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    RAIN’s EP ‘PIECES by RAIN’ will be released 2021.03.03 WED 6PM KST

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    1. Ben Bin

      I don't know why as much he grow old he get more handsome 😭😚

    2. tolerence 0

      시즌비시즌 보고 들어왔어요! 근데... 인트로가 제시 who that b랑 비슷하지 않나요...😅😂


      Rain oppa and my queen chungha

    4. Stacy Wiley

      Love the choreography, but Rain and Chung Ha are best collaboration! Love it

    5. Leisa Maree

      Sexiest man at age of 40. That six pack! Wow. Love the choreography dance snd song. Catchy. Hearts to you Rain all the way from Australia.

    6. Goddess Jones

      Looking at that man You can't deny that God exist because Rain and his absolutely perfect self is nothing but heavenly.

    7. Peggy H

      This man is an ARTIST

    8. 수학과학20김가은

      미치겠네... 이것만 몇 번째 보는거야ㅠㅠ 벌써 한 달이 넘었구만,, 하씨 개멋있어ㅠ0ㅠ

    9. jungkook's EXPOSED TIDDIE in ON

      When ever i see rain all i can think of is "I'm gonna be a bad boy" i love him😂

    10. Agnes Amora

      Love ❤️❤️❤️Rain since Full House ..🇵🇭🇵🇭the king of K pop

    11. Yunji Ya

      비오빠한테 방탄조끼를 입지말라니까 몸을 갑옷으로 만들고 다니네

    12. 흠흠

      미쳤네 진짜..ㅋㅋ 팬들이 기대하던거 다보여주네 와......개멋있다

    13. Ness Moreno

      My God, everytime Rain danced, I am mesmerized!

    14. Ness Moreno

      You are my daily habit. I love you Rain! Please stay healthy and be safe.

    15. Jázmin László

      Rain U are the Best every time! I Love that everything what U give for Me! 🤩🤩🤩🤩✌✌👏👏👏

    16. 두리두밥 :DUBAB

      이거 케이팝 아님 예술작품임..

    17. Sweet Innocence

      Kim TaeHee was so lucky, the World Star fell in love with her! I am sure she ia sooo proud of her husband!

    18. Sweet Innocence

      Rain proves that age were just number. He was still the hottest King of K-Pop!!!

    19. Sweet Innocence

      I never get tired watching Rain over and over again. You are sooo magnetic!!!

    20. 호박고구마

      아니 안무가 진짜 대박임 어깨 터는거 짧고 작게 웨이브하는거 얼굴 근처에서 손 움켜지듯이 힘주는거 등등 존나 더럽지도 않으면서 비 매력 살려주는게 개섹시함 진짜...

    21. Caro Tejeda

      Como no amarlo? 🥰

    22. ho hi


    23. C alvin

    24. S제이

      아까운 비 댄스곡들 새드탱고. 유. 써리섹시. 와이돈위. 이노래들 퍼포만으로도 묻히면 안 될 노래들인데.. 진.짜.아.깝.다

    25. Ricky Liu

      #UradqianqiTomato: Sweetest tomato. #우라트치이안치토마토:가장 달콤한 토마토.

    26. Ricky Liu

      #UradqianqiTomato: Sweetest tomato. #우라트치이안치토마토:가장 달콤한 토마토.

    27. Kim Choon- Hee

      Rain is Rain for a reason

    28. Grace Wong Official Channel

      How is this even possible. Costume looks like it was shot during MV day. I can only imagine how tired they were. And to start over if any step messed up.

    29. yahan Liang


    30. 김정은

      조금만 열정을 줄였음

    31. 김정은

      이 모습이 젤 짱

    32. Syandie S

      nice rain from Indonesia

    33. Moon Luna

      Rain the King!

    34. mayawadee

      Wow! How amazing you are 👏👏

    35. 김현범

      이게 그림이 되는구나ㅎㄷㄷ

    36. 정은서

      에휴... 이럴 줄 알았어... 시간가는 줄 모르고 보게 될 줄 알았다고

    37. hee kim

      노래 세련됨이 느껴짐

    38. Quân Trần


    39. Zanny Vall


    40. Rahle Bavarro

      also - a whole new appreciation for Chung Ha! she is so sharp!

