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    Modern agriculture would be inconceivable without them: Huge harvesting machines such as beet and potato harvesters, tractors weighing tons and high-horsepower foragers. Agricultural technology made in Germany is at the forefront of the world market. How do the powerful harvest giants work? Where are they made? In our documentation we take a look around the agricultural technology fair Agritechnica in Hanover, we are present at a harvesting mission in Western Pomerania and show the effort with which the XXL machines are transported.

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    1. WELT Documentary

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      1. Melvin Conrad


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    2. Bryan Brady

      I got suggested this cause Iโ€™ve been playing and looking up farming sim stuff. Still mindblowingly interesting

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    4. เธˆเธดเธกเธกเธตเนˆ Simulator

      I want you to put Thai subtitles

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      haha the difference between american and german farmers are staggering american farmers: overalls, poor dental hygiene, low education german farmers: suits, dress wear, articulate, and shiny tools

    8. PewPewsAlote

      im sorry but you cannot just sneak kurzgesagts narrator in this video and expect me not to recognize his beautiful voice

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      Except the first one is not a caterpillar. Its a case quadratrac 640

    13. Helen Howe

      Marvellous. Amazing

    14. Petranilla14

      Hearing the German inthe background and the English translation reminds me of the old Transtel Cologne documentaries on TV back in the 1970s.

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    18. Nicolas Y Rosario Flores

      Is justo so great.

    19. Nhan Nguyen

      It s soooooooo impressive. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘โคโคโค

    20. Jacob Stahl

      Just love their last names ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿคฃ Kurzgesagt ..... I can understand some German. ๐Ÿ˜

    21. Maline Long

      I am interested this techonology farm.

    22. gerdokurt

      German farmer: I have a huge business. 2800 soccer fields !! American farmer: Ok bro, I have 3 Saarlands!

    23. Tim Lewis

      To much time watching USA programs. everything is how much will a breakdown cost???? Trying to raise tension when there is none there. What crap!!!

    24. gulab keerio

      v nice job tractor

    25. Steve Enyart

      1 more little complaint I have is they could use Metric measurements, but, I REALLY do wish they would also provide the measurements in English measurements, as well.

    26. Steve Enyart

      I don't mind foreign farming videos, PROVIDED, it has English text, and, audio, so that I know what the heck they're talking about.

    27. L'aviateur du TRPG

      Thank you for using METRIC so that the majority of the world's population can understand the weights, specifications and dimensions being discussed!

    28. Carter Carrio

      did the guy at 4:99 (the translator not the actual guy) sound like the kurzgezant narrator to anyone else?

    29. Ironknuckle100

      So that's what a GIGANT looks like.

    30. FlyingGuy123

      haha Gigants

    31. Sam Smith

      That was a Case, not a Caterpillar.

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      Indonesian subtitle please

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    38. Giorgio Antonio Ninni Riva

      speaking as a european 2000 hectares is a lot, but in canada and in the us they have much bigger operations!

      1. Carl

        Same for Australia, Brazil and China. They don't call them mega farms for nothing. However, they're extremely inefficient since a lot of them are use for cattle raising and not vegetation production. Like seriously, look up at how much land is being used just for rearing such a small number of cows.

    39. James James

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    40. Nicole K

      The commentary is pretty good, but there are some real grammatical howlers. The writers might reckon that they've done a good job. I say this demonstrates how insanely difficult English is, despite many who say otherwise.

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      4 combines at a time is so sick!

      1. zackfacekilla 27

        @Toms onfire cat got your tongue?

      2. zackfacekilla 27

        @Toms onfire You can take a ride on my big green tractor! ๐Ÿšœ How's your Honda Civic?

      3. Toms onfire

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        @Toms onfire it's not my fault your parents split up and dad didn't spend any time with you to teach you how to be a man.

    48. zackfacekilla 27

      Love these farming videos! ๐Ÿšœ I would like to see one on American farming. Also would like to learn more about the technology

    49. Khurshaid Amin

      Welt der beste technology Deutsche technology.

