NEW WEEK | Sarvente's Mid-Fight Masses [FULL WEEK+ / Update] - Friday Night Funkin Mod


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    NEW WEEK | Sarvente's Mid-Fight Masses [FULL WEEK+ / Update] - Friday Night Funkin Mod

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    Sarvente's Mid-Fight Masses
    Sarvente's Mid-Fight Masses Selever
    Sarvente's Mid-Fight Masses Casanova

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    1. omerplaysYT Daghan

      Big fan

    2. Joshua Garillos

      Horseracing s

    3. Joshua Garillos

      Here is to to y ESA play debut

    4. Joshua Garillos

      Fee be ge Nd ge ge ge ba few bc USA

    5. Joshua Garillos

      Where’s ruv?

    6. Kris Lord Santos

      Wanna see what happens in the bathroom after this week?

    7. Seymour Markus Golez

      Selever doea middle finger when he goes front in his animation

    8. SpaceManDude

      as someone whos been playing rhythm games for a while: why does the charting look so bad

    9. Angela Sanchez

      loye ruv selever

    10. Munkhtenger Gantulga


    11. Bella selfie

      i don't like selever UnU is suffer

    12. JJ Beep

      All these guys look like there from hazbin hotel

    13. Adrián Maldonado Hernández

      In Hard?

    14. Just a random guy

      RIP mfm :'/

    15. Junior Brea

      I like how gf was like this again

    16. Libby Flores

      Rub is my favorite

      1. Libby Flores


    17. Sweetly Furry

      the line next to the arrows on the top

    18. Wen Xuan Lee

      Just know that when they get VERY mad they change tha background



    20. carpet

      Rip the pillar in the back

    21. Saeed Gann

      u are sooo strong 💪

    22. Wolfey Freeze

      Where's part 2 to this mod we need more of this storyline it's just to big to leave on this cliffhanger

      1. Wolfey Freeze

        @Ink Bleh then screw those little pieces of crap

      2. Ink Bleh

        It got deleted cause of stupid Twitter kids

    23. MonieLove68

      Sarvante is a demon Ruv can cause an earthquake with his voice Selever is rude

    24. Ruv

      Selever you made the mod gone STOP SWEARING

    25. Crystal Gamez

      Rip MFM such a good mod

    26. Katie playz

      I would just go for a sarv ;D

    27. Katie playz

      Sarvente is. A weird name

    28. Schwi550 Gaming

      Hey guys... I have a note Original MFM is witheld or removed because of twitter Cuz of too many fucking swears Its the same thing as whitty mod how it was removed We have whitty removed Now MFM *BECAUSE OF FUCKING TWITTER WE NEED TO FUCKING BAN TWITTER FOR THIS BECAUSE TWITTER TAKES MFM AWAY INCLUDING WHITTY* NOW LETS SAY... WHOS WITH ME!

    29. Pamela Rodríguez

      ... ....... .. ... .... ..... .

    30. Johana Polit


    31. Will

      I'd like to think of Selever and his sister's situation like that of Fire Emblem; they reside in another period/space where time flows differently, allowing them to catch up with their parents in age

    32. msvashia

      Make more videos 📹🤪

    33. msvashia

      I love it 😀😍❤♥💕💓

    34. Fredtheprank

      9:29 Sarvente lookin KINDA SUS

    35. Fredtheprank

      9:23 that's very unholy of you >:0

    36. David Flory

      Out of all of the mods and fnfs silver is my favorite

    37. BurningRubber

      Gf: I just need the bathroom Ruv: you wont after this

    38. Adriano YouTube


    39. sri wahyuningsih


    40. Наталья Цушкэ


    41. Ruv

      rip mid fight masses

    42. Angelica Badua

      But I’m a boy and I’m 7

    43. Angelica Badua

      I like the selver with middle finger

    44. Angelica Badua

      I only like selver and ruv

    45. Splatalyst

      Here just to pay my respects...Rest in peace, Mid Fight.

    46. Arnold Domingo

      He kinda sound like ruv

    47. Martins Eloá U Martins

      For selever yo love mi namorado yo love me 👏👏👏😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    48. Alberto Ferreira


    49. Alberto Ferreira


    50. Alberto Ferreira


    51. Hirai Aki

      Ow selever may be my favorite

    52. l o l

      sarv’s second song tho, that voice hits

    53. pedro meira mendes youtuber (pedro)

      I got the mod before it got private lol

    54. gf ♥️💙


    55. Christopher Poveda


    56. Jose Flores

      Why would they put the church sign down

    57. ชนะชัย พลแสน


    58. TikPikCik Fandom

      Aku dari indo

    59. carolyn magpayo

      cool i played that but i dont have channel but its cool my sister thinks its cool and she playes on that game :3

    60. Sans

      Is it just me of did sliver do the middle finger 🖕

    61. alina varro

      E super

    62. Yrrehc Drawde

      Cool Sarv

    63. Silvia Llanco Mar


    64. Silvia Llanco Mar


    65. Sus_15 Meow

      Rip this mod. It will always be remembered >:(

    66. Vanessa Karely Reza Sánchez

      Es tuvo chido

    67. Arnold Domingo


    68. Valorie Kolsen

      Wow that's cool

    69. Gustavo Gamer 34


    70. Grober elera garcez


    71. Grober elera garcez


    72. mireya rivas

      f por ruv

    73. Spike Chanel

      Guillon Selever 😆!!!

    74. superscuirton 1.0


    75. Ruv

      Why is bf looking for a bathroom its a church

      1. 𝓷𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓶𝓫𝓮𝓻

        ah yes. because churches just don't have bathrooms

    76. Oyu Dudu

      I need turtle Potter

    77. Oyu Dudu


    78. Oyu Dudu

      Show me get a minute or two

    79. Randel Santos

      Im surprised notes are slow

    80. Lorenzo Lopez

      You guys know how a Kai is a god from db and these song are so amazing

    81. Matilde Medina

      Dude I really miss this mod :( I hope when the drama stops mfm can come back :( To the people who don't understand it got deleted,. it's GONE. The remastered is still here tho :(

    82. Priscila Guerra



      this video is fake

    84. Brandon Varela


    85. Arturo Acosta

      Está bien

    86. edgar delgado


    87. T. N.

      dude i love how the sarvente the boy at the end i like that part

    88. °Haikyuu!

      Worship has casanova's song

    89. Rob Papa

      Ya know, it’s funny how while they were trying to find a bathroom, they ended up revealing the fact that this nun is actually a demon, find her boyfriend and cause, SEVERAL earthquakes around the world, and even summon an uncensored version of fucking satan. THEY WERE JUST TRYING TO FIND THE FUCKING BATHROOM

    90. lini winnie

      game burik

    91. cool_day2016

      I beat the game


      Why is he song doing like that?

    93. Vedat öztürk


    94. Vedat öztürk


    95. roza norozi