Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - E3 2021 Teaser - Nintendo Direct


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    1. 天降那泥???

      artificial hand???

    2. ImNotAwesome

      Who else is getting skyward sword vibes from the sky islands? No? Is it just me?

    3. Lj

      we better get to freely go around hurtle castle whilst everything is normal

    4. Jean Luc


      1. Jean Luc

        botw 2***

    5. Fredrik Jansson

      Feels like 2 two. entirely different games shown here. Some segments shown here clearly shows the true potential and power of Nintendo Switch, while the other parts (those reused assets from BOTW) is obviously held back by the Wii U specs. Since BOTW were actually a Wii U exclusive game from the beginning. So those new parts of BOTW2 is built with the better specs of Switch. The difference is insane, it really shows how powerful Switch is for its size.

    6. Chi

      Friends : Hi often do you watch this trailer ? Me : Yes

    7. SRWOtaku

      I wonder.... if you played and complete BOTW, you think the sequel will allow you to keep the Champion abilities? Or will they be lost too?

      1. Dragon

        Probably not. We’ll see though.

    8. Jason Johnson

      I wonder if u can melee or hit some one with out a "weapon"


    10. rory searle

      I totally figured out the monster stronghold on stone talus is by going round to get behind it and shoot at it’s black ore with bomb arrows, which blows the stronghold to bit’s and throws the monsters off, allowing Link to pick them off one by one.

    11. Iván Barato Almansa

      I need a new trailer of this Game!!

    12. Angelo C.

      Hyrule can't relax for a second

    13. Carlos Turris

      This is what we need to get through 2022 and the fact it’s coming out will get us through 2021

    14. Harder

      Queremos ver mas moustros, ya mucho de lo mismo, varien mas las cosas es un buen consejo

    15. Noah Tabraham

      a sequel that keeps the good bits and trims the bad could be the best game ever. This looks stunning

    16. Ben H

      The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Fresh Air

    17. Ben H

      Cant wait to hear the creepy yet heroic melodies Kass has cooked up for this song.

    18. E.M.P. 339

      I hope it will release by early 2022. But probably not. But i can always hope.

    19. cool money

      just dont make this breath of the wild 2077

    20. Toadette Gamer

      Nintendo should be ashamed of the trash they make

      1. D m

        So tru

      2. Jakub Jovanovič

        yassss queen go offffff

    21. JK64

      It's not even been made and the game already won an award

    22. David Adrian Aguirre

      I just want to actually pet a dog in this game.

    23. antrite08

      Poor Hyrule Castle. It's been through so much ish man.

    24. Devin Hawthorne

      What are the chances of loftwings returning in this game? It’d be pretty rad if they do.

    25. Radiance

      please give us more mipha :)

    26. Paul Jordan

      I hope Zelda's okay after a fall like that.

    27. Madness visibility

      Hairul but it sky sward, amzing.

    28. Bee BoyHills

      please tell us that Naydra and the other dragons are in this game-

    29. Clay

      guys if this sequel is released do i have to buy the gamecard or its just an update for breath of the wild i wanna know because i will save money for gamecard ok??

      1. Clay

        @Jacob FFF i might get it after months its released FFFF

      2. Jacob

        …..obviously you have to buy the game

    30. RaloRising

      I still don’t see how this was disappointing

    31. gabi

      link w long hair is so fine

    32. Friedrich Starke

      Day 41 of watching this Trailer until the game come out

    33. Tyrice holloway

      So this mean we have to get the master sword again 😐

    34. Nicholas Fynn

      What the!? Nitendo tried to copy Genshin Impact!

    35. enzmondo

      A lot of Skyward Sword elements in here. What’s Nintendo planning?

    36. Toadette Gamer

      If they delay the game they just need to fire aunoma already

      1. Jakub Jovanovič


      2. Baby Toadette Gamer

        Goo goo Gaga 🍼

      3. Toadettey Gamer

        Oh yAy my sister is back.... 🌸

      4. Kirby Kirb

        WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!!!!! You can’t leave your husband for two months!!!!!!!

    37. Naiko

      AONUMA and his team are on another level man, just look at this.

    38. I am the KING!

      I’m not buying this game.

    39. noir o'donnell

      Super excited for this game!

    40. AlmightyMonke

      OMG the last 3 notes resemble zelda's lullaby!!!!!

