How to Play Decked Out!

Tango Tek

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    Learn how to play my Deck Building, Dungeon Crawling, Treasure Hunting, Collect-em-all, Trading Game!

    I spent eight weeks building this on the Hermitcraft server. Time to let the Hermits play it!

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    Outro Music: Underwaterbeats - Delete

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    1. jeyam subbiah

      this was mvp of season 7

    2. rainbowlover4u

      Can you play Decked Out on the world download for bedrock? Because there isn't anything in the chests on the whole world for me. Thinking I need a key.

      1. SodorStorytellerPPR

        I think that since hermits already raided those chests during the season, they are permanently empty.

    3. Micah Nightwolf

      This reminds me of the Hermitron game Rendog created about 3-4 years ago lol

    4. Command block Lizard

      I really want to make this with commands

    5. Genji

      Wow this is one of the most creative and unique things I have ever seen

    6. SMT

      that bit about getting the enemies in the right places.. you can hear the hours of frustration

    7. devilmok

      imagine this with sculk sensor

    8. Catchhands What if

      You should make this a mobile app

      1. LavaBlock Gaming 8000

        Thats maybe too much work

    9. Jack101 - MineBrothers

      How did he do all this in Minecraft???🤯

    10. Linnea

      This is actually insane. Props to you man. Who knew this was even possible in mc... This better be a downloadable map someday /lh

    11. Jena H

      anyone else watching this because they're playing it in the world download? :D

    12. Luke Saavedra

      Alright, who's back here for a refresher on how to play?

    13. Alexander Barnett

      Make A Map Download Tango

    14. HomelessTaco

      I don’t have questions about the game I’m just wondering how he made everything like I can’t even think of a way to make it so like how the heck do all of the sounds always be played around you and how does the heart beat get quicker

    15. Keith Dennis

      So uhh, there will be a way to play wits when the world download becomes public, right?

    16. Scbef

      Can you make a mapped version so I can play too?

    17. Kristibek

      Wait cheats are enabled in Hermicraft?

      1. Cillian O'Donovan

        No they just have a cam account that helps them record videos.

    18. Col ber

      Wow this is cool

    19. Jera Wizard

      Taking notes for the world download

    20. miguel mackay

      His brain is so big it manifested into a videogame inside a videogame

    21. the king of jesters

      I wish I was good enough to be on hermit craft

    22. landon amick

      How does it find clank

      1. landon amick

        @fabian hansen dang

      2. fabian hansen

        Pufferfish detectors

    23. Kavya Agrawal

      I'm.. I have no words, master. I'm impressed, you are a god.

    24. Mist Prowen

      The fact this was made in survival mode is mind blowing.

    25. Drawter

      Man i wish i could play this as a downloadable map or something, this looks so cool

    26. Bryan William

      I really wanna play this

    27. Zé

      This could be its own game outside of minecraft.. wow

    28. marniellelisha

      This is so coooool!! I wanna play 😭❤️

    29. David Scott

      Lol came from mumbo jumbo and I'm now subscribing

    30. Angela Lybbert

      How in the world did he manage to set up something that complicated? So many variables and effects to set up, plus the designing of the map, the creatures. So many things to make. It must have taken forever

      1. Mandar Natu

        The hermits are a different breed of minecraftly advanced humans

    31. MeLikesMuffins

      I can't believe you made this in vanilla Minecraft! It looks so complex and cool! Great job Tango! 😸

    32. Jeanna Lain

      Is it me. Or does it sound like he is developing a game and this is the amazing prototype that it has been produced in Minecraft.

    33. Almeida

      So Tango created a game using another game as it's engine. Dude is boss.

    34. Jay_Playz2019

      i watched this after listening to gideon's song of this, and it suddenly makes sense

    35. Phoenix_IV

      Hi Tango, I do not even follow your videos, but I am amazed by your pure-redstone-games I saw from you at other Hermits. The creativity in game-design, visual design and note-block music is true art. Thank you for the awe you make me feel.

