sub) 6am studying morning routineㅣmaking granola & greek yoghurtㅣpescaterian diet

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    1. Taetae

      Unnie can we get your workout routine pweasewww🐻

    2. Carat Seventeen

      I love you seungkwan

    3. cdss

      can't you find greek yogurt at the supermarket? just curious, where I live it's easy to find it

    4. Ruena Fernandes

      Hey can you please make a video on what have you studied. It will be really helpful. Thank you. Love From India.

    5. Jennifer R

      Please push the avocado stone out with your fingers from the shell side of the avocado. There are numerous videos that keep you protected from cutting yourself

    6. army_directioner

      You can try making the yogurt more juicy. Turks make it more juicy. It's just recommend

    7. army_directioner

      Turkish yogurt!!yeee finally someone knows that

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    9. Cherry

      I thought you had a lot of trouble making yogurt and I wanted to tell you how we Turks make it. It wouldn't be an extremely hard yogurt, but what's the need for a very hard yogurt anyway :D First of all, we rinse our pot with water, add our milk into it. We put a saucer in our milk and light the bottom of the stove. This will prevent our milk from overflowing. In fact, how can the milk that I share on my own page not overflow? You can use the recipe. Look at the level when you put your milk in your pot. You should continue boiling the milk until it drops one finger down from the initial level. You must ensure that the water in the milk evaporates and disappears. When you don't boil too much, your yogurt will be watery. After the boiling process is over, let's pour the milk into the jars with the help of a ladle. Take the jars to the place where you will set them to ferment and fix them because it is not good to move after fermentation. I even lay table cloth under the jars. In this way, there is no heat loss. From the bottom, we protect the heat loss of the milk. The jars placed in their place should be checked from time to time to see if they have reached the fermentation temperature. In order to understand that it has reached the fermentation temperature, if we can count to 10 by inserting our little finger in the middle of the jar, that is, if our finger can withstand the heat, it is OK for up to 10 seconds. When counting alone, bites should begin to be felt on your finger after 7. At that moment, catch the right time :) Otherwise, the milk will be warm and we cannot achieve the desired result. We take 1 spoon of milk from the milk that has reached its full consistency, put 1 tablespoon of yoghurt in which we will make yeast, mix it in a bowl and ensure that it becomes homogeneous. Then add a teaspoon of yeast to each jar and mix 5-6 times. The aim is to spread the yeast to every point. After the fermentation process is finished, cover the jars with a perforated strainer and wrap them with a nice cloth. Only the top part of the sieve should remain open so that it does not steam and water. A second cloth should be thrown over it. Here it should be wrapped with that second cloth. I shared it in pictures, it will be explanatory. I ferment it at 12 at night and put it in the refrigerator at 8 in the morning. When you wait a full night in the refrigerator, you are met with a completely organic and delicious taste like a stone.

    10. ggggggvmm

      Привет,спасибо за видео.Но было бы отлично если бы ты добавила песен в своих видео🙃

    11. Larissa Macêdo

      Amo seus vídeos 🇧🇷

    12. Btsluv

      This video is all about Greek yoghurt 😂🥰

    13. Sümeyye

      I get hungry watching your videos. :p

    14. 홈런볼

      완벽한 엔딩 멘트였다

    15. DE LEON, Maria

      Where did you buy ur white keyboard???

    16. حيدر علي

      I hope you speak Chinese well🌹

    17. Baskan Delirdi

      15 temmuz as bayrakları mı xhwnnxnwnxnwnbdbwjjda haaarikaasınnn domatesci 🤩🤩

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    19. 정은

      한국어 댓글..돌려줘..

    20. Virginie Gonzalez

      omg my favorite yt channel from now on!

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      Karşı kimızının koşu HAJSJAJKSJDKSKDKS

    23. İrem Gül Akkurt

      yoğurdumuza bulgar yoğurdu demesi üzdü..

    24. jamin_echo

      Người làm vietsub xin hãy đổi ngôi “tớ” thành “mình” 😊

    25. Tralalalala Opaaa

      yoghurt is actually arabic!

    26. sokovvaa 7

      где мои русские субтитры😭

    27. Merve

      That yogurt water is really healty, you can drink it if u want

    28. H H

      딤딕!!!!!딤딤딤딤딕!!!!!님!!!!!!!! 저 딤디님 오실 때까지 숨 참는 중..........이에요

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    29. Natalia Nalewajka

      European people need recipes for your dishes :D

    30. Kama S

      hey guys, i love waching deemd also because she's showing me the culture of other country, do you know any other youtuber silmilar to deemd but from Africa/ South America? Thank you in advance!

    31. Pallavi Borkar

      This video depicts the lives of most people in this pandemic - sleep, eat, work, wash, repeat. I also love your grocery shopping, that's exactly the kind of food I eat. Healthy eating habits. Cheers!

    32. Sandy | Life at Home

      I didn't realize that yogurt is this easy to make. Thanks for showing us how to make it. You're my favorite silent vlogger by the way!

