Etho Plays Minecraft - Episode 550: World Tour


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    It is time once again for the crazy long world tour! Today we attempt to visit all the main builds of our world in a single episode.

    Twitter: EthoLP
    World Download (550):

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      Only if it was hardcore

    2. Juiciest Fruit

      i copied your name as a kid, xxethochemicalxx (2013), this is genuinely the first time i have watched one of your videos and I love it lmao.

    3. SmashFocus

      27:52 "sand temple"

    4. Chimapansin 2 YT

      Etho is a legend I never see a. Survival world that Have 550 EP normally survival world series End in 100EP or More but not 550 but there's one Minecraft KOlover that have a Let's play series that up to 400 and now he have. Aworld download every 50 EP

    5. Zodiac M

      Watching him for 11 years since episode 1

    6. Rblx_Pyroz

      1 to 550 ep i watch

    7. [SYZ] theepic_flareonfan

      Hello kakashi

    8. Christian Ghatas

      Hi I’m new how are you?

    9. RobloxwithBloxX

      wow this guy is a master he been playing the world in 11 years

    10. Emory McNider

      Literally a history lesson throughout the years and generations of Minecraft

    11. Niki Kanchev

      love you man

    12. Tactcat

      7:35 "when the sheep goes down, you better get ready"

    13. John Kangos

      i started watching this guy’s videos in elementary school, when i was probably 7 or 8. It was the first time i had access to the internet on a computer, and i was absolutely obsessed with Minecraft Let’s Plays, particularly all the guys on the Mindcrack server. I remember when that first potion farm was made and it blew my mind! I stopped playing about 5 years ago, and am now about to enter my first year of college. Looking back at all these old videos i used to watch is such a nostalgia trip, but it’s mind blowing that Etho has kept up this world for this long with such quality. Etho, you in many ways defined a huge part of my and many others’ childhoods and I have always had nothing but the upmost respect and admiration for you. Keep being awesome.

    14. Noah Ladensack

      Does Etho ever remind you of kakashi Sensei from Naruto

    15. eesa

      Hello I'm new which episode should I start on in this series

      1. Ghost_ Slaayer

        Go to his current Minecraft let’s play I think he’s on 600 and something now and go back a few episodes

    16. TEG Barryz

      Etho, on behalf of all transformer fans, you are the best youtuber. Please play transformers war for cybertron or fall of cybertron if you can, Activision unfortunately killed them so the multiplayer is no longer available to play however you can still play the story mode. I’d love to see you make at least one video on those masterpieces.

    17. usedgaming

      Did a man say, “Zebranaut”? Funniest mental image I’ve had all night.

    18. TiRa Logicz

      You will forever be the god of red stone. No questions asked! 💯💯💯

    19. Joseph Cain

      Jesus loves whoever reads this : )

      1. Ghost_ Slaayer


    20. Evan Brunner

      the best build was the sociopath villager hands down

    21. EmaTheMar

      when i install and load in the world because i wanna look around it spawns me somewhere random and not where he should spawn when i die it dosent spawn me in his cave

    22. Majikoeda

      damn, i remember watching when you started this new world, my parents wouldn't even get me a PC back then. You felt like an older brother I've never had. So much has happened and I've changed so much, revisiting your channel reminds me of how much I've grown even though life isn't exactly going the best

    23. Karos Elite

      I don’t understand why it took me an entire 2 seasons of Hermitcraft to watch an Etho video but here I am.

    24. Dan Ovadia

      Every time I airplay ethos videos. Some how it always returns to this video after like 10 hours of auto playing.

    25. Mr Skaapu

      28:01 etho nazi confirmed??

    26. CosmicHi

      Wait , everyone is talking about the nostalgia, but why is no body talking about his skin, ITS LITERALLY KAKASHI SENSEI BRUH , HOW COULD NO BODY REALISE THIS ALREADY

      1. Youtube Watcher

        everyone did lol

    27. Domantas Žitkauskas

      Imagine if Etho was an engineer or a computer scientist (maybe he is). The things he would come up with with his imagination and skills! Although Minecraft may be more fun, and that's what matters!

