Katy Perry - Rise (Official)

Katy Perry

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    I won’t just survive
    Oh, you will see me thrive
    Can’t write my story
    I’m beyond the archetype

    I won’t just conform
    No matter how you shake my core
    ‘Cause my roots they run deep, oh

    Oh, ye of so little faith
    Don’t doubt it, don’t doubt it
    Victory is in my veins
    I know it, I know it
    And I will not negotiate
    I’ll fight it, I’ll fight it
    I will transform

    When, when the fire’s at my feet again
    And the vultures all start circling
    They’re whispering, "You’re out of time”
    But still I rise

    This is no mistake, no accident
    When you think the final nail is in
    Think again
    Don’t be surprised
    I will still rise

    I must stay conscious
    Through the madness and chaos
    So I call on my angels
    They say

    Oh, ye of so little faith
    Don’t doubt it, don’t doubt it
    Victory is in your veins
    You know it, you know it
    And you will not negotiate
    Just fight it, just fight it
    And be transformed

    ‘Cause when, when the fire’s at my feet again
    And the vultures all start circling
    They’re whispering, "You’re out of time”
    But still I rise

    This is no mistake, no accident
    When you think the final nail is in
    Think again
    Don’t be surprised
    I will still rise

    Don’t doubt it, don’t doubt it
    Oh, oh, oh, oh
    You know it, you know it
    Still rise
    Just fight it, just fight it
    Don’t be surprised
    I will still rise

    Music video by Katy Perry performing Rise. (C) 2016 Capitol Records


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    1. Kurt Keutel

    2. Engin Budak


    3. Dil Pickle

      2:22 That shot is amazing. 😎👍

    4. Ananya Roy

      Who's watching this masterpiece during the Tokyo Olympics 2020!?

    5. John Richards


    6. ESC SAN


    7. Hi im Bradley

      2021 anyone?

    8. amritasehjal

      WOW! Nice song i love itt 😍💞😭💖💖💞💞💘

    9. Bat flaÿz

      This was for camp Buttman idk if anybody from camp is here tho 🤣

    10. Lance Torrano


    11. MK 96

      Will never understand why this song flopped.

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      1. fer5444


    13. maja maja


      1. maja maja


    14. Robin Revty

      What's up with twisted pride

    15. ArdenXD96

      State of mine did it better

    16. Zayed Al Nahian

      my fav song

    17. Daniel London

      My favorite song of hers! 😻

    18. Вадим Ширяев

      Странная рассистка 😊😂😅😁😄😀

    19. Ema Todorova

      Golden, 2021 and still here!

    20. Mia Caceres

      "I will transform"

    21. maja maja


    22. Tyler Deniston


      1. Tyler Deniston


    23. Tyler Deniston

    24. Ketty on YouTube

      Ketty I know You verylong so youre the best and i cannot dont watch Youre videos :')

    25. Tyler Deniston

      Baptist" pretty. My nigga baptisted

      1. Tyler Deniston


    26. Tyler Deniston


    27. Tyler Deniston

      Adder sydney

    28. Tyler Deniston


    29. Tyler Deniston

      Grrr. WAR

    30. Tyler Deniston

      Fought four my dd24 wand

    31. LEO GANG

      Rise is so underrated

    32. Ritam Sarkar

      Truly it's the fav of all her songs i have heard

    33. Cris Chávez

      Diosty 🥰

    34. Umar ibn Sulaiman

      child of devil

    35. Socorro Amorim

      Maravilhosa ❤️ Katy Perry

    36. Justin Hensleigh


    37. Roslyn Enygma

      Scorpios anthem🔥

    38. meow

      Selena's rise and katy's rise

    39. t p

      Lo que no me gusta de esta canción es el instrumental, he visto que le cambian el instrumental por cosas como rock o metal y queda genial.

    40. Jennifer Perez

      The fact I’m rewatching this masterpiece and listen it while I workout make me want to live moreee

    41. rainbow pony

      I’m just leaving this here so I am reminded of this song when someone likes this. Also: bread

    42. Shy Rebel

      Parachutists are cringing.

      1. Shy Rebel

        @Roslyn Enygma no I'm not I like the video. Just thought parachute people would find it funny how difficult she finds trying to do it. I get the video metaphor geez.

