29 Stupid Ways to Die in Among Us

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    29 Stupid Ways to Die in Among Us! For every 200 IQ outplay in Among Us, there's a -1000 IQ way to die. Whether you're an impostor, crewmate, or crewstor (if that exists) - these are dumb ways to try and avoid. Among Us is a game all about strategy, so today we're going over 29 of the worst moments where that doesn't work out. It's tough always pulling off insane big brain plays, so today Skip the Tutorial is covering the biggest Among Us fails that are sure to make you cringe.

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    1. Skip the Tutorial

      Subscribe, or you'll never be impostor

      1. Alpha!


      2. Damian

        @6snickerx9 Yea Boiii

      3. Damian

        @thegreatjan yeah lol

      4. Bengie Abad

        I thought your name's Hayden.

      5. Snoc06

        How about if I am subscribed but when you say a new challenge I unsubscribe but then I sub again doing that challenge?

    2. Hunter Rivers

      I teamed up with ZMDE

    3. Subject Delta Δ

      Another one is calling an emergency meeting and asking everyone what their favourite food is.

    4. Princess Azula

      Also The Earth Queen (LoK) I am surrounded my IdiOts

    5. Princess Azula

      Your honor” my brother (Prince Zuko) be like: I must kill the avatar to get my honor > : j

    6. Anna Stec

      6:40 look at tasks

    7. KindaGamer

      19 and 20 happen to me literally all the time.

    8. Lily Around Orillia

      Why does most KOlove channels like to always get red because you like the colour red Chary likes the colour red everybody does

    9. Thebest

      Remember when among us wasn’t dead

      1. Maulik


    10. Marvin Ferlin

      Discord cheaters, we all know em we all hate em.

    11. Jolteon Gaming

      Once the imposter killed me last and the gun animation played but it didn't finish (I got punched for that)

    12. Samuel Banks

      A M O G U S

    13. Cupcake Playz!

      Me an intellectual '🎵duuuumb ways to die so many duuumb ways to die🎵'

    14. Jackson Utterback

      This came out 6 months ago but I just realized that when im playing that color of crewmate to playstyle thing perfectly matches me

    15. Melinda Corbin

      Good thing in the airship map if someone is watching cams they can't be snuck up on because there is a camera behind you.

    16. Jayden Torres

      I hate the people who say they don’t like the way you move and get you killed

    17. Keith Gore

      Black sus he is on a imposter sabotage and vent

    18. Puck and Layjay

      I was already subscribed😎😎😎😎😎😎

    19. Lucy Coslik


    20. Eric 2use

      0:24 Look at red... He glitching out

    21. Nico The Guy Who Uses Algodoo

      You thought blue is the one that no one believes? No. it just updates to whatever color I choose. No, I'm serious. Lost like 15 matches because of that.

    22. The Kiezorblade

      me when i read the title: "dummmb ways to diiiie, so many dumb ways to diiie. dummmb ways to di-i-ie, so many dumb ways to diiie"

    23. Gunner Mackley

      Now I feel bad for this guy... That's never happened to me

    24. madpuffin


    25. Yozy

      7:30 It happened to me once while I was the impostor >:)

    26. joshua diez

      The handsome revolver tinctorially squeal because brazil neurochemically unpack alongside a chilly lemonade. neighborly, exotic vegetarian

    27. Hilary Leung

      not purple, is violet!

    28. Rosylene Manzo

      The crewmates were annoying. They kept calling pointles meetings.

    29. BADWOLF

      you helped me begin minecraft almost 5 years ago

    30. Daderpycat

      Once I was voted out because I was too fast at card scan

    31. diazepam77

      See I always Kill Like this: i check if there is only one cremate and I locked 🔒 the door 🚪 and I kill and vent.


      Dead Crewmate: I want to go to heaven God: *”YOU ARE DEAD FINISH YOUR TASKS TO WIN”*

    33. Finnegan Designs

      Maybe you should talk about you shouldn’t kill by another imposter because once I did and I just got voted off

    34. Sans Undertale

      Bonus: Forgetting to subscribe

    35. WillDiscGolf

      ur right that these are dum

    36. 啊索斯世界Athosworld

      Dumb ways to die

    37. ÜgaBüga :]

      Everyone in among us is an idiot One person clearly states who the imposter is But then one person says otherwise who either was innocent as well or the imposter and your gone

    38. Hologramgame

      I was in a lobby, and i was watching admin, and i was accused and i didn't kill or vent ONCE

    39. Hologramgame

      I was impostor once, i kept being imp, so they accused me again and again, guy that was accusing me was named justinbeib, i was skipping the starting screen, and then a guy also said i was about to kill them, and they were saying i ''vented'' or smthn, added with the being imp nearly every game, I couldn't win, I couldn't even see the guy who called the meeting saying i was gonna kill them

    40. Liam Mick

      want to know something i keep forgeting to warn the lobby that my phone is a electronic incarnation of murfys law because 3 now there was only one person left and the games continued not ending

    41. Ernest Regia

      Amogus sus

    42. Craig Smith

      i once voted myself out

    43. Ali Azam

      Red sus

    44. [bluxberry }

      I like how the imposter is slowly listening 😂

    45. Greninja

      I agree with the color stereotype thing. One of my last games I was imposter, and didn't kill, didn't vent, I just ran around the ship. A meeting was called, and someone just said "Green" and nothing else. I mean, they were right, but they literally had no evidence. The guy was probably White "The guy everyone believes for no reason." It was the first round of the game too.

