Secret Base In My Base!? :: Hermitcraft #44


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    Minecraft on the Hermitcraft Server Season 7 Episode 44! Today on hermitcraft, we do some more work for Ethos! Later we discover someone that has been hiding out in our base!

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    1. Daniel White

      thank you for this tutorial

    2. Juan M Boned

      I just saw the end of this video and I do celebrate that day some months later. There is someone still celebrating those hours, BdoubleO. Cheers from Spain!

    3. Derek G

      I am so confused. What are those things he was spawning in Keralis’ office? And what do endear pearls do with them?

      1. Lemon Monkey


    4. Cam W

      You can dye any color sheep

    5. Chase O'Hara

      Using leaves instead of glass to surround the sheep seems oddly mean... Although I guess glass isn't exactly kind... Hahaha

    6. ChromeCable

      The Great Canal is what I named one of my episodes😂

    7. Lizzy Miller

      OMG idk why but at 29:58 he looks at the black sheep and just goes "can you die?" AND I BUSTED UP LAUGHING like I know he meant dye and he was questioning if you can dye non-white sheep different colors but just the way he paused HA cracked me up

    8. Ian Fay

      Great stuff keep it coming

    9. Apollo Arts

      Why does grian always sound like hes talking on 2x speed

    10. Apollo Arts

      Secret non-consential roomate

    11. Stevel Knievel

      I just found 6 hermits in my airing cupboard

    12. Jeffrix9919

      I used your wool idea and it works Great!

    13. Of Siwa

      The wool farm is one of the few redstone things I know how to do, and I was snickering over how much Bdubs overcomplicated it, so now I wonder if he over overcomplicates all the redstone and I never realise it 😂

    14. Some Random Dude

      37:51 that’s an upside-down Bavarian flag xD

    15. Jan Krajewski

      31:55 "We found since out today" XDDDDD HC Quote of the year XD

    16. Mr. Shinobipants

      Entertaining as always:D Thanks for the vids Bdubs!

    17. Boneless

      hey Bdubs impulse built a secret base in your base

    18. Joep Buren

      23:58 😂😂what

    19. Kafiyo

      Busy bloke!

    20. Amanda Qwerty

      31:14 the sheep’s eyes xD

    21. Bode Meleski

      you forgot "Redstone with Budubs" intro

    22. Toogie

      23:58 bdubs u good?

    23. Sweettooth J

      It took me almost 4 hours to figure out bdubs sheep shearer lol, I am so bad at redstone but I try.

    24. Sean Sean

      Impulse just bamboozled everyone LOL

    25. TMGMax44


    26. Andrew Hughes

      Hey Bdubs bdubs built a base in your base

    27. Eli

      22:02 Hello Bdubs! :)

    28. Adityq Packs

      grian thinks people in the comments tell other yters but bdubs here just told us grians location for his secret base

    29. Ubylux

      05:44 Huh, I thought you were Bdubs, I've been bamboozled by your genius once more!

    30. Henrykitten101

      anyone know what bdubs' music is?

    31. Alex Pühringer

      BdoubleO100: This is going to be a hopper line. Me: I like your funny words magic man.

    32. LUNCHBOXwarrior

      I find it funny he did all this for grian to kill them all b4 keralis sees them 🤣

    33. Lucas Strong

      Grian is so right. You can't keep information hidden. You can only make unreliable information.

    34. Spheria Areials

      God, Bdubs' enthusiasm about everything never fails to make me smile

    35. Jan Xander Jala

      lmao why is the intro so relatable

    36. Cereal

      Dude, watch out bdubs. I've heard that theres some random guy called bdoulbe0 building a secret base IN YOUR BASE!!!!

    37. Nicholas Lupo

      If you told a hermit about the secret bases, you're a snitch. You do know what happens to snitches right?

      1. Robot plays

        Nicholas Lupo beats them up

    38. Shark Boy

      Bdubs guess who built a secret base in your castle! It was Grian, Impulse and bdu... wait a minute oh.

    39. [Aa]RON 55

      I FOUND THE MEANING OF H.C.B.B.S: Hermits confidential Base Building Society

    40. PUGZ DTR

      Ethos gonna be like I made that boy, like that meme

    41. Bloop Blop

      Man what impulse did in bdubs base was I m p u l s i v e ;))))

    42. Danijel Vuckovic

      Make a secret base in every ship container

    43. dialog_box

      because of the cats in the walls, maybe you could theme the wool shop around balls of yarn! edit: also at 29:57 i swear to god i thought you were asking that sheep to just die

    44. JunTheBeast

      bdubs where is building with bdoubleo season finale?

    45. Grub Hub

      Grian spoiled his base

    46. Z9 TDH

      B Dubs you have a secret base in your base

    47. Keeva Jazz

      25:36 what!??? XD

    48. Ebben Urie


    49. Ebben Urie

      He would have put the enter peals in a dispenser lol

    50. Creo 228

      But it's just a replica of the end inside chest monter.