    36. NotKingdomCousins

      That's such a good game!

    37. Brevort

      How is the clank detected?

      1. Brevort

        @Cyberlong 3.0 ah thanks

      2. Cyberlong 3.0


    38. James LucaBrasi

      This is just so sick. This would be absolutely great as an actual game itself that everyone could play.

    39. Arsonist_Xpert

      So is this minigame over and done with?

      1. xyrsh

        Yes, it was a hard work to keep it running. But now Tango is torturing himself (jk) by making his own version of Among Us (not copy, but his own tasks, etc) on the Hermitcraft server.

    40. Arlene Fester

      What is the spirits of the dungeon tango please answer

      1. Arlene Fester

        On cool

      2. Cyberlong 3.0


    41. Randy Hicera

      I'm dead

    42. Ghostly Nobody

      This is amazing!!! Its incredible what you can do in survival Minecraft!

    43. Alexander E

      decked out would be so much better with wardens

      1. xyrsh

        He said he will make Decked Out 2.0 with wardens next season! :D

    44. shrey jain

      Holy crap this is amazing U should release it as an adventure map I really wanna play it!

    45. longertom


    46. Aaron Santiago

      I wonder if there will be a 2.0 version in the next season, with all of the new features like the skulk and new blocks

    47. Brad Rock

      Brooooo! You make the best minigames!

    48. Da Soup Man

      This feels like a game from Hypixel it's just THAT good.

    49. Atharv Saxena

      Who is here from MUMBO's video link

    50. H-bomb

      i swear this should be a stand alone game

    51. Zapcircuit

      how'd the redstone machanism work cant wait to download

    52. ProbeBot

      Grian told me to come here.

    53. Brendan Keegan

      what are the dungeon spirits???

      1. Cyberlong 3.0

        vexes from evokers

    54. EveesCastle

      Not me coming here 4 months late because I couldn't keep up with Hermitcraft and just now got this far

    55. CodingKaptain

      Loss chance: Make a server for among us and decked out

    56. Griffin Shorts

      This is SO cool. I always really liked these kind of collecting games that you can play over time. You are really imaginative and a lot of the things that happen during the runs are crazy and must have been very hard to put together. Well done Tango.

    57. LeOneAndOnly-Gamer

      Bro this is absolutely insane- Literally, I can’t even imagine HOW this would work. Like- what?!?! Smashing job on this one tango. 👏

    58. Atlas

      Is this Survival? Cause it feels a lot like command block, but it probably isn't. I'm just absolutley flashed that this is possible.

      1. Cyberlong 3.0

        completely survival friendly redstone, no comands, no mods, no plugins, just the good ol' survival experience

    59. Creeper

      This is anazing

    60. Redstonefinn

      Dungeon with the grian face blocks

    61. Hexar Hunter

      wow this game looks amazing i wish i was a hermit

    62. ThePhantom115

      you should make this it's own unique world. I'm pretty sure hundreds are wanting to play this, including myself

    63. Vector_Perkins_

      I miss Decked Out

    64. salt

      How did you make the whole clank mechanism? Did you use pressure plates or strings or something?

      1. Cyberlong 3.0

        hidden pufferfish activating presure plates

    65. Bryson

      Minecraft dungeons

    66. Ranon does some Stuff

      Somebody make this an actual game

    67. Grimmandy

      Are there any videos explaining how Tango does the redstone mechanics?

