[Artist Of The Month] 'Watermelon Sugar' X 'BLOW' covered by TXT YEONJUN(연준) | July 2021 (4K)

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    1. Tubatu TXT

      15k to 5.4m

    2. YeOut_Cookie

      watching this like my vitamins

    3. dbxhdbs

      +52k in 14h

    4. Mohammed Ali

      Yeonjun you are amazing but this dance is not the best of you

    5. _itisBita_

      Starting the day beautifully ^^

    6. Geetanshi Goyal

      Oh my god

    7. Neshmisayshello

      The babyyyyyyu

    8. Junnie 913

      17k left

    9. yellowgloomy


    10. Skyla Saggie

      Yeonjun is not trying to be PERFECT. PERFECT is trying to be Yeonjun. Periodt

    11. Tubatu TXT

      17k to 5.4m

    12. Binge Streamer

      Yeonjun’s dedication to his craft is so inspiring

    13. moa tyun

      moa pls watch this at least 3 or 5 times a day everyday :(( we need to reach 10M as soon as possible. he deserve it he worked hard for this remember?? fighting moas

    14. Meryem Olca

      Bu kadar harika bir covera neden az izlenme var

    15. ace

      dancing with stories

    16. beombun

      5.382.856 ^o^

    17. ☆도망갈까요☆

      waddupppp moa !!!!!

    18. Gyu Qilah

      Sesek napas ga sih str3aming ini? Huahhhh

    19. Moon Star

      Everything about this dance cover is perfect. Yeonjun and his crew give us masterpiece performance. We will always cherish this performance.

    20. Tubatu TXT

      19k to 5.4m

    21. Junnie 913

      20k left

    22. beombun

      5.380.737 ^o^

    23. Joanna Anbarasi

      Oh god...The lip thingy I-

    24. reeyay

      my love

    25. ᒪ-O-ᐯ-ᗴ ᴏʀ h̶a̶t̶r̶e̶d̶ 9

      I notice, did studio choom change the thumbnail?

      1. YeOut_Cookie

        yes they did

    26. lloren


    27. tpwk_angels

      this is ✨PER-FECT✨!

    28. Fathini Yusuf


    29. Tubatu TXT

      22k to 5.4m

    30. jayram Sahni

      Charismatic talented all rounder Fourth generation IT BOY CHOI YEONJUN

    31. Engel Laisina

      day 12 of watching this video, EVERYDAY :)

    32. TAE GYU

      Napim çok seviyom burayı hihi

    33. TAE GYU

      Günaydın sabahın köründe buradayım

    34. じゃ、じゃうーす


    35. beombun

      5.378.159 ^o^

    36. Dhivya Chandramani

      To Studio Choom Can I ask something? Why Artist of the Months always dancing? I mean they can sing or rap right? But why they always dancing only? Maybe next artist can only sing or only rap too. their talents other dancing will be a bit of a waste if it's not realized. This is just my opinion, maybe you read this I really thankfully ❤️ I really love Studio Choom especially when TXT and ITZY perform😅 Big love from me ❤️❤️

      1. Dhivya Chandramani

        @HH oh idk about that 😂 thanks

      2. HH

        Choom literally means Dance in Korean lmao

      3. Dhivya Chandramani

        @maïmouna&CO omg i didn't remember that 😂 thank's for remembering

      4. maïmouna&CO

        Because it’s a dance performance channel

    37. Ah_Reum

      최연준 사랑해 ㅠㅠㅠ

    38. Faiqa

      They Don't Have Any Adds And That's A Bonus! Bless Them~

    39. CYJ Noona


    40. Zahra Maulia

      Dancer, Singer, Model, Visual, Producer, Perfect

    41. Junnie 913

      24k left

    42. Bany

      This is the best performance

    43. chery🐙


    44. stan txt mfs


    45. maishone

      this is unhealthy for my heart 👁️👄👁️

    46. Unknown blink

      Moas stop being lazy and fvcking str3am please

    47. Khyathi Geethika

      my man yeonjun is so cool wth

    48. sunoo te amo

      No bajen la meta a 12m, yeonjun quiere 30m y va a tener 30m ctm

    49. Italian Spinach


    50. Necroherz

      Now that i think, i just came back to this, certain dance's steps here are pretty similar to that video where Hyunjin from Stray Kids was dancing his own choreography interpretation of a Billie Eilish's song 👀👓🤔

