[BE ORIGINAL] SHINee(샤이니) 'Don't Call Me' (4K)

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    [BE ORIGINAL] SHINee 'Don't Call Me'
    [비 오리지널] 샤이니 '돈콜미'
    띠링띠링~스춤에 흑화한 샤이니가 왔춤☎
    짜릿한 퍼포먼스 볼 거니까 Don't Call Me
    (3:15) 저 아무래도 극락 갈 거 같아요..👼
    *Performance Director*
    Bailey Sok
    Lyle Beniga
    #SHINee #샤이니 #BEORIGINAL
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    1. Selvi Dyah kumala

      Shoot awal udah di suguhin visualnya minho cakep banget mas

    2. Te_Mena 2061

      My TOP!!!, MUST Beautiful 4 Boys of this Young GENERATION!!!🤗❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋 I Love this 4 Gyes...take a look at my List!,and telm me what do you think!,boys and girls...👍 1 ) Haruma Miura...from Japan ❤️ 2) Caeser Wu... from China ❤️ 3) Lee Taemin...from South Korea ❤️ 4) Dimash Kudaibergen...from Kazaquistan ❤️ They are and have ALL!.💯% They are Beautiful 🤗Charming Good - looking⭐ and deep🔥 Sensuality...

    3. Lyan

      The break dance is definitely art. Good job SM and Shine of course.

    4. b suwan

      아니 민호 얼굴이 너무 작은데 9등신돨거같은데 무슨일이지

    5. 랑해사

      3:17 피아노 소리에 맞춰서 안무 하는 태민 너무 멋있어서 계속 돌려봄ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    6. Neji

      SHINee is back with Atlantis! Go check the MV out (。♡‿♡。)

    7. 아이러브유

      ㄹㅇ 사생들한테 들려주고 싶음 "느껴봐 넌 최악이야~"

    8. Ryhinez Dahmani

      ,,, !

    9. Lars Navarro

      vallan a ver el cover de Allen de Cravity, está buenísimo me encantó

    10. ᴅᴜʟᴄᴇ ᴍᴀʀíᴀ

      taemin omg te amo

    11. Mashi Liyanage

      Atlantis is here

    12. 응응

      온유 목소리 존나 좋다 얼굴도 미침

    13. hmm ninara

      Check out SHINee's new song: "Atlantis"

    14. HN

      샤이니 팬 아닌데... 이노래가 왜 맴돌지..ㅠㅠ

    15. Maju Ramos

      Algum BR? Aiiii, que maravilhaaaaaaa!!!!!

    16. MrS Lea

      Shinee always come out with distinctive songs but this time their song is very addictive & the choreography is very intense. 3 them are already in their 30's but they became cooler, just like Taemin said. I am always rooting for them.

    17. 임해미

      너네 숨 안차니?역시 샤이니 그나저나 미모 실화냐?진짜미쳤네

    18. Chateau Mangaroo

      As much as I love the video, it does no justice for the choreography. I know I’m late to the Studio Choom performance but I’m glad I found it!

    19. Gera Nozid

      Handsome Minho's outfit is like a Prince , the best group that always Shines its Shinee ♥️♥️♥️♥️💙💙💙❤️❤️❤️❤️

    20. 회자

      Why do they look like 19 year old rookies😂

    21. Wendy Fer

      One of a kind

    22. lulucophie


    23. Kim Jungwoo

      Key... he's killin it

    24. Claire M.

      They should have many more views....they are better than ever! Once you go Shinee, you never go back!

    25. Yuliana Hernandez

      Me encanta esta canción ❤❤❤

    26. Doraci Arashiro

      Amo essa música! Eles arrasam!

    27. Mayra hc

      SHINee's Atlantis coming soon

    28. ay ya


    29. Winny Gamer

      I miss you all guy of shinee

    30. 나무사랑협회

      뭔가 엑소 노래랑 비슷한거같다 제목은 기억이 않나넹ㄹ

    31. شـآول


    32. karr manon

      Don't call me ☎️ ♥️♥️♥️ Minho❤, Onew 💙Taemin💚, and Key💛 You all great and your hardwork are all 100 %,even you just all return from military, Amazing teamwork and a energetic sense of music. Never tired to watch #DontcallMe #Shinee

    33. Kelly marida do Eric e Alice marida do Chanhee

      Qualidade melhor q minha visão

    34. Ms_Yeetster

      YASSSSSSSS queenZ uh- i mean kingz

    35. 이승주

      뮤지컬 보는 것 같다 완벽함

    36. Eve Byul

      I don't want to press the button "👍Like"I don't want to press the button "👍Like". I wan't to press the button "💖LOOOVE" !!!

    37. ByNemonemo

      Wishing list: SHINee will comeback to studio choom for Atlantis perf!

    38. 살동

      와 나 샤이니 데뷔 14년차인거 댓글 보고 앎........소름돋는다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ좀 몇년차 쌓인 신인 같음 열정도 그렇고 얼굴도...

    39. Feyza Karaca

      İnanılmaz iyiler 🍷🇹🇷


      I am Obsessed with this Song And Music Video Also so good Facial Expressions and Dance moves everything so good. Best Song I Love it💕

    41. Adinda K

      Oh god, this is epic.