    50. David Kyzer

      Would you not get more btu by just burning the diesel directly? How much biogas btu is produced for every btu of diesel used.... to say nothing of the energy used to build these fine farm machines. Is all this subsidized like ethanol production in the USA?

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      Amazing machine.

    53. D D

      Before you buy one of these ask for the diagnostic software to repair you own equipment...if you can not get it DO NOT BUY IT!!!

      1. D D

        @Carl maybe in your part of the world they do that. Here the farmers still buy their equipment and distance to the dealership is long enough to be cost prohibitive. You speak for you, not for me.

      2. Carl

        @D D dude just told you that the owners of these large farms no longer purchase the farm equipment anymore, they hire contractors instead. Right to repair doesn't effect farmland owners whom delegate these jobs, but it does for contractors and farmers whom wished to own their equipment and do these jobs themselves.

      3. D D

        @Mr. Belvedere right on. Unfortunately that isn't possible on many of the large farms as they have four or five running and still get caught by winter snowfall. But if it doesn't affect you then why bother about it...wonder why you can't fix your truck, sprayer, furnace, cell phone, computer ect. without taking it to a dealer anymore? Same law. Louis Rothman has some interesting information on the subject.

      4. Mr. Belvedere

        We rent the driver and his combine for the harvest. That saves more money than buying those machines. One service provider can handle several farms. And we don't have to repair it. Everyone wins.

    54. Khaled E Ponera

      Thisโ€™s about German technology. Simple and clear

    55. Thomas W.glasgow

      ah remember havin a matchbox combine harvester when ah was a wee kid , didn't look like them , aye !

    56. Chhetri

      This kind of machinery only profits billionaires ๐Ÿ˜‚

    57. Andy Greggs

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    60. jonniessink1

      Here in the western 1/2 of the US ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ we use trucks to do 98% of the hauling of silage, fertilizer, etc. When the feild to farm is longer distance then in most of Europe and can do 60+ mph instead of 25 to 30 mph depending on the tractor. It makes more sense. For example I work for a 10,000 milking cow dairyfarm in Arizona and we had to drive up to 1.5 hrs or around 60 miles one way just to get to the feild. Then get a load of silage and drive back. Maybe 5 loads a day in 12 to 14 hr day.

    61. stuarth43

      pity about the American voice, hyperbole and GIGANTIC adjectives

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    65. Mikko James Bayaca Paguntalan

      you can rarely see these things in the philippines, coz only the most richest farmers own this. In the philippines we call combine harvesters as "reaper", only rich own this, the ones with averager money use threshing machines, while the poor ones manually harvest by hand. i find it weird that they plant using hands, and harvest using machines, i think its because our fields are always wet and muddy that even reaper's get stuck. hayyyyy๐Ÿ˜ซ, farming is hard in the philippines, its very expensive to plant and put fertilizers, but when you sell it on the market its very low, its not fare at all๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ซ + you loss a lot of money because of pest attacks and a strong storm that results to flood, philippines has an average of 25 storms per year

      1. Mr. Belvedere

        how do you sow and harvest rice from muddy soil with machines anyway????

    66. La Paddanrenk Andi Mappangara


    67. Antonio

      This documentary was simply satisfying ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ

    68. Ekid

      Dude is working on the harvester with the engine still running... what could go wrong?

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      So thatโ€™s how they got the name โ€œgiantsโ€. But where did they get โ€œfocusโ€?

      1. Pierre Lamy

        They don't get "focus" anymore, but going full "giants" :)

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    75. giman tolo

      good documentation..keep going.

    76. Jussi Knaapi

      Well, this promoting video was very well done, but please remember - this is a commercial of high tech ag not a neutral documentary and full of nearly idiotic statements... supporting monoculture, input intensive and certainly not sustainable ag production. There are alternative & better ways to feed the world and simultaneously keep the rural areas more lively.

      1. Isaac Neumann

        29:45 sustainable. The vast majority of modern equipment has to live up to these standards, as well as many other standards for conservation. Farmers live off the land. Destroying it harms them just as much, if not more than the rest of us.