    41. Rahle Bavarro

      i can't believe this was really one take.... soooo good Oppa!

    42. yasuko89


    43. Rahle Bavarro

      gah - so smooth... still watching both vids on repeat

    44. Ness Moreno

      So, this is why Rain becomes a World Star! He's a complete package!!!

    45. Ness Moreno

      Rain's energy to give electrifying and explosive choreography is immeasurable. He was born with a dancing shoe.

    46. Ms JJ

      Great, add oil💪💪💪

    47. 황매력

      진짜 멋있다👍

    48. n ssu


    49. Yumna Hasany

      Great teamwork

    50. barao da naike

      so nice !

    51. JeNa _1990

      The Actual King and Queen of Performance!!🙏👏👏💜❤

    52. Rahle Bavarro

      they are both such great dancers. so fun to watch ❣️

    53. Lee Deok hyun

      비 후반부 댄스 지린다. 창의성때문에 85프로만 보여준듯

    54. Agnes Moreno

      Rain's International fans gathers here, I am a fan from the Philiipnes. 🇵🇭 State your country below 👇

      1. Rahle Bavarro

        USA 🙋🏻‍♀️

    55. 행복한가

      한국의 마이클젝슨이네 와 이번에 미쳤다 비

    56. gene

      죽겠네ㅡ진짜 ㅠㅠ 😭 비는 예술 그 자체다

    57. C alvin

      帥~~~ nothing to say

    58. Elaine S.s

      비.....너무 잘 생겼다.....LINDOS DEMAIS 😍 DIVINOS😍🥰🤗

    59. Zeidy valdez ferreto

      very sexy as always spectacular

    60. Danaé


    61. 니코보코

      너무 좋다...가뭄은 땅에 다시 비가 내리는구나!

    62. Rahle Bavarro

      just addictive

    63. Tee Tee

      Vocals & choreo on point! 🔥

    64. ANthoy JunG

      너무 좋은듯

    65. woong Master

      진짜 멋있네요. 작품 보는 기분. 이 영상이 만약 디지털 예술품처럼 경매올라가면 얼마나 나올까 궁금하네요

    66. gene

      멋있다 ㅠ

    67. 计世敏

      fire fire

    68. Noémi Chaw

      Rain is aging like fine wine

    69. Akiter

      싀발 존나 멋있다

    70. Willy Wong

      Dang, still got that Ninja Assassin bod

    71. KulotSalot 43

      I like this more than the real MV..

    72. 耶宅

      Omg, one take rain you such a dancing king, can't get enough of you, so nice to see you come back so strong this time, you have make all the senior fans dancing hard again. Very nice music and chorography and excellent video too lastly love your body transformation and fashion too, all AAA(Alpha, Advance, Articulate), l wish you all the best, rain you never let your fans down thank you your are God sent! Love and lot of kisses!

    73. Parizad Udwadia

      Absolutely amazing!!!!❤️

    74. letu

      비가 그룹했으면 나머지들 다 오징어됨

    75. Onyx Snow

      I always think Psycho is about to start

    76. Juliet Jocelyn Amargo-Guarino

      Social distancing!!

    77. BNisha 04

      Damn Rain. His abs got abs.

    78. Nopjihwg Kop

      흠..별로임..대중적이지못한 춤추기위한 뽐내기음악...빠순이팬들이나 들을노래..비 jyp스타일이 대중적으로 사랑받을노래..돌아왔으면하는바람..예전비가더 트렌디하고 멋있었음! 뭐이제 인기정도는 신경안써도될 경지에올랐지만.

      1. 팔도비빔면

        개소리 난 남자팬인데 ㅈㄴ 간지다

    79. Reia Lamps

      Hmmm... I really wanna see Rain and Lisa dancing together🥰

    80. Keith Lund

      This is a great collaboration with great choreography.