    42. 우나

      샤이니 4월 12일 오후 6시 아틀란티스로 컴백합니다. 리팩 앨범이예요

    43. 우나


    44. Jocelyn Reyes

      It is certainly a good song and choreography is not said more beautiful and more Members

    45. natyuwu23_10

      종현... 누락되었지만

    46. Jackelin Mendoza Diaz

      Ok... luego del servicio militar, Minho regreso mas guapo que nunca😍...él es hermoso💫😊♥️

    47. Beethoven Kerry

      This is a result of experience and talent . Shinee will always be distinctive

    48. Eli J

      관절 부러질 듯이 춤추고, 설렁설렁 춤추는 멤버가 없고, 절대 초심을 잃지 않은 멋진 아이돌 of 아이돌임👍

    49. melva chavez

      I love this song I hopefully Dara listen this unique song of the group Shinee the best ever don't call me jiyong from Dara hahahaha

    50. J i n n y

      14년차 맞냐... 가슴이 웅장해진다 ㄹㅇ.. 춤이랑 노래는 말할 것도 없고 진짜..

    51. 우주꿀꿀떡

      미쳤다 와..

    52. Estefany Oliveira Silva

      Como superar o insuperável?

    53. 물만두

      샤이니가 느슨해진 케이팝 기강 다 잡는다..

    54. 바디로션

      태민이가 특히 쩐다 😍😍👍🏻👍🏻태민아!!!

    55. 컹컹

      아이돌들의 아이돌 아이돌 하면 딱 생각나는게 샤이니...☆

    56. n29h


    57. Emmanuel __B

      Onew's voice is so unique

    58. diva taimen

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    59. 이주연

      스엠도 범죄자 걍 델꼬가는구나

    60. robyn4real


    61. 남윙크

      shinee isnt real

    62. 햇땨니왓떠여크아아앍

      기범군 저 베레모 매일 씌워주세요 제발요....... 제발요........ 제발요 제발요........

    63. 약은약사한테남소는이수만한테

      진짜 명불허전 샤이니는 샤이니다

    64. 메룽메롱메룽

      봄에 나오는 SM 남아이돌 노래들은 다 명곡

    65. Soledad Toara

      SHINee es el único grupo que staneo de la 2da Generación no soy de stanear a grupos de antes porque la mayoría se separaron,son solistas,están en el servicio militar etc y cuando quiero un grupo no me va a ser fácil dejarlo ir pero por alguna razon SHINee llamo mi atención ^^ y bueno aquí estoy y no me arrepiento de stanearlos♡

    66. Shinhimesama1

      The added piano at the bridge is amazing! I love this cb!!

    67. jjongx 525

      Atlantis will be out in a few days, let's support them as we did for Don't call me! Let's go shawols, this is our year.

    68. Mari Tinio

      the quality’s so clear i feel like i can touch Key’s face! 😂

    69. Myka Estavas

      I am oaijdajkejane over Key's english, "sorry, the number you have called has been disconnected" sheeeeeshhh

    70. Min Gómez

      They're so visual 👁️♥️✨

    71. شـآول

      يبويي اتجنننوننن

    72. 최수빈 사랑해

      온유님 되게 잘추는데.... 왜 귀엽지...

    73. bisan marie

      Wow shinee I'm in love

    74. Mayra hc


    75. Mayra hc

      dont call me dont call me dont call me

    76. Mayra hc

    77. mia acasiete

      My best friend show me this song and the only thing that I can say is shinee is back T-T

    78. Pam Love

      3:14 My favorite part 🤎

    79. baby chesee

      KINGS of KINGS 👑

    80. No Name

      엊그제 데뷔했다고 해도 믿겠다 ㅎㄷㄷ 게다가 실력은 넘사벽이네 ㅜ

    81. Mire H

      Wow... Minho just killed everyone

    82. Galixia Judith

      Me Encanta ♡♡♡♡

    83. Joselyn Montalvo

      Onew se puso más guapo de lo que ya era 💕

    84. LOVELINII_러블리이니

      사랑하면 보내줘~ 볼때마다 소름👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    85. ane oden

      of all the performances i’ve seen from 스튜디오 춤 this is the best one. the connection between the music and the camera work, closing up on the singing the lyrics and (specially) the adlibs, plus the beautifully directed shots highlighting their dance to the best of it. it’s an impeccable work by both parts, artists and filming/editing crew. absolutely amazing!

      1. ane oden

        p.s: this is the first song i’ve ever heard of shinee. not a fan (yet), so this is not a biased opinion.

    86. rappmoonie

      the one with brown hair is my favorite

    87. انا انا


    88. ᄋᄋ

      샤이니 그냥 사랑해

    89. guadalupearay garay

      shinee los amooooo con todo my corazon

    90. Joelle Hadweh

      y'all should fix the audio, it's giving me a headache

    91. 박윤하

      진짜 존나멋있다..... 민호 솔로부분 미친

    92. shin shu

      뜬금없지만 다들 타락한 천사 같은데 온유 혼자만 타락한 천사가 아니라 그냥 천사같다...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    93. Keerths rangolis


    94. caterin delgado

      SHINee , los mejores han pasado muchos años desde que debutaron con su cancion REPLAY y sigues siendo geniales , no han perdido su esencia , sigamos apoyandolos SHINEE WORLD =SHAWOL... nuestros brillosos nos necesitan y sigamos dando mucho a amor a todos los 5 por que siguen siendo 5 con su hermoso y maravilloso lider ONEW .....Saludos desde Peru....

    95. 김유나

      키가 원래 이렇게 멋있었나 .... 😍

    96. 미또

      아니 키가 원래 일케 잘생겼었나...? 저 얼굴에 선 뭔데 겁나 힙하고 잘 어울림.. 글고 저 오빠 왤캐 하얘,,,? 흑발 개잘 어울리누.. 확신의 쿨톤이네,, 노래는 왜 또 겁나 쨍하게 잘해..?? ㅇㅏ 미치겄네

    97. uma marhumah


    98. Adriana ?