20 Stupid Minecraft Things that Actually Work

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    20 Stupid Minecraft Things that Actually Work! Minecraft is full of crazy ideas and concepts, which means that sometimes even the weirdest ideas can work out. From a cake ladder to using sea pickles for item sorting, and more, let's look at some of the dumbest ideas that actually work in Minecraft. These Minecraft 1.16 stupid things in minecraft can actually work, and some of them do surprisingly well. So let's see what we can pull off today in this Skip the Tutorial list video.

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    Research and map by Jonah Walters
    Edited by Jeenneette Wolfe
    Footage collected in part by Frankie Mundo
    Texture Pack: Vanilla Tweaks vanillatweaks.net/picker/reso...
    Some music used in this video is courtesy of Mewmore. Make sure to follow their tracks at kolove.info
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    Other Credits:
    Minecraft: The Ever-Changing Maze [True Random Labyrinth]
    Minecraft Space Mountain Disneyland (2020)

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    2. The Undead

      Give the villagers thorns armor

    3. Rocket to the face.

      How to make a zacian costplay : give a fox a sword

    4. David Pichardo

      my reaction time was -2 months

    5. THEREAPER 8793

      8:40 when you are underwater you don’t have to lift as much cus you float also you are pulling and kicking

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      4:16 my dog normally 4: my dog when the mailman comes

    7. One_Happy

      I saw the thumbnail and it made me remember that I was afk overnight and an ended man put a dirt on my beacon causing me to die

    8. Geetha M

      Use a cat for chests OR USE BLOCKS

    9. Gaming with the Epic gamer

      4:13 foxes attack rabbits now?

    10. Riley Holland

      skip the tutorial: minecarts and boats are polar opposites 1.17 and 1.18 : He he he

    11. Yash Sonwani

      5:13 is best 😆😆😆😆😂😂

    12. Thomas Graham

      Imagine if a Warden head ever gets added in as a trophy, then we could stick it onto villagers and scare everyone.

    13. Herobrine 100x v2

      Challenge: stop using nintendo/copyrighted music.

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      I click the sub button at 0.00000000 seconds how?? Because i already press it days ago

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    16. Fire Gamer

      I did it so fasr that it"s in negatives so my reaction time is -1 year

    17. alt acount

      fun fact:nowadays, minecraft mlgs dont make sence, ven .1 milimiters of water save youir fall but in beta, it was either 3 block deep water or get oofed

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      Lol 4:28 I got that Pokémon

    22. Mindstormer

      Why would you use a piston on the block over the chest. You could just place a block.

    23. ell mayo hyphen

      About the fox... it can also carry a totem of undying 😂😂

    24. ً

      I have a feeling people are going to make lag machines with those carpets and rails.

    25. Random Stuff

      Number 15 most likely wouldn't fool anyone because it looks like a block is on the chest

    26. Cranberry Sauce

      what texture pack is this :)

    27. Sander Houttekier

      how do you dispense a full grown chicken? the fox trick looks fun and not that hard to do, yet it's odd the most weird thing in that part is me not knowing how the full grown chicken is added :)

    28. Perfect bot Greg

      If you put a saddle pig in a mine cart then get on the pig The Minecraft will go very fast

    29. Kolby Hence


    30. Zakoota jinn

      If you put anything that can have 2 or more objects in one slot for example diamond or ore keep it in the 1st slot while using beacon and then keep clicking on it it will increase till the limit 64 reaches

    31. Rod Rochin

      I wish mumbo would use these

    32. lordmine ph

      i smashes the subscribe button and my pc broke lmao

    33. CriticalGames 1

      I remember you could die to one block of water

    34. JumperCzech

      carpet duping is nice for super smelters tho

    35. Duman Tr (El' Patron)

      2:45 ping 7:51 ping

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      le me watching these after months I SAW THEM ON SHORTS

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      2:32 *_Z O O M_*

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      I did a reaction time test and got 0.083

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      ME: tries the cake ladder Also me tries to climb it with horse Me: fail

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      This is the 4018th comment on this video

    46. Superslim Anoniem

      The XP battery is actually intended and was added after a dev got annoyed because he lost the XP from his auto smelting system.

    47. hazem ayoub

      hahaha cool

    48. Epic Centaur

      Kelp farms with smokers are actually a lot better than regular furnaces with the added bonus of fueling itself

    49. Totalx

      It’s cool that you can use the saplings for random ticks. It’s similar how to any computerized random number generator works. It’s only random to a point because it uses the computers “internal clock” and an algorithm to give a number. That’s why they are technically breakable along with slot machines.

    50. Storm PooPer

      "It works! It just works." -JonTron

    51. Dark Plxque

      People didnt know about the kelp thing? Ive used that forever!

    52. Flaria Dracomorpher

      I knew the cat on the chest thing. Ugh, my pets LOVE making sure I can't farm.

    53. Roblox Gamer Wolf

      Who is “Moyang” I thought it was Mojang

    54. ShadowyMigchamp

      havent heard about the inverted door for years.

    55. Masked One 1316

      6:51 it should boil and evaporate but while it’s boiling it should damage the player.

    56. Monkey Man


    57. davidfromtheworld

      4000 comment

    58. Andres Gonzalez

      Sif did not die to play second fiddle

    59. Poppy Minecraft

      That thing with the red stone saplings makes me think of making flickering lights for horror themed maps

    60. Joshdane plaYZ Rubia

      And thats how zacian got created

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    62. Apocalyptic Bullets

      My question is what was the contraption built that was dragging diamonds thru pickles

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      moyang 6:10

    64. Levi Lanphear

      stop saying exp instaid of xp

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      1: villagers

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      ‘Exp’ Plssss just say xp, please. Not exp

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      6:10 moyang??? What’s that

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      "EXP is just pronounced "ex-pee" not "ee-ex-pee"

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      Does the exp storage in furnaces work on java? I feel like I've tried before and I didn't get as much xp compared to bedrock

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    72. Reptillicus

      You know you can just brew a regular water bottle with a gunpowder and have a splash water to put yourself and fires out right? You don’t need a cauldron.

    73. fire ball

      3:06 well I have a better usage, In my spongebob world sea pickle is plankton

    74. Øffīçîålly Vãmî


    75. Dark luna

      pewdiepie did a cake ladder

    76. Angela Taylor

      You know you can just go to the top and just place the water bucket right there It just flow all the way down

    77. SunniBoi

      In the first idea, you said you don't need to right click yourself anymore, as Dispensers can do it *Yet u gotta right click the button*


      Your poty

    79. Vincent Feng

      Zacian from pokemon?

    80. Jones Haak

      Wait do some people not know you can cover a beacon with a block

    81. Lego Finn

      I love how he has 68 lvls

    82. Michael Krivtsov

      10:59... Why wouldn't the zombie go sideways then???

    83. Michael Krivtsov

      10:20... What???

    84. Michael Krivtsov

      08:10... EZ, move the cat...

    85. Mina Row

      how is it smelting so fast???

    86. Tanner McQuaig

      @Mumbo Jumbo 7:15

    87. Miguel Vargas

      Depth strider soul speed DOLPHINS GRACE and speed II

    88. shane kriese

      Did he say moyang

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      8:45 wait If i put a soul sand behind the ladder and have soul speed on my boots Will i climb faster?

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