Everyone Has MY Face!?!? :: Hermitcraft #30


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    Minecraft on the Hermitcraft Server Season 7 Episode 30! Today on the Hermitcraft Minecraft server, we experience some really strange occurrences with my head! We also start up a new shop selling shops with GoodtimeswithScar!

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    1. Mypowerbob

      Literally gangstalking

    2. GoesHamo

      I would like to join your cult

    3. Rachel B

      I wonder if any of the other redstoner Hermits like Mumbo, Etho, Tango, and Impulse feel intimidated like having such a talented redstone genius on the server. It's great of you, Bdubs, not to show off constantly.

    4. ememe

      Aweome lolol

    5. SauroLab

      On this episode: We see the seeds of Aque-Town being planted “We make shops and sell them”

    6. More of That Channel

      Bdubs famous last words “everything’s fine”

    7. a green acorn

      23:02 though guy finger snapping

    8. Adeola Titilayo


    9. Valentin Stoilov

      ...When a zombie bites Bdubs it becomes Bdubs.

    10. Miles Procrastinates

      Can we just talk about how scary BDubs's upside-down skin is? It totally frightens me and will be haunting me in my dreams.

    11. Annabel Hawksworth

      All the Bdubs is the best thing I’ve seen on hermitcraft and KOlove

    12. Wolf

      Petitions required for scar to make at least a very small diamond chair

    13. David Nomack

      Poor bdubs makin a concrete shop when there is already 2 different ones in the shopping district.

    14. Kakashi Hinata

      I will buy it It's me joe

    15. Sam

      the bdubs head cult and bdubs' expression is hilarious. "that was probably one of the oddest distractions i've ever had in my life"

    16. Kaiollieo Duck

      hey bdubs, you werent wearing the upside-down skin in the upside--down soooooo.

    17. Yada Yada Films

      shoulda named the shop "discreet concrete" just sayin

    18. Sora Nekohime Ch.

      well... looks like you have clones now 😂

    19. Rigzin Thrinley Lhundrupling

      Bdubs:You do what you like to do Scar tries to kill bdubs

    20. dropplets

      I’m starting to think bdubs is better then mumbo jumbo...

    21. Lorelai Allison

      Its the army of Bdubs

    22. Lorelai Allison

      If we a have a universe where Bdubs doesn’t bring a bed everywhere, Scar doesn’t die continuously, Iskall loves diorite, Grian doesn’t prank people, mumbo jumbo is without a mustache, and Tango isn’t dealing with ravagers.... Where are we?

    23. Darius Arasteh

      This is late but I love how a cult is literally surrounding bdubs and he’s just flattered that they are wearing his head

    24. Terence Felix


    25. AssassinCat1016 'o'

      What if for the interior of the mansion you move the right and left doors up above the functional parts so that players can fly up and enter the rooms

    26. DennisInfinity24

      Makes this called the bdubs nation where every year we have to wear a bdubs head CD

    27. Jessica Cornett

      B dubs i need content floating faces. Done 🤣🤣🤣

    28. Misu Cats

      I know Im late but... I love how every time Bdub talk with some one he alway get the bed out to prepare lol

    29. Allison Stone

      mycelium resistence more like bdub heads

    30. Ashley Ford

      23:59 IM WHEEZING

    31. Da Ostrich King

      Push rod with piston

    32. Squad Up Clance


    33. Doeyhead

      this was an amazing episode, i laughed numerous times. Love you Bdubs!

    34. Sepia Smith

      I too know the word tresherussness 20:03 "shut it Iskall I'm trying!!!!!!!" HAHAHA 🤣 all the others just standing around Bdubs HAHA wow. Tango on his stream was very confused and it looks like there is no context to be found I wish I had a friendship like Bdubs and the hermits he sounds so anxious and out of breath with the concrete maker ahaha 🤣

    35. Sepia Smith

      If you destroy an end crystal while standing one block below it, you take little to no damage for some reason

    36. Jake Varner

      Nobody: Cult of Bdubs: :D

    37. Haven

      Me: Saw the title of the video Also Me with French accent: It’s true!

    38. Zakcasipe1771 XD

      Love the intri

    39. Danielle Nolan

      “I’ll teach you easily but you won’t be able to learn”- Bdubbs haha why do i feel like that’s what my teachers would say

    40. Lindey Kennedy

      Twinkle twinkle little star how I wander how I wander what are

    41. eMmDeeKay Says

      so looking at it now, the reason it blew up, you should have used sticky pistons and ancient debris, which would have been expensive but would make the whole blast chamber self contained

    42. Kookyxyr

      Grian without his front hair is as weird as mumbo without his moustache

    43. Archie Jones

      Use ur bow to explode the crystal

    44. goingunder13

      I need Mayor of the Condor fanart right NOW

    45. Random Replays


    46. Liam Prinsloo

      Even though I am a supporter of the Mycelium Resistance, Bdubs is really funny. (And his castle is awesome)

    47. Zeve Z

      Bdubs you should make a test server. There’s a way you can quickly and easily make a free test server for yourself hosted on your computer. That way, you can just put your test world on there and you’ll be able to test your redstone machines with the added server lag and delay

    48. Hameleosha De Hoga

      That moment with bdubs heads and i was smiling with that exact face too while watching this!..

