Teaching my support a lesson [Teddy Stream Highlight]

T1 Fighting

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    What’s the correct way to play Support?

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    게시일 2 개월 전


    1. 하승연

      초반부분 보는데 왤캐 인성 개차반같지ㅋㅋ

    2. mao studio


    3. dark ketchup

      daw hubog bla haw

    4. 쿨튜브

      정신 온전한 분 맞나요??

    5. Chris L

      The one crocus pathophysiologically strengthen because gas resultantly admire despite a shut america. aberrant, dramatic honey

    6. Shauncy Legaspi

      Teddy is so funny lol

    7. Phan Dang Hong Duc


    8. Koi Cavendish

      Jewoo - Wooje LMAOOO

    9. Koi Cavendish

      Completely opposite of faker

    10. Jin Nam

      저게 피곤한거면 안피곤할때는 텐션 얼마나 높은거야

    11. annxrae

      Effort 🥺💛

    12. Ryuga Roxas

      Poor Jeewoo

    13. Asher M

      Teddy Carry

    14. alasca sugar

      imagine teddy saying your name repeatdly because you are his support ~~ a dream ~~

    15. Razor

      That intro is sick!

    16. Reccaman

      8 minutes of baby crying

    17. Peck_콕콕이

      3:36 lol is that actually leona's voice

    18. Homebody

      am i the only one who lowkey thinks nb3’s editor edited this vid

    19. Wonder Tale

      I love Teddy's Energy! It drived me Happy and Crazy 🤪❤️❤️

    20. Raven Sanchez

      5:05 I dont know why im waiting for the Nyaa Ichi Nii san line Leat'eq by Tokyo to pop here.

    21. LeoPe00

      ma come parla? che è la lingua degli dei?

    22. Lrnz

      I actually like opgg as a sponsor

    23. Christian Faustinorio

      sadly op,gg doesn;t work on garena server

    24. MrMcMuggel

      Who is this Garves champion at 0:30 ??

    25. Cass Serrano

      Effort!!! I miss you, man:(

      1. Adjusting

        @Jeanne Crisp is by far the best support

      2. frances mijares

        @Jeanne It's okay if you disagree everyone has their own povs but my main I point in this reply is that you can say who is the best WITHOUT BELITTLING OTHERS (they are indeed in the same position but all of them have different styles and all of them are working hard to be the best)

      3. Jeanne

        @frances mijares i disagree tho that DK beryl is the strongest (with his MSI performance i don't think so, try doing that against Teddy and keria in lane lol)..Keria still the best support in the world actually.

      4. frances mijares

        @AAA WA why are you so triggered for just a single comment 😐🤨 they don't even mention anything they just miss Effort (nothing personal dude) and I just wanted to remind you that Effort has 3 lck title and 2019 World Cup semifinalist, all lck supports are amazingly good YOU DON'T NEED TO BE RUDE!! By performance I think DK beryl is the strongest.... (Let us be, because he grew up to skt-t1, just because we miss someone's presences it means we hate the other, keria is a good kid, learn how to RESPECT others dude it's 2021 lessen the toxicity 😐)

      5. AAA WA

        @reigshi missing someone means you want him back

    26. Kappa Chino

      Why is teddy an amazing content creator lmao

    27. Poogiee

      6:50 wTF😂

    28. Lil Thanh

      oh ,Effort.... i miss him so much :(

    29. Raikage Solo

      Anyone hear Kevin Hart?

    30. Leftchannel Blossom


    31. meeme

      How I wish I’m this energetic when sleepy 😩😂

    32. mellow mallow

      crackhead teddy missing his marshmallow effort????? im here for it 😫💖

    33. Jeanne

      Lmao Teddy is just so funny.. his side comments even tho I can't understand always got me.

    34. I am a Dreamer

      And when I heard on Faker's stream "ARIGATOOOOO" could have been only one person 😭

    35. Jury

      efffforrrtt huhu

    36. Alex

      Teddy is such a psychopath. It's fucking great!

    37. ari

      effort :((

    38. Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade

      I will never get bored of Teddy 5:01 he suddenly speaks Japanese LMAOOO

    39. You don’t even own a suit!

      I teach my supports lessons all the time. ....

      1. Raven Sanchez

        @wong kang jie Dont worry bro im just messing with you two since your comment section remind of that certain meme. But yeah i kinda also do that so they'll also use the chat or ping.

      2. wong kang jie

        @Raven Sanchez I actually do. Like I use the chat and pings a lot to tell my team what to do, esp in the big moments

      3. Raven Sanchez

        Wait you guys are teaching?

      4. wong kang jie

        i teach my team all the time

    40. Yoonster

      1:39 LMAO i love teddy so much

    41. June Rafaela


    42. zezemau

      1am here in brazil🇧🇷🇧🇷

    43. Daybig Hwang

      Teddddddddy park

    44. foodSide NS


    45. Ash Chavez


    46. rodrigo corrales chaupi


    47. C L

      Teddy so funny

      1. 李弘侑