Is Boeing AH-64 Apache The Ultimate Weapon?| The Ultimates: Combat Helicopters | Spark


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    An exploration of extreme speed and power, focusing on the scientific research behind notorious war-time explosions, the worst collisions in sports car history, supersonic trains, thrill rides, strike planes, and attack helicopters.

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    1. GetNGhost

      Take the pilot away, and the AIH-64 scares the shit out of me.

    2. Franken Stein

      That is one beautiful machine!!

    3. Mar Law

      This is the type that Taiwan needs if commie Chinese invade Taiwan island. To use them to engage commies on coastal area of Taiwan.

    4. Toby Blauwasser

      if it is so great, then why did we loose against a bunch of illiterate sheep herders in Afghanistan?

    5. DrxppyJ YT


    6. Mike Curtis

      I also have Negative Habit Transfer (NHT) and respectfully ask for privacy during this most difficult time. Thank you.

    7. Abe Mauricio

      This could have been released yesterday right up until they mentioned the Comanche lol that copter has been cancelled longer than many kids have been alive heh

    8. wf fw

      The fearful fearless fold timely spare because noodle exclusively balance circa a useful specialist. tacky, exotic sail

    9. Gary Donnison

      No, 1 RPG on its tail and its dead

    10. Dallis B

      I miss them. OH-58 crew chief/mechanic. Sounds like Tiff Neddell

    11. LawsForever

      4:20 what is it like to fly a Ferrari? ;-)

    12. Shane Castillo

      Chief Warrant officer Sir Can you Do A Video on Your Own?

    13. Олег Тимофеев

      Отслеживают акваторию без звукового буя только электромагнитом.

      1. Олег Тимофеев

        Чтобы удержать машину её зделали массивной чтобы она могла бороться с ветровыми потоками.

    14. MICKHEAD

      I wonder why they didn't show the footage of "crazyhorse 1/8" opening fire on harmless civilians in irak.

    15. Peter Boyle's

      No! Too easily shot down

    16. kamen ninov

      The White keyboard at 3:04 is the fabulous IBM Model M :)

    17. JoesGLI

      Something that has to beat the air into submission in order to fly will never be "the ultimate weapon." Lol

    18. Grigga On The Beat


    19. Jake Robert

      They also have stingers AAM

    20. Iñaki Ojinaga Azkorra

      Seems to me the advantage of the helicopter in Vietnam, given the final result of that conflict for the USA, is not one of it's best selling points. One good snipper shot at it could cause havoc to all of its advantages.

    21. Anung Un Rama

      Funny how this Apache video spends more time on other helicopters than it does the Apache. 🧐

    22. B Savage

      35:25 nice unit patch.

    23. mani paul

      Am I the only that when he says Chinook it pisses me off because he's pronouncing it really wrong. I can't be the only one...

    24. Sir Davine

      Watching this video in 2021 makes those aircraft look ancient. The simulator digital visualisations are not even comparable to ps3 level

    25. ทัศนัย จันทร์ศิริ


      1. Tailtaker

        Excellent question

    26. Ricardo Pesenti

      Cute how they praise the simulator xD very real physics calculations, but the graphics and other functions as multi "player" are a joke xD But it's still decades better than the simulators that the russians are using xD Edit: The documentary is extremely old... That explains it xD

    27. 5th Gen

      With all the technological advancements available in the world with unlimited budget Still....... Still After 20 years of conflict AK47's and some times old dated rpg's and home made ied's won. What do you have to say about that mate 😁

    28. shawnte Pitts


    29. juan alverez

      Paul walker soul is an evil soul until his brothers pass away idk why but I do know

    30. juan alverez

      I would like to visit the pentagon and just see what goes on

    31. juan alverez

      I plz ask for no vaccines I do not believe in medicine my organs regenerate themselves and cure everything that is ongoing in my body

    32. juan alverez

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    33. juan alverez

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    34. juan alverez

      Hello Mrs Vice President Harris and Mr Presidents and all Generals from the armed forces

    35. juan alverez

      I would like to see Mr and Mrs Godzilla from above just to observe them and hope they don’t get up because they deserve to live in peace

    36. juan alverez

      I would like Obama to show me how to fly an Apache helicopter

    37. juan alverez

      Therefor when I’m on watch on the tower I may know what’s arriving from a distance and keep the perimeter safe.on planet zero you may call them animals but I call them my brothers and sisters so I ask plz let me see them because they just want to live in peace.

