HermitCraft 7: 66 | AND SO IT BEGINS...


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    HermitCraft 7: 66 | AND SO IT BEGINS... iskall gets a visit from his friend MumboJumbo as he is setting up his empire villagers, and Mumbo has a suggestion.. Later iskall creates the first visible part of the empire.

    Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864


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    1. BillyBob's YT

      Hallo iskall85, I'd like to thank you for gifting me a tier 1 sub to Pete and to show you how thankful I am I'll be attempting to leave this comment on every single one of your videos!

    2. abbadon1992

      Mumbo is such a bum

    3. TimStamper

      So, anyone else wondering why iskal didnt go from the lily tick to working down with dirt then putting sand over that rather then waste all that sand stacking it ?

    4. Xardan Gaming

      Mumbo, let's face it, odea hasn't really worked...

    5. Exquisite Dragon gaming (Exquisite)

      Did anyone Else notice that when iskall SAW the t-shirt that Said poggers hE Said hallo which is the other tsirth

    6. cubel

      I think that iskall has watched too much star wars. I get that impresion from Hello there and comment about sand

    7. Steve Dickman

      The Oceanic Empire.... of doom

    8. Hex

      Iskall takes so much crap from mumbo...

    9. Hampus ร–hman

      Mumbo: Iโ€™ll be back donโ€™t worry. Me: Yeah, back for the profits.

    10. Lem Sip

      Iskall: execute order 66! Mumbo: yes, the power of Pacific grows!!!



    12. Aiden Enchautegui

      So basically, Mumbo is the one guy in your class who you wouldn't want to be partners with because he does non of the work, and yet finds it okay to constantly critique all of your work

    13. Jรœลรรƒลƒ

      โ€œIskal starts empireโ€ mumbo:stonks๐Ÿฅธ

    14. oscar chaveroo


    15. nghia ninh


    16. Universed

      alternative title: Swedish man makes a business and british man says his in the business.

    17. LittleBitOfEverything

      Anyone else do a sympathy shock face at the beginning? ๐Ÿ˜‚

    18. Cedrick Vinoya


    19. jakesnake326

      Can someone go back and track the 12 bamboo to see if these are indeed the og I want to see a full documentary style video on the 12 bamboo including their full history and how civilizations have interpreted them ๐Ÿ˜†

    20. El Phrog

      Lol so there just making Sahara but excluding grian

    21. Garrett Hughes

      I wouldโ€™ve said no to mumbo. I love him but this is iskalls empire not oceanic empire with mustache man ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    22. petar ilic


    23. Lukas Nogueira

      1:32 , 2:08, 4:23, 5:19, 7:52, 10:45, 14:57, 17:10

    24. Those_Horse_People

      Sahara 2

    25. Steven Ramey

      I laughed way harder at blue looks sus than I should have lol

    26. Tony Akers


    27. Bacon


    28. wolfi Gamer


    29. Rudi Milcke


    30. Ben Faichnie


    31. Radu Vlad

      3:40 what is that, oh, sad grian noises

    32. Ildar2008 Gabdraxmanov


    33. Jonah Murdock

      Laughing so hard

    34. William Poland

      Mumbo, island expert extraordinaire ๐Ÿ˜‚

    35. Jake Viskocil


    36. The Geat King

      Shouldโ€™ve called it oasis

    37. Bumble Prime

      Nice job with the Among Us joke

    38. Guinea Pig Guy

      Make it with grian so it is the ArchiTrch empire

    39. TrainSZN

      I AM ีแ‘Œแ—ทแ—ทIแ‘Žแ˜œ TO แ—ฉแ‘ŽYOแ‘Žแ—ด แ—ฏแ•ผO แ’ชIKแ—ด,ี Tแ•ผIี แ‘•Oแ—ฐแ—ฐแ—ดแ‘ŽT แ—ฉแ‘Žแ—ช ีแ‘Œแ—ที TO แ—ฐแ—ด แ—ทแ—ฉแ‘•K. ๐Ÿ‘ˆโค๏ธ๐Ÿ”ฅ I'แ—ฐ แ–ดแ—ฉีT

    40. Michael Tarantino

      Add grian and restart the architechs

    41. Peter

      10:44 i'm putting this here so i can remember

    42. Hades OGG

      So... now that this is up... I have a question for you mumbo *and grian* ... so... those diamond blocks you shot to space last season... where?

    43. The Mayday Man (Grady Chastan)

      Ohhhhh itโ€™s the unspookifier island

    44. The Mayday Man (Grady Chastan)

      12:12 Look I small youโ€™re getting MOBBED by your fans

    45. Jordon C

      I love how the hermits will even record tiny lines and scenes for other hemits, like Ren being the sus blue

    46. Aero

      Grian Barge & Partners should join the Empire.

    47. Jesus Freak

      2:08 Iโ€™m crying from laughing so hard

    48. Ofal

      Sahara 2: Electric Boogaloo

    49. Aneesh Khandelwal

      iskall, how could you kill someone who wears your merch

    50. Minetell legend

      2:07 tht blue looks sus rlly got me good lmao

    51. Sadie

      4:46 "I do love you." This makes me so happy. I'm sure most of the hermits would be comfortable saying this to or about their fellow hermit friends, but it almost never comes out on camera for one reason or another. After so many wonderful collabs and hilarious moments filled with obvious care for each other when I thought it would nonchalantly fall out of someone's mouth, this clip makes me so happy. If you love someone, don't be afraid to tell them


      4:05, I think he is the impostor, he has a HEAD of the villager!!

