand. James day 1

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    78. Dorothy Velez

      Just use a chest

    79. MevelyPlayz

      Skip the tutorial is based more on java edition

    80. sans4life31

      I subed in 00.0 seconds i was already subed

    81. Frank Tremblay

      I use the mule when I work on big project and need my shulkerboxes. They hold them

    82. Abbas B

      Name reveal Aidan

    83. Angela Sharp

      One time I was using a donkey for transporting some items and my game crashed and it despawned and I lost so many valuables like over a stack of emeralds and over a stack of diamonds and some other items but I’ve forgotten what all it was that despawned I was so upset. It’s an annoying bug in bedrock that if you save while in a boat or sometimes on an animal the animal or boat and what’s in the boat despawns even if you’ve named the items or something it’s so annoying

    84. Maciej Wołosz

      i thought using 8 wood for chest isn't that hard

    85. Steven Jeney

      or u can just use ender chest

    86. Alley Ace's Gacha life

      the one about donkey chest you could put shulker boxes in the slots, similar to how you multiple shulker boxes, by put shulker boxes in shulker boxes and so on and so on

    87. LOL MAN


    88. drurvashi panchal

      Did anyone see the subscribing intro in slow motion? Cuz if you see that, he is actually subscribing to vidIq for his vide

    89. That 1 Guy

      0:50 Shulker boxes: am I joke to you?

    90. Aman Pandey

      You clickbait a lot

    91. Matthew Clark

      The last one *in case of emergency, shoot item frames*

    92. WorldsEnd

      90% sucks. Because mobs and minecarts deswpaning with al these bugs

    93. A Google user

      One time I found a cat it was running so I follow it my goal was to get to nether and it lead me to lava pool

    94. kirby

      So your real name is Aidan

    95. Renzka Landman

      How do you sit a chest on a donkie

    96. Dimitrakis Christodoulou

      I found the weirdest seed in the world

    97. AySparkZ

      bruh why don’t ps4 get this stuff yet ;-;

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