I Must Win MrBeast's $10,000 Refrigerator



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    Mr. Sandman, bring me a Dream...
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    MrBeast: kolove.info/wiki/IPPMRA040LQr5QPyJEbmXA
    WildCat: kolove.info
    not linking Fundy. that man is getting nothing from me
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    1. ThatGirlyHannah

      We want more little sister.

    2. Anderson Online

      Press the big shiny subscribe button

    3. Anderson Online

      U started this channel on my 3rd birthday

    4. The Me

      1:16 i haven't seen a shiny subscribe button under this name in months..

    5. Shannon Matlovsky

      I'm pretty sure you're the one who made Minecraft like completely blow up you just did so much pretty sure if you're bored and you wanna do a video then you could like go to the oldest days of Minecraft like 1.1 that's possible

    6. r

      Haven’t watched him in ages. Happy to see he’s still relevant. Thanks for the childhood Techno.

    7. Luffy

      Can you post every weak I rlly love your video but you don’t post please post more

    8. Srujana V V

      Fundy got nothing from technoblade

    9. Dilbag Singh

      Technoblade pls uplode bedwars videos do it in youtube and stream becuase i dont know how to go on stream pls

    10. Dyla Dev

      Techno what was that wither master Technoblade skin about! And Techno if you don't respond I'll hire a baby zombie to hunt down Philza minecraft

    11. Maverix Angelo Platon

      Like a tactical nuke

    12. temka galaa

      Utsan deer

    13. temka galaa

      Minecraft tatah arga zaagaaj

    14. Donut_ Overload

      Tecnoblades dedication to every thing he does like the potato war baffles me and I have to give him at least a little bit of respect and I hope he has a good day

    15. Atharva Shinde

      Love from india

    16. Atharva Shinde

      I have come in your one viedo pika server lobby

    17. Nebula 88

      i love how mr beast friends come here.

    18. Nithila Venthan

      UNBOXING VIDEO !!!!!!!!

    19. Ali Zafer

      Technoblade I am trying be like u I won a 7vs1 today am going to do a 10vs1

    20. BARDERY

      Are you never die

    21. Lorenzo Valente

      Comment under steveee video

    22. LemoNY /

      America after their military base gets attacked 4:14

    23. EJ Tuy

      1:50 online calls be like:

    24. bodoti qwiu

      "Would I sacrifice my friends for a measly old fridge? YES" -Technoblade 2021

    25. Meteorite

      Alternate title: Famous youtuber crouches under sand for cooling unit.

    26. KriticalHD

      Old technoblade was better.

    27. Justind D

      he was hinting something (kinda) in the intro

      1. bodoti qwiu

        already saw that vid i always rewatch it. Hope you enjoy the extra views :)

    28. Sean Farquharson

      I like techno blade now I subbed

    29. Mista Topi

      This is the biggest hide n seek ever Cuz its trough the world

    30. Боян Димитров



      Techno really needs more subs this man needs it. a british child has more subs then u techno.GET SUBS

    32. Taboofeather

      Can I have robux Technoblade

    33. Wyatt Arnold

      Technoblade I hate you this is why you ever killed dreaming Neville

      1. hamza sikora

        Shut up technoblade is the actual best Minecraft player

    34. ΞΚΙS ΨORLD

      Oh no his channel is Dying Quick upload a video

    35. nirmal david bara


    36. XoletYT

      8 millions views,damn

    37. feleciano barro


    38. ab3cy

      techno: i must win mrbeast: you remember that times you killed many people to just talk about random stuff in skywars yes that was a little bit mistake mate

    39. banan Overlord

      Techno and wild cat in the same server, what a collab

    40. Beyowskyy

      Techno in mc ultimate P0LAND have more kills than u!

    41. KcBreadz

      Technoblade only uploaded 14 videos in 2020

    42. Team Pumpkin

      I know every youtuber or whatever gets this like 24/7. But i love you so much techno (no homo ofc) your just so funny and i love binge watching your vids like every day and idc if i already saw that vid i always rewatch it. Hope you enjoy the extra views :)

    43. pepe the frog

      I love how when Ranboo dies you can hear Technoblade shout "noooooo"

    44. Jay Dev


    45. mercy's child

      I_AM_WILDCAT looks like technoblabe ngl

    46. Rogene Silverio


    47. MWGplayz

      Techno save dream at prison dream saved u from execution

    48. Adrian Mendoza Guerrero

      i like your vids be cas they are funy

    49. Cappo Farid

      “It was the day like any other when BAM! New discord notification Its mrbeast

    50. Sajit Joseph

      Whenever Technoblade uploads a video ‘ stonks ‘

    51. Anna-Eleonora Garova

      *POV* : *your insane*

    52. Charlie Delfin

      I like dave scream hahahaha 😂😂😂😂 lol

    53. kaliikoo !


