Hermitcraft 7: Episode 32 - MEGA GOLD FARM!

Mumbo Jumbo

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    Minecraft 1.16, the nether update, introduced Piglin trading halls which mean that automatic minecraft gold farms have become some of the most valuable farms in Minecraft. So in this episode of Hermitcraft season 7, Mumbo finishes up the piglin trader, then starts work on a huge automatic gold XP farm that is going to bring us all the resources we need!

    RAYS WORKS GOLD FARM: www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMBYn...
    RAYS WORKS BEDROCK REMOVER: www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcBMt...

    CARPET MOD: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lt-oo...

    Filming channel: www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumb...
    Instagram: officialmumbo
    Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

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    1. Wilford L. Hermann III

      Bassult generators...

      1. Wilford L. Hermann III

        20:39 add in blast furnaces to melt armour weapons and tools to nuggets and lava trash cans to incinerate rotten flesh...

    2. Ender F

      @Mumbo Jumbo can I have the cordinens of the farm?

    3. HyperStorm

      Mumbo in hermitcraft s7: I wanna get as much kills as possible Mumbo in hermitcraft s8: NO KILLING

    4. Blake . .

      i luve dinoasaurs

    5. I'm Trying

      I don't understand, why doesn't he hit the gasts with an arrow? He's aiming around it all day, but the gast isn't where he's not aiming.

    6. Frost Storm

      What happen to the peace plant?

    7. Jaehaerys Xiang

      i wonder why he doesn't just build a witherrose farm to build a magma cube farm to build a gold farm

    8. French 75

      Inventory upgrades = Bundles Redstone stuff = Sculk Sensors Good job on predicting mumbo

    9. Pfarrer der Brottisten


    10. Wild Owl

      What are the Coordinates of the gold farm?

      1. Wild Owl

        @JTRICEY . yt I am!

      2. JTRICEY . yt

        @Wild Owl im copying it (with litematica) into a server but it runs terrible with 4gb ram (plus 30 plugins) on the server, just a warning if your gonna build it on a server aswell

      3. Wild Owl

        @JTRICEY . yt Got it: Thanks

      4. JTRICEY . yt

        check 12:35

    11. Hello Im A Commentator

      Its a exp + a gold farm 🤯

    12. Jorge Ramos

      imagine having the ability to say redstone isn't rocket science i made a trap with simple piston floor that opens with a trip wire where there is pressure plates on the floor where u fall in lava and it took me 1 hour how

    13. jason Mckeveney

      Basalt farm lol

    14. Eric Lamoreaux

      Uhh... You can smelt the swords that the piglins drop and get a nugget from each of those Mumbo. That is if you want maximum efficency.

    15. WP Squad

      You should make the zombifiedpiglins fall into 25 minecarts to suffocate

    16. DacarAzard ALT


    17. MEE 6

      How the actual fuck was this a year ago 😬😳

    18. Lucas Jones

      I would want to see some sort of end ore in the next update Caves and cliffs only just came out but to be honest I’m not a massive fan I would really love to see a massive end update like what they did to the nether with new blocks and a new overpowered ore

    19. Alifiya Laheri

      16:45 i am from future

    20. BOBimus Rex

      Mumbo- "I'm not a builder..." Better builder than most. Heck, better than a lot of big yotubers who profess pro-builder status. Wattles?! Ninja please....

    21. Issei Hyoudou

      4:46 DEMON ITEM!

    22. Jatinder Kalkat

      S7 mumbo: WILL YOU JUST DIE S8 mumbo: paper of piece

    23. bungus doo gungus

      I love how you can hear the piglins terrified of the blue light

    24. Bossboy_A1

      You can smelt the golden swords for more golden nuggets

    25. HackerMaster14

      basalt generator

    26. skotinoulis

      I have one question: how do you turn the farm off?

    27. Thomas McFerran

      Anyone else find their gold farm broke with 1.17 :(

    28. Flat Potato

      That 1 ghast: *Trololololololololol*

    29. Ghost !

      I built one of these and didn’t know it can’t be in the basalt deltas

    30. George Gurney

      I got an add called jumbo during this vid lol what r the chances!!

    31. Abigail Phan

      1:37 "hello i love iskall" the piglin nodding be like "y e s"

    32. Nancy Carlton

      Ice and lava makes basault

    33. Hex

      You can actually make a bunch of very large stacked nether portals in the over world. Then aggro with a caged golem and they enter combat mode and drop xp. Use water to shuttle them to a drop and you get a lot of gold, insane xp, and plenty of rotten flesh to trade for emeralds because that is literally its only use.

    34. Streams4Charities

      Soooo everyone is just breaking bedrock all the time? Isn’t it supposed to be that you aren’t up there? I don’t understand how it has gone on soo long they allow it

    35. Catherine Murphy

      Mumbo : black stone is my new favourite block Redstone: stop the cap

    36. pika tutorials

      watching at 166k likes

    37. Peitho

      ingots? nah "ingåts"

    38. E_Rides

      if you place a block of ice above lava it becomes basalt and when you use tnt you can make an infinite farm

    39. Helena Lewis

      What happened to chirp

    40. minecraftypro


    41. Piano DNA - James

      U know mumbo’s super stressed when he just shouts to a ghast to just die

    42. Raisha

      hello mumbo

    43. Captain_Banana

      6:55 kinda like battle arena

    44. Sid does Stuff on YT

      Can somebody please tell me the name of the went to bed mod

    45. CurelessOrc

      25 Tips Gang Rise Up

    46. TOBY LEUNG

      Loadstone is good for going exploring.