    38. juan alverez

      I just would like to learn what the range of a 65 caliber is

    39. juan alverez

      I remember when I was spending time with my wife that passed we just sat there and enjoyed our time together we are inseparable we are perfectly eternal such as I live in the most advanced spiritual understanding of my self being I understand her every wants and needs to the fullest of our capacity

      1. Greed210

        Juan, wtf are you talking about? Is this some Branch Davidian shit? This video is about the Apache helicopter bro.

    40. Iqbal Ali

      Blackhawk Down is the best combat movie ever!

    41. David Williams

      Apache helicopter are like a special force trade port soldiers war time special ,, thank for watching your video show

    42. Zachary Mitchell

      Just take intro

    43. Thank you God

      R P G !!!!

    44. gianpaolo villani

      The AH-64 Apache is a beautiful helicopter, I want it to remain operational for many decades to come, and never need to be replaced unnecessarily.

      1. Bubba Mann

        I highly doubt there will be a heli that could replace the Apache any time soon, thankfully.

    45. Arly Paul Miguel Damuy

      The Left/Dems will call this Helo racist just like the Apache and the Washington Redskins.

    46. Tan Thien Nguyen

      Stimmen Sie es zu....

    47. Tan Thien Nguyen

      Neuen Hai...

    48. Tan Thien Nguyen

      Wir Helikopter müssen Evanguieren.....

    49. Tan Thien Nguyen

      3.Lebens Wir waren zusammen.....Vielen Dank

    50. Tan Thien Nguyen

      Muss Ich Sie sofort Transport....

    51. Tan Thien Nguyen

      Vielen Dank Doktor....

    52. Tan Thien Nguyen

      So viele Stunden....

    53. NO War

      Гринпис не подтверждает но апачи ударный хеликоптер возможно усовершенствовать убрав винты и установив вместо них реактивные двигатели от бомбардировщика а -тандерболт аналог совеского грача только способного летать с низкой скоростью над боевой площадкой то есть переоборудовать вертолет апачи в реактивный самолет с низкой до звуковой скоростью Установив движки вместо навесных птурсов как вариант уменьшенные двигатели от бомбардировщика вертолет Апачи таким образом получается новый вид ударного реактивного летательного аппарата гринпис не подтверждает Казахстану необходимо 2 ед Чинука 2 ед Апачи 2 ед блэк хоук бу не более 5 лет в эксплуатации комплект запчастей Если возможно лицензия на производства модель Блэк хоук 90ь-х Косова и Апачи с Северной Дакоты неиспользованные в боевых действиях а также авиасимуляторы к этим вертолетам Ваше право отказать что очевидно также лицензия на производство специальной защитной пленки от для оснащения авиатехники от воздействия радарных установок и от микроволнового излучения поскольку это общеизвестно очень опасно для оснащения гражданских самолетов в первую очередь Возможно совместные исследования Наса и Космическое агентство республики Казахстан

    54. Power Power

      Yes me wel a complet oke

    55. Tamás Szakál

      Hey men, do you know, who killed the apache indians in the usa ?!

    56. kiki shimi

      If American has that kind of capability then why surrender in Afghanistan though Taliban have no such a machine …?

    57. Matthew Wilson

      no its not

    58. Zeek M

      It's obsolete.

    59. madzangels

      10:36 chinese darude sandstorm

    60. Paul Francis

      If the gun follows the pilot's eye, why does the aircraft have a gunner?

    61. Mr_terminator

      Military power fantasy at it's finest.

    62. Jolyy Mosilungurah

      This is the American began the technology. All that see that technologist from mind geniusesm.

    63. Ernest Sabatino

      We won't know unless we start another 20yr war!!. Viet vet.

