Hermitcraft 7 | Ep.66: HOW IT STARTED & HOW IT ENDED.


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    Hermitcraft 7 | Ep.66: HOW IT STARTED & HOW IT ENDED.
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    1. Keralis

      Thank you so much for this journey, together we created something amazing! Enjoy the final episode of Season 7 and LEAVE A LIKE for Season 8! MERCH IS AVAILABLE HERE: represent.com/store/keralis I LOVE YOUR FACES! /CRY Don't forget to follow me over at Twitter twitter.com/WorldofKeralis or Instagram instagram.com/iamkeralis

      1. Chop11 Aparicio

        one face up in the right corner 🤣👍🏻😁😪🤪

      2. Tango Head

        @AmazingTrixie hiiiii

      3. AmazingTrixie

        @Tango Head hiiiiiiii :P

      4. crazystube

        Thank you for all the time and episodes of Hermitcraft 7. See you again @ Hermitcraft 8. I hope soon...

      5. vorteciroc

        "Look at the size of this Giga Giga-c#%k Peacock" -Keralis :-)

    2. THE FACT

      Last pam pa dam pam

    3. Sea Wead

      your voice will... put me... to sleep

    4. william green

      Lol I like your gta v apartment in Minecraft

    5. nath6062 nath6062

      50:26 Keralis: zooms in on the brewing stand Me: if you know you know

    6. hugo jiménez

      Hello Zedaph!

    7. Alex Norton

      This was so great to watch!! I love recap episodes like this - it's so great to hear the pride in your voice as you show off your work 😍

    8. Konan And yahiko

      Not Keralis scaffolding with diamond blocks

    9. Jasmin Tuiro

      We love your face too! ☺️

    10. Elias

      This man is a certified serotonin dealer.

    11. angie

      I just came here from gemi and OMG I’m blown away by ur builds I’m glade I found u ‼️❤️

    12. DrakeKoeth

      Rumor has it that this was actually the 2nd to last episode for the season, but the sewer rats stole the last one.

    13. louis george

      "Bonjour, je m'appelle Kéràlìs"

    14. SimplyDaval

      Thank you for taking us on this Season 7 journey. Looking forward to Season 8

    15. Im_A_Fan

      8:58 LOOOL

    16. Norah Somerset

      Keralis might singlehandedly be the reason why grian is the richest in the server

    17. Adier Twigg

      I LOVE how much he loves the HCBBS ride!! : )

    18. Person B

      Is no one talking about the fact that keralis Ric rolled us? Listen closely to the background music at the beginning

    19. Daniel Kaehler

      Krap .... I just found out that there is a Keralis T-shirt and they are no longer available .... *cry* *cry*

    20. Frans Mångs

      Its a gas station less

    21. Quibie

      Thank you for all your beautiful work!

    22. Aaron Abele

      Keralis: "I love curves" Me: 'flashbacks to Tropico' "NO! That's not possible! We don't like the bendy roads for bendy people." Honestly surprised me

    23. Wetherr

      I love the Rick roll music lol

    24. Hunter Franklin

      Dose anyone else notice the Rick roll in the background music when he is showing off his farm and gastation? 😁

    25. Aaron Jans

      Who watches this in 2969

    26. Cody Hackney

      I am very sad that I missed out o n the chance to get the Bonjour shirt. That's what happens when I delay watching a video. T-T

    27. Quadded

      please speed up your time lapses next season

    28. Danbearpig

      Keralis showing off every build: “And of course, there’s a bathroom!” I bet there’s a bathroom in his head on Mount Scarmore, haha. Seriously this was an epic build, thank you for the inspiration and entertainment, Keralis!

