cheese bacon kimchi roll - korean street food

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    Street food in depth and not boring!

    Yummy boy is always trying to make a good video.
    Thank you for watching and cheering

    -Price location information-

    cheese bacon kimchi roll : KRW 4,000 (USD 3.5)


    Gangneung Jungang Market, Gangwon-do Korea

    게시일 8 개월 전


    1. The Fire Dragon

      Something about mixing Kimchi and Cheese that my brain does not like.

    2. J.H-Korjun

      난 왜 이런 맛난 음식을 아직도 못 경험해 본걸까...

    3. yak gerald


    4. dong lin

      Is this salty?

    5. phưmvamgam nguyentantuan

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    6. Buy&Sell

      These look awesome !!!! I will take 10 to go please.

    7. Kagiso Gabela

      Jesus Christ, I guess I'm going to Korea

    8. Matthew Farmer

      Some Ninja cutting there lol, the cleaver knife are so sharp.🔪

    9. joeisguitargod

      どんだけ油まくねん…… クソ安そうなベーコンの油で十分やんけ…… 不味そ。

    10. 奥藤雅子


    11. MALVADO CLIPS  ✔

      Satisfatório 😍😍😍

    12. Thủy Vũ thị Thanh

      Ước gì được ăn 1 lần ngon quá

    13. Shinta Oktaria

      This is 🐷/🐄?

    14. 이걸로이번에는

      와 양파썰면서 눈물 안나시나 겁나 힘들던데

    15. 정진욱


    16. 정진욱


    17. fromnsk

      Now compare that to hotdogs, lol

    18. Sara M. Fortuna L.

      Amanzing, nice food.

    19. Sara M. Fortuna L.

      Very good.

    20. Adrian Lopez


    21. S.E Samawi

      3 pieces of 5 slices of bacon in one go..thats way too dangerous for the heart

    22. Isti Anah

      무슨 고기?

    23. Lam Par

      The chef is very clean minded aside from cooking very tasty food. It is so different from many street and restaurant food in other country, Yummy yummy kimchi.....👍👍

    24. Kittiya Khotmongkhon



      Que rico se ve aaaaaa

    26. Ariana Mendoza

      This is porn .. food porn

    27. 여름소나기

      정말 맛있겠네요... 근데 사과씨앗은 빼세요...

    28. Mr Isakhanian

      полное навно

    29. Seunghyun Kim

      개쩌네 흑맥주랑 겁나 잘어울리겠다

    30. Reinaldo Mckeovey

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    31. terrellma

      Looks like bacon wrapped everything

    32. Edward Riley

      Your prep standards are impressive. Such care all the way through the cooking process.

    33. Ma N (Maiden USA)

      The fruit/vegetables are impressive - the size of that carrot and green onions!

    34. jsteel89

      ruined with shit cheese :/

    35. Nator


    36. Jing Jing

      헤라는 저거하나로 뒤집고 철판긁고 다하나봐요 ... 거릅니다 ㅋ

    37. 뜨너

      솔직히 저거 32개정도 먹을수있음

    38. هـآنآشُي°`❥℘₰.

      هل لكم ان تدمجو اكل عربي مع اكل كوري؟

    39. Brandi Reed

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    40. Shitstorm Trooper

      This is the epitome of a flavor bomb

    41. Sea Mac

      "street food" but cleaner than most of America's restaurants.

      1. Zeldukes

        Those were some seriously clean flat-tops.

    42. katia flowers

      Wow en serio se me hizo agua la boca, se ven tan ricos

    43. 릴리


    44. Manny Diaz

      Whats the recipe for the sauce? I see apples, pineapples, was that cinamon?

    45. Manny Diaz

      Chopping onions wow.

    46. 이법진

      이거뭐꼬 신기하네

    47. Aeayxna arfbwaxt

      The windy honey wessely educate because shallot temporally trip pro a nosy music. beneficial, grateful gratis interest

    48. i am soup

      Yummy, it looks so delicious. 👍

    49. AntonioMarco

      Wow these guys know how to ruin food!!