    77. Gea Vox

      THIS is what's wrong with te world today! Peopel don't have jobs because machines are taking their place. Instead of making smaller, solar-powered machines that augment a man or woman's work, making it lighter and more efficient, we are eliminating humans altogether, so agriculture become a form of PARASITISM on eth planet fo rthe sole purpose of MAKING MONEY! What's more, these machines require HUGE fields, without hedgreows or wall, where soilk is eroded and compacted, requiring fertiliser to remain even remotely productive, Fertilisers contribute to water eutrophication,a snutirients seep and leach into the local water table, rhines, streams, rivers and lakes, all teh way to the sea, where they cause TOXIC RED ITIDES! WE ARE PUTTING THE WORLD OF AGRICULTURE ON NOTICE: THIS PARADIGM IS ABOUT TO BE E R A S E D! People are taking back control of OUR PLANET, NOT YOURS! We will organise GLOBAL BOYCOTTS of supermarkets that buy from producers who use these destructive methods! There are FAR better ways! Famers' co-operatives allow individual, family owned and run farms to club together and supply wholesale and retail markets and even the end consumer, by collaborative marketing. CHANGE OR BECOME IRRELEVANT!

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      "No one would want this old piece of crap" Old piece of crap was built before all the emissions bullshit ruined diesel engines. Someone who is sick of a single electrical sensor on a overcomplicated exhaust system shutting down a perfectly running machine will buy it don't worry

    80. chooglin fine

      โœŒ๏ธI'll come work for you guys !!!!โœŒ๏ธ

    81. Kevin Murphy

      "Who gets to drive farm equipment besides farmers". I ask a similar question when I see a large airliner. " Who gets to fly these things besides an airline pilot.".

      1. Thomas W.glasgow

        terrorists ?????? : )

    82. RuviaPawz

      they need to be electric not gasoline they dont give a dam about the planet

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    86. omar hama

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    88. dav snow

      I had a glass of beer everytime the narrator said *"Partik-you-larly";* by the end of the video I was very pissed. ("pissed" is Aussie Lingo for drunk, not Murican lingo for angry).

    89. P Alagao

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    90. Brian Lee

      The steering is automated so the driver can focus on combine settings. Also, the combine settings is automated so that the driver can focus on steering. This leaves the driver to optimize yield settings, while the combine automatically adjusts to produce the greatest output.

    91. Phy

      Farmers in the US fix their combines on the spot, but in Germany you gotta rely on companies to take a day or two within work hours.

      1. Mr. Belvedere

        doesn't seem to be a problem in germany. we still get our food on the table. maybe americans made up these "problems" to feel better with their century old tech.

    92. LazyTamago

      32:25 RIP... The crash test part is interesting!

    93. masi


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    96. Pradaxa Boudraux

      Lmao they have plowed the wrong fields here in the us.

    97. Tanner Hansen

      I swear this got sponsored by class there whole documentary just felt like a massive ad

      1. Gerhard MA

        first of all you should try to read or write correctly. The name is CLAAS not class

    98. Johan

      The more I see documentaries about German engineering and technology, the more impressed I am by their ethics and what driven them for continuous improvement.

      1. Emerald Green

        @Mr. Belvedere Plus, North American roads are no match for European streets. These automobiles are not meant to be driven over potholes and patched up streets. It breaks them down faster.

      2. Mr. Belvedere

        @Dixon Cider Don't buy a mercedes or volkswagen made in the US. their workers aren't that good and often make mistakes. They were hired from the streets and only given 1 week to do their job, while german apprenticeship takes 3 years.

      3. Mr. Belvedere

        @PK I guess your mindset did not improve since 1945 lol.

      4. Dixon Cider

        Have you driven a Volkswagen or Mercedes lately?

      5. Johan Rynjah

        German engineering specializes in huge machinery while Japan in minute gadgets . .

    99. Matthew Tucknott

      9:40 helper F is blocked by an object