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    Iskall tests out the new GeForce 3080 and compare it to the 2080ti in Minecraft RTX on this OMEGA Treasure Island of doom made by Kimandjax.
    RTX ON!

    This video is sponsored by Nvidia & PCSpecialist.
    If you are looking to build your own PC, check out their online configurator, it's very omega:

    Instructions on how to play the Minecraft RTX Beta:
    - Own a Windows 10 copy of Minecraft
    - Have an RTX GPU installed
    - Install the latest NVIDIA Drivers
    - Install Xbox Insider Hub app on PC (available on windows store)
    - Click on the ‘open box’ icon in the left sidebar nav
    on the insider content screen you will see a beta available for Minecraft for Windows 10, click this & choose join
    - A pop up will appear with 3 radio buttons, choose the one for ‘Minecraft RTX Beta’ & click Done
    - Update Minecraft Windows 10 (If you have automatic updates on, this will happen automatically)
    - Launch the game & head to the marketplace. Search ‘RTX’ to download a selection of free creator-built worlds

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    1. cosmic


    2. Tangles

      'when the omega tree is finished' *if* the omega tree is finished

    3. Christy Hosford

      Try using The seus shader pack it’s free and honestly it seems better then my rtx

    4. Zain Ali

      Petition for iskall to make something like this on the Hermitcraft Server.

    5. E Obanium

      I dont have any of the requirements in the description lol OMEGAPC

    6. NerfProZP360 YT

      Oh nice, this was on my Birthday, Although I didn't see it because I was playing MC Bedrock with my friends

    7. Mahnoor


    8. Tangles

      only a true hermit would get annoyed by a lack of diamonds

    9. Cole Hulena

      Could you possibly put your pc specs in the description or reply with them

    10. Samuel Plyler

      its a shame this company does not service the USA.... I am sure they would have a big market here. The computer configurator you are advertising is exactly what I need but I can't find a good US based equivalent. Then again Google is no help with all the directing me to things not related to my search.

    11. Ryan Kietzmann

      What case is it

    12. Mepholar

      This was awesome. Iskall, you better step up your treasure island making game!! :P Also this island looked fantastic. RTX really adds quite a bit of polish. Makes the plants look more lego though, but that could be good.

    13. NightOwls Arts

      Hi. I’m late. Hru?

    14. Syberyah

      Talk about a *personal* computer! :O

    15. BuilderBro

      Join The Dream SMP plz

    16. BuilderBro

      Join The Dream SMP plz

    17. BuilderBro

      Join The Dream SMP plz

    18. BuilderBro

      Join The Dream SMP plz

    19. BuilderBro

      Join The Dream SMP plz

    20. BuilderBro

      Join The Dream SMP plz

    21. BuilderBro

      Join The Dream SMP plz

    22. iKneel4Loki

      Definitely make another video in RTX when you've finished your tree! ♥

    23. Dré Elias

      Am I the only one not all that interested in RTX? This is pretty neat, however, for some reason I enjoy the classic lighting and textures a tad bit more

    24. Skasis

      Iskall more like Iskull

    25. Kyle Beard

      Great video, what is in the computer

    26. Declan Williams


    27. Dave H.

      12:22 Lava can go in cauldrons too.

    28. Robbin Xu

      Alternative title: iskall bragging about his 3080

    29. Tj Miller

      Can you make a episode where you explain everything about what a PC is. And everything about it? And also, I really like your PC design!!! You truly are OMEGA!!! 😁😁😁👍

    30. Canar8

      "a monster pc" but you could make it more monster winth a ryzen cpu

    31. weberfamily8

      iskall pc specialist doesn't ship to the US. sigh

    32. Cookie Piccio

      hi iskall you are now playing mcpe yay congrats 😁😁😁

    33. destroyer9018

      I wish I had a pc like that or something a bit worse than that

    34. BenTheKing YT

      Who else wants iskall to play Hermitcraft with RTX on like so he can see

    35. BenTheKing YT

      Why was he in bedrock edition??

    36. Ashpoker

      big fan of all the Hermits but can i ask you what's your actual resolution ? without the DLSS with comparable image quality ... and what's your FPS then.

    37. Reasongaming


    38. Salvatore Nuttall

      Why is this in bedrock

    39. Hunter Burns

      It’s a bad thing KOlove caps out at 60 FPS so we can’t see the amazing fluid-y ( i hate English)

    40. Amanda Astgård

      Yes. Yes you should do another one.

    41. Jasper

      if you just waited a little bit for the new AMD CPU's you could have gotten something better then the 10900K... but damn that 3080 is looking hella sexy 👀

    42. TreyAwesomeOz

      That PC is soo over the top! And gg Iskall

    43. Mark Wilson

      Am I the only one thinking that @kimandjax should be on the HermitCraft white list? Her builds are amazing and has the most wholesome streams ever

    44. Herp Derp

      AMAZING! What a wonderful Island!