      1. Jacob

        That’s because it is Zelda’s Lullaby

    41. Chonkey_yami_neck

      I don’t care how long I have to wait, it has to be the best it can be.

    42. Higanbana Marie

      You know that one episode of Southpark where cartman freezes himself because he can't wait for the wii? I'm feeling close to that right now. My bones quake.

    43. DatMobileGuy

      I’m 9 years old and I have to buy games with my money but my mum said I get this game from her for free 😂

    44. terrible content

      Fighting a talus with a bokoblin outpost on top looks fun af

      1. ʜᴇʏ ɢᴜᴀʀᴅɪᴀɴ!

        @Dragon I Will love if we use new mechanics just to beat a simple enemie, that will make this game seems pretty unique compared to the first one.

      2. Dragon

        Yeah, I wonder how that will work. Do you have to set the wood on fire and then break the rock on his back, or will there be a whole new way to take these guys out? Can’t wait to find out.

    45. Some idiot that cant animate

      i don't care about the new mechanics i just want the melee weapons to last longer

      1. ʜᴇʏ ɢᴜᴀʀᴅɪᴀɴ!

        I would pay 120 dollars for this game, if we be able to pet dogs

    46. Anuj Kumar


    47. ooga booga caveman

      I can’t believe people are willing to spend $60 on a game that reuses the same map from the first game but adds some floating islands above it lmao

    48. Toad Notfrog

      wo w gusy genshin impact looks great

    49. mearo

      dang I'm ready to spend my money 🤩 breath of the wild 1 could've had a better end to it but I'm guessing it continues onto part 2 like that's why we loaded to before we defeated ganon because technically we never defeated him and the castle was still takenover by him that end boss was a decoy ganon..

    50. Bloody Nury

      Looks like skyward sword x Breathe of the wild

    51. Bloody Nury


    52. Megan Oughit

      So this game is basically a copy and paste of botw1 but with a floating castle, zelda still stuck in there at the endgame..... and we have to fight gannon yet again? wonderful 😁🤣👌😁🤣👌😁🤣👌

      1. ZAVM

        Bruh they haven’t revealed everything so just wait

      2. Dragon

        @ZGFutureEnergixGamer We’ll see.

      3. ZGFutureEnergixGamer

        @Dragon youtubes ain’t gonna do a F****ing thing about it

      4. Dragon


    53. Danie Bello

      does this mean the game will play is 60fps?

      1. Wide Matt

        @Danie Belloin Mario 3d world the switch had fps drops at the start of almost every level and the wii u only had slight fps drops when killing multiple enemies with plussie (the switch still does this) although the game is meant for the wii u harddrive it the switch still has no excuse to have more EVEN SUNSHINE ON SWITCH HAD FPS Drops, probably still not as much as original version though(also botw 2 is most likely to run on the same engine as botw 1)

      2. Mirdproductions

        @Danie Bello I would hope that it at least eliminates excessive frame drops and dull textures. And yeah a game like Mario Odyssey wouldn't run nearly as well on Wii U, that game was always meant for the next gen Nintendo platform. However look at a game like Age of Calamity, that game was probably built on a way more manageable PC but once it's on switch it's a laggy mess.

      3. Danie Bello

        @Mirdproductions but the switch is A LOT more powerful than the Wii U and BotW doesn’t really run that much better on the Switch compared to the Wii U. I don’t think the game was ever very optimized for the Switch. If the sequel is more optimized I think there is a good chance of 60fps

      4. Mirdproductions

        @Molduga unless there's a true Switch successor, I doubt it. It would only be a slight upgrade unless there's a truly new Nintendo platform in the works. BOTW is a wii u game and the switch still runs on 2015 hardware.

      5. Molduga

        It will run better than BotW

    54. Elizabeth Neal

      I hope this one has some awesome glitches bc botw is still played to this day bc of those glitches

      1. Molduga

        Nintendo will try their best to remove the exploits.

    55. Rylan Lee

      im gonna die more times from falling than getting killed by actual enemies

      1. Molduga

        you have a paraglider

    56. Astromonkey

      I can buy this just for links new hairstyle..

    57. John Wahl

      Should I go to work? To earn this stuff?