    33. Rümeysa Sarı

      Please just say Turkish yoghurt.

    34. mary

      Will you post the new video today?

      1. deemd 딤디

        Yes I will!

    35. Journey With Dee

      Always looking forward to see your vlogs! Im from Singapore, new to vlogging and KOlove!

    36. Usha Daniel

      Without removing the whey you could have used it to make yogurt drink at home, Indians make lassi with it(sweet drink) instead of throwing

      1. Dawn's vlogs

        ahh that's a good tip!

    37. Havvanur Çevik

      Yoğurt a biraz su eklersen sıvı olur yani akışkan bi hale gelir yemesi daha kolay 💖🇹🇷

    38. mi's vlogs

      unnie can u say which app do u use to edit thumbnail ☺️😛💕


      Yougurt is not is turkish

    40. 하요미Hayomi

      와우 그릭요거트 뜻 처음 알았어욬ㅋㅋ런던 사는데돜ㅋㅋ왜 아무도 말 안 해줬는짘ㅋㅋㅋ 간사해요 딤디님!

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    42. bakugo katsuki

      thanks for mentioning yogurt is from turkey 🇹🇷 it comes from the turkish verb "yogurmak" and it is indeed turkish food thanks. i love you 🫂

    43. 외않되

      헉 전혀 모르는채로 그냥 그릭요거트 그릭요거트 했는데.. 새로운거 알아갑니다🥺💟,,

    44. Min Marii

      Sou brasileira é muito bom ver seus videos, acabei vendo nos recomendados e ja ameii💜💜

    45. Yagmur Dogan

      Domatesçi müşkülpesente teşekkürler,her ne kadar ingilizce bilsem de çeviri insanı kendine çekiyo resmen tebriiiik

      1. domatesçi müşkülpesent

        çok teşekkür ederiiiim💘💘🤧

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      Onun 1/4 i kadar yiyorum gun içinde.bunlar neden bu kadar zayıf😭

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      吃东西的时候so cute

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      That MIB flash to make us forget the avo toast girl I DIEEEEDDD 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    49. ★𝑨 𝑴 𝒀    𝑼 𝑩 𝑨 𝑵 𝑰★

      Heyyy...I find u being my Widest inspiration 🙈💙🦋✰

    50. HFM

      Deemd I really hope you disinfected that cloth before you poured the yogurt on it 😫! You’re supposed to boil it before using 😓

    51. A. Lee

      Ama hai un metabolismo pazzesco complimenti

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    53. The brokeStudent

      I am not a regular to this channel, i watch it from time to time but today i finally subscribed whooooo💃🇿🇦. and i just want to say Congrats on your new job, my self and most of your online community are very proud of you💛

    54. yüsra

      yeni Türk çevirmenini beğenmedim ben ya

      1. myee

        @domatesçi müşkülpesent aaaa ayy gercekten cok eglenceli cevirilerin zjskakdjjdja

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        @Sude Sağlık 🥺🥺 beğenmene çok sevindim💘💘💘

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        @domatesçi müşkülpesent emeğine sağlık teşekkür ederiz ben baya eğlendim dowmzpöwpz💞💞

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        @myeeevet son iki videoyu ben çevirmiştim💘

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        @yüsra dikkate alacağım bir sonraki çevirilerim için💘ansiklopedi gibi olmasın diye 2-3 cümle yazıyordum, yapıcı eleştiriniz için teşekkür ederim✍️

    55. 혜린

      딤디님 그릭요거트 적으면 한번에 우유 두통씩 만드세요

    56. Semanur İnce

      It’s not Greek yoghurt, TURKISH YOGHURT!

      1. busra ozkes


    57. Raven _100

      1:23 You are very thoughtful❤ Thank you😘

    58. Nisa Clkknt

      Ya çeviren kişi harikasın ckdnxkdkdkdkdkdbckdkdskks

      1. domatesçi müşkülpesent

        çoookkk teşekkür ederim💘💘

    59. 라임

      노트북 거치대정보 부탁드려요 너무예쁘게 사시네여

    60. 꺄르륵

      너무귀여워 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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    62. Veronica Putri

      there are tools that making greek yogurt process lot easier. i forgot the name, but u can check it on ondo vlog. she is korean too. btw love your videos, have a good weekend🎉

    63. georgia

      where did you get your ipad lockscreen, i want it so badly because it's so pretty!


      Hey, just a simple yogurt recipe Boil milk and let it cool down a little not a lot and add 3-4 spoons of previous yogurt. Let it sit overnight and it's🇮🇳 India..

    65. Dana Dh

      3:00 if u puts yogurt will be great 🤍🤩

    66. Faye

      I recently just started living alone and your videos give me so much comfort. 💜

    67. 구름

      그릭 맛은 그냥 그랬나봐요 ㅋㅋ 맛표현이 없네요

    68. 구름

      와 근데 우유 큰 거 한 통에 쪼금 나오네요

    69. 구름

      우리 모두... 샌드위치에 왜 뚜껑이 있는지 생각해 보아야 하는 시기입니다..