      1. Youtube Watcher

        yeah hes a genius

    28. SunBun

      The sad bit is I watched my first episode 7 years ago and I never watched another until 2021

    29. epicm_____

      world download lookin sus

    30. Flippy Frogman

      25:40 is where I left off, Future self

    31. Eduardo Paderes

      for those of u who are asking him to show less Redstone need to grow up, it takes a real man to see how hard and complex all this stuff is. i can sit here all day just watching you work, etho. the day he stops youtube is the day everyone is going to want the redstone videos to comeback

      1. Youtube Watcher

        can it take a woman too?

    32. Potatoic

      Every time I watch an etho video I check that I’ve selected the like button at least 20 times


      28:04 you guys seeing what I’m seeing?

    34. Uttam Ghosh

      The parched son notablely dress because decimal thankfully nod of a flippant temper. black-and-white, distinct heaven

    35. Luke Harry

      I just realized that his skin is kakashi from naruto

    36. Ali Kirmani

      Why r there no ads on this vid? Etho should make some money after putting this much time into a vid. He deserves it.

    37. Kaden Parker


    38. Matt M

      I miss the old etho before he changed his voice

    39. normanbill1

      I was a new People :D

    40. Jamie Gemmell


    41. Lucas Edmonds

      You built a machine to add animation to the phrase 'get your snacks'. I like that touch.

    42. Vaxx

      No one is going to talk about the kakashi skin

    43. Amy

      14:17 the funniest thing you could point out.

    44. Alejandro Oller

      Been watching since 12 years old, seeing this at 21 gets me in my feelings. Keep it going Etho. Much love!

    45. Roberto Carlos Montalvo Rijo

      Am i the only one that watched since episode 5 lost a acounts and made new ones just to watch etho

    46. Vanja Križanec

      Omg im just downloading this world its sooooo big

    47. ZombieSlayer1467

      how tf did you make infinite water look good

    48. •𝙱𝚎𝚛𝐫𝚒𝚋𝚕𝐮•

      Your clothes are Kakashi😂😂😂😂👍❤️

    49. Saikhom Ratan


    50. Abdelkader Bahri

      Etho skin is from *Naruto*

    51. Jeremy

      a fuckin legend

    52. Jin J

      This is my first time watching, and I realized I recognized the design of his storage room. I realized it looked and functioned similar to Petezahutts storage room in HTM season 1. I rewatched the episode (cuz I watched HTM as it came out years ago) and realized he actually credited Etho for the design. Little me liked the design so much that now, years later, I use the same design for my own storage rooms in almost every world Ive played on since. They say you probably use hermit designs for things without even realizing it, and I had no idea how true that was until this moment.

    53. Conner Wonderly

      Been here since episode one And I just stumbled upon this video well done man

    54. Joel M

      I know I'm commenting late on this because I missed this episode, but I remember watching you when I was 10 or 11 years old, I'm almost 20 now. You are the best Minecraft player I have watched and will ever watch.

      1. Mandar Natu

        i too started watching him when i was 13 now i am in final year of college

    55. Gionji Ibrahim

      Minecraft Alpha 1.2.6

    56. addy

      Been watching this since the first 3 door creeper trap, haha. Love the series Etho! Yes, I am rewatching this episode as well.

    57. Connor Broman

      Etho is one of the few people I consider a "Minecraft Elder God": a man to be respected, protected and worshipped.

    58. Kal Voiron

      Bro children that have been conceived and born after episode one are prolly watching this now being 8 or 9

    59. Branden

      Etho was one of those youtubers I watched in the early days, but then forgot about for many years. When I saw a brand new base tour I was expecting to see a completely different world, not to have been taken back to (almost) the very beginning. It was one of those nostalgic moments that you rarely get to relive. 8 years later I'm 21 now, crazy how time flies. I was amazed at how I felt getting to experience the same exact map that I watched him build with his own hands, now much grander and more extravagant.