    45. UDF2Spawn

      Should have SLI on that gfx... way not?

    46. Scott Owens

      8:27 Ah, general Iskallman.


      yes rtx tree

    48. Jaiden VandenBos

      the fact that he had 140fps with maximum render distance and ray tracing just blows my mind

    49. Katie Thomson

      My gaming Laptop came from PC specialist they are amazing playing minecraft, destiny 2, skyrim and so many more sooo amazing

    50. Pyro Maniac

      How much was the whole ups of the computer iskall?

    51. Safia alhashme

      Where can I find this game or even a similar one?

      1. Safia alhashme


    52. Joseph Antos

      congrats man

    53. Casper Ras

      What are ur pc parts

    54. SpeedSlider

      Yes, periodic RTX videos of your Hermitcarft builds would be nice.

    55. bob dierckx

      Who else noticed that there was a clue in the chest at 16:36

    56. Bird

      Tell me why I watched the whole thing about the pc when it all sounded like a foreign language

    57. Krzys

      yo any1 make me a pc on the website because i dont know what parts i should put in lmao 1000 quid budget (preferably less)

    58. Actually No

      Iskall: i sit on the pc all day Also iskall: 5 videos per month

    59. Matthew Bettenberg

      Wow, he finally plays on a form of bedrock, ofc is beta tho.... wow

    60. Daniel Babu

      Holy poo that’s a nice pc

    61. Ulrica Segehem

      Kan du göra en video på svenska

    62. Ethangle

      Iskall and Grian should partner together to make an omega treasure hunt island

    63. What I make is random

      Yeah the shopping district will probably still be laggy 😂

    64. SpaceTime24

      16:38, DEFINITELY no book here guys

    65. Blaepic

      Why intel? AMD is beast

    66. Rotem Sivan

      Why do you always write the description in third person? XD

    67. EvoShot

      Someday I will have money to buy a pc...

    68. AquAssassin

      23:11 mycelium on the floor. disgusting.

      1. Sonia Singh

        Its nice

    69. AquAssassin

      13:03 did iskall use optifine zoom on bedrock?

    70. Kem Kem

      More episodes about this

    71. Mr. Fox

      Hallo hier ist der deutsche Kommentar den keiner versteht (again)

    72. Liang Elly

      Halloween is coming up and i think iskalls evil persona should be Doctor of Doom

    73. Jay Mac

      I really wish I knew about graphics cards when I was getting my new laptop. Yes I’m a laptop gamer. Judge me. It has a fairly decent 1050ti, but it doesn’t support ray tracing and the processor is rather slow, only 2.8 GHz single core. I started becoming a technophile in Septemberish and I got that thing back in May. I need to learn to do research

    74. Teea Zimora

      Yes RTX the tree

    75. Qwbo


    76. C Doe

      What is the retail cost of your free computer?

    77. HamsterDmG

      scam island 3?

    78. Inteleon Studios

      I have the same pc case lol

    79. how to joseph

      Iscall tech tips

      1. how to joseph


    80. Flynt Coal

      Iskall has a worse sense of direction than James May

    81. Mr_Tuttles


    82. Corn Corn

      The way Iskall said “Huzzah” made my day instantly brighter (15:32)

    83. Ryan Edwards

      I get it and wld take pc too, but we love u because ur one us......not so much now......sell out.....just saying.

    84. Just For Laughs O_0

      Is the pc link think real or not I know it’s not likely real when I was making my dream pc it said something went wrong. And my mom asked if it would be in a different language like a difference of English? So I was hoping if you knew???

    85. Zachary Huey

      I hate people

    86. alex tem real

      I wonder who's pc is better mumbo or iskal

    87. username


    88. Foxfeline10

      Iskall: We should have this in Java!! Me: then give us optifying and world edit -_-

    89. EPIC AWESOME I just wanna grow it and have a fun community to play with

    90. MaceReh

      "The iskallia cube" I'm dying😭😭😭

    91. tomsmith07

      Pls help me

    92. tomsmith07

    93. tomsmith07

    94. tomsmith07

    95. claimingagate

      my pc is dying just watc hing

    96. Rudrappa P T

      Imagine one day a lightning strikes the mega tree and burns it all up

    97. Иван Жидков

      Quite disappointed by this episode.

    98. claimingagate

      i can barely afford to play real life without ray tracing at 5fps and minecraft is powerpoint

    99. Attomic Doggo

      Why must you hurt me in this way? *cries in poor*

    100. Kyle Dalton

      did anyone else notice the sound of doors opening at 7:14 or was that just me