    47. TOBY LEUNG

      Compass+loadstone-loadstone compass-locates where the loadstone is.(right-clicking a compass at an loadstone)

    48. PugzTheDood

      The entity cramming lol

    49. Avraham Nachshon Bookatz

      why won't the ZP's stay aggro'd on me

    50. Edward Jenkins

      You need a system to Bern the swards only

    51. Pwb Bonte

      You can make a basalt gen with soulsand blue ice and lava and get basalt in the overworld

    52. Adam McConkey

      Mumbo: Can anyone let me know if theres a better way to get basalt soul sand and ice basalt generators: * sigh *

    53. Kareem

      Does this work on bedrock edition

      1. Raja Hassan


    54. Henry Hepp

      Mumbo jumbo says: my ame is getting worse. Also mumbo jumbo: Hits the gahsts fireball with his bow and dosent Even commentate about it.

    55. Nathan Mosier

      Mumbo. I want a faster auto smelter Me . That thing is fast

    56. Luchasaz ZasahcuL

      Sword can be smelted to nuggets

    57. Nicholas Cox

      Basalt Gen

    58. Zachyshows

      -redstone stuff skulk sensors -inventory stuff must be *bundles* of fun to put into minecraft

    59. Wicket

      Inventory and redstone updates are actually happening in1.17

    60. Turtle Shell

      I know I'm a bit late but I had an idea what if you made an auto sorter thing that smelts the swords into gold nuggets to get that extra little bit of gold

    61. NuBsR InsAnE

      Does he realise that he is not wearing his chest plate and instead still has his elytra on?

    62. Taky C

      i was told to watch this by him

    63. Nathan Barrett

      I've got an ear infection so this really helps distract me 😃

    64. Ryan Tutty

      You rip their minerals from their insides to give to their undead brothers Mine craft is so child friendly

    65. Teggen Murphy

      The way he says ingots tho

    66. Squidi YT Squid

      A basalt generator with ice instead of water and lava

    67. Phantomsinit

      IN GOTZ

    68. Funny Memes

      What even is that bedrock glitch?

    69. Dawid Orlowski

      Y do ppl want inventory upgrade when we have shulker boxes

    70. ZaytorK

      Why is this being reccomended to me? I'm caught up to the current episode

    71. Etian Kuzma

      You can make a basalt generator with lava and blue ice I'm not sure so look it up on Google. It's similar to the cobblestone generator

    72. Toby McAllister

      Make a basalt generator

    73. Tyson Bright

      i am watching this when we know what is in 1.17 and it's inventory and redstone or some things are

    74. Tyson Bright

      he said I'm not a builder but he is still really good at building

    75. Tyson Bright

      he said I'm not a builder but he is still really good at building

    76. Parkes Tesler

      Wow you got exactly what you wanted in the new update. Inventory upgrades and red stone stuff

    77. Connor Eyer

      The waiting refund longitudinally tumble because guarantee kelly trade next a piquant freckle. dead, hateful trunk

    78. Corbin Floyd

      When you think lodestone is a decorative block

    79. Finley Bates

      I heavily want an end update. (Different types of endermen[hulk, child, trader. Stuff like that]. Ender ores. Enderite [a mineral combined with iron, diamonds, and netherite to make an awesome set of tools]. I just want an end update)

    80. vinay17

      He don't that piglin are scared of soul lantern

    81. Jacob H

      Infinite basalt generator- Lava and Ice create basalt

    82. Amaire Lachica

      The size of the farm is MUMBO JUMBO

    83. 1012

      5:25 the piglins suffering after Mumbo added the soul light

    84. SilverMonkey

      With frost walker, you can walk on magma blocks without taking damage and without holding shift.

    85. Xphythe

      You should make it so the swords smelt into nuggets

    86. Fahad Gamer

      collab with rays works like chad

    87. Johnthomas Grover

      Basalt generatir

    88. Vegemite Animations

      Piglins are scared of soul lanterns

    89. Nathaniel Stowell

      You can get basalt with lava and blue ice

    90. shrdw

      him saying ingots IS SO TRIGGERING

    91. Ayoub Arkam

      Mumbo smelt the golden swords u will get gold nuggets and then trade the rotten flesh to a cleric villigar he will give u emeralds and then with the emeralds to a lvl 2 cleric villigar u can trade emeralds for lapiz or redstone so ur getting 4 ores from a gold farm!

    92. ewan


    93. Sniffen_

      Why did you place sibings with diamond sword on some spots?

    94. AROLd

      Mumbo:im not good at builder builds the money lisa

      1. AROLd

        Not money lisa

    95. UltraTige6412

      HOWS He BUILDiNg IN THe VOID of nether maybe I’m just dumb But that’s not near,al to me

    96. Ashley __Tailess__

      Alright. I haven't been watching Mumbo because I always watch with my son. But i don't see him anymore. 😕 Today I am forcing myself to start. Miss my little man.

    97. Master AJ

      does this work on bedrock?

    98. CY Playz

      Mumbo himself literally made an automated basalt bridge, but he still goes: "Is there a better way to get basalt? Cuz this Place is dangerous."

      1. NoGoodName

        I was scrolling the comments seeing how long it would take someone to point that out

      2. Winchills It's me

        also, I might be wrong but has he ever used the piglin trading past the next episode or 2?

      3. Tylorean


      4. W2R8


    99. Ker Loz

      The needless reminder correspondingly relax because scarecrow morally choke till a charming cylinder. troubled, interesting weather

    100. Mine Matt

      Mumbo: Ingot Me : Ingit