IZ*ONE 에너지 캠(ENOZI Cam) EP.100

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    IZ*ONE 에너지 캠(ENOZI Cam) EP.100
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    1. 영원히로딩중

      이게 마지막이라니

    2. 로므니츠


    3. BlubbyMcNugget

      thank you iz*one, we will miss you.

    4. yjyj

      las extraño...

    5. jeonkachu


    6. RedGD

      Thank you Iz*one. You did well I wish you could have stayed longer

    7. repack626

      I only had the strength to watch this last episode now and honestly my heart still aches. I wish the best for all the members! I will always support all of you in what ever the future holds! Love you lots IZ*ONE ❤️ #paralleluniverseproject

    8. Malaya Rose

      Dear as one we all love you and we are mentally had a breakdown we love you so much and I just wanna let you know that everything is possible and I hope you guys are going to have a good time thank you ❤️❤️❤️✌🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Malaya Rose

        ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭 I literally cried so much I love them so Much

    9. woo

      thank you for everything.

    10. bapak walijo

      Thank you izone 🌸 We love you forever 💞

    11. Dalia Mesbah

      It's not the end! It's not because of that disbanding that it's the end. I'm still very happy because we are all permanent. (still I will miss that)

    12. Iz One


    13. Sylvivi

      The end of an era.. 💔

    14. Cherry

      Miss you so much :(

    15. Roy i

      2년반동안 행복한 꿈을 꾼거같다. 그래도 내일이면 프메가 올것같고 월욜마다 노지가 퇴근길을 즐겁게 해줄것만 같다 ㅠ 애들 모두 보고싶다

    16. Inass nour

      You will be missed baby girls 😭😭😭❤️

    17. jungkook r123

      Thank you izone i will be miss you🥺💔😔

    18. Iz*oneForever

      1st week without enozi...

    19. Tasya 1302

      terima kasih izone, tapi gw agak kecewa aja sama agensi nya, hyewon sampe album terakhir pun dapat part sedikit mulu :') dah lah semoga aja hyewon dapat agensi yang jauh lebih baik, agar karya nya ttp bersinar.

    20. Kimsohous Youngchae of wattpad

      권은비 감사합니다 미야와키 사쿠라 감사합니다 강혜원 감사합니다 이채연 감사합니다 김채원 감사합나다 김민주 감사합니다 야부키 나코 감사합니다 혼다 히토미 감사합니다 조유리 감사합니다 안유진 감사합니다 장원영 감사합니다 아이즈원 감사합니다 위즈원 감사합니다 아이즈원 사랑해 위즈원 사랑해 안녕!!

    21. 하정우

      1:18 섹시 히토미라니,,놀랍다 ^^ 12:53 히토미 벌써 보고 싶다. 보고 있어도 보고 싶다. 일본에서 금의환향 스타 대접 받고 즐기다가 한국 다시 돌아와서 활동 했으면 좋겠다 ㅠㅠ 18:43 너무 귀여운 원영이 ㅠㅠ 원영이는 걱정 안해,김희선,전지현처럼 대 스타가 될 재목이고 워낙 머리도 좋고, 스트레스 관리만 잘하자,

    22. Hayalim_Idol

      Iz*one we still miss u

    23. aadoriety

      thank you you made me girls, I love you all.. I’m crying FR

    24. nini!!

      The last video I'm so pain

    25. ضلاميه 818

      I miss you 🤧😭

    26. 백독사

      이 영상이 마지막인건가요? 아.. 흠.. 뭐.. "라디오스타"나 "아는 형님" 같은 곳에 마지막에 나왔으면 좋았을텐데.. 아쉽네요.. 프로듀스때부터 잘 봤습니다. 그동안 수고하셨고.. 다른 곳에서 또 봐요~^^

    27. 香魚子


    28. Nakagawa Hatsuko

      You are the first girl group that I really miss when you are only a memory, your togetherness, your joy, your laughter, and all the things you do ,,, Me and all WIZ * ONE Indonesia say, Sorry, and thank you for everything you do because you are the best girl group for us ..Thank you IITerimakasiZ * ONE member ...

    29. Yellow Light

      Good luck for your future 💙and thank you for all you have given to us...... 🤍💜💟🌊

    30. 댕댕즈

      진짜 끝은 아니지?? 아니겠지

    31. 한힘찬

      히토미 보라 머리 너무 잘 어울린다. 완전 요정.

    32. i don’t joking anymore

      i love u guys forever and will always support

    33. blackpinkkblinkke

      Video Terhakir 😭😭😭😭

    34. 지연처럼


    35. frxya_am


    36. Jang Wonyoung

      I miss this

    37. Yo CoolGuy

      👏👏👏I AM NOT A BIG FAN OF IZONE BUT I feel kinda lonely after watching their last stage videos yesterday. Their touching farewell speeches really hit me. Especially Hitomi,Kang Hye,Chaye Win, Yuri and Minju's. I think others held their horse back. It was heart bearking to see how Hitomi cried at the airport as well. I used to watch Izone videos when I needed a break. Now they are no more. But hope they will rebuild their positions on their own ways. I really like to see Yena with Everglow too. And I hope they will gather and do something together for fans in the future. At least onec a year? All the best for your future! Thanks for everything.Love u all. 💜🆒👍👏


      I don't know how does I am seeing this video it frees so bad so much pain to me


      Some of your fans are in that much pain that they cant even see your last video

    40. 너굴

      아이즈원 덕분에 2년 6개월동안 많은 사람이 웃고 행복했을거에요. 아이즈원 활동은 끝났지만 위즈원은 언제나 이 자리에서 묵묵히 기다릴게요. 우리 아직 여기 있어요. 어떠케 되든지 우리즈원이 바라는 쪽으로 가길... 그동안 고마웠어요..영원히 위즈원❤ ㅡ녕댕율옌깃쌈광비샄낰밍톰ㅡ 너희가 누구? I I IZONE

    41. 너굴


    42. 너굴

      너희가 누구?

