28 Minecraft Things You Should Start Doing


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    Minecraft has a lot of features and sometimes we end up forgetting them. So to remind you or to teach you something new, today I'll cover 28 Minecraft things that you should probably start doing. Minecraft facts (in 1.16) that improve your playthrough or will just make the game more fun in general. Thanks a bunch and I hope you enjoy :)

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    This is not a series called Minecraft VVSauce where I explore random features of Minecraft. Not Minecraft, but the water rises or Minecraft Manhunt but a quick video with 28 different things you should start doing in Minecraft. These are great to know end may end up helping tons of you, including Dream himself!

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    1. Skip the Tutorial

      Wait, you’re telling me I didn’t make this video?

      1. AroX [GD]


      2. 牛革忠


      3. The Play Button


      4. Trevor Holder

        Big fan

      5. D Das


    2. Lite Skyn

      My favorite tips, 0:30 clay diamonds 1:25 see through world 1:55 short damage creeper

    3. Abdul Jalil Basir

      It actually suck in pe

    4. Wind Team

      btw we are super super close to 800k SUBS

    5. Izzatul Assyifa

      I dont understand

    6. AmyLou

      just use /setblock water or flowing_water

    7. SHADOW GM


    8. Deījī Furawa

      Hi guys, idk how to do this thing, i downloaded the minecraft app here on my phone, but when i go to survival even tho i hit the golem ans the golem was chasing me i don't die at all, even the creeper or some sorts of mobs around + the pillager, pls help it will mean a lot😭

    9. Yi Yi Yi Bo

      This video makes everything super complicated

    10. Lucas Berezovsky

      I found diamonds from digging straight down XD

    11. Mr Frederick

      Or just fire aspect

    12. NeonGreen19


    13. Damien Mills

      9:52 ssundee lit foot deb

    14. Nayal Raza

      Do the first and Third ones work in bedrock

    15. Frosty

      for number 26 you can always just use lunar client, it's free and you can see you're own waypoints and don't even need a map

    16. NoahDoesThings18

      1:48 what’s worse: creepers blowing up builds/Redstone you worked hard on 5:52 or you turn brightness to 100% 7:52 “And bam. Mobs can’t hurt you from the outside.” *Gets hurt from mobs on the outside* 8:44 this is probably like the slowest way to relight a campfire-flint and steel, on fire and walking on the campfire, a flame bow, fire aspect sword… etc. 11:22 how do I get back up?

    17. Kenny Gross

      i hope to remember some of these tips. diamonds under clay? who knew! and a trap door fence... nice

    18. Braeden Clark

      You can also use a water bucket to climb straight up. Just place it as high as you can and when you reach the top collect the water and place it a little higher. The water will catch you before the previous water supply disappears

    19. clockFox Gaming

      the first one works in swamps, with other techniuqes

    20. Mitnhox Bao


    21. Hayden Richardson

      Hey skip I watch you and I love ur vids

    22. Joshua Grindlay


    23. SoLID_KeriM

      Number 6: Man urinates on fellow passenger.

    24. Matti A

      That banner+ map right click blowed my mind

    25. ignErasings

      TOO EASY

    26. IzyTea

      Can you smelt ore in campfire?

    27. Oshan Bimali

      We can make 1 powered rail and use power rail duplicator and get infinite powered rail.

    28. Soleo Manila

      i have 28 bat

    29. Snoc06

      I play on bedrock and legacy so none of this helps but I still have watched this like 10 times

    30. NotKSIOlijadebt

      “You’re Totally safe from mobs” * gets hit*

    31. Diego II

      0:42 Either you’re lying or it works on Java edition

    32. Jack Schimanski

      8 diamonds out a temple Lmao good vid But i wish i were that lucky

    33. blindhearts


    34. Mvpboi

      You can use wood tools for smelting Just thought u guys should know

    35. Amara Lynn

      WAIT THERE'S LOOT IN THOSE DESERT THINGS?????? I literally went into it the other day and I looked around (didn't break that floor block) but I was so confused cuz I couldn't find anything and I was like "Why the heck is this even a thing if there's nothing here?"

    36. Lydia Vallejo

      The piston and gravel thing didn’t work for me :(

    37. Servallou

      For the clay trick, it's not working all the time

    38. Let's Doodle Something HOME

      Ah yes, everybody always carry honey blocks but not a water bucket. #relatable….

    39. PirateZ900

      9:50 Me: /give @p border_block

    40. Liam Mallach


    41. theo tsn

      thank , i'm dont english but uderstood (i'm french)

    42. Mr. Wanza

      11:22 i tried but it didn't work...