      2. Roslyn Enygma

        No need to cringe, its concept art designed for captivating visuals that inspire. Cheers

    43. Tarannum Praween Khan

      This song gives me motivation to study 😊

    44. serejka64

      Katy очаровательнвя красавица!!!

    45. Михайло Косицький

      ???????????????????????????? 2 0 2 1 ????????????????????????????

    46. Mia Lopez


    47. Steven Lane

      I love you and your family so much

    48. Kim Alleah Delas Llagas

      July 2021?

    49. Barbara Bishop

      Katie Perry's original is all about conquering those who would keep you down, powering through all that tries to stop you and flying high despite all. The Superfruit (and others) cover takes all that and ramps it up to the nth degree, dedicated to the murder victims at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. Both are superb. Both make my heart swell in my chest.

    50. Fernando SD

      This song is really underrated and I don't know why it's amazing!

    51. #Woomy-Gamer

      This could’ve been the perfect song to cap off the Prism era.

    52. Stormex Australia

      this song is one of go to songs for depression

    53. Tyler Deniston


    54. Tyler Deniston


    55. Moisés Avendaño Farfán

      Olimpiadas 2016🥺

    56. Sohan Prasad


    57. Sohan Prasad


    58. Sohan Prasad


    59. Tammey Lee


    60. Rachna Kumar

      This song is underrated

    61. Kevin Briggs

      1. Never Give Up! 2. Believe in yourself! 3. Rise!!! 🤟✌❤

    62. Igor G. Lopes

      Amo muito 🥲

    63. Marcos Sánchez

      Tokyo 2020(2021)

    64. Bryan Fernandez

      Since the Olympics has just been opened, I think it's safe to say that this song must be played during sporting events.

    65. Syren

      *Still I Rise* *BY MAYA ANGELOU* You may write me down in history With your bitter, twisted lies, You may trod me in the very dirt But still, like dust, I'll rise. Does my sassiness upset you? Why are you beset with gloom? ’Cause I walk like I've got oil wells Pumping in my living room. Just like moons and like suns, With the certainty of tides, Just like hopes springing high, Still I'll rise. Did you want to see me broken? Bowed head and lowered eyes? Shoulders falling down like teardrops, Weakened by my soulful cries? Does my haughtiness offend you? Don't you take it awful hard ’Cause I laugh like I've got gold mines Diggin’ in my own backyard. You may shoot me with your words, You may cut me with your eyes, You may kill me with your hatefulness, But still, like air, I’ll rise. Does my sexiness upset you? Does it come as a surprise That I dance like I've got diamonds At the meeting of my thighs? Out of the huts of history’s shame I rise Up from a past that’s rooted in pain I rise I'm a black ocean, leaping and wide, Welling and swelling I bear in the tide. Leaving behind nights of terror and fear I rise Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear I rise Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave, I am the dream and the hope of the slave. I rise I rise I rise.

    66. Paige Simmons

      Me and my dad used to love this song before he died

    67. Melissa Arispe

      After all these yrs of seeing her on American idol i listen 2her sing lol.know the song and love it.never knew katie perry sang it.she has a beauriful voice.

    68. Melissa Arispe

      Such a beautiful song and so inspiring👏👏👏❤❤❤

    69. vardhamanist

      No matter what pandemic, we will SURVIVE!!🙏🤝💪👊

    70. Taksh Doshi

      Why didn't she released this on spotify at that time. It would have been her 10th no.1. Capitol really sucks

      1. Taksh Doshi

        @greyw0lf Tbh now idgaf abt charts anymore. I use to prioritize charts i accept but now, No. Like now every other song debuts at no.1. There are album bombs in charts. It wasn't like this before. The song really needed to be popular to be no.1. But now there are songs that debuts at no.1 and ppl are like we dont even know the song. Like that is the situation now. Fandoms mass buy the song to raise its chart position. Now songs doesn't make any impact to gp in particular. It debuts at no.1 just bcoz their fandom mass buys. Now songs dont create that much impact on gp. It is what it is

      2. greyw0lf

        @Taksh Doshi yeah that’s what i meant by censorship, i should’ve said pushed back i think. but it’s for that same reason. spotify didn’t release rise cause katy had her exclusive deal with apple music.