    81. DA J

      제가 앨범을 첨으로 샀던 가수에용 중학교 때 진짜 빠졌었는데 아직까지 진짜 멋있다

    82. 강펀딩


    83. sophia vorcesha

      I mean... it's rain and chungha~ 😊 Ah.. i love this!

    84. 아즈키팬더

      뭐야 형 ㅅㅂ 존나멋있어 진짜;;;; 소름돋았잖아

    85. Yoan

      Rain existing like fine wine, getting better with time

    86. Sade Thomas

      This man is over 30 and can still do this?! Meanwhile I'm in my 20s and barely made it up the stairs today..

    87. Nancy Lo Mazzo

      Does anyone know where I can find the lyrics to this song? Can’t find any where.

      1. Nancy Lo Mazzo

        @Dorothy K thank you!

      2. Dorothy K

        In Korean 반복 반복 got me traumatized xx 그땐 난 널 생각하지 in my mind Oh baby everytime I think of you 난 안정이 되고 it’s so good Oh baby baby Oh yeah yeah 갖고 싶은 건 없어 baby Imma boss xx I don’t wanna waste time no more xx 난 너랑 나 단둘이 지금이라도 날아가고 싶어 You aint gotta worry bout 너무 걱정하지마 baby 하나 난 우리 둘을 지켜 Settle down It’s forever now 대충 내려놔 잠시만이라도 잠시만이라도 Why don’t we Why don’t we Why don’t we We we we we we Why don’t we Why don’t we Why don’t we 제정신이 아닐 때가 가끔씩 가끔씩 다 잊은 다음 던져버린 후 너하고 두근대는 낮 속에서부터 깜깜깜한 밤까지 매일이 네가 이야기해 준 날 같아 하나 난 우리 둘을 지켜 Settle down It’s forever now 대충 내려놔 잠시만이라도 잠시만이라도 Why don’t we Why don’t we Why don’t we We we we we we Why don’t we Why don’t we Why don’t we 떠나고만 싶어 저기 somewhere 자나 깨나 너의 옆 지킬 거라고 말했잖아 내가 everything is excuse For today Why don’t we Why don’t we Why don’t we We we we we we Why don’t we Why don’t we Why don’t we

    88. kd choi

      형 저 죽어요 정말 ㄷㄷㄷ

    89. S19

      Fav : Last Choreo ❤

    90. Rahle Bavarro

      Rain is just on another level

    91. 소금바다

      청하님 너무 이뻐요^^

    92. 지동이

      Rain is back!!!!!!!!

    93. Mette Nybakken

      a funny comment :) all my family got Rain as feature on their Pc me too we log on with Rain with his comback :)

      1. Sweet Innocence

        Rain is my phone wallpaper lol!

    94. Andre Beau-lee

      omg and just like that im back into kpop. needed a crazy dance number from the king again, love his more melow tunes but that dont quite hit as hard as his dance tunes. go RAIN its RAINING

    95. Before it's too late

      이 형은 진짜 왤케 멋있냐

    96. Heewon

      개멋있다 진짜

    97. neotom667 lim

      ■■비의 장점은 큰키와 춤 간지나는 몸매 ■■ ■ 긴다리 👍👍👍💋💋

    98. Watchmen B

      빅뱅을 따라하네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

      1. Watchmen B

        @팔도비빔면 외들 화가 낳낰ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 진정들 하게

      2. 팔도비빔면

        구체적으로 어떻게 어떤 동작에서 따라했는지 어떤 방식으로 따라했는지 말해봐라 한마디도 못할껄 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

      3. Watchmen B

        @깡고리즘의덫 니가 더 할일 없어보임

      4. 깡고리즘의덫

        계속 이 채널에서 악플달고 신났네 ㅉㅉ 그러고 살고 싶냐 딱하다 ㅋㅋㅋ

    99. 김동규

      아임커밍 같은거 어떻게 안될까 형.... 그때가 그립네

    100. 신성

      와...아이돌만 있는 정글에 한마리 거대한 사자가 다 씹어먹는것 같다...