    50. Lee


    51. just me

      I can smell the tears ( 0:30 )

    52. Alemdar Ahmet

      I would like to tray beef one :)

    53. mentrion1

      Yo: tengo hambre Tmb yo: voy a ver esto @________@

    54. Emily Turner

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    56. Jotolink

      I mean I love it but am I the only one that thinks they are being super violent with the food cutting and tossing it into the pot like that?

    57. fluid application

      The threatening spruce optimally trust because underpants superficially fade against a agonizing dragonfly. disillusioned, vigorous chef

    58. Jax Mei (Hesheng Paper Packaging)


    59. Nome Sobrenome

      I can't imagine how this tastes like!

    60. Bistra Mendiola

      Can anyone elaborate on the sauces and what exactly went in, I could not recognize some of the ingredients. Thank you in advance ☺

    61. catibree1

      my word !!! that is some beautiful bacon... makes the bacon in packs we have to buy look pathetic..

    62. 황가박당

      무슨 장마철 폭우 내리는 소리가 난다

    63. 2x 2x

      4:15 they lost me at Kraft singles lmao

    64. Manuel Miranda

      Ah.,,,,,,😭😭😭😭😭😭es riqusimo ,me antojan

    65. Davide Pera

      Complimenti al cibo coreano, sembrano buonissimi in

    66. Ryan

      Wow that looks so good! The bacon being basted with the broth while it cooks, can't imagine what that smells like.

    67. Entertainment Worldz

      nice video

    68. doutor smith


    69. Twenty 12

    70. yunayuan W


    71. Dina Lopez

      When I saw them open the bacon package...I almost shed a tear of joy

    72. Dina Lopez

      🥓 🥓 🥓 🥓 🤗🤗🤗🤗

    73. William Pitts

      I would order at least 2 of those rows.

    74. Clayton Shea

      Say, anyone know what fruit after the apples was? The what looks like hard encased purple one. I think three or four of them were thrown in, but I cant for the life of me figure out what they specifically are. Anyone have an idea?

    75. ᄏ송자매

      맛이없다면 거짓말이겠네요..꿀꺽

    76. naraluk isranuruk

      I need to sell in Thailand

    77. B H


    78. 楊文宜


    79. Kookie Mochi

      Looks so yummy but I'm worried about your hands.

    80. Leôncio de Souza Luz

      Fantastic !

    81. May Masha

      Million time touched the bacon.

    82. Lynne

      I can smell the bacon🥓 while watching this on screen🤣

    83. Joe

      wtf was that garbage water?

    84. ゲハ

      あの黒いリンゴのミイラみたいなやつ なに?

    85. mike mike

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    86. Maria Sandra Martinez

      Mezclaron tantas mierdas q no se como no les da diarrea 😅

    87. ᄏ박

      여기 진심 맛없던데 ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ낚이지 마시길..누린내나고 안에 덜익음..

    88. Barry H

      so much plastic waste from the american cheese in these videos

    89. mjmcg73

      That's some next level shit

    90. hiii cutie

      comme disent les chef cuistot : ça a l'air bon sa mère

    91. Pietra Hipismo

      quais os ingredientes do caldo ?

    92. Tauro Buinevere

      What are those hard shell fruit ✨✨✨

    93. Дарина Рублева


    94. Name Here

      Can I get two with no onion please?

    95. 일미 김

      김치는 국산인지 궁금합니다

    96. Kevin Warner

      String-wrapped, placed on a hanging rack and lowered into a clay pot designed oven, drip liquid from above, cook evenly without flipping, pull the rack out and remove rolls to cut up and serve

    97. Елена Ивановна

      Это вам не макдональдс сраный..

    98. Алексей Полтавский

      Очень вкусно наверняка, блюдо достойное, можно смело есть такое на улице.

    99. Alice Schneider

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