    60. pineapple guy

      Even after 10 years he still has the same skin

    61. nic


    62. Jose Wui

      This man literally carried a generation. I’ve watched this guy since 6th grade and now I’m in my sophomore year of college. Thank you for bringing me so much joy all these years.

    63. oZyssah

      that epearl teleportation thing is so fucking sick

    64. Mauroatzz

      Average dream fan virgin VS The average etho enjoyer

    65. OllieSMH

      It’s not a crazy build but the ender porters are the coolest things ever

    66. noob gamer pro

      love this

    67. The Reaper

      Surprised to see wattles here . . .

    68. Balázs Major

      WOW! It's amazing!

    69. Sam Smith

      Etho is literally the best ever

    70. ccc310

      Playing on a 9 year world is insane to me. I just start a new one every few months and screw around :P I wish Mojang kept the redstone mechanics more consistent between updates though. It's incredibly difficult to keep redstone builds working between updates.

    71. Park

      anyone else notice that someone donated 18 cents and got on ethos tree farm

    72. Nicholas Jones

      Damn it Jeff

    73. Gawkofoogl

      2:12 How did he know? hmmm...

    74. Thomas O'Connor

      On which episode did he redesign the pyramid?

    75. StarNanny

      Would rocket crossbow light tnt through water?

    76. Nailima

      Dang etho you out here making me feel old, been watching since you started the new world.

    77. Eric Epperson

      Dude this makes me realize how mediocre I am at building lol... and I just build a nuclear power plant lmao....smoke stack and All lmao very impressive dude did you dig the whole man cave out at once or did y’all build as you went

    78. Ahmed

      First time i heard about Etho was about some redstone thing wich I don't understand

    79. Synphul Hero

      I remember watching you build the pop-up sheep farm originally. And finding your first mob farm and boat elevator system was mind blowing.

    80. Bryson Dale

      9:23 wow that's ironic 8 months later

    81. uneed uneed


    82. Royce

      It’s crazy how I remember all of the redstone contraptions in the mancave and how they were built... much love etho

    83. Miles Gardner

      Hopefully he knows how much impact he’s made on people’s lives for the better.

      1. El Camarda

        Honestly man it made my teenage years so much better was going through rough times back then aaaa good memories

    84. Miles Gardner

      Jesus Christ. If this isn’t dedication I dunno what is. I suppose except the man that drank 10,000 bottles of water in the span of nine years.

      1. Miles Gardner


    85. epicthief

      Pixelriff and Zloy, sent me your way. So glad I did

    86. Vitor Schroeder Dos Anjos

      30 years from now 18 hours tour, let's do it

    87. IvanLagayacrus

      My literal childhood here good god, just graduated high school and relapsing into a lot of things I used to watch when I was 9 or 10

    88. arcadesdudeTV

      The forever unfinished library is the new unmined clay.

    89. Detestable Dumpling

      Villagers: Sleep in the nether Me: *Wait, that's illegal*

    90. L0rd Snorlax

      Zuggernaut made me laugh

    91. Thalys Ramos


    92. Stephen Bough

      "I don't really build with wool very much" *laughs in 3rd Life*

    93. Greg Augustyn

      I couldn’t build this in creative if I tried

    94. VVanHoose Productions

      Who's Better At Redstone? Mumbo Jumbo Or ETHO?

      1. ikeep2onme


    95. Happy John

      Fell asleep with Autoplay accidentally on and watched 41 minutes before it paused for some reason... 11:34:00 AM 5/22/2021

    96. TMGXxEcHoxX

      Don't ever stop Etho, please

    97. Devil SG


    98. Lakarius Litz

      The extra-large extra-small exuberant italian phylogenetically program because top subjectively depend to a offbeat uzbekistan. big, necessary smell

    99. মেহেদী হাসান

      9 episode in eight months. Next world is beyond our reach it seems.

    100. মেহেদী হাসান

      Wow it's been 8 month now