The Insane Engineering of the A-10 Warthog

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    Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
    Editor: Dylan Hennessy ( )
    Animator: Mike Ridolfi ( )
    3D Animation: Eli Prenten
    :Sound: Graham Haerther ( )
    Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster forgottentowel


    Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

    Music by Epidemic Sound:

    Octavium - Robert Ruth
    Melted Mind - Max Anson
    Cruise Control - Martin Baekkevold
    Travellers - Ran the Man
    Bloom - Dye O
    Beyond Rivers and Dust - Alec Slayne

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    1. Real Engineering

      We just released a new video about the A-10's grand papi, the P-47 Thunderbolt. 👴🏻 If you enjoyed this video, you will love this one:

      1. Jason Leask

        @PJS50 I was interested so went and looked it up after reading your comment. The US produces quite a lot of Depleted Uranium so it makes sense that they'd find a use for it.

      2. PJS50

        ​@Jason Leask DAMMIT! I responded to you a couple days ago Jason, after my one about the P-39, and YT ditched it AGAIN! Seems any time I reply twice to the same thread, the second one gets ditched! That's cool they are still using DU as far as I am concerned. If it works, it works... I have an Gau-8 DU round in my collection (inert of course); pretty red aluminum tip on the projo. There's also quite a bit of titanium in that round...

      3. walter maravilla

        Oh and they will trust me

      4. PJS50

        @CadetSparklez P-39, another cool plane... the Russians had some pretty good luck with it as a fighter! I believe my dad who was stationed in the Aleutians (Umnak Is., Ft. Glenn) during WW II said he saw a few of those fly through his base. I understand that 37mm cannon that fired through the nose wasn't all that great of a weapon though.

      5. Jason Leask


    2. murlyn greenleaf

      The A10; Truly a master piece.

    3. Chills

      At 4:17 it looks like candy corn

    4. Specter7 All hail the dn

      So they basically took a gun put a plane on it put a titanium bathtub on top of it then put you in that titanium bathtub and closed the cockpit “Such is the way of the brrrthog”

    5. Michael Jackson The Guilty Drug Addicted Pedophile

      Keep the current type in production and build a larger version with twin 30mm guns, 12 AGM missiles and fly it remotely from an air conditioned container. Then nuke the crap out of the entire Middle east. After the air cools down, put a few thousand of these flying guns on station and kill anything that moves. No more terrorists or religious fanatical criminals.

    6. jerk fudgewater

      14:46 what kind of time travel nonsense sentence was that Dr. Who?!?!?!? 😂🤣

      1. jerk fudgewater

        Douglas Adam’s wants his past future tense back

    7. WillBrink

      I'm happy to hear the powers that be have decided to stop trying to scrap with awesome CAS beast, to developing new/updated versions.

    8. Mike Martin

      Best replacement for a tank that's flying...

    9. Forknite Tryhard

      A-10 gets wing torn off and the hydraulics are not working A-10: Tis but a scratch

    10. sohag khan

      The immense garlic posteriorly flash because scent utrastructurally support failing a witty marimba. brave, fearful fearless flame

    11. Colby

      I saw an interview of a A-10 Warthog pilot who said the gun is so powerful that you can feel the plane decelerate when i'ts fired and the enemy are so afraid of this machine, they basically surrender when they hear it coming.

    12. Corey G.

      These girls saved my ass so many times in Afghanistan

    13. Mr happy banana

      A-10A best 30 mm mini guns 😍

    14. Bob Parsons

      Great video, but it's "Thunderbolt II", not "Lightening Bolt".

    15. Dreams R Lies

      Came for G. I. Joe memorabilia and ended up LEARNING?!? 😂

    16. Drama King

      WW3 starts A-10: *MASS PRODUCTION*

    17. Ben Alexander

      In defense of the A-10 staying in service, it actually gets the job done. An F-35 could never do the A-10s job as well (or as safely), nor could it act as an interceptor as well as a designated model. Honestly, I don't like this idea of an "unspecialized military". It leaves weak points to be exploited, which is the exact opposite of how a military is supposed to function, both as a deterrent, and as a combat force.

      1. Rookie

        A10 doesnt need stealth if there are no enemies

    18. Bobcat 843

      Tank busters

    19. nightcaste

      "Warthog" is a nickname. The designation of the A-10 is Thunderbolt II.

    20. Gunnutt

      The gun does not sit along the centreline of the plane. They found in the prototype if the gun was on the centreline, it would flip the plane from the torque of the spinning barrels. So they offset the gun to the left and had the firing position set back anticlockwise so the rounds still exit along the centreline.

    21. Giedrius Zaura

      Putin will sufer from BRRRRRRRRT in hell

    22. Illianor123

      Other planes can carry the same payload, can they? I don’t think they can BRRRT.

    23. Kevin Cho

      the a10 works well.... if it has a sead plane to destroy the enemy aa. If not a shilka or tunguska just gonna wipe these things

    24. gianpaolo villani

      Beautiful aircraft, I want it to remain operational for many more decades, and never need to be replaced unnecessarily.

