HermitCraft 7: 28 | Making THOUSANDS of DIAMONDS


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    Iskall sets an almost impossible goal, get 1000 (one thousand) diamonds, in ONE episode. He introduces this as a new challenge for other hermitcraft members. He also provides Stressmonster with MumboJumbos suit

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    1. CookieMan


    2. Game Might

      The patience of God

    3. BillyBob's YT

      Hallo iskall85, I'd like to thank you for gifting me a tier 1 sub to Pete and to show you how thankful I am I'll be attempting to leave this comment on every single one of your videos

    4. 1Umbreon 4Life

      If I had a nickel for every giant bird that pooped diorite on Iskall's tree this season, I'd have two nickels, which isn't a lot but it's still weird that it happened twice.

    5. L00lokke

      ”Mega long, nej omega long mining session” iskall was that a bit swedish right there?

    6. Owen Roughley

      Imagine if when he was digging up at 17:05 lava fell down and he along with his 2 thousand diamonds all burned

    7. Haydar

      15:50 suffering from success

    8. Ben Rund-Scott

      21:50 Poor Iskall. That must've been so awkward

    9. Exquisite Dragon gaming

      Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds, diamonds ,diamonds, diamonds, diamonds diamondsssssssssssss, diamondas

    10. Noah Gabrielson

      Me: thinking diorite is good Iskall: BURN BUUURRRRNNNNNN!!!!

    11. Shane Williams

      i whant to see your face

      1. Mohid Shahzad

        Search for it

    12. Xardan Gaming

      Iskall:I am extremely poor *cries in slime shop*

    13. StarStable Tijd

      10:36 i need that-

    14. Joe_innit_bruv


    15. Lauren BC

      Iskall gained 10 levels with him being at the end of 50 levels!

    16. Rage Fury

      22:50 I love how mumbo just leaves the game just after stress trys his suit!

    17. Banana Does Things

      5:23 subtitle lol

    18. alivia

      i can’t believe i haven’t watched in 9 months omg

    19. Lucian Canales

      My favorite line of this episode: "Mega stonks"

    20. tadeas masek

      9:44 what is it in your inventory? DIORITE

    21. Sweetcorm

      Bird diorite poop counter: 3

    22. G Froemsdorf

      Why do you hate diorite so much

    23. The Mr. ego

      Just imagine a misclick and all that time just wasted

    24. Aiden Enchautegui

      WRONG Iskall said that he made 1,756 diamonds from his first two mining sessions, but he did his math incorrectly. He actually made 1,792 diamonds from those mining sessions.

    25. R0SE G0LD47


    26. iCYBORG Master

      this is the definition of, "I did some mining off camera."

    27. Robbe Verheyde

      OMEGAWAUW 14:02

    28. Jameson Manning

      he says diamondssss

    29. Benjamin Chi

      he should have made a beacon on diamonds

    30. SirMendoza2020

      Iskall: Oof I'm so omega poor Also Iskall: Blows up diamond pickaxe🀣🀣 Also Also Iskall 2 mins later: RIIIIIIICH

    31. griffenalt

      I thought it was the 10000 diamond quast

    32. Hi I’m core.     -Ellie Phoenix 2021

      Other hermits: β€œI jus did a lil bit of offscreen mineing”

    33. Rigzin Thrinley Lhundrupling

      You can make andesite out of diorite

    34. Mubtasim Mahtab

      "Mega stonks" Me : ah yes , agreed

    35. Ptiru

      Why did Iskall have to ask Stress to take off her armor so awkwardly though lmao

    36. Hung Lo

      Mumbo be like: β€œyou may have outsmarted me but i have outsmarted your outsmarting”

    37. little wesp

      iskal:200 iq later:i am later later and someting hapes later me: LOL you just payt diamonds for that !

    38. L. S.

      11:03 I love how he says "daimonSSSSSSSS"

    39. noah schneider

      The diamond goal was 10,000 not 1000. Episod 1 said 10,000?

    40. Cornman

      iskall gets mound of diamonds and questions if its enough meanwhile me happy with 20 diamonds

    41. HΓ₯var

      Good job!

    42. AyunaSkyDoggo

      this is the episode that ely remix person i forgot his name got his lyrics from and i can literally hear the music inside my head

    43. Mav Btw

      2:41 iskall man almost experiences nine hearts kinetic energy

    44. OrganizedGeorge

      Alternate title, β€œBegining of omega stonks”

    45. OrganizedGeorge

      5:00 nice beatboxing

    46. CarChaser Carter

      Me mining for 4 hours: YES 34 diamonds!!! Iskall: After three hours we have over three hundred diamonds.