    43. Shivansh Rajput

      thanks man

    44. BananaBoo97

      That banner thing is really cool! I could totally use that!!

    45. CaptainHairnet

      7:37 dude you was still taking Damage

    46. Baky

      7:50 "Mobs can't hurt you, its safe" Mobs: *Take away 6 hearts.*

    47. Alex Brother

      4:20 Yeah You don’t have water but have 2 trap doors…

    48. Stephanie Wachsman

      On 20 you can just go down and replace the pole as you go

    49. L

      If you find lapis lazuli start digging west

    50. Jadon

      "the easier way is to beat the ender dragon twice"!

    51. Sahil Khan

      i never knew all of this!

    52. Nonsense

      Alt title: Things that you should *STOP* doing in Minecraft.

    53. tarter sause

      Terraria is better than Minecraft

    54. Randude

      5:18 they actually removed this feature

    55. PC29 Kevin Ericksen

      Why would you waste 1 tnt to loot 4 chests and save 10 seconds…

    56. PC29 Kevin Ericksen

      Why would you suggest game breaking exploits not intended to be utilized

    57. SwaffyX

      3:18 this doesn't seem to work in the new 1.17 update. My gf and I tried 3 times to do this. We dug out a massive area around the X on the map, around the 9/9 area and there was no chest. I think something got broken in this update.

    58. Marlucy Lopes

      1 2 3 43 44 45

    59. CozNiz

      Hey guys feel free to check out our awesome new Minecraft video here------>>>>> kolove.info/must/bidio/m5q4XWpmh3qpq6s.html

    60. Demondefiant

      If you blow up the desert chests you'll lose free chests

    61. LegoCityFilms


    62. Thomas Martin

      the Ricegum of Minecraft

    63. Shadax

      He’s on bedrock, no?

    64. MMmulx Loves Netherite

      you can find diamond with gravel go to the middle of the gravel patch then go 4 blocks -z dig down and youll find diamonds

    65. Why I woke Up

      Sadly, some of these don’t work on bedrock.

    66. David

      bro just use the composter to find the chest btw

    67. Ayy truck

      "how to not smelt iron 101"

    68. Christian James San Juan

      You saying you don’t take damage in the composter then the baby zombie hits wifies 2 times

    69. Sizzle

      Wishing I played on pc :/

    70. Sean McVarnock

      X ray hack a no

    71. Donut Fish

      me who's on bedrock and probably cant do half of this because of it:

    72. Wostey

      4:30 make boat mr. big brain ;)

    73. W Muzyce

      how tf first one works?!?!

    74. Pineapple 🍍

      3:10 hahahah

    75. Wander Eihpos

      i- i didn't even know you can respawn the ender dragon

    76. Flávia dos Santos

      i have B E minecraft

    77. Bogoa Bataa

      Dude, really? Number 17 is trash and you can’t tell me why it’s not.

    78. Noah Atkinson

      Him using a pickaxe to mine dirt bothers me

    79. IcePack67

      people playing on bedrock and hearing you talking about f3

    80. kid gamer

      thanks! you got a new sub

    81. Alicatia Beauty

      Theory idea: Who is Alex?

    82. McPatty69

      I would love to know how to make this roller coaster that you show

    83. Milena Grillo

      i love mine minecraft

    84. Kevin Brown


    85. Diana Darisme

      Thank you for this video omg

    86. Cheap Tactics

      Who the fuck goes into a desert temple and doesn't remove the pressure plate and take the tnt?

    87. ♡Sun•flower♡


    88. We’re just confused🤷‍♀️

      Me who is always finding clay patches: 0-0

    89. Radex

      3:17 i dident believe this for a second but since i had a map i thought id try it and it was spot on. i can't believe it

    90. Sniper Kennedy

      How do I place a torch on a trapdoor on PS4?

    91. Sniper Kennedy

      7:55 did that zombie just teleport?

    92. Tim Van Hoeck

      Wait. Are you sure about clay and diamonds having a correlation in terms of spawning within a given chunk? Such a convenient feature/coincidence/oversight(???) seems a bit too convenient to me. I'll have to test it later.

    93. DevTigr

      Wifies = sapnap 2.0

    94. The Wise Owl

      7:52 “mobs can’t hurt you from the outside” 7:48 7:55

    95. Belulga

      7:14 its dream's old trapdoor door

    96. IOS Plays

      6.9 million views lol


      5:39 yeah, a lot of games have something like that

    98. Simple Drajo

      the jukebox part actually tells me how important friends are XD

    99. Judith Dehem

      yea i play bedrock so cant crawl and other things could u make this but then that u can do in bedrock