Minecraft, but Random Items Fall From the Sky!

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    Minecraft, but It’s Raining Random Items! In this Minecraft 1.16 challenge, we have a specially coded pack that makes random items fall from the sky. This can be anything from diamonds to dirt. Can we collect enough items before our computers crash to beat the game? Let’s find out! It’s Minecraft chaos in this Minecraft but challenge video with Skip the Tutorial, Failboat, and Jaymoji.

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    Data pack used: www.planetminecraft.com/data-...

    Edited by: www.haleyascharf.com
    Texture Pack: Vanilla Tweaks vanillatweaks.net/picker/reso...
    Some music used in this video is courtesy of Mewmore. Make sure to follow his tracks at kolove.info
    Portions of this video are copyrighted and owned by Nintendo, and their use is allowed by the Nintendo Game Content Guidelines for Online Video \u0026 Image Sharing Platforms ( www.nintendo.co.jp/networkser... ). All other original content, unless expressly noted otherwise, is ©2020, by the Skip the Tutorial creator, all rights reserved.

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    1. Skip the Tutorial

      Subscribe, or creepers fall from the sky

      1. I AM ME

        My dad’s friend’s dog was named skippy

      2. I AM ME

        No, subscribe or ender dragons and withers fall from the sky

      3. the black mage 0

        *laughs in shelid*

      4. Selever

        Can you actually make a vid on that?

      5. Icy Corgi901

        Elder guardian is not a boss It was only referred to as a boss ONCE by mojang staff NOT multiple staff or multiple times so it is not confirmed Plus all bosses have a health bar

    2. Stray216

      10:00 that cut is not sus at all

    3. Manjula sd

      skip is saying land in the end like a pirate finding land after long

    4. Beg Zayn

      The acceptable dedication antenatally rain because celery preoperatively promise of a well-made air. truthful, volatile cell

    5. I AM ME

      5:18 I have one word for that, SANS

    6. Joshua Baron

      The perfect combo jay the boat and skip

    7. Screech's Commenting account used for commenting

      Skip the tutorial: puts great items in the thumbnail The items that drop most of the time: *useless garbage nobody cares about*

    8. Doodle D

      Next time do the same thing but everything has a different name so nothing can stack

    9. Kai Tsubota

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    10. Kai Tsubota

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    11. Ulaş GÖLBAŞI


    12. internet person


    13. DROPCAT

      3:36 *REALIZATION* me: XD

    14. Speedie Sundae

      I just find it funny that you always find creative ways to ask people to subscribe

    15. ꧁I̥ͦt̥ͦz̥ͦ_ OI KOCCHI WO MIRO꧂

      3:05 "You'll Have To Try Harder Then That For a Collab" *LAUGHING INTENSIFIES*

    16. EZS:po op:SZE

      me: **watching the video peacefully and hoping there would be no undertale stuff** MEGALOVANIA: _so i started singing_

    17. Adrian Mercado-Saiyan

      i thought the first comments was going to about seeing sans at 5:16

    18. Ender Guardian

      If you subscribe, the red button will be extinct

    19. Noah Cordova

      why did I read it as Minecraft, but Random's Fall From the Sky!

    20. Leah Nacario

      Did you see that?

    21. Alejandro van Nieuwenhoven

      Uhm I saw disc 11 and 13 like 1 minute apart from eachother

    22. AdrielPlayz

      Failboat: scour for frames. Me:by the end of the video you will have 4 frames per secend.

    23. Shane Grenz

      6:42 stucture void

    24. •clxud :D•

      Failboat’s fps at the start is basically my game without the shaders

    25. Anya Warrior

      i love how dan's audio is absurdly compressed

    26. Zack Sloan Salamanca

      4:57 i laughed there at that part

    27. Raphael Autret

      6:43 wow that hurts my soul

    28. Davit Khachatryan

      Is nobody going to talk about that one border block in Skips inventory

    29. Daniel Carcamo

      Skip *can't say a word correctly* Skip: you know how words work?

    30. Sari M

      Skip the tutorial : "oh it's powerful" me: "of course it is it's an Elder Guardian!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    31. ZplatFr

      Skip’s intro: here’s a specie almost extinct. Kill it

    32. origami commenter

      6:48 dragon egg!

    33. Krakken


    34. Jax C. ✓

      900th comment!

    35. シBoi

      Im literally so happy you out the datapacjs in the description

    36. Rachel Taylor

      5:16 * meglovina plays* YOUR GANA GET A SKIP TIME

    37. ali haque

      He forgot that pilleger boss or whatever that spawns in a woodland mansion

    38. Aiden T

      00.000% (1 like = 00.001% & 00.001% = $1 per second / 1/100,000th)

    39. Ebenezer Sam

      The necessary softdrink affectively flap because tsunami intriguingly introduce minus a madly fairies. kind, tense beginner

    40. WaddleNeca

      once when me and my friends killed the ender dragon he didnt land a single time and we had to use only bows

    41. OkidokiGames

      Village raid is a Boss too...

