31 Minecraft Things That Don't Make Any Sense

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    31 Minecraft Things That Don't Make Any Sense! Minecraft has a lot of quirks, and while most of them add to the charm, there are some minecraft things that don't work as expected. Whether that's a stonecutter not dealing damage, fire not drying wet sponges, etc, we're talking about it today. So, let's look at 31 minecraft things that don't work as they should and see how they could be changed in a new minecraft update. It's minecraft logic that makes no sense in this Skip the Tutorial list video!

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    Map and Research by Jonah Walters
    Footage collected by Frankie Mundo
    Texture Pack: Vanilla Tweaks vanillatweaks.net/picker/reso...
    Some music used in this video is courtesy of Mewmore. Make sure to follow their tracks at kolove.info
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    1. Skip the Tutorial

      Subscribe, or nonsense

      1. Ryder Crosby

        I’ve been subbed for years

      2. thecrazyteleporter

        Grian made a video to so watch it

      3. Kitty Club Gaming

        Im subbed aready

      4. akward_tomato

        please make the tweaks texture pack for bedrock

      5. MN17 on iPad


    2. Princesse :3

      6:32 Sorry but isn't this type of panda really rare? (with the green thing on his nose)

    3. Gamer bestays

      hold up- ur a girl?

    4. Karolina Stępień

      My meme: Where datapack?

    5. Χρυσανθος Γαλλος

      The rabbit stu is useful if you need too eat fast


      Skip - Minecraft has a lot of QUIRKS and features. My weeb soul - My Hero Academia

    7. Jayakumar Mj

      U can't eat I intend

    8. Faze Zarta

      Looting in bedrock shulkers give you 3 2 or 1

    9. The Cheese Man

      Sussy stew

    10. Jax C. ✓

      In bedrock you can use already colored wool to make other colored wool with dyes. Glad I don't play Java. 😎

    11. Rashed Uzzaman

      1:21 repairing will be too much ez

    12. Kenzi Arya

      3:00 mong us AMOGUS

    13. Bcrusht

      snow shouldnt break your fall but wool should

    14. Random Generated Person

      31 sj :d

    15. Starlaktica_

      The nugget thing is actually completely normal- if you smelt a chestplate or anything that includes iron or gold it shrinks to one to three nugget so it's completely normal

    16. Cookie Y B S W

      Hey a camp fire is better to be a fireplace

    17. Shadow snorlax

      I know why tridents don't come back in the void. It only comes back once it hits something but their is nothing in the void to hit


      12 . you didn,t put armor stand

    19. David Culverson

      A server I play has a repair/salvage skill plugin that uses/gives ingots/leather for all tools and armor but chainmail.

    20. a happy


    21. XenoZap

      "except diorite"

    22. Mr. Philosopher

      I have always been annoyed about how stairs and trapdoors are SO EXPENSIVE

    23. tri nobody

      Another weird thing about composter is that you can't compost a poisonous potato. They are pretty much the most useless item in minecraft. But composter can be useful too. In my and my friends' minecraft world I have a giant farm, and I would have like 10 chests full of wheat seeds if I didn't have a composter.

    24. Xia Lin

      I would rather fall into snow than water when falling from a high place

    25. David Zhou


    26. Amira Kilani

      1 thing that is anoying with phantons is they go in water without getting killed

    27. Ethanvellis 3

      Actually any spider can go through webs without a problem

    28. TheTroll Mastah

      With a looting 3 sword you can get like 2-3 shulker shells per shulker kill

    29. Xx That_One_Weird_Kid_In_Class xX

      Reasons why BE I’d better than JE 1. YOU CAN PUSH THINGS JE CSN’T PUSH >:)

    30. Camicorn C

      I feel bad for all you Java players because we bedrock people get a lot of cool stuff.

    31. Kirven Anthony R. Cruz

      The List of the Make Sense Among the Nonsense: #1 You only get one nugget bc in real life, most of the metal evaporate in the air. #2 You still get pricked bc there are still some areas that are uncovered. #3 Loyalty tridents only come back when they hit a block; and you know there are no blocks in the void. #4 Powered Snow is soft enough to dampen your fall. Sponges and snow are not that soft. #5 Nothing can crack Nether Bricks in the Nether. #6 You get pricked bc there are some places that are not covered #7 Cauldrons filled w/ water aren't considered water source blocks in the code but waterlogged blocks are. 8# Stacked Dyeing is only allowed in MCPE. 9# You break one shulker shell and the other stays intact. 10# Chainmail has a different pattern than normal chains. 11# There is no such thing as ice blocks that aren't full.

    32. RatElemental

      The reason cobwebs don't affect projectiles is because back when they did, you could lock a witch in a box with one covering the only hole out, and they would throw potions through it that would get slowed down enough to be picked up by a hopper underneath it.

    33. Pr _1m

      3:45 really?

    34. ProthvarGaming

      Yea most of the crafting shulker can thankfully be solved by datapacks, i use Xisuma's for that and the redying lol.

    35. Elite_Knightx Sareth

      I think the trident has to hit something to return

    36. Eclipse Kitsune

      Me: Tries to place a water source block in nether. Mojang: NO Me: Puts it in a cauldron. Mojang: Ok:) Me: wat

    37. Fuck Off

      1:14 it actually makes sense,during the process of smelting iron and other stuff a big part of it gets lost

    38. Tom Nolte

      It Will be logic of you use string to make chainmail armor

    39. Matt Pyles

      1.17 when a shulker hits a nother one it doubles. AND ITS A FEATRE!!!!!

    40. Matt Pyles

      vanilla tweaks

    41. Kayomadness900 ._.

      For 25. It kinda makes sense for the shulker to drop 1 because you hit on one side of it which probably broke.

