25 Ways to Ruin Your Friendships in Minecraft

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    25 Ways to Ruin Your Friendships in Minecraft! Minecraft is full of ways to prank your friends, so whether it's creating a magma block floor, killing their wolves, or good old fashioned tnt, here are some of the best ways to mess with your friends in minecraft. If you're trying to win a minecraft prank wars with your friends or use some techniques against your smp enemies, these minecraft ways to ruin your friendships are sure to do the trick. So, let's find out new ways to troll your friends and more in this Skip the Tutorial list video!

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    Other Credits:
    Recording Panda sounds for Minecraft!
    So I cried in a Minecraft tournament...

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      I got hacked in Minecraft because I wasn’t on creative and when it was nighttime I placed a bed but I Was about to sleep but a warning said that mine craft Steve got blew up in my cabin but I Did not invite anybody to my world

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