      3. Taksh Doshi

        @greyw0lf well as far as i know she never released the song on spotify. It was 2017 or 2018 i m not sure when she released song there. It was released on apple music and youtube ofcx only. Thats why it didn't crack top 10

      4. greyw0lf

        Nah spotify censored this song cause katy had an exclusive deal with apple music. Spotify does that to artists that have exclusive deals with other competitors. (Ex. When Nicki dropped Queen, spotify was being mad funny tryna manipulate her promo cause she had an exclusive deal with Apple which was Queen radio.)

    71. The Liamster

      This sounds so good.

    72. timothy olivares

      This song is Amazing. It is so well written.

    73. lestat

      Thank you, Katy Perry.

    74. Palma Pav

      UGHHHHH THIS ISJUST SO UNDERRATED BUT IT’S SUCH A POWERFUL SONG! What happened to her? She’s really flopped like her old music was such big hits 😔

    75. Vikas Dhanak

      We really need this kind of song .

    76. I'm the one you don't want to mess with

      Badass warrior twerking

    77. Jesus G

      Phoenix Sunday

    78. JohnnyBlackRants

      The fact that Roar is 10x more popular than this song makes me annoyed at humanity. It's the same basic motivational message, here wrapped in emotional gravity, there wrapped in the most typical, mainstream, done 100 times melody.

    79. شاهل


    80. Tori Lingerfet

      As a pastors kid, this resonates with me🖤

    81. ahmed faisal


    82. Carola Kubik

      Hi... Ich frage mich, an welcher Stelle bin ich...?, Jedenfalls bin ich noch nicht gesprungen... Die Zeit... Danke schön

    83. Sreekanth surendran

      Poor girl dosent know how to remove the parachute pls someone help her 😂😂😂🤣

    84. Sam Cm

      Any one watching in July 2021..?

      1. Melissa Arispe

        I watched the movie rise.It was beautiful❤❤❤

      2. Melissa Arispe


      3. DrBrennan

        I'm reading a fanfic that just used it, so yeah.

    85. IG: danielmarque.z

      amo demasiado🥺🥺

    86. Elif Bagci

      God knows how many times this song saved my life!

    87. Gary Moore

      This song has helped me alot on my road to getting better

    88. LaboitedePandore

      se lever :)

    89. aji aji

      Beutiful singing i like

    90. T2

      sure, celle ci est top ! One is got away too

    91. Chris Curry

      If you're watching this, you survived

    92. DogsAtPlay


      1. Mary Elizabeth

        oh shut up

    93. jlbaynes301

      The long notes are what we all feel

    94. WhiteSage1111 HealerTarot

      Funny scene a bunch of turkey vultures swarming where I used to live 2018. Creepy part bluejays showed up right after same way. 😇🧚‍♀️🙏

    95. Tanja Caroline

      Wow ! This song encourages! Thank you lord for this

    96. Golden Star

      This song gives me sm energy

    97. KM

      Funfact on her Instagram katy said Rise would be the first Single of her upcoming album, but released it because of the Olympics

    98. Faithequalsworks

      This song is about Satan. Repent because the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Jesus is going to separate the wicked from those that serve him. Victory is not in his veins. He will lose. He will be thrown in the lake of fire

      1. Faithequalsworks

        @Hugo Martínez the darkness hates the light. I warned you so your lost soul is yours to save through Christ now

      2. Hugo Martínez

        @Faithequalsworks you're the darkness

      3. Faithequalsworks

        @Hugo Martínez scary isn't it knowing the darkness is coming? You better start reading the gospels immediately

      4. Hugo Martínez

        @Faithequalsworks im done talking to you, seek help

      5. Faithequalsworks

        @Hugo Martínez thank you satans minion. You know whats funny about your comment? My father was a psychologist and ended up dealing with demons and told me psychology is just spiritual in nature. He worked with MPD. No really you have been duped. They give you drugs to get you even closer to the demons. Apollo runs all of this. Hes in Revelation 9:11. Our emergency phone number

    99. prathamesh saharkar

      This song has most covers in reality shows ..

    100. Brentt Bonacorso

      This is one of Katy's best songs, the conceptual and lyrical literary quality is majestic, the atmosphere it creates is unique and solemn, like a war song. Oh KATY PERRY, strength and glory are born from your voice.

      1. Living for BTS [방탄소년단]

        “This is no mistake, no accident When you think the final nail is in Think Again”