Competing For $20,000 in Minecraft Bingo on Twitch Rivals! (Stream Replay)


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    TangoTek, Cubfan135, iJevin, and I team up to take on 14 other teams of 4 in a race to complete Minecraft Bingo (In-game Advancements) and 2 other game modes!

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    1. 6777 Productions

      "Scoring is a hot mess, just like the US election" XD

    2. Daxz Nort

      ShaDoune666 encima de la cabeza de ImpulseSV Xd

    3. Kaitlyn Huang

      next time you do a twitch rivals get an elytra before you do hot tourist destination

    4. Ynga

      Does anyone know where they actually came in this comp? Did it stay at 7th?

    5. xHICKORYx

      Has no idea how to conserve rockets...

    6. Maddie

      I don't think I've ever seen Impulse look upset before watching the 1000 nether block thing. Sending telepathic internet hugs back in time!

    7. Maddie

      Hermits, can't find diamonds for 5 mins: This seed is terrible! There's no diamonds anywhere 😭 Me, finding diamonds after half an hour of mining: omg I actually found diamonds!!!

    8. Brock York

      He hast to cover the targeted block because it says the courds he’s looking at

    9. Steve S

      I just watched X's whole twitch rival livestream just now and I think I am gonna watch Impulse's too.

    10. Joshua Andrews

      15:47 Playing Xisuma's chicken game all led up to this moment.

      1. Knasbas


    11. Sahil Vedpathak

      I don't think u need a big portal on the overworld side for uneasy alliance

    12. Sahil Vedpathak

      I don't understand why impulse took his diamond pick for the nether travel, he could have left it with cub for the uneasy alliance...

    13. Raiden Murray

      All the hermits voices are so calming

      1. Kolaps G

        yeah but Impulse is my most favorite

    14. OneWayToLive

      Lava and a bucket is endless fuel

    15. Y Kizak

      15:49 Looks like all those times playing "The Chicken" in Hermitcraft finally pays off lol.

    16. Sahil Vedpathak

      Impulse u should use ur axe for fighting more often, axe crits are OP. Specially for creeper hunting.

    17. Austin Garrick

      Hearing the hermits play competitively is such a change of pace. GG guys

      1. AquAssassin

        uhh...havent you seen MCC?

    18. Haley Rose

      Does anyone know the true final score?

    19. ZP Gaming

      did you know lapis can be mined with a stone pickaxe?

    20. ZP Gaming

      i always use a stone pick instead of my iron pick until i get enough diamonds for a pick then use up the iron pick

    21. edison Fernandez

      Still not convince on how it was scored over-all. But anyway, I always enjoy every twith rivals of team hc-NA. ❤🎉

    22. Biscuits

      Did y’all get an explanation on the mob hunt score?

    23. Chimes Production

      the new fast way to get ender pearls is from pigmen not villigers

      1. Alaka zam

        Messy Nessie You still get pearls, just not as frequently

      2. Messy Nessie

        They changed it. You don't get pearls anymore. They took it out pretty quickly when they realized how OP it was.

    24. Elena Rexach

      I just realized how nice it is to listen to streams while I do things :)

      1. lynkx :P

        May I recommend podcasts?

      2. Austin Garrick

        I’ve recently started listening to the hermits stream while I play. I’d like to think I build better by symbiosis lol

    25. Exodus Daisy’s


    26. Exodus Daisy’s

      I thought impulse was a lot younger then he is

      1. Ray

        xb? i thought he join hermitcraft in season 2 at 18 yo. so probably he's 22 now maybe

      2. Messy Nessie

        @Luke Carney Zed is also mid 20s

      3. Luke Carney

        Yeah, it was a shock when I first saw him. His voice doesn't match his appearance at all. Most of the hermits are a lot older than you'd think. I think mumbo and grian are the only ones in their 20's

    27. Seth Van gessel

      Love you and your buds but have to watch later since I am in school

    28. Icecreamsk8

      Impulse I love ur vids

    29. Henry Hausschwein

      Very early

    30. Almuz Vreskala

      I am so early lol Going to need to watch this in a different day too long

    31. xIDaNaRshI

      This was fun!

    32. Dressins

      First I’m a huge fan