    42. Nam Hoàng

      4:37 *Just use the saw bruh*

      1. Nam Hoàng

        Me 4 sec later: oh

    43. Genesis Saliendra

      Im at PE

    44. Hydrocay 08

      Jokes on you, I have chain mail armor in survival (found them in a blacksmith chest)

    45. Ecolipsy

      You can find chainmail armor in mansions

    46. slingy paul

      you mean microsft

    47. Alex Houston

      Bruh who remember old netherite armor skin

    48. Emma Sherburn

      Im in bedrock so no carpet mod for me! Lol

    49. Gamer 21

      3:46 he said it's a face revael

    50. Darkness Afton

      Get rekt pc player

    51. Randokat

      It makes 4 stairs, maybe they.. uh… turned into 3 more stairs?

    52. CamalanProductions

      I once made at least five extra buckets cause i was not paying attention

    53. Cei Loudon

      10:26 Mojang heard that one

    54. X-26 YT

      1:47 Ya boi I'm bedrock gang and I spam this at Java people's faces, you guys only have minecarts

    55. Lourdes Lumbre

      Bc it's a game

    56. Chyler DuPlessis


    57. Lil Robot Minecraft

      Fun fact: In bedrock,there's a floor in the void meaning ur loyalty trident may come back. O btw. Dont even think abt throwing a pearl in the void

    58. Lil Robot Minecraft

      Fun fact: In bedrock,there's a floor in the void meaning ur loyalty trident may come back. O btw. Dont even think abt throwing a pearl in the void

    59. damodaran nair

      3:47 face reval

    60. Stillminator

      That block is work on villager that in title

    61. Emilia Michaelson

      Are phantoms really sleep police?

    62. daan dyen


    63. Jasper Lim

      do u use tlauncher to play? i use

    64. Scarlet Bolcskey-Hullick

      In survival you can get chain armour from mobs

    65. N35 jam

      Hmm strange you can re dye sheep but not the coloured wool. Guess the sheep is the magical thing

    66. Tri Han

      I a snowman can kill a blaze because snowballs do three damage to the blaze

    67. Marcus Morales


    68. Kirby Lasers

      Look on the back of the shell helmet it looks like an upside down Steve head


      I Think every single minecraft youtuber forgot about the stonecutter except for him

    70. Trindalas Valadaros

      I’ve never understood the diorite hate. The polished version is a lot like marble, or at least the closest we have for now. Granted the unpolished version looks terrible, but just turn it all into polished.

    71. animation shed post


    72. animation shed post


    73. Roy Benavidez

      Number 25 shullkers are not limited respawn the ender dragon and a end city portal will open and you can repeat this process over and over again

    74. Garry Tejada

      In bedrock edition u can dye whool even it has color

    75. lBue mOon

      why face reveal: me : >:C

    76. Lauren James Mariano

      9:41 works on bedrock

    77. Joshua Musser

      i think you should be able to in dye all wool carpets beds and stuff in a cauldron

    78. Mason Cat Face (CATS ARE THE BEST)

      Did you know that yo can place water in the nether in the 1.16 update on minecraft Pocket Edition by placing a ice block and breaking it.

    79. Lando188


      1. Lando188


    80. Peter Crawford

      On number 18 prickle problem 7:26 do you even know that the fact is your arms are exposed to get hit by a cactus or a berry bush.

    81. Gemstone Wolfie

      Actually bamboo can also be turned into sticks.

    82. Joas Hatch

      But honestly, keep an extra pickaxe because you can still use it.

    83. Kai Tsubota

      The selfish stage crucially claim because barometer adversely rely for a sick macrame. wasteful, miniature television

    84. Ichigo _1352

      I’m a bedrock user and I move my chest with piston- RIP Java users-

    85. Reality Check Paranormal Investigation

      With bedrock minecraft you can get multiple shulker shells with looting 3

    86. James Lathrop

      “Minecraft rips you off” It give you 3 extra stairs, not a ripoff

      1. •* Laila *•

        It’s ripping you off because you put more than three blocks in and a stair is only 3/4 of a block and you still get less stairs than the amount of blocks.

    87. Zeeahan Tayyab

      The reason it doesn’t come back when it’s supposed to be loyal is that you threw it in a big black void and it feels very betrayed

    88. Call me C

      10:17 we all need that feature for everything tbh. Like I accidentally made all my blaze rods into blaze powder when I needed one extra rod

    89. Devin Lin


    90. Tri4ceJawn

      10:34 maybe the logic is that you break one of the shells killing the shulker, and the other one drops

    91. Roblox Arsino

      3:46 lol “This is a face reveal”

    92. YoshyFoods

      Cave update will allow us to breed shulkers, so we can finally renew shulker boxes!

    93. Hoàng Linh

      The pushy anatomy architecturally pour because reading rheologically love lest a worried alligator. legal, envious energy

    94. Masterninjamt

      The disappointing drip title lived up, it was disappointing there was no scuffed drip goku.

    95. nateisnear

      When I was new to mc I went in creative got stone and went to craft a stone pick

    96. runw1thscissors

      a house surrounded by stonecutters would be a cool mob/raid defense

    97. Skwair GB

      Thankfully in 1.17 shulkers WILL be breedable. If a shulker gets hit by another shulker's projectile, a third shulker will appear.

    98. pak0chu

      Shulker regularly drop 2 shells, who goes hunting shulker shells without looting III anyway?

    99. jeyeyes 22

      The fleahing table stil sucks

    100. Grace Guenther

      I have a regular fun fact. The design on red sandstone looks like the wither