Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards

Taylor Swift

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    Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 American Music Awards (November 24th, 2019)

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      This is no amas but taylor concert

    2. Daria Yaseen

      65 M views 65 K comments

    3. Sheena Tivar

      Not gonna deny. Watched this for over 20 times already.😍

    4. Christian Orodio

      besides of being talented she is also the hot topic of the 2010's from lovelife personal life and drama so there is no doubt why she is the artist of a decade of 2010's Love you Taylor 🥰

    5. Rean Rocket

      omg many celebrities in her concerttttttttt

    6. Sandra TJ

      who else watching this at the same time singing? 🖐️

    7. Bread Sandwich


      1. Bts Army

        No :)

    8. Nolo Mahibila

      She looks great here :)

    9. jamily Araujo

      Halsey , Camila e Taylor a digníssima trindade ❤️✨

    10. Vera Mateos

      billie eilish: claps during love story billie fans: watching this and now they are swifties swifties (like me): *vibing to this cos we were always taylor fans*

    11. C dizzle swizzle

      2:21 my supportive bestie and mom whenever i do something onstage at school

    12. Zachary Shapiro

      The cultured timbale impressively protect because cap dewailly undress before a bent damage. super, forgetful shame

    13. Willi CT

      0:24 the child ohh no

      1. Eren Ulusan

        lmao, that's sad

    14. Daisy Iracheta

      Siempre que veo esta presentación me salen lagrimas! Neta se me pone la piel chinita

    15. ihavegotaflava

      Selena jamming with Tays mom is such mood.... STAN QUEEN!

    16. Anni

      I’m kinda sad that there wasn’t a single song from reputation

    17. Levys Luís

      Love me

    18. Gym sin ir al Gym

      Taylor hazme un hijo!!!

    19. Helena Moreira

      Camila and Halsey 🤧❤️

    20. Helena Moreira


    21. Sarah Lalthangzo

      Taylor has the best songs of all time!!

    22. hung nguyen huu

      thaần tượng của tôi ơi. taylor swift ...........................!

    23. Gabriela Rocha

      her dad not knowing the lyrics of i knew your were trouble lmaoo

    24. Hamm Rasika

      You deserve the world taylor. I gonna cry ;-;

    25. Sandhusndhu 000

      My Selena's bff

    26. Lila Drewes

      She literally made this her own concert jwhcidbfj

    27. MV BRUH

      anyone see the little girl get elbowed to the face.

    28. Alva Kristin

      Thank you Taylor, make my day feel better... love you

    29. Lexi R

      I'm in love with the dancers ❤️ seriously.

    30. Shona Sen

      She looks so pretty ❤️🤗

    31. Eva

      🥺 I’m still here

    32. Lorena Corona

      Eres una diosa Taylor, te amo.

    33. Rosy chapagain

      The music industry

    34. Dron

      She is really Rockstar

    35. Dikotla Keletso

      August 2021 still here💓💓

    36. arianagrande

      i watch this performance every night before i go to bed bc its iconic

    37. Esmeralda


    38. Esmeralda


    39. Esmeralda


    40. Esmeralda


    41. Esmeralda

      Love you tay

    42. Esmeralda


    43. Esmeralda


    44. Ya Mite

      Billie :👁️💧👄💧👁️ go taylorrr!!!

    45. heimand b diaz f

      Felicitaciones!! me fascina con la ternura y pasión con que cantas..

    46. mr music knowledge

      That dance break at 0:25 seconds seemed so fun i wanted to be up there with them

    47. mr music knowledge

      This has 60 mill views wow lol

    48. Taylor Phann

      Wait wait wait... what if the re-recordings will be released in the sequence of songs in this performance with the lead single being the song she sings for each album. Fearless - Love Story. Red - I Knew You Were Trouble. 1989 - Blank Space and Shake It Off.

    49. ShM H

      I don't get it...

    50. Levys Luís

      Love me

    51. Sh000

      Kind of rude how they hosted an award show in the middle of taylor's concert

    52. Sharmila Kasichhwa

      The bond between Selena and Taylor I just love it❤🌸

    53. Mobile FEDMaker 2020

      No one storm can defeat this storm of emotions that were on the American Music Awards.

    54. Carlos Antônio


      1. Lucero Lara


    55. ABOUT Donnie

      5:20 proof that Billie being a fan of taylor.

    56. Kusuo_ Saiki

      She deserve to perform at superbowl

    57. christopher ji

      I wish I could be there..😍😍

    58. Aica Piras

      Everyone love Taylor and that's a big FACT

    59. camila cardozo


      1. Lucero Lara


    60. Jamie Trinidad

      Just realized the songs from diff album's sequence... Love Story - Fearless IKYWT - Red Blank Space & Shake It Off - 1989 Anyone also realized this when she released her own version of her albums

    61. Joe Griffin

      anyone who says Taylor can't sing must really hate her and don't forget she without one of the nicest around.

    62. Mad for Maths

      I live for this.... 3:35

    63. janhvi shukla

      5:28 - find Billie 😂😂😂 She is incredibly visible 😂

    64. Handi Meinswift

      Oh wait I forgot something democracy queen I forgot to say You singing about love is like a plugged John I just shit on

      1. Rory Young


    65. 42. Pranjal Pihu B

      When someone asks who is Taylor Swift I show them this

    66. Jheens Ramírez

      Taylor Swift's 🥺💜

    67. Sam Pattnaik


    68. over thinker

      7:05 bestie's living her life

    69. Kathleen May Andal

      Iloveyou Taylor Swift since I was 8 years oldddd! Now I'm turning 21 this October. 💖

    70. ??

      They way she shares this moment with her best friends 🥺

    71. Shareefa Mariyam

      she is amazzzzing❤

    72. gwsavcnue

      Is this an award show or a Taylor Swift's concert ?

    73. Pamela Pacquiao

      The moment when selena gomez, tay's mom and dad sitting infront of the stage. I'm so touched.

    74. Luna Liz

      a indústria da música ❤️

    75. Moonclayground

      Phenomenal!!!!! ♥♥♥

    76. boys love

      3:57 this will be me showing my future daughter the music industry 😎😎

    77. py Lau

      I miss her on stage

    78. TheBlackFlash _TH

      I love you so much !!! You are soo wonderful

    79. Joshua Juelar Chivaree Iamjakorn

      People watching this right now are legend

    80. DanielFrequency

      I thought this was Taylor Tour 😯

    81. hotpot lover

      The DANCERSSS 🔥💣💣💣💣👌🏽

    82. yoongisfuturerock

      i watch this video every single day- its a problem at this point-

    83. Nguyen Phan Diem Quynh Quynh

      Music party, excellent!

    84. Allison

      1989 is next after REDDDDD

    85. yuridia ortega


    86. Almie Rivera


    87. Carol Torres

      love youTaylor

    88. Sheyda Mellati


    89. Sheyda Mellati

      Best consert ever 💗😋

    90. hadya

      the way taylors mom and dad both know lyrics to all her songs and are singing along with her is so cute. such a proud moment for them 🥺

    91. نوف ااا

      3:23 who is she?

      1. Kathryn Lynch


      2. grandesmusic

        i think dua lipa

    92. Yann Ouvey

      Her legs should be in a museum.

    93. nic cy

      It feels like a concert.. i can't stop watching thisss😍😍

    94. Random User

      Does Taylor have to re-record speak now… because wasn’t it after fearless, she doesn’t have to re-record Taylor swift, but what about speak now? Is a song from speak now even in this? I’m confused

    95. Danilo Cabrera

      face punch @ 0.24

    96. Blue Persona

      This deserves to be watched in 4k!!!!!