    64. maklorm


    65. Invincible Indian

      Delivered to Indian Air force 👍🇮🇳 🇺🇲 👍

    66. LoserHands

      6:50 this dude has 1200 XP racked up on his apache, about to level it up. nice

    67. Andy Gee

      And what does this "Angel of Death" cost the taxpayer? Money better spent on creation and not destruction. How many innocents will this harbinger of doom mow down? How many buildings will it level? Bloodthirsty machines built by bloodthirsty monsters!

    68. Krystal Owen

      D-88 at 38:38 is doing a barrel roll. He didn’t think we would notice. But we did.

    69. John Johnson

      The Hughes Aircraft the Cheyenne was excellent, but Hughes did not get the contract. Not enough money to grease politicians palms.

    70. EternalMedia

      WHY the British accent narration? So annoying !!!

    71. yunas saxer


    72. war rock

      if only dice can some how get their hands on this simulator

      1. Bartacomus Kidd

        join DCS.

    73. essence adiong

      Welcome aboard to the new earth digitize die

    74. Andy91

      It is always sad to see our countries moving more toward war than peace and holding up these personal as heros. It's shameful.

    75. mark H

      LOL! Greag Larson! 🤣

    76. Silvia Alexandre Cordeiro

      🌹🌎🌍🌏Um dia de música sem guerras 🌹🌎🌍🌏🎼🎵🎹🎤🎶🥁🎻🎺🎷🎸🌎🌍🌏🌹

    77. psychedelic

      It was prophesied in the book of revelation chapter 9, so it must be the ultimate weapon.

      1. Dayle Bankston

        Nahh I don’t think so

    78. David Zadeng


    79. Morris Slugg

      The announcer indicated that the Lynx deployed missile was designed to penetrate the target and set it on fire. We were duped.

    80. Seán O'Nilbud

      Old crap from the 70's.

    81. BlitzTalos

      All these guys must have been retired... alongside the Comanche... Hahaha

    82. m4nGo

      Is it to late for me to become a Apache pilot?

    83. m4nGo

      8:10 WarThunder Simulator Battles!!!!!!

    84. eltorocal

      Apache are Fierce Warriors during the early times of the "Not So United Anymore" States... because WHITE Man came and did their best to Slaughter the Tribal Nations... and it is STILL going on Today. Montana, Idaho, N. and S. Dakota, Washington State... Tribal girls and Women are disappearing every day... some bodies have been found, but Not All. Just a few months ago, Bill Gates bought 234,000 Acres of STOLEN Tribal Land from the Dept. of the Interior and BLM (Bureau of Land Management)... STOLEN Tribal Land in E. Washington State... he paid near $171M for it, and he will NOT comment on the transaction. Funny, he brags about everything else...

    85. Piolo Asegurado

      US congress cut off the budget of RAH-66 Commanche..

    86. Mr11ESSE111

      they are good but only if other side dont have nothing better then ak47 and some shitty weapons

    87. Azi Jadn

      Still can't beat A**7

    88. D. Fras

      "The courage to stay in the fight"

    89. Cil Dagout

      Don't want to watch

    90. Richard Boote

      I wonder though if all these achievements in Aviation and Computer Control is proof against EMP? After all, we live in a Nuclear age.

    91. Mike Chua

      The dawn of digital age make the three kingdom theory of war out dated. 😃😄🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    92. Kiarie Charles

      With palets you mean pilots? 🤔

    93. john puttick

      that simulator looks shit just get DCS its more realistic, just use it with the rig as well.

    94. G Rosati

      Tiff Needell !!

    95. Tan Thien Nguyen

      Wie man sich in Ralley fahren.....

    96. Tan Thien Nguyen

      Wunderschönes Maschine.....

    97. Tan Thien Nguyen

      Vermissen am Meer können Sie benützen.....

    98. SureNothing

      That budget, legally different version of Darude Sandstorm at the begging lol

    99. Tan Thien Nguyen

      Design Front macht die Unschuldigen.....In der Luft Bereich.....Die Kinder solkten Sie richtig anschauen