    29. Alejandro Bravo

      I just realized the background music is a rickroll

    30. cLutchCeeS

      How can you not like the video when the man asks so kindly❤️

    31. Lucas Harvey

      Endings are so emotional. Season 8 will come though, and I'm so glad it will. I'm grateful for every episode, every season, and every Hermit. Keralis, I'm grateful for each and every one of your monologues, timelapses, tours, builds, and every goofy moment along the way. They say spending a hundred hours learning something can make you an expert, and I've watched each video from start to finish. I've learned a great deal, been inspired to do a list of things, and I'll take what I've learned with me. One day, when you decide to put an end to your KOlove career, Keralis, I will remember how much you entertained me. You truly have done something great on HermitCraft. It's not just what you've done, either - anyone can build and record, but you are truly a wonderful person. I showed up each episode because you made the magic happen. You did all of this. I applaud you Keralis! It's been a long series!

    32. Jasper Maij

      The biggest flex must be Keralis using diamond blocks as scaffolding

    33. Petre Claudiu

      He reminds me of a Romanian youtuber that he used to play Minecraft ages ago (6years or so ) he's name was AVG cel mic

    34. Logan Byrd

      Hey Keralis, what shaders did you use for the tour? Everything looks gorgeous.

    35. Lokesh Pradhan

      You did a great job in season 7 keralis Most vast base in entire season

    36. Joe Discher

      Such an amazing season. One of my favorite seasons ever!! Great job on everything this season boss

    37. Malia Musen

      Flexing your dimands in the timelaps huh

    38. M_E_G_A_S

      i love your face!

    39. x _

      “That is something that I will never NEVER do again... unless I do it next season” - Keralis 2021

    40. Big Fan

      I lost it when I saw the yellow beds being used as beer. The creativity truly never ends with this game

    41. boudicaa storm

      Papa K! I saved watching your finale for last because I knew it would be magnificent and emotional, my face hurts from smiling and laughing all the way through. I am so happy that you already have a Season 8 episode up! You have made so many fantastic builds in Season 7 and given so much entertainment, thank you

    42. Bealorn

      Honestly what an absolute masterpiece of a base, episode, and season in general. I had an a ton of great laughs. The whole base vibe was so great and it's wild to see how much work was put into everything from grinding materials and building everything to editing and uploading these great videos. Thank you for all of your hard work, I can say with confidence that it had not gone unnoticed by anyone!! I honestly just want to rewatch back through the season again, it was that entertaining. 👏👏

    43. JOE FUEGO

      Hello, Zedaph!

    44. Martijn Keustermans

      You are a legend m8

    45. Ivan Sracimir


    46. Can Lodbrok

      Scaffolding with diamonds in timelapse is a flex only Keralis can make this season :P

    47. K

      Season 8? When?

    48. Domestic_Duck

      S8 1st ep when?

    49. serelcendel

      id love to play with this shader on the whole time :D what shader is that?

    50. Greg S

      Thank you for this amazing season Keralis. You bring joy to my days!

    51. woosh me if ur lgbtq

      Love ur voice, cant understand almost any word, but i love ur voice. Never been as thankful for subtitles.

      1. woosh me if ur lgbtq

        @K no. Ymmärrän englannin tekstei ni se riittä mul

      2. K

        @woosh me if ur lgbtq Itse ymmärrän hyvin, vaikka ei tällä ole ihan britti tai jenkki aksentti, pitäisi kuitenkin ymmärtää, jos on vähäkin englannissa hyvä.

      3. woosh me if ur lgbtq

        @K en silti ymmärrä sanaakaan siks käytän tekstityksiä

      4. K

        Your english must suck then lol. (se on Ruotsista)

    52. SteveTheIceologer❆

      Why you are quitting youtube?

      1. gxorg _

        He isn't.