    47. Sunny_boy 65

      6:06 πŸ˜‚

    48. King Gunter


    49. Jonah McJonahFace

      What would streaks of dark wood logs look like as bark on the tree?

    50. Dark Razer Zombie

      you can buy the whole shopping district with that money

    51. Mariette Hart

      Very good

    52. Aerol Iori Ramos?


    53. tired.

      only a lot of people will understand this reference that has nothing to do with the video *"FALSEHOOD!"*

    54. Rockstar V

      Looking at his diamond blocks now i think grian is a billionaire

    55. Filip Swoboda

      *The odd cat* There is 1 impostor among us

    56. Ahmed Sons

      Why do you say of doom every time

    57. Milo Mohabir

      What’s iskalls favourite word? =Omega What’s iskalls favourite Sentence? = Of doom What does iskall live of of? = killing diorite

    58. AgencyOf Ghana

      Iskalls first episode in Minecraft 1.16 : 2000 netherite blocks lol

    59. Eldritch Lemon

      He could bye the whole shopping district

    60. Cog TheProtogen

      But but you looked so good in the suit

    61. Rachel Johnson

      I forgot how he looked with his normal skin on!

    62. 15k subs without videos challange Hello there

      Hi kids wanna learn a swedish swearword? Fan pronounced faan

    63. iNoobBoi

      Iskall: Small brain IskallMAN: MEGA brain

    64. Owen Nolan

      Me who can't get 3 diamonds

    65. Owen Nolan


    66. Sugirthan Rangarajan

      HEHEHEHHHEHEHEEHHEHEH Went over my head hedewfygycshehe i see what you did ytherer

    67. Worvy Islam


    68. Lily Wilkerson

      drinking game: drink every time he says β€œomega”, β€œmega”, or β€œdoom”

    69. Leonardo Cristea

      Goal: Say 2.000 times ,,diamonds"

    70. Roman Ross

      β€œThat’s not the first time I’ve seen a giant chicken popping out diorite”

    71. Fordawinman

      β€œI did some mining of camera...”

    72. Aiden Swearingen

      Stonks u gotta spend diamonds to make diamonds

    73. Radek Dygas


    74. Dark Shadow

      Iskall: what will come next Me:Hm maybe an ostrich?

    75. Fernando Gomez

      Iskall: "there is enough diamonds for scar to build with them" Scar after he is mayor: Interesting

    76. Vincent Birocchi

      The Omega Diamond Pile of doom πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    77. lol lol

      I have come to the conclusion that..... Iskall has a omega life of doom

    78. the arctic fox

      2:40 iskall casually smashing into a bird and taking 9 and a half hearts of damage

    79. SleppyTheGuy !

      Can you count how many times he says omega or mega in each ep? I think it around 2millions and 2

    80. Sq Death

      I just live hearing 'Die Mints' over and over again from Iskalls sweat voice

    81. Wizard man

      Stress: *Puts on Mumbo's suit* *Mumbo left the game*

    82. Diorite Official

      I just wanna be friends :(

    83. Elie Hasbani

      I can’t believe that the ugly diorite can be crafted in the beautiful andesite

    84. Rahul Chaudhari

      Every time he was saying diamonds sssssssssss I repeated sssssssssπŸ˜‚

    85. Annika Johnson

      10:36 - 11:06 me : elybeatmaker I summon

    86. De-Ray

      iskalls the gay best friend

    87. BoatyMcBoatface

      If iskall charged one shulker box of leaves for one treasure spoon, he might actually finish his tree.

    88. Devon Leybold

      I love when he says β€œhallo!” For some reason

    89. starnuts 123

      2:41 He almost died!!!! (P.s I know it's not hardcore)

    90. Dyrus MLBB

      The time stress wears his suit he left the game

    91. Dyrus MLBB

      Iskall mines for 2 days woth 2,000 diamonds Me mining for week with obly 10 blocks of diamonds

    92. GalacticViper

      Iskall: "[anything] of doom" Inigeo Montoya: "You keep saying that word, I do not think it means what you think it means."

    93. William Crawford

      How have you spent almost all of these already!

    94. someone

      I can't help but think: whenever he says diamonds, it sounds like die-mints

    95. Joseph Mattina

      Iskal watching this in late August: I have no diamonds

    96. Matt Winton

      And it's gone!!

    97. Christine Akai

      Keralis mined over two thousand diamonds in one episode as well

    98. Paul Aldrich crisostomo

      Imagine if he misclicked crafing diamond blocks

    99. Wild Monster

      From the future, he loses all those diamonds

    100. Voldemort

      Iskall:dear hermits are you able to mine two diamond in 1 episode? Cubfan: amateurs