    46. Hero Gamer

      Are u sure about that

    47. Marlon Erler

      voted red

    48. Aditya Kant Kushwaha

      I was also got voted out by just a single vote 😭

    49. XTREME

      “If it’s not them vote me” Confirm ejects off: allow us the introduce ourselves

    50. Red Spy

      Now i have to make a whole comment about it... Dont r/woooosh me becuase i got the joke. Dont say “I already got the joke so you dont have to explain it” because i wasn’t trying to explain it. Dont say “you ruined the joke” because i didn’t. I accidentally explained it which made it kinda akward.

    51. Servando Vega

      Theres only 2

    52. The Texas Pig

      Me: *”Crap I’m already subscribed”*

    53. Student - Sean Adachi

      7:32 I remember when my imp partner and I did a double kill my partner killed cyan and I killed pink at the moment where they reported >:)

    54. Jeffpacito21

      When the imposter is sus! 😳

    55. Jayden Mossey

      I just subscribed and I think u are awesome!!!

    56. Salamander Guy

      I can’t stand this game I had to delete it because no matter what you say no matter how much evidence you give one random person’s just gonna say your sus And then everybody votes for you

    57. Kyla Williams

      ya being with the herd is great

    58. Watan Naser

      Him: Shouldv practiced more hide and seek as a child :( Me: I am a fricking child idiot -_-

    59. Emmanuel Barry Reyes

      my teamates are idiots

    60. yesnt

      6:40 look at his task menu or whatever

    61. XtaDony

      I have made the KOlove Grim Reaper wrong

    62. Bhavesh Mohan

      I just leave the imposter alone if I know who it is I just walk by like I saw nothing

    63. Aurora Morin

      OMG 😂 My cuz did the scan thing in Among us and though that no one could see the scan

    64. Jack Potter

      I died because the crewmates voted for me because they talked on discord.

    65. Nikki Anderson

      skip be blue so that you will not be sus

    66. Ali Nazir

      Once, when I was imposter I framed a crewmate because they saw me kill, then got that crewmate voted out, sabotaged coms and got a winning double-kill.

    67. Erik Crawford (D J E-Z-E)

      These makes me want to bet the $#!+ out of my computer.

    68. Some dude that rips planet in half

      Most of my in vote deaths are cause of those idiots that think a literall court case is just like "cyan imposter cus i want" No wonder why among us died so quickly

    69. Ralphgamer678

      the reason i dont play among us is cuz some people idiots

    70. Ankit Raj

      I have one tip to be impostor in airship map: Be with dark blue colour and and a impostor looking hat.

    71. Xinxinma

      congratulations on 2 million subs

    72. Pasta Masta

      14 has happened alot

    73. Mr Gamer

      I am cyan i am famous i come on youtube omggg

    74. GG BOY

      I told in Among us green say to blue it's red at me I red and blue just told me on discord at why I play with my 9 friends + me at 10 us youtuber I live Among us and I saw 5 teamer and is red I red 5 teamer vote me is 5+1 6 us I say stop teaming and I doing live teamer say no and is happen to me like 57 at why I play with my friends us do 2 imposter

    75. Gameleon The Gamer

      One time I got fired out because said that everyone had the same tasks and I did a task we don't have

    76. Gladwin Baptiste

      I love being an imposter and I'm listening😂👂

    77. The Barker Cousins

      someone called a meeting once and i died the second the meeting was called

    78. Daniel Cappelle


    79. Fiona MacNCheese

      This is all true

    80. Cathryn Beathe


    81. Fun WONG


    82. Fun WONG

      One trillion

    83. Franco Orozco

      What about when you have a sibling that plays among us and they are in the same lobby and one sibling gets killed and that sibling tells the other sibling and they win I call that The snitch sibling

    84. Calvin Qi

      I once was playing as imposter, and when everything was going well, I tried pressing the use button, but instead hit the kill... with 2 other people there!

    85. Springtrap

      I would rather be in a lobby of hackers, then idiots

    86. Anahita anahita

      number 1 : getting disconected while you are imposter

    87. Diamond Davey

      7:44 he got stabbed to life

    88. Victoria Bowker

      I already subscribed while you were talking

    89. Nicole Drummond

      I will

    90. Nicole Drummond

      I'm always subscribed

    91. Apurva Sinha


    92. Apurva Sinha

      Hey I did one so I'm dumb you're telling me ?

    93. Nature's Ale

      I love among us

    94. Sorrel

      my best strat as imp: find someone in cams alone quikly kill them, then vent and stay inside until a meeting happens

    95. infinity ma

      The imminent customer obviously smile because orchid multivariately nod plus a auspicious hockey. fancy, acid foot

    96. Shiny Moonlight

      Dumb ways to die,so many dumb ways to die.

    97. Tonya Fritz

      Be a man that you actually have to eat it in the wagon it’s you I am part but the roommates be a tiny it’s a baby raccoon and a new role does your wagon you can we come it is you

    98. Krishna Gurung

      3:00 that happens to me everyday. I am like: You honour **20 evidence later**. That guy I accuse: You hella sus. Everyone: Votes me

    99. apple 10

      Wait pause at 3:59 i think tounge is color of impostor

      1. apple 10

        Ye at 4:43 yellow tounge and cyan had cyan tounge cool

    100. P.V.Z. Gamer person 7

      10:57 me to