      1. Jacob


    58. John Wahl

      And an Xbox series X with all Gears of Wars games

    59. John Wahl

      I want a Nintendo Switch Pro

      1. Molduga

        you're not getting one

    60. ZER JF

      the music GUYS the MUSIC i CAN’T IS SO GOOD

    61. TheHamburgerator

      Nintendo take your time to make this game as great as botw please idc if it takes 2 more years just make it great

    62. Nosha

      Who else is replaying BOTW after seeing this announcement?

      1. Hero_Cat78


      2. Dragon

        You know it.

    63. Roby G

      I will disagree with the opinions of tate but I hope that this new Zelda closes the obvious defects of the open world of the previous chapter or the emptiness and the absence of a story of the plot without going to look for memories that are something secondary a post game that we can not start over again before the final boss and side quests, maybe through new villages lurking to lengthen the gaming experience and not a wasteland where there is nothing and more variety of enemies and bosses as well characterized as the previous chapters if Nintendo really wants to make a masterpiece on the always beautiful artistic part.

      1. Dragon

        Or, you know…just enjoy the game. Difficult concept to grasp, but i’m sure someone as astute as yourself can manage.

    64. Phone Min Thant


    65. PongPong

      genshin impact devs: write that down. WRITE THAT DOWN!

      1. Nope Nope

        How original :D

    66. Jack TM

      i can wait

    67. mehboiyo !

      I’m guessing the main gimmick is going to be that the arm can put things in reverse like that Boulder and because the musics in reverse and you’re in the sky instead of on land

    68. Link

      Maybe BotW 2 should be called "The Legend of Zelda, Adventure of Time" Though I think it's kinda related to Ocarina of time

    69. Brody

      You know, a lot of times, a story will call back to its beginning when it’s at the end. And to be honest, this game has some pretty big similarities to skyward sword.

    70. Geoff Free


    71. Friedrich Starke

      Day 40 of watching this Trailer until the game come out

    72. Ziron

      When BOTW2 releases I'm making this my Alarm "Open your eyes" BOTW2 MUSIC PLAYS

    73. Gisell Hernandez

      I knew the Zonain have a strange power and that hand that comes out right there is the key and this trailer connects with the original but where is that part of Hyrule will be in the sky where no one can see it, it is likely that if and something else is Ganon but with a body and I create a copy of it to invade Hyrule and thus not suspect that the real one was there during the game, am I right?

    74. Stay EZ My Friends

      Wow, the castle rose in the air. That is so new and innovative. Now if only there were hover boots and 6 sages that combine their power to get you up to the floating castle....

      1. ZGFutureEnergixGamer

        Or you can use ravioli’s galioli

    75. Zayzay

      A little worried that the overworld won’t feel new and fresh. It looks pretty much the same. But I guess we haven’t seen much so far.

      1. ZAVM

        I believe the floating islands will have the most exploration put into them. But they’ll obviously change up the ground

    76. Daniel Arnold

      Wait you can put comments

    77. Riaz Yassin

      0:46 THE WORLDO

    78. Toadette Gamer

      Racist game, sad.

      1. D m

        So true

      2. Nope Nope

        This is the original toadette gamer fyi

      3. The Silent Shadow

        @Jacob idk bro, but I know for a fact this game isn’t racist lmao

      4. Jacob

        Hmm, is this the original Toadette Gamer or just one of the copycats?

      5. The Silent Shadow


    79. ThePizzaMuncher

      At 0:47 that reminded me of Bongo Bongo.

      1. Molduga

        reminds me of a Like-Like or something similar

    80. xenonlade master

      Genshin impact better and will outsell this trash💞💞💞💞

      1. The Silent Shadow

        *I know your joking buddy.*

      2. Dragon

        Funny he says “outsell” when it’s free and has sold zero copies to this day.

      3. Nope Nope


    81. Geepkillaz

      Dead game lol

      1. The Silent Shadow

        @Molduga ive seen you in like 5 comment sections bro like I swear, Molduga, like, *do you remember me?*

      2. ZGFutureEnergixGamer

        *hasn’t even F****ing came out*

      3. Molduga

        Halo Infinite dead game

      4. The Silent Shadow

        *lmao* previous game of the year sequel with #1 trending? Yeah ok buddy

      5. Nope Nope

        Dead brain lol

    82. Mason Smith

      Take all the time you need don't release it any earlier

      1. The Silent Shadow

        @Naiko legit

      2. Naiko

        totally, the Nintendo team that made BOTW are geniuses, just give them all the time in the world to surprise us again

      3. The Silent Shadow

        Yes, finish this so it will surpass BOTW and become better, *somehow*, bruh like, if it takes 2 more years its worth it dude, its so worth it.