    70. Aleli Gomez

      I’m in the process of creating a KOlove channel, would you mind sharing the things you record with? Thanks! Love your videos!

    71. اديان ماجد

      Keep eating good food and have a happy life I love you again you are a person who deserves happiness احبك شكرا على اضافه الترجمه العربيه >♡

    72. Shatha 99

      Make all your videos subtitled in Arabic, this is really fun✨

    73. اديان ماجد

      شكرا على اضافه الترجمه العربيه احبك Love you so much from Iraq thanks for Translation

    74. Алтынай Крупова

      жду русские субтитры…

      1. Chepa

        Тоже жду😉

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      우리집에 이 더운 날 열풍이 부는데 그것은 바로 딤디 열풍……. 동생이랑 저랑 하루에 한번이 뭐야 틈날 때마다 딤디 얘기……….. 그만큼 좋다는 뜻 ~ ~ 응원합니다 딤디씌..

    76. hemings ruke

      저게 대체 무슨요리임?

    77. dₒₖyᵤₙgₛₒₒbₐₑ

      when you were watching seungkwan's video, this popped in my mind at that time: Carats be like: let me introduce myself 😂 If you know, you know. Btw yes, he's a baby!!

    78. Elif Arpacık

      Türkçe çeviri mükemmel gerçekten. Çevirmeni tebrik ederim jxkcfukckd

      1. domatesçi müşkülpesent


      2. Elif Arpacık

        @domatesçi müşkülpesent tebrik ederim göndermelerin çok iyiydi

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        çoooookkk sevindim beğenmene💘💘

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      포르투갈어 자막이 저를 행복하게 했습니다. 나는 당신의 비디오를 좋아합니다! 💕

    80. ni hao wo shi fia

      I am very happy for you and also you are source of inspiration for me.thanks for such good and relaxing videos💚💚💚

      1. KM

        Ni hao

    81. nefertitiniz

      I would still prefer you to say Turkish yoghurt :(

    82. Funda A.

      Yoğurdun Türkiyeden olduğunu ayrıca belirten koca yürekli kız. Teşekürler.🤍

    83. Yusra Nlbnt

      Yunan yoğurdu niye yapıyon kızım Türk yoğurdu

    84. yunhee jang

      그 미니선풍기에 백혈병 유발 전자파가 엄청나게 나온데요 뉴스에서 봄 ㅜ 안쓰시는게 좋으실것같아요...

    85. yunhee jang

      딤디님 또 왔어요!!외로우실것같아서 또 댓글달러왔어요 ㅋㅋ 주말잘보내시고...화이팅 ☺️

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      deemD vlogs are my only healing method during this hard times💚 thank u so much and stay safe D:)

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      i really love the grocery segment in your vlogs!!! ❤❤❤❤

    88. Miray Genç

      During the Ottoman period, there were many different nations, then these nations broke up and established their own countries.That's why I think our food is similar to some countries, especially countries that are close to Turkey, or some of them are the same.I am Turkish, no need to break hearts for food, let's drink Turkish coffee and eat our Turkish delight.good and happy days but especially peace

      1. bakugo katsuki

        sizin gibi insanlar yüzünden türk kültürü kalmayacak. herşeyimizi çaldılar.

      2. bakugo katsuki

        ya boş yapma... burada resmen yemeğimizi çalıyor yunanlar sen hala hümanistlik yapmaya çalışıyorsun. yoğurt türk yemeği, yoğurmak kelimesinden geliyor.

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      넷플릭스 씨스피라시 꼭 봐보세요 아무거나 잘 먹는 저에게 굉장히 충격적인 소재였어요!!!

    91. EruannaP

      love the video but the yoghurt comment kjshdgacksdgfa yoghurt is thousands of year old what does a turkish immigrant in new york have to do with it? and greek and turkish cuisine share a lot of dishes and techniques since the populations were mixed for so long. which was also at least a couple of centuries before anyone besides american natives were in the new york area. i guess theres a conversation about yoghurt im not aware of haha

    92. 이은혜

      07:59 아…공감. 24:46ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ홀리ㅋㅋㅋㅋ베이빜ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅌㅌ

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      I love yours videos soooo much, seeing you eat actually helps me A LOT with my ED, I hope you stay healthy and drink a lot of water in the summer to keep you hydrated. Love from Brazil ❤️❤️

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      일상을 부지런하게 움직이시는게 고스란히 영상에 담기네요,,,요거트만드는것두 쉽지않은데 대단해용🥺

    95. Silvia Suppo

      Hi, there! Greek yogurt was not invented in New York. The recipe is very ancient, probably from what is now Bulgaria about 4000 years ago...

    96. 김애옹

      15:33 요거트: 살려줘...

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      هل يوجد عرب 🤔🤔

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      شكرا للترجمه العربيه

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      Wait that's just super boiled rice