Samsung Galaxy sound effect (acapella)


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    Samsung Galaxy sound effect (acapella)
    Music arranged by Maytree
    Video directed by Napkins music

    #samsung​ #galaxy​ #humaneffect

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    1. Belikov

      I am sure that soon Samsung will invite them to advertise their products

    2. 바나나차차

    3. Michelle Immanuela

      s9 best ever

    4. Koras Bole

      who is the girl behind the tablet, insane

    5. TED IPN

      S20 and s21

    6. M.K Monu Kanna

      You gays are awesome ❤️

    7. xK0m3t

      The s6 ringtone is so nostalgic

    8. 빅터 마테우스Kim v.m

      Galaxy s : ... Galaxy s2: 🤨 Galaxy s6: 🤑 Galaxy s8: 🤠 Galaxy s9: 😎 Galaxy s10: 😌 X I A O M I : 🤣🤣😎😎😎😎 HEY BROWWWWW2WWW 👌

    9. Sheshagiri Masurdi

      Better than actual ringtone

    10. Naufal Aulia

      0:32 Galaxy S8

    11. Naufal Aulia

      0:24 Galaxy S6

    12. 주연

      너무 편안하게 불러서 더 경이로울 지경...

    13. Ray En

      oh noes they didn’t do S4 ;c

    14. Naufal Aulia

      0:13 Galaxy S2

    15. Naufal Aulia

      0:04 Galaxy S

    16. Naufal Aulia

      0:02 98percent

    17. gamevorus

      What is this

    18. Zain Junaid Shaikh

      They made it sound better👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻

    19. Netanel Giat

      Are you winning son? Son?

    20. Mr. Creeper

      S8 is my favorite

    21. Gaming York

      I miss galaxy s2, but from s7 Samsung made me switch to an iPhone

    22. Sciencepeem Phanchan

      Bruh your a a Amazon hehe

      1. Sciencepeem Phanchan

        I like s8 and s9

    23. venom

      Nice 0:42

    24. Omah Daton

      Aww man the Samsung s2 song is legend

    25. Lunar Moon

      I need the S6 full version

    26. Maria Tejeda

      My favorite was galaxy s2

    27. Alisha flix

      Ahaa my mom has the ringtone like s6. Me watchin this. Mom: Hey whos calling?! Me: lol its a video 😂😂

    28. Luna Sparcl

      Her voice is so good 😍😍😍😍

    29. RqbertYT

      1:04 this is my favorite part and the charging one. (The galaxy s10 acapella was soo relaxing)

    30. Pursuit Of Jannah

      Honestly.. It's better then the original.. Damn so good

    31. Jake Chapman

      OMG this is so good

    32. The Amazing Stories

      What an horrible girl standing at the right of this video, where is the respect for the audience? unsuscribing.

    33. yoonie

      This is much better than iPhone jkjkjk XD

    34. Angelo Terracciano


    35. Alexandra Louisse

      They're the one who sang in I can see your voice? Right? They looked so familiar to me

    36. Kana Shikute

      If these were my ringtones I wouldn't mind someone calling me everyday

    37. Creeper Kid

      The galaxy sound at the start sounds like that one song in Portal Series

    38. 예아

      Samsung: We will be with this team in Over the horizon 2022

    39. 박창조

      대박스 너무 좋다

    40. handlezero1

      peculiarly, i enjoy this alot

    41. 최영호

      다른 영상보니 일본인인줄 알았는데 한국인 아카펠라그룹이군요.

    42. mespef


    43. Chona Serato

      For some reason this sounds nostalgic

    44. Lucy Afriani

      Fun fact: you came from iphone sound effects and scrolled down

    45. 3a4arka

      Чем я бл*ть занимаюсь? Слушаю как китайцы поют?!!!

    46. Hardik Choudhary

      As per their mouth movements this is absolutely fake

    47. Jerry Chris Bertone

      The girl in the left, looks a lot like Kate Hudson...