    83. Ignis Fatus

      Please take away that nonsense about weapons break

      1. ZER JF


      2. Tony Tan

        @The Silent Shadow It made a lot of people feel like not using them at all.

      3. The Silent Shadow

        I like durability, it gives more meaning to the weapons your using and makes it so you dont take them for granted.

      4. Dragon


    84. Smbai

      What's that? Floating HC? Give me a tree or a rock and stasis. I'll be there in a minute.

      1. The Silent Shadow

        LETS GOO BROOO. But like, obviously there gonna take away our previous stuff in our save file, with my 100% file I could beat Ganon in 2.5 seconds right there and then, I’m sure you could too.

    85. Smbai

      This better have music. That was what BotW was missing to make it a perfect 10/10

      1. Dragon

        @Smbai Gonna cry when you buy BOTW2 as well…then come complain again, aww.

      2. Smbai

        @Dragon crying from laughter 🤣

      3. Dragon

        @Smbai Go cry to mommy.

      4. Dragon

        @Smbai You think anyone cares what you have to say? Lmao.

      5. Smbai

        @Dragon I didn't think you could actually make yourself look more stupid honestly. You proved me wrong. Please continue because it's quite funny

    86. Leah

      Zelda has short hair and did she just die 😫 noooooo! What is happing

      1. The Silent Shadow

        Yeah Zelda died, *oh well*, I was a Link and Zelda shipper but *ya know*, things happen : )

    87. Sune ✓

      60fps ??

      1. ZER JF

        Yep, 720p/60fps and 1080p/60fps Except if Nintendo announces Switch Pro..

    88. Depleted

      so we didnt defeat dark beast ganon, we simply caused him to powerup his malice. Links right arm has been augmented by sheikah tech and im assuming that is what gives him the ability to puddle portal. The new z-axis movement looks really fun, it did get slightly boring sipping stam elixirs when z-axis climbing in the climbers set. The statis-rewind looks like it will add a fun new mechanic for dungeons and even for killing monsters in interesting ways. Dear god i hope the dungeons are actually dungeons this time, the 4 divine beasts weren't fun. I can't wait for it to be emulated on cemu!

      1. ZER JF

        Cemu is wii u lol. Buy it.

      2. Molduga

        Cemu is for Wii U games

    89. Jesse cortez

      Fishing pole

    90. CodenDraws

      OMG?!!!? NENTANDO DID YOU DO A SKYLOFT REFRENCE?!!!!?!!111!??!1?111

      1. The Silent Shadow

        I believe so : 0

    91. Anmol Prakash

      OMG BBG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    92. Ahmad Abdul Majeed

      That OOT Zelda lullaby reference at the end of the trailer is 👌

    93. GenesisJay

      Traditional Dungeons Please 😉

    94. The Ostrich

      This must run on the Switch Pro, it looks too good!!! - Blinded fanboys

      1. Markus Alfred Levo

        @Molduga yes but The switch “pro”led is.

      2. The Silent Shadow

        (Oled model is like a switch pro but not what people thought) But yeah i see that, but bro I don’t care what this game comes out on, *because it is going to be beautiful no matter how you slice the pizza*

      3. Molduga

        @Markus Alfred Levo Ostrich was saying that there are a lot of idiots claiming that it looks too good to be on a Switch, meaning this teaser is from a Switch Pro. But that's not the case. People don't understand that BotW is a Wii U game that was ported to the Switch. Also the Switch Pro doesn't even exist.

      4. Markus Alfred Levo


    95. michał klonecki


    96. Friedrich Starke

      Day 39 of watching this Trailer until the game come out

      1. O'en O'en

        Lol good job🤣🤣

      2. Hero_Cat78


      3. The Silent Shadow

        LEEEEGGIITTT BRROO me 2 man

      4. The Ostrich

        Get a life

    97. FozzyGozzy

      If you can't pet dogs then we gotta boycott

    98. Ghostlee

      How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man!??!??

    99. Pikapro 745

      *Now with double the korok fun! 1800 koroks*