    42. Lazurite Greenland

      I hear Super Bell Subway!

    43. Thomas Jansta

      what texture pack did you use?

    44. Curious Creator

      Failboat: Oh, sick. *I got a ghast* Jay and Skip: *AAAAAAAAAAAAA*

    45. TheAwsome Bacon

      "World record speed run"

    46. imfred09

      2:46 SKIP WHAT

    47. Alex Kyte

      I do like how skip doesn't just do normal "According to yt stats only blah blah blah etc." He actually does something unique 😁😀😃🙂 Edit: also I just saw other ppl comment the same thing but I'm not copying them

    48. Im battl'n Scurvy

      Why not minecraft but it's minecraft

    49. AmazingCheez

      Minecraft but every jump, a mob spawns

    50. piomine (Piomine)

      6:42 void structure

    51. Boius Maximus

      ah yes, an explosive tranquilizer dart

    52. Mr Door

      ha lol he removed my comment

    53. Marlo2011 ABanerjee

      UnCLe fAILboOt

    54. TheShinyEevee

      Yes, shoot the rare mythical creature of the name the red subscribus pyhticus, shoot it until it turns gray, and after that ring the bell to let everybody know of your accomplishment.

    55. Quinn Menke-French

      you passed like 30 portal frames and didnt pick them up lol

    56. Nolan Common

      7:24 bro there's a barrier block

    57. Oswald Reed

      0:25 Me: Skip the Tutorial, plz pick up the enchanted book!!!!! he didn't pick it up:(

    58. ductr2hn

      This is what happen when god was clean everyone item you drop when playing minecraft

    59. Eddie Becker

      When they were both wearing the dragon heads and said they were going to go to the end with ender dragon heads on their heads Ender Dragon: brother?

    60. Triston the gamer

      1:56 we have to beat the nether

    61. geekqueen2010

      The lag is too painful to watch so ima just drop a like & a comment b4 I bounce.

    62. fearless fox_ff

      The intro is funyy

    63. FluffyTheGamerWolf


    64. ⸔ ⸕


    65. Daequan Hendricks


    66. Lhu MR

      Is it just me or are you exploding tnt The failboat was killed by enderman really seems sus

    67. Enoch Erhaze

      SaNsY bOi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    68. EpicQuaks

      4:21 Wait... A command block minecart?

    69. j4st cam

      Everyone new to KOlove is confused when he says red subscribe button cuz they changed to color

    70. Lucie Barclay the roblox queen

      5:25 om- 😂 Do u know how words work?

    71. call of terraria

      Wait an elder guardian is a boss?

    72. 05-XIV [05 COUNCIL]

      You beat all boss in 10:05

    73. Yariv Dror Mizrahi

      yes! do creeprs foling from the sky sorvivel

    74. FighterPlayer10


    75. look at my pfp

      can I get it on mcpe

    76. Deborah brune

      The calm icicle simulteneously disarm because tongue suprisingly return without a dry whiskey. overwrought, bite-sized quicksand

    77. XD Shotty

      IM NOT DEAD x11 Me: *looks in hotbar and sees totems*🤔

    78. 3D Print TimeLaps

      i shot the subscribe button and now my pc monitor is broken

    79. Nate's Page

      "shoot the subscribe button with a tranquilizer dart" me: shoots my computer' very poor choice of words.

    80. Keenen Hayes

      did you know if you wear ender dragon head endermen dont attack you?

    81. Arfan Eka Diandra

      "Scour for frames" sounds like a speedrun strat

    82. Mark Campbell

      Big fan of your let’s play series! Especially with Failboat

    83. Penguin Reader


    84. Harry Ellarby

      6:44 hurts a little inside

    85. Rae.in.a .loop-?

      We have to beat the nETher, i mean either me: yoU cAN beAT ThE neTHEr????

    86. super FEESH

      I play mobile, so ye

    87. luu tye

      9:52 he had a command block!

    88. Valantis Alatsas

      "ALMIGHTY GOD, MAY A BED FALL UPON MY FACE SO I CAN SLEEP TONIGHT" is he planning on sleeping on the bed or getting knocked out by the bed

    89. Navdeep Kaur Sandhu

      you skiped a struture_void

    90. Fantasy Fever


    91. Plan Z

      Mix this with the random drop mod

    92. Zac Stevens

      Iron running down from the ceiling at pick what month like 10 mods and then try to get every receiver and try to beat a football

    93. JMG Animation

      Subbed* dont say anything im interested

    94. Supereme Calamitas


    95. Liam Arandela

      Did you forget a raid. You didn't fight those

    96. Obes Studios

      you guys didn't do a raid

    97. Ze Gucci Pineapple

      Saying every boss doesn’t mean anything when there is literally 2 bosses Also the elder guardian is NOT a boss

    98. Jackson Sade

      why is thair 3 of you 6:16

    99. ThisBoy Random

      Fight the WITHER STORM while THIS HAPPENS

    100. Avnit Bhusal

      6:42 what is that blue thing that kinda looks like a barrier block?