      1. Cyberlong 3.0

        @Jarry Pota yeah like 10 to 15 episodes of hermitcraft making this, so a couple of months of design

      2. Jarry Pota

        yes - his previous 10 or so videos before this one go into good detail

    68. Fakhrul Azri

      Plesase in the future make this an IRL trading game

      1. Cyberlong 3.0

        yeah i'd also like to die irl inside a dungeon who knows where

    69. Matthew Aasen

      Imagine this as a real life game experience. The new escape room

    70. icebear


      1. Mandar Natu

        @Cyberlong 3.0 it would be more than 5 for sure

      2. Cyberlong 3.0

        it would be like 5 hours of him explaining all the things

    71. Sad Badger

      This is amazingly complex and impressive

    72. Lorelai Allison

      Tango made such an elaborate map. It takes 11 min just to explain it, that complicated. He needs to make this for download

    73. Jo Br

      I am so gonna download the map at the end to get the decked out experience myself

    74. Chexmix6

      Did you build this in survival? Because if so...WOW!!

    75. Capecrafter

      So sad it's over but also so excited to play it myself in the world download!

      1. Capecrafter

        @Kcoop142 you know, Tango doesn't maintain Decked Out on Hermit Craft anymore. :/

      2. Kcoop142

        What happened?

    76. Astrostar27

      Awesome game. There should be like a ultra-rare extra life that can be used to continue to add more suspense.

      1. Cyberlong 3.0

        should have been*

    77. Paige Johnson

      Wow this is amazing I can’t even comprehend how long this must have taken

    78. Bode Tucker

      im building decked out in mcpe

      1. Cyberlong 3.0

        cool, are you making updates on reddit?

    79. mx.cheese

      this is so awesome!!! you should make a server for this game

    80. Bittersweet

      How the hell did you make this

    81. Caerigna

      So you're gonna put out a Tango's Decked Out app game now, right!?!

    82. h i

      is anyone gonna question the ravager that is just vibing up there in 3:05

    83. ItzMeDizzy

      I think actors/director should make a video similar to this

    84. Gurkirat Singh


    85. Somebody Likes Bacon

      Some things are different from this video and how Decked Out was when it ended, so here's a list: -You get a box token, not the box itself for delivering your compass -You get a compass when you enter the dungeon, no need to bring your own -The black market exists now, and you can bring coins in the dungeon

      1. Cyberlong 3.0

        thank you for refreshing my memory good sir

    86. IvyAshFox

      i had an idea! when minecraft 1.17 comes out with wardens those would be good for this game. bc they would be able to sense sound, so if your not sneaking they will come after you. just an idea. i know wardens will probably be hard to get.

    87. Poro FM

      wtf, ypur so... WTF MAAAN!! X'DDDDDD

    88. Clara

      wow this game is amazing how is it posible to even make this

    89. CB Snap Fashion

      I wish I can play decked out

    90. [Something Creative Here]

      Saw this recently on a Hermitcraft episode and I am in love with the amount of effort and content that is contained within this game. I could only hope that it could one day maybe it'll grow into a full fledged game on a minigame server with different themes (e.g. Regular theme with the Ravagers, Overworld theme, Sky theme, ect.) and different mobs to run away from (like maybe an end theme where there are Endermen wearing Dragon Heads to signify teleporting dragons or something idk). Of course, the effort would be immense and so much time would go into it, so at this point it's like mere speculation.

    91. ItsMeExn

      Im mind blown

    92. superminer1206


    93. Cat vaping

      Sup, I’m a big fan of hermitcraft, especially grian, but when the caves and cliffs update comes out if you could find a way to get wardens into decked out and change the ravager head with a half warden half ravager head. Just a suggestion

    94. Jack Moorman

      You should make this a downloadable map

    95. Super Fire 64 Gaming

      Now we gotta just wait for the world download

    96. Madz

      waiting to play this with my friends when the map is up for download!

    97. I'm bad at video games

      This felt like the antechamber before you play lasertag, with the music and the description of the game

    98. Slevin Channel

      Ok, but what about Mods?! Or even Tektopia 2?!? Dont tell me you think that Project is over?!?

    99. TheGreat Qbert

      is there a world download we can get that has this? im not about to try and recreate something like this without some hard template!

    100. TM

      Who's up for making a decked out server?