23 New Updates Among Us Needs to Add

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    23 New Updates Among Us Needs to Add! Among Us is one of the most popular games of 2020, but what will it look like in 2021 and beyond? Since Among Us 2 was cancelled by Innersloth, let’s look at some of the most wanted features that people would love to see in a new Among Us update. Whether it’s a custom map maker, flashlights, ghost abilities, and more, it’s on this list. So, let’s see what Among Us features should be added in the next few months in this Skip the Tutorial list video!

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    Research and footage in part collected by Jonah Walters
    Texture Pack: Vanilla Tweaks vanillatweaks.net/picker/reso...
    Some music used in this video is courtesy of Mewmore. Make sure to follow their tracks at kolove.info
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    Other Credits:
    CrewLink Setup Instructions
    Among Us but our name is colors!
    A map idea that I had, although I know Innersloth isn't taking suggestions
    Among Us 🛩️ The Airship Map 🛩️ Reveal Trailer - Coming Early 2021!
    An idea I had for a potential Among Us color update
    Colour stereotypes! (based on what I have seen)
    Master Chief Joins The Fight In Fortnite
    1 IMPOSTOR HIDE \u0026 SEEK! | Among Us
    Among Us - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch
    They Sussed Us Both From Round 1.. (Proximity Chat Among Us w/ Dream)

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    1. Skip the Tutorial

      Before commenting "Among Us is already on switch" look at both the text on screen and the trailer used literally 1 second later. I can assure you: I know.

      1. elena rosales

        So skip 2021 this year among us might include some these features

      2. Chicken Hawk

        Among us is on switch

      3. guuv7ftz the roblox player

        now its for PS4 and PS5, they are making their way to the box consoles am pretty sure (its already in the Microsoft store)

      4. Joanna JM

        H H N

      5. James Striker

        @ACHOCH 2 I said it as a joke just to annoy people so you r/woooooooosh

    2. Ro Ixa Blox

      All of the crewmates are detectives, what more do you guys want

    3. Yours Truly A.Cedeno

      Among Us has new colors already a new update has come to among Us and 15 player lobby's are in among Us as well a new gamemod of hide and seek

    4. Mercy Blumberg

      They made a update where you could go up to 15 players

    5. Joner Guinto


    6. 8834

      Proximity chat would just cause more toxicity if you think about it though

    7. Super Gamer 2009

      3:05 it will be more logic if flashlights have a battery ,and if your battery goes off and want to use it again ,then you don't have another change.

    8. TheSamuelX

      11:26 it's on switch already

      1. TheSamuelX

        Oh XD

      2. CST

        Read pinned

    9. Nathan_1617

      You can change impostor count in the Lobby. We need to be able to change Maps in the Lobby now tpp

    10. guys stop writing overused comments its ANNOYING

      Well then search innersloth bois

    11. Josie Luo

      Yeah with the flashlight. It’s like they have eyes behind their back.

    12. king dummy

      They should just block the leave button when the game starts so we can stop this:I’m not the imposer this is TRASH or I hate imposer I’m out

      1. king dummy

        @CST stfu bro

      2. CST



      innersloth postedt tat new updates will come if u watch innersloth canel

    14. shreysii sristy

      So who is the imposter lol?

    15. Akash Modak


    16. Edwin Clarke

      It's already on the Nintendo switch

      1. Edwin Clarke

        oops I didn't realize that (ok I know now)

    17. Trillion 5,000

      Among us is dead now

    18. Trystan Kitty

      They put among us on Nintendo switch

      1. T1merlan x?

        Even xbox

      2. JustForFun

        It's coming in playstation they announced it.

    19. Nicholas Nobles-zygmunt

      Hi. Hope you're happy that some of these updates actually happened and more of them are in the works. Chat with you next time we get updates we didn't know we wanted

    20. khriz Vasquez

      Did u know grey was the 11th player

      1. khriz Vasquez

        @zenvio the cursed player also known as Player 00000

      2. zenvio

        who is grey

    21. Corpseyy

      I got excited when he used CORPSE'S clips

    22. gegar is awsome 2

      Innersloth the genie: You want to report people? Ok!