    49. Kellan Blalack

      Redstone and pistons for the end rod

    50. _JustAnotherKid_ 2021_

      Well they don’t call it a sleepy head for nothing...

    51. Marby Abenoja

      well intro b dubs good job

    52. Brigritte

      i never doubted your redstone skills!

    53. Jake quinn


    54. Raleford

      Bdubs is the very image of a modern Mayor General.

    55. Cuboid Gamez

      20:40 grian was looking so creepy

    56. Firstname Lastname

      You can tell the real bdubs head because that's the one sleeping

    57. Seapickle 94

      BANG! And its da, da, da, da, da - Bdubs 2020

    58. Seapickle 94

      B-dubs is one of the kindest and most generous hermits. Only he would blame himself for spending hours desining a build for free to come back and find its a bit different and instead needs to completely redesign. Thanks heaps Bdubs and keep up the amazing content. Love you xx

    59. Jeff Peng

      Scar is definitely just a puppet for Jellie, the true leader of Hermitland

    60. Bartosz Czerwinski

      Guys guys guys listen there was Grian etho impulse and ren ALL PART OF THE RESISTANCE!

    61. TheDevil

      Scars gone crazy. (For legal reasons this is a joke)

    62. SmashRxX

      bdubs: Yes diorite on my path is awesome Iskall: (brain explodes) REMOVE THAT BIRD POOP

    63. Megan Ashley Pangan

      if you break the end rod, the crystal just floats there

    64. DickinaBox

      Teachers: 25:36

    65. Gamer T

      "We make the shop, and then we sell the shop"

    66. Rex D


    67. Chaos Richard 44

      22:45 Mussolini and his boys marching on Rome

    68. MaeMaeMeow

      Congrats on the red stone build it worked like a charm(also I’m not laughing at you about it)

    69. ꧁Wolfy Productions 101꧂

      Pour water over the end crystal and when it blows up it wont blow anything up. It will still deal damage though

    70. Karalee TDR Enduring Dragon

      Does anyone know where I can find a tutorial for building this concrete maker? I've tried several and had terrible luck so far.

    71. Random Goose

      I think bdubs is making an almost unnoticeable puppet government by giving scar “suggestions” and “false info”

    72. NotAGoat

      Love the idea. So what if there are already _2_ concrete shops on the server? You can never have too many concrete shops!

    73. Bread FN

      4:50 for a sec i thought u were wearing a balaclava

    74. Aiden O'Rielly

      it wont explode if you left click the end rod but it will if you left click the end crystal trust me please

    75. ZOMBIE

      I was laughing so hard lol that my wife was thinking i was crazy xD Btw Bdubs, the compass was nocked when u went flying out of the shop :P i think...

    76. V M

      Use water on the end crystal and it won’t kill you. Or a bow

    77. Jayden KK Ng

      Your just mayor of shopping district

    78. TorebeCP

      Oh my, you guys really need to organize some regular meetings if you are going to make community builds. So much work for nothing. I think it would be easier if Etho just places the barterring and the storage somewere else. I mean, you already designed the whole room!

    79. Jeff Billings

      I like how bdubs helped build a lot of the shops in the shopping district

    80. Vivien Moonstone

      ooh when the update comes out you can replace the acacia wood and blue planks.... whatever those are called.... on the roof of the big castle with copper and then it will oxidize and it will look really cool!

    81. NickieNot

      I was just listening to a song from Lemon Demon that reminded me of this episode. A mask of my own face. I'd wear that!

    82. Someone Random

      The realisation that my sibling probably watched this and didn't even tell me bdubs has posted is just- w o w-

    83. Echo's • Oasis

      Therapist: Don’t worry! BdoubleO can’t hurt you BdoubleO: 22:46

    84. Ana Villanueva

      When he was upside down, he looked like a robber lol

    85. Zwevegem_gaming

      i just have one word for this vid : LMAO

    86. Yee Hen Wong

      bdoubs not knowing this is Resistance action

    87. Samuel Vieira

      25:23 Even Mumbo would be confused...

    88. Hopefully Ivie

      22:52 Add in some music an now they look like they're just chilling and head banging to the sound

    89. BigBoyChallis

      Don’t you love staring at Bdubs feet in the upside down._.

    90. KennyRoger5

      Bdubs: at night time it will light up Also Bdubs: welp gotta go to sleep

    91. FireElixir

      Bdoub ur voice is sctually nice

    92. Chickenoputreed :]

      Time for a cult. Initiation time.

    93. mcmaster40

      Is a end crystal count as a full block if so use pistons to move it

    94. F!reFox

      31:21 Take a shot every time he says Okay

    95. Keaden They-He

      This is creepy 😅🤣

    96. Marcia kassem

      All of those people with heads are part of the resistance

    97. Karl Kaiser

      31:04 *G U L P*

    98. Storming

      I’m sweating 😂❤️

    99. Cardiepie

      3:18 if you go down about to blocks and click the end crystal it won't hurt i have heard

    100. jack harthern

      Just shoot it at a safe distance