    43. 너굴

      우리야 말로 아이즈원이 준 힘에 보답을 못 했을 수도 있어요. 언제든지 와도 돼요. 우리 아직 여기에 있어요. 위즈원은 언제나 위즈원이고, 이제는 우리가 지켜줄 차례이기에 힘낼게요!! 절대 펀딩:)

    44. 너굴

      우리 아직 여기 있어요

    45. Drama Kpop

      last video:((

    46. PURPULE YT

      Ai love you and aim miss you sow much 💔

    47. Pipi Riche

      They already disband?

    48. Kim Alonzo

      I cried when I watch this last vid of ENOZI cam 😭😭😭

    49. Tara Marcifa

      pls ozone permanent

    50. Apit_Nan

      ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I'm waiting for LESSON MV❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    51. Nick Acebedo

      Thank you for making us happy

    52. X D


    53. David González Balbuena


    54. `Annavis


    55. Niña sherlyn Timbol

      We love you Izone !!!

    56. Chelsea Karisha Putri

      Thank you for all☺💔

    57. Hân Nguyễn


    58. K BOP

      Days had passed since it was announced that Iz*One officially disbanded, I still can't move on. I still cry everytime I remember the memories and time we shared together.

    59. Uh Ye

      Thank you Iz*one for making so many people feel better with your music 🥰

    60. 한별

      thank you my loves for this short time I’ve come to stan my first girl group I hope my lovelies all find wonderful paths and stay safe and healthy take care of your meals and have a wonderful new start

    61. 유튜브 시작한 가빈

      이대로 못보내 .. 제발

    62. seulgi’s pineapple

      thank you so much iz*one, we love you all !! and we really miss you :( we’ll continue to support each one of you.

    63. ぱくちい

      너무 많이 수고했어요 사랑해요

    64. sennllin

      And here we are, having an ENOZI marathon, backwards 🥲

    65. Noemi Rios

      Que llore dice :v Las extrañare mis IZ*ONE ♡٩(❛ัᴗ❛ั ๑)

    66. binnies star

      i love you! thank you

    67. Chau Nguyen

      18:07 ROLLIN ROLLINNNN 💯

    68. Chau Nguyen

      Does anyone know if they will sell the DVD for this concert? 😭 I want to watch it!

    69. 은비 민주 채연 김채원 혼다히토미

      아이즈원 사랑 누나 우리 아이들 우리 아이들

    70. 은비 민주 채연 김채원 혼다히토미

      안녕하세요 윤석님

    71. _Soyaa_ Boon_

      Thank you I*zone for all these years. I hope you stay happy, we will miss you

    72. Kyungsoups

      haha quit playing, time to redebut ❤️

    73. Nadia Kartika

      thank you iz*one😊🙏

    74. 읻스방Itsvan

      thank you so much

    75. m i y u k i

      Salamat Eunbi Salamat Sakura Salamat Hyewon Salamat Yena Salamat Chaeyon Salamat Minju Salamat Nako Salamat Hitomi Salamat Yujin Salamat Yuri Salamat Wonyoung Salamat Chaewon Salamat IZ*ONE IZ*ONE we'll remember forever 💔

    76. antonia


    77. Precious Amore B. Alejaga

      THANK You IZ*ONE we love you and thank you for this amazing journey with you💖😭

    78. 부리땅


    79. Zülal Sözer

      i love you izone i will always love you

    80. jepa ra


    81. Kai

      Thank you, a million times...

    82. Winnie Star

      Se prodran aver ido de IZ*ONE💔 pero jamas de mi corazon 💖 IZ*ONE POR SIEMPRE💔😭

    83. Winnie Star

      They will love IZ * ONE💔 but never from my heart 💖 IZ * ONE FOREVER💔😭

    84. Nazierah

      Pleaseeee, i hope yuri and chaewon got solo. Their voice is just soooo precious. They need to have a sad drama ost. Cause the voice 😭

    85. I love Colors from the rainbow

      Thank you for everything we love you so much take care😭💜

    86. Shayyanne Lee

      i miss them...

    87. sa kura

      iz*one forever .We Love You


      >>=====> IZONE = ! IZONE = ! IZONE = ! IZONE = ! IZONE = ! IZONE = ! IZONE = ! IZONE = ! IZONE = ! IZONE = ! IZONE = ! IZONE = ! IZONE = ! IZONE = ! IZONE = ! IZONE = ! IZONE = ! {2021} IZONE = ! IZONE = ! IZONE = ! IZONE = ! IZONE = ! IZONE = ! IZONE = ! IZONE = ! IZONE = ! IZONE = !

    89. Söý Łá Öřïäňä ØwØ

      Gracias iz*one siempre te mantendremos en recuerdo! Gracias por tanto....LAS AMAMOS 💕

    90. lourenrose


    91. Rhodes To Ruin

      Goodbye and good luck girls!

    92. dreamyoui

      let's meet again in our dream IZ*ONE ❤ we will be waiting....

    93. Nanda Alvionita

      I love you, girls ❤

    94. *ちょこ


    95. Jesus Castro

      Let’s meet again soon 🥺😭

    96. Jesus Castro

      Missing you :,(

    97. Esraoh sehun Sehun


    98. chrisvin side

      Thaankyou for last 2,5 years. I d never been really into kpop and u guys are my first stan. Thank you

    99. djaa

      은비 몰랐는데 되게 작다..ㅋㅋ 토미랑 비슷해 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    100. Orlando Sibarani

      miss u..