    53. SteveTheIceologer❆


    54. Captain Price

      I’m so sad I missed so much cause u disappeared from my recommended page 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    55. R1ftzy

      You can use chocapic 13 v8 or v9 it lags less looks closer to sues and sildurs and has good quality shadows even the low looks like seus renewed but with sildur like asthetic feel (also not every thing is super pink)

    56. Gaith Swafta

      idea for season 8 base nuclear fallout city

    57. Deja Zoo

      i watched the whole video SERIOUS DEDICATION 👍

    58. mikey goad

      Yknow what’d be sick seeing the hermit craft crew playing a modded server the builds and opportunity’s would be endless

    59. Kezia Tan

      I simply can't bear to finish the episode kerlias!! :(

    60. Kezia Tan


    61. Black magic

      who else heard the never gonna give you up song whilst keralis was explaining his plan at the beggining

    62. Jonas Paben

      Is it sad that most parks I have been to are worse than this one

    63. Voidwalker Studios

      I’m not cryin’, you’re cryin’! :(

    64. Ubychuwa ubh

      Kurwa jest w pyte

    65. Andy Andino

      The only person in Hermitcraft to pave paradise and put in a parking lot. Lol 😂

    66. DX

      I am from Iraq or I love your content, I wish you would have a heart for me

    67. Ryan R

      I'd love to see a steampunk base next season... who else?

    68. Appolyon

      In my opinion the best base on the server. I can't wait to wander the streets myself.

    69. Creeper Aw man

      43:07 lol

    70. John Houlden

      Thankyou for an amazing series Pappa K, Your area looks even more amazing when you can walk around it!!!

    71. Bad Talents

      Been watching for nearly 10 years now so cheers to that

    72. Twin Lions

      I got on the world download I I have to say that is a lot of miss clicks and the bdubs head in your office.I love your face

    73. Littlesouleater

      Thank you Keralis!

    74. Unknown Burger1

      I would to see Keralis make some let’s build of his old builds like his rustic builds

    75. Opa

      One hour, why not.

    76. Bieder Crew

      Knowing Keralis is part owner of a company👍👍 vs realizing Keralis has an estimated net worth of $33 million👁👁👍👍👍

    77. ItzAivanPlaysYT

      Ive never seen a slide that bumpy😂

    78. ItzAivanPlaysYT

      15:57 ow keralis showing off with diamond scaffold

    79. ItzAivanPlaysYT

      Diorite = Diariea😂

    80. Dark lord 3399

      Can you do a time lapse of the city being built

    81. darknightoftroy

      the stuff you made this season.... it is, and will always be amazing

    82. The banana man

      San Diego Zoo is subscribed to you.

    83. Nyxira

      Great job, Keralis! Thanks so much for such a great season!

    84. Christian Bauer

      The city is so impressive, and with the park, it's also complete - despite some things not added. But complete nonetheless!

    85. Jack Wolf

      I love that he did the French Kerallis one last time at the end 👍

    86. AFO Deku

      16:54 rich boi keralis

    87. ShaneVonShane

      "What is love? Etho is love" Never change keralis

    88. someone you might know

      You saying things are pointless in your builds makes me think of if someone's walking around in a museum and just keeps saying "It's pretty much pointless but[...]" It's not pointless it serves its own purpose!!

    89. Krim kaplah

      you have the most beautiful face keralis lololol

    90. Blind dragon crochet Angela bonne

      I love your face Karalis thank you for all the time you put into your content this season can not wait to see what you do next

    91. Phend Hein

      Keralis pays 16 diamonds each time to finally get high values from an hcbbs ride averages about 0.5 diamond

    92. Sir Shallo

      Not boring, Just details

    93. Sir Tain Lee

      It's all so beautiful. Shapes and colors. I understand, Keralis. I really do.

    94. Tobfathers Revenge

      Glad u hit me with one more 🎷 timelapse! See u in HC season 8

    95. Hoang MVP

      It’s funny that all mumbo’s neightbor feeding his base for him

    96. Flamey

      Your videos have never failed to make my day

    97. Michelle Heuer

      Serious flex when using diamond blocks as scaffolding.... Awesome season, loved every minute if it

    98. AceMarksTheSpot

      This is my first time watching a Keralis video... and his voice is so calming, I swear it can send me to sleep just listening to it, he should do an audible collection

    99. melleirus

      Please keralis

    100. melleirus

      Keralis,, can u do a detailed bus tutorial video, im really sick at those bus, its killin me