      1. Yeomjunnnn

        @Necroherz I’m not mad. Just don’t comment that please I’m sorry if I was rude I didn’t mean to sound rude but people might take your comment differently so please be careful

      2. Necroherz

        @Yeomjunnnn Don´t get mad, kid. Take a look at both videos, I'm just saying there are two similar steps. Nothing more. Shall I point out the minutes? Also, i liked TXT and all this members.

      3. Yeomjunnnn

        Um what kind of comment is this?, don’t you have eyes? Please go check them you must be seeing wrong. As a stay and moa I respect and love hyunjin and yeonjun dancing but you attempting to accuse yeonjun of copying someone else’s dance choreography.. like that’s so so wrong. Please stop trying to start drama and go on with your day it’s better that way. And I’m sorry if I’m being a bit rude but this comment was not acceptable at all. Your kind of people who accuse out of no reason are the people who start drama and ruin idols reputation and I won’t stand here reading these kinds of comments on any idols comments section. And yes go ahead and respond I won’t care what you have to say, as I already spoke what I had to say. Have a nice day. And next time think before doing something like this :)

    51. ،، v1rtualcry.1 !

      vamos moa hagan str34m!

    52. Trinity Harding

      I've never seen anything more beautiful in my entire life!:,( And can we just appreciate the quality of the camera god dang!!

    53. Odessa K. Escarpe

      I'm here again, fighting again for today moas!

    54. IMELDA


    55. Nanda Alonso

      5,5M soon! We can push this to 10M moas!!

    56. Yeon bibi

      Came here after ikily. Now unto let me taehyun ✨ Fighting moas

    57. mich

      vuelve por favor

    58. Anahi MOA


    59. CYJ Noona


    60. Ratu Gina Syifani


    61. Moon Light

      Choi Yeonjun !!!❤

    62. Dizni Dizni


    63. Hey Nicole

      ha pasado más de una semana y simplemente no puedo superar esta tremenda presentación que nos dio Yeonjun

    64. Carolina Ramírez Celaya

      Yeonjun te dedico la de "El primer día sin ti" de Danna Paola

    65. Junnie 913

      29k left

    66. nona


    67. ChoiHueningKang Pearl

      Slow progress is still a progress

    68. itsfaa._.


    69. choi yeonjunwon

      Moa's pride choi yeonjun✨

    70. Xiomara Curihuaman

      besst danceeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr

    71. Anahi MOA

      +×+ keep stre4ming

    72. itsfaa._.


    73. tzuyusyfrd

      Its been a week and I still cant get enough of this yeonjun

      1. Sookai gum

        Yes, he is amazing!

    74. Almeniana


    75. chery🐙

      54M soon~

    76. Taehyun Kang


    77. Marie Mourelle


    78. chocolate matcha

      u did so well, yeonjun

    79. Kim Kaaii

      This man T_T

    80. beombun

      5.368.483 ^o^

    81. Alina Chang

      We can always trust Yeonjun!

    82. urgirlMyka

      You did a pretty good job babe!!!

    83. arthena

      let's go 10M

    84. YeOut_Cookie

      *yeonjun, kpop's ACE*

    85. beombun

      5.366.915 ^o^

    86. AFECKTOS

      Te amoooo

    87. Afza Aina

      Yeonjun artis of the month

    88. Anahi MOA

      I'm back again

    89. Chi Chi

      Love yeonjunnnnn for better life:)

    90. Valeria Roblero

      t amo t amo

    91. Carolina Ramírez Celaya

      No me cabe la cabeza este performance es hermoso, atrevido, espectacular.

    92. 라빈도토리

      오우마이갓 최연준 사람 미치게하네..

    93. CYJ Noona


    94. Maria S

      Es que de vdd te quedas sin palabras woow

    95. Junnie 913

      35k left

    96. ramyeon and I are destiny

      Yeonjun is one of the best dancer in kpop

    97. Vianney Rubi


    98. CYJ Noona