    54. Xyrex A. Sayson


    55. Justin Brown

      I wonder if Technoblade knows about him being the leader of the group where he fights Dante in Skyblock

    56. Munchy Lax

      Techno blade:gets nuked me: not even close baby techno blade never dies

    57. Optimus Gamer Pro

      Bro Technoblade, plz train me bedwars I am not too good at it plz or make a video on it

    58. Allie & Angel

      Techno's Words of Wisdom: " I think the moral of this story is at the end of the day, sometimes the best camafloge is not hiding directly next to a man wearing a BRIGHT BLUE SONIC ONESIE!"

    59. Landon Wolf Wolf


    60. Daly Parfieniuk


    61. Name Words

      I can’t help but feel like the hunters kinda cheated by using creative mode and high powered explosives, like if they suspected someone was there they can just activate nuke mode imagine that in real hide and seak “I think they’re hiding in this room, ok come out now” and they’re just forced to be hound

    62. Pug Sensei

      so many commentary

    63. tte 2556

      do more hypixel skyblock please

    64. Squidurd

      That is the safest place-

    65. Abobra

      8 million views in 9 days good work bro

    66. Sami Siddiqui

      The biggest flex 0:00

    67. Alex Afton

      What is the dream smp server coding

    68. Kentrell Bennett

      YES. that part was halarios Tecnoblade can u play minecraft edu

    69. Swan

      Afghanistan is the safest place :D

    70. covid 19

      you are my new idol technoblade :)

    71. John Francky Co

      dream fans-we get 1 video evry week?!?!?! techno fans-wait you guys are getting posts?

    72. Madison Ballada

      Imagine walking up to your mom and saying, "hey mom i won you a 5000$ refridgerator from mrbeast"

    73. Sledgy 39

      Tecnhoblade I know u prob don’t care but carrots are superior

    74. Diane Weldon

      Hey I forgot to tell you that naruto and suaske are orphans

    75. LittleDewPanda

      The fact that Ranboo knew

    76. Tell Me why

      When is this man gonna upload again

    77. Mirage


    78. Mason K

      I learned something. Don't give Techno boats.

    79. Lime MC

      Bro your youtooz are a scam I ordered it months ago and it STILL HASNT CAME

    80. hendrix

      r we not gonna talk about how this man gets thousands of subs while not making vids for weeks

    81. iJam3s

      Do another minecraft vr video.

      1. iJam3s

        My baby brother wanted me to comment this.

    82. EnderGamerFishy

      5000 better then 0 so sad connor

    83. Luxury

      I just realised tommy has more subs than techno i never thought i would see the day would come (also great vid)

    84. NotDanPlan

      Why is there a clip button there

    85. uwu

      Why didn’t you share your potatoes with me >:c (this is a joke)

    86. Thrill King

      You’ll NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE. Best sentence

    87. Laura Boyd

      Dream vs tecnoblad not seen it yet

    88. Thunder Gaming

      Wait can we talk about he has a Tommy skin lol

    89. Hugo Iván López Rodríguez

      No entiendo el inglés pero me gusta ver los videos y directos de technoblade xd

    90. JamalPulled Outthe9

      I guess the world is flat. Reddit you’re right for once

    91. FighterMan9836

      i love how technos new videos sound like his old ones

    92. NSP lopikss


    93. Donald Ducc

      Fundy won buddy is ok

    94. Lucas Ross

      PUNCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    95. Robyn


    96. Nuhat PG3D

      How does Tommy have more subs than you

      1. Nuhat PG3D

        Also were is this big red button u are telling me to press?

    97. AntiNukeYT

      Commenting on technoblade's videos every day until he pins my comment Day 1 :

    98. ERIN

      _Mr, Sandman, bring me a Dream..._

    99. Heck Yeah TV