    53. ะ’ะฐะปะตั€ะธั ะ ะพะผะฐะฝะพะฒะฐ

      Your trading hole looks like jail)

    54. Vastav Priyankar

      Everyone comments the name Me:why did place grass blocks and put sand on top of it?

    55. Rocky Balboa

      Hai iskal, im super noob and new in minecraft. Buying the game last 2 weks. But i watch mr mumbo jumbo ๐Ÿค—

    56. UltimateTc_ Taco

      Pirates of the hallobean

    57. DundaBluebone

      Welsknight: well this cant be good!

    58. The Masters 2po

      I think that Sahara is coming back

    59. Joseph Linzmeier

      My brother watches mumbo and keep being partners with him

    60. It's Timmy

      In this episode, mumbo bullies iskall and his dreams

    61. Fury BLASTER

      IslandCraft season 7 P.s. GET GRIAN IN THE PARTNERSHIP

    62. HalleRian Carter

      Iskall: sorry I can't join the resistance also Iskall: has a throne decorated with mycelium and mushrooms

    63. Josh Guo

      Romans 6:23 โ€œFor the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.โ€ For our sins we deserve hell. But since Jesus came to this earth as a free gift out of Godโ€™s amazing love to pay for our sins and take the punishment we deserved we can be saved. We accept this gift with our genuine faith and not by works (Ephesians 2:8-9).

    64. Ethan Wright

      Use your scar land scaling job on the island

    65. Julian Bailey

      Iskal โ€œBlue do be sus thoughโ€

    66. Jamie L

      Anyone else really miss Architechs? :โ€™|

    67. BenTheKing YT

      c-An't, very british, very very British ๐Ÿง๐Ÿค”

    68. Oarabile โ€œYvetteโ€ Koshane

      Iskall: let's create a island for the empire Me : mumbo leaves like 10 seconds later Still me: shame...I thought u were partners

    69. Oarabile โ€œYvetteโ€ Koshane

      The flecthing villager head is proof he killed the fletchers...blue was innocent

    70. Idan Chen (idache)

      LOL poor Blue

    71. John Collins

      Since mumbo isn't interested in helping, he doesn't get any of the profit.

    72. Luca LeBlanc

      6:56, This sounds awfully familier

    73. clipmeister

      I love how the 12 bamboo was in Mumbo's valuables

    74. Andrew Sears

      Why do you use sea lanterns under carpet instead of torches under carpet

    75. Xua Bua


    76. Pasta Man

      this is giving me Sahara vibes

    77. Nate Rose

      This episode really do remind me of my assignment "partner"

    78. Alex Strong

      Sahara 2 electric boogaloo, Now all we need is grian

    79. HuskCool Gaming

      Man I love your vids dude POGGERS ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

    80. Witherleadermc

      I have a name for the empire... the odeanic empire haha get it odea oceanic

    81. Oolawoolawoola Oogabooga

      I hope that island he built on wasnโ€™t claimed lol

    82. Joffles

      12:33 prequel fan happiness noises

    83. Josh Guo

      Romans 6:23 โ€œFor the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.โ€ For our sins we deserve hell. But since Jesus came to this earth as a free gift out of Godโ€™s amazing love to pay for our sins and take the punishment we deserved we can be saved. We accept this gift with our genuine faith and not by works (Ephesians 2:8-9)โ€™

    84. MegaMirage 157

      No one: Absolutely no one: Iskall, Grian and Mumbo: SsSaAaAnNnDdD!!!

    85. spottyunderdog gaming

      Iskall85 ypu should get grian in. it'd be sahhara 2.0

      1. Memember โœ”

        n o p l e a s e n o

    86. SpeedSlider

      Nothing makes me smile and laugh like Mumbo and Iskall "working" together. Ummm... doing something at the same time... ummm.... you know what I mean :p

    87. CliffJumpingProd

      i knew it, everyone just writes sus because they cant spell suspisjhious..

    88. Toon The WindWaker

      the synergy is just so good between these two

    89. DiamonDragion


    90. Evo1ut1on

      hey iskall i have an idea for the empires name The Ocea Empire

    91. Buchwurm

      you passed 1mil? grats

    92. Keaoinu

      you should make a texture pack that makes every mob have a poggers face

    93. ThePandaPro

      How does the trading hall work

    94. Hรฉloรฏse Dugas

      LOTR, The Two Towers, 2:46:41 :

    95. Justin Bennar Marquez

      Invite grian and impulse in your empire so the empire would be powerful

    96. Gacha Kyubi-no-Kitsune

      Iskall: building a business empire Grian : THIS US WAR

    97. lukaza12

      But... was blue the imposter?

    98. Grim Gvine

      Barge + Empire = Sahara?

    99. D1337ed

      I am getting season 6 flashbacks