    48. e

      How do u even DO Galaxy s6 WOWW

    49. Ashhab's World

      You missed s4/5 and S20 And S21

    50. music channel

      Samsung s6 is better it became memory😞

    51. JM Julianmatthew

      i have samung s13

    52. Elian Cifuentes

      S9 and s10 are great

    53. parv patel

      There are really not making sound there are only lipcing

    54. - Mxilky -

      The galaxy S9 is my mom’s ringtone, Fun eh?.

    55. 타고다

      오른쪽여자분..께 자꾸눈이간다

    56. Shawn Qi

      Even as a huge iPhone person, these just make iPhones feel so boring lmao

    57. Honventures

      Honestly we need longer versions of this. S10 and S6 makes me feel like playing some open world rpg or something.

    58. Sanjar Umaraliyev

      We need galaxy s9 extended version. Please ....

    59. Jeffrey VlogsNgaming

      i dont use samsung i use iphone but i real like the sound of the samsung

    60. Foam Flinging HS

      Never heard any of these!?

    61. Alec Singh

      It sounds so annoying!

      1. Packersrock2468

        Like you 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    62. Daniel Farhan


    63. Pratham Nag


    64. Zyad Ashraf

      Let’s be honest you didn’t search for this..

    65. Joshua C •


    66. NinjaDerps

      Who else got a recommended of this channels videos then after that you watched the others of this acapella videos? Because thats me

    67. Carter howard

      This is pure cringe

    68. Tirtha Subba

      At least its better then the Samsung notifications sound

    69. dr42

      People that have disliked are hater

    70. bilinas mini

      Who else is voice cracking trying to do this sounds

    71. Greg mit lag

      Only 3,9 million views I thought I watched this more times.

    72. wake forld


    73. EPICNano

      I don't use galaxy phones, but this is GOOD

    74. Master Drake

      Love the sound of s6 on how they cover it

      1. bilinas mini

        If they make a VST I will pay $400 for it. These voices are great

    75. Axllea

      They do be jammin on the Galaxy S8 tho

    76. Kian

      0:00 poopoo

    77. Anna Dairo

      Their S10 version is way better than the actual S10 version of that ringtone.

      1. Leandro


      2. Farhana Akhter

        Very true that one is way too loud

      3. Justin Mancilla


      4. xK0m3t


      5. Javinar Vibes #


    78. Isis ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

      For me, I think the best was the Galaxy S9

    79. Juan Ramírez


    80. Alfath Edits

      the S6 gives me a nostalgic vibes 8)

    81. Jitender Y

      S10 😍

    82. iTz-REGUEL-420


    83. NatalieFluffTail PlaysRoblox


    84. Monarchus

      Nice recomendation

    85. Vickie Miller


    86. Private R

      0:02 poo poo

    87. S B

      This is why I always search 'korean' !

    88. Kiro Blast

      If they make a VST I will pay $400 for it. These voices are great

    89. Akshay patil

      can you make separate S10 ringtone please I loved to set as my ringtone

    90. Al Tra

      Please make on Nokia 1100 version mobile.

    91. Nil Kaya

      I’m iphone user for 8 years and why do I still remember all the melodies of samsung :Ddd the last samsung I had was a mini samsung galaxy gio or something. 9-10 years ago :D

    92. TFGJO19

      0:23, 0:42 & 0:53 are the best 😍

    93. Why are you gae?

      I come to watch this 20 more times.

    94. jawkhong Innaw

      This is so satisfactory

    95. Lily Debbarma

      She looks like Tzuyu

    96. AdrysSpace TheOtaku

      Hasta para hacer Beat son unos genios

    97. Denzel Reyes


    98. Always Eldridge

      0:01 Charge 0:03 Galaxy S 0:12 Galaxy S2 0:22 Galaxy S6 0:31 Galaxy S8 0:42 Galaxy S9 0:52 Galaxy S10

      1. Always Eldridge


    99. Gabriel's Epic Life of Goals

      POV: "This HAS to be edited!"

    100. Elroi Demssis