    23. Mohammed Khattab

      My among us it doesn’t work

      1. Corpseyy

        Same it won't let me chat at all so I stopped playing

    24. george hepburn

      the updates here and report button aswell!

    25. Cash Laberta

      When super Mario 3D world Plus battle is really came out another game came out which is among Us so those two games were for a switch switch can play among Us

    26. Hi

      A flashlight would completely defeat the purpose of a light sabatoge

    27. Nufail


    28. Alma Alma

      23 wphhhooohogof yeahhhhhhhhhh bababananabnanabybybybyb ohhhjghdjgoohih yehwhahahahah aggahahahhahahahahha fhdhgd o my goddddddddddddd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yeahhhhhhh

      1. Corpseyy

        Shut up

    29. Fiona Redfern

      Hey, As of this comment, they're upping the count to 15 and adding in new colours (Rose and Grey were revealed on Twitter.

    30. Nivedita Sikdar

      3 imposter games are the worst.

      1. Corpseyy


      2. Nivedita Sikdar

        Imposters be like: haha we 3 imposters have won the game in 5 seconds

      3. Nivedita Sikdar

        Crewmates be like: Oh I didn't get imposter I am leaving.

    31. Spirit YT

      Another penalty for people who leave when they dont get impostor is that they should be forced into getting crewmate. Say they leave once, forced to be crewmate 1 time before having a chance to be impostor And so on.

    32. Hilary Leung

      worst thing: the game haven't started yet and the game overed!

    33. Hilary Leung

      ok I don't even care the lights

    34. Anonymous Hacker

      If the host can chose the imposter then the host will know who the impostor is!

    35. Hypo Godzilla

      no joke : in a among us round i saw someone called IMPOSTER !!!!! IT TURNS OUT HE WASNT EVEN A REAL IMPOSTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Corpseyy

        You must be dumb because someone with 3 braincells could figure out that they are not the imposter even though they are named imposter

    36. qín qín Gunsetsen

      Among us changed settings the in the lobby change the imposter

    37. Alaine Dawson

      The economic carriage microregionally precede because poultry enthrallingly meddle plus a aloof index. irritating, deep celery

      1. Corpseyy


    38. The Squirrely Side

      That awkward moment when you realize the actual update only lets you report

    39. I am Super Neil Bascon

      nice i got seen by a youtuber again but in among us

    40. Sikha nandi

      Out of these report option among us playing on xbox and nintendo and airship map are now in among us

    41. Zia Yusuf

      Mmmmm New map! * ded *

    42. ꧁Neelam꧂

      Host can choose imposters this is bad because host knew who is the imposters. host write in chat this is imposter so player vote to imposter and game end bad bad idea.

    43. Apratim Dey

      Ditectev is in suspects mystery mainsion

      1. Corpseyy

        Jeez learn to spell

    44. Vitorfilho1803

      If we got VC we would have cheaters

    45. GalaxyWolf

      Now u CAN change how many imps there r Amd u can report ppl

    46. Leo Caroli

      Among us are now out on Nintendo Switch

    47. Sir Stabs The Third

      ah yes H20

    48. guuv7ftz the roblox player

      but wait, TOO LATE, ITS BEEN ANNOUNCED ON PS4 & 5

    49. Faeries Wheel

      welp reporting is in among us now :D

    50. Galfin SP

      At least the switch version accesses this alreasy

    51. John Bitzas

      If you are a ghost, meetings should be optional!!

    52. I'm DevotedBG

      crewmaes:dont caer about bodies Me: lomost imposter evrytime

    53. Keanu Sastika

      can you upload security impostor role

    54. Neil Darmanin

      If you were able to make your own mats in a bogus I would probably bake mine look like a secret map

    55. Neil Darmanin

      By the way you can now report players in among us

    56. Superdino Gaming

      do More Among us

    57. antonio pro 10

      We should tell inersloth

    58. Tre Monster Gaming

      What if you could download custom hats from the steam workshop on among us?