    51. Elijah A.

      Thank you for captions!

    52. CODPro 2237


    53. James McCabe

      When a professional minecrafter doesn’t know you can dye black sheep

    54. Farouk sallak


    55. me me


    56. Isecream

      He literally spent 25% of the episode spawning endermites

    57. SwordlordRoy

      Hey! Bdubs! I think you should know that Impulse has built a secret base in your base! it's right behind the base of the waterfall!

    58. Bradley Campbell

      No matter what religion you are you have sinned, you have messed up in life. The Bible says all who sin have fallen short of the glory of God. "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God," Romans 3:23 ESV So in all honesty each and every person deserves to go to hell because we sinned against God. So then it is your own self that sends you to hell not God. God desires that every person be with Him in heaven. Although you might say, or think that if you are a good enough person God will just let you in. But this is flawed reasoning, seeing as how you have sinned against a perfect God, who's standard is perfection. Therefore someone must take your punishment. Thus no matter the amount of work, we are saved through grace and faith alone. "For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast." Ephesians 2:8‭-‬9 ESV This grace that the Bible mentions is free for anyone who wants it. All you need to believe is that Jesus Christ was sent by God into human flesh and lived a perfect life and died on the cross for our sins and rose on the third day. No strings attached no work is required to get into heaven although true faith will produce works out of thanks. Jesus Loves you He is alive today. This may be your last chance to accept Him. Please while it is not to late.

    59. King Creeper

      Bdubs reminds me of my Papa in the best possible way God Bless ❤️

    60. Aidaniel

      Bdubs, you can dye any sheep any color, just so you know

    61. Sagnik Saha

      Iskall has free diamond ore for all in shopping district

    62. Kai Kalter


    63. M. Rafi Pratama Noor

      bdubs there's probably a secret basein your base

    64. ARF-Trooper Builds

      We all knew Impulse was in the resistance And we all knew he was head of diversionary tactics So we all knew that wasn’t part of Grians base So this only makes sense that it wasn’t part of Grians and was somewhere else And this is why he does not have *BIG* brain he has *MASSIVE* brain We can all agree...

    65. Jasmijn Kuehne

      Impusle is a genius

    66. Happy Hobby Hole

      honestly bdubs is so randomly funny and i can’t take it 😂 32:40 🎶 you will learn and i will teach you the things! 🎶

    67. UnlivedDisc03

      33:52 this is sacrilege. how could you drop a bed like that?

    68. drgan45

      Your secret base has been found

    69. Josiah Fox


    70. Martin Tenzer

      I wonder if Shady E'Es will start delivering secret bases too.

      1. MetalArk0125


    71. Fudge Cake


    72. AIO YouTuber TV

      Bdubs! Bdubs built a secret base in your base!!

    73. Quest Gaming

      There’s a secret base In your base

    74. MoonFire

      Bdubs, Bdubs made a secret base in your base!

    75. Matt Lewandowski

      slick impulse... knowing the viewers would rat you out so you built off site.

    76. Tommy Smith

      You don’t even have to build a secret base you could just start living in the one of the fully furnished hotels or condos Keralis has build 😂😂😂

    77. Moses Villalobos

      31:37 still waiting for him to realize that animals dont like doors

    78. pldcanfly

      I know I shouldn't tell, but you ran past grians secret base at least twice there....

    79. polland

      Keralis put a secret base in your castle

    80. TheComposerChangingGames


    81. Helix Yeeter

      ah but it is the replica of the entire server underneath the end portal underneath grian"s base lol

    82. Laurenzo Pineapples

      Bdubs is a national treasure

    83. L Dane

      Hey Bdubs! There is a secret base in your mines.

    84. OneTapPanda

      Grian built a base under ur base btw!

      1. Youtuber aalia

        dont tell him if grian told dont tell littrelly

    85. Super_ Son1

      The funniest part is that tango made a secret base in his house

    86. Nicholas Wroblewski

      hey just to let you know b dubs built a base in ur base

    87. No Name

      7:38 - 7:48 Mom: what you watching?

    88. bustedsim


    89. Jacob Clay

      Grian made a base in your base!


      This episode is called, Bdubs promotes cockroaches and names the wrong ones! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD (love u Bdubs)

    91. WildCraft

      Bdubs should make his outro music his timelapse music 🤔

    92. JarPlaysGames

      Xisuma has made a secret base in one of your houses

    93. Tuna mc

      Love you man ! So bloody cool !!

    94. Von Hawkins

      Hey bdubs grain didn’t follow the plan and he made a base in shady-e’s

    95. Flow.

      Poor keralis

    96. Devin

      "Gotta Sheep!" -Bdubs 2021

    97. Sten Suijten

      Hermit craft big button soon/ hermit craft button back soon

    98. beans

      bdub with no brim?

    99. Joshua Gibson

      Xb find your secret base

    100. Chicken Man

      You have a base in your base