    59. minecraft

      Among us staying relevant into 2021... that didnt age well

      1. JustForFun


    60. Joseph Lago

      its on switch

    61. Brijesh Patel

      Moment of silence for people who tried to call the number

    62. starlights resturant

      Some of your dreams came true

    63. Just a Jackalope

      It would be overpowered for a ghost to fix the sabotage

    64. Joaquin Bridgman

      as of now, the airship is out on mobile BTW

    65. Karan playz

      imagine if like innersloth watched this and he did it lollllllllllll

    66. VolcanicO Does stuff

      I like the idea of flash lights but how do you control them on mobile

      1. JustForFun

        Maybe the direction of walking could be the direction of flashlight

    67. Evv.N

      you should be able to customize the colours you see so colour blind people can differentiate them better or if you don't like one of the shades or textures for each colour if your colour blind . (i'm not colour blind i just wand lime to be exactly 64dd17 with a pattern of : . • . : on his chest / vizor

    68. rkitty cat

      you can see preston playz's video 0:06 XD

    69. Breadman Eatslegos

      Well your prayers have been answered because now in among us your able to change the amount of imposter whenever you want in game.

    70. paxton


    71. paxton

      plz join the server mineplex in minecraft

    72. Fady Mehany

      all of what he said is implemented not nessessarily by the developers

    73. Rose Petal

      If custom skins were a thing: Makes Marriage skin

    74. Aaron Gaming

      1:39 thats in the game now!

    75. Ramanujam Varadan

      Report players is already added BRUHHHHHHHHH Maybe inersloth saw ur vid

    76. Arusu64

      It was already on Nintendo Switch at the time and still is

    77. FunnySkeletonYT


    78. CJ De Guzman

      They Sent The Airship Map From The Henry Stickmin Collection

    79. kouroukaki

      im you from the future and the airship has the report button...

    80. FreshPikachuMemes Official

      removing the visor when your name is set to "Novisor"

    81. Litten Lover

      I known w ghosts need something to do and something I would want to do as a ghost is be able to vent

      1. JustForFun


    82. Marx the HD jester

      Brown: b e a r Lol 😂

    83. TheForzaPlayer96


    84. Suman Mahto

      2020 want account system ,2021 as your wish LOL

    85. Suman Mahto

      No need of detective, Crewmates can skip tasks and be the detective 😁


      I hate ur blah blah blah blah I am unsubscribing It was my fault to subscribe to u

    87. Čamča

      When are you subscribed just unsubscribe and subscribe🌈

    88. the iszzy show

      It's on Nintendo

    89. Andrew Clarke

      Idea: quick play. You’re put into any available games with your preferences.

    90. BoredeE17

      The goose role in among us

    91. Taeyong is laying, don't disturb

      I have a question to “Innersloth”, why do ghosts need to participate on Emergency meetings / Reported body meetings? Like, they can’t vote and also can open chat in any moment, at least make the tablet not that big size, maybe somewhere in the corner of your screen. I think that has no sence for ghosts to have voting pop-ups.

      1. JustForFun

        So that they don't do tasks during the discussion 😎

    92. Zev Reaper

      Yeah but today the new update suckes

      1. Rachel Magette


    93. Lucas Neuman


    94. IDK M NAME

      Fun fact: you can now have accounts in among us so you can report players

    95. ParadoX Playz And Exxesforeyes Playz

      I have one: making your own hats as an option in the menu you can make a hat

    96. rangernoah6

      the fact that most of this is coming soon is exiting

    97. Shadowhunters xo

      Things among us need to remove: quickchat and the fact that u can only use normal chat when making an account that you just can't make even if u wanted to.

    98. SpadeCrown Animates

      Do a video on the new airship map

    99. GunnerRBLX YT

      The leaving thing was solved because if you leave when you get crewmate a couple times it doesn’t let you play for 5 or 10 minutes.

    100. Silverclaw

      Lol we got the settings thing today