    25. That One Asian Boi

      A true beauty

    26. Mr.Crawlyo

      This plane screams, "I have yet to meet one who can outsmart bullet"

      1. Gamer Idiot

        A10's gun: "I fear no man but that thing" *tank* "It scares me"

    27. Mr.Crawlyo

      I'm sure those 6inch bullets are nice in a dogfight too

    28. Mr.Crawlyo

      The average stealth bomber fan vs the average a-10 warthog enjoyer

    29. Crystal Phillips

      The valuable notify uniformly race because motorboat qualitatively fetch besides a joyous food. tasteless, literate office

    30. Jacob Stoddard

      This thing would absolutely wreck anything in WT.

    31. T Will

      The gun is off center to compensate for its torque. Someone didn't do their research.

    32. Jason Leask

      7:44 - that's not quite right. The firing barrel is set in the centre of the plane, but the gun itself is actually offset slightly.

    33. Jas Hall

      yep yep.

    34. ▪︎

      The USA dumping depleted uranium while killing people is depressingly unsurprising

    35. mrbeaverstate

      This is the US Military....we can't use affordable planes!!

    36. Novikov_Principle

      Everybody gangsta until you see that fat 「 *M i s s i o n U p d a t e* 」

    37. Carlos Fonse

      We have a base here in town for the a-10, love when they fly by.

    38. My Username

      It’s basically a flying gun with WWII fighter aerodynamics.

    39. I_ dEvil

      General: You see that building? Pilot: Yes sir! General: i dont want to! Pilot:Yes sir!

    40. Lucas Gabriel De Oliveira Ocampos

      It's so stupid governments wasting money with weapons when they could invest in free education and science for a peaceful future

      1. Daniel Hope

        I would say humans have actually improved and are doing less wars. The only "real war" where major countries took part was ww2. Everything after was guerillas or insurgents.

    41. Stinky Fool

      f 35 : im the state of the art spyplane fitted with 360 cameras to help my pilot for more superior vision and could detect all range of light. a 10: haha gun go brrr

    42. ThereisnoGodzilla

      Gun goes BRRRRRRRR!

    43. Dave Kramer

      The F35 is an Excellent plane, BUT the time it takes the for the plane to make a second attack, the A10 has just finished it's 2nd attack and in process of making 3rd Low level troop attack.. We need BOTH planes! The Only Improvement the A10 I can think of, is it should Now be made out of Carbon fiber, weight saving, and rolls of carbon fiber VS Big sheets of Aluminum..

    44. Taylor Luxford


    45. John Dart

      The easy james ultrastructurally support because active biologically bomb versus a jagged vision. hard-to-find, piquant resolution

    46. Luke B

      My AP chemistry teacher in HS worked for DoD in the 80s, specifically on depleted uranium research. He was a bleeding-heart liberal. He told us students that depleted uranium is mostly U-238 and not U-235. It was my understanding that U-238 is barely radioactive at all…… was he lying to us to save face?

    47. Luke B

      Is it “Shell Casings” or is it “Shell Cases?” Tell me this; is the malfunction called a “case-head separation” or is it called a “casing-head separation?” My last question; are we simply regurgitating phrases we’ve heard before, or are we genuinely considering our diction before it is verbalized? Even engineers should try to speak logically and consistently.

    48. UponThePen

      When I saw the first slowmo video of the A-10 with the mouth paint I thought “wow, that’s gorgeous. It doesn’t even look real.” Then, I saw the second slowmo video and realized it was fake since there’s no pilot. After that, I realized I’m an idiot.

    49. Shawn McDowell

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    50. Gabriel Mignard

      Anti Aircraft guns: RIP off half the planes parts A10: I WILL SURVIVE

      1. Mr.Crawlyo

        Half of the planes gone and the pilot just goes "it'll buff out"

    51. Matthew Ferrie

      How do they have the center of thrust above the center of mass and not have the plane violently pitch downward?

    52. arthurneddysmith “Teflonicus”

      11:30 "Efficacy" does not equal "ethics" or "ethical". They mean totally different things.

    53. 1A2_08_EdenBoey

      The beast that comes from the skies A fictional story made up by me Once there was a occupying force in thr middle east fighting back against the U.S army one soldier says to another: "this is gonna be a easy fight" the other replies: "why do u think so" the first soldier replies: "well dont ya know we out number the enemy forces" the second replies: "really?" The first replies: "yes our recon tells us that the enemy has only sent a few thousand,we also have russian AA guns to take down any aircraft" alarms go off,it is the air raid alarm,the second says: "hope so friends" they go and man the AA guns and they see 2 aircraft but do not know what it is but follow the others and fire at it but then they see the aircrafts dive and they fire more and more slowly delpeating ammo but no matter what they did both aircraft wouldnt stop coming ithe aircrafts was riddled with wholes but still kept going even with one have part of the wings broken of but as soon as they could see it with the naked eye they here a montrous rumble and they see that their fellow soldiers die with a splatter around them tank and other AA guns were destroyed in second and in a moment they were killed as well after the that the pilots in those aircraft reported back to base saying: "infrantry may move in" still circling the area and seeing the forces move in and there was still a soldier with is lower body gone having witnessed the carnage of the beast from the skies,the A-10 WARTHOG

    54. БатПешо

      I love how they designed a plane around a gatling gun if this doesn’t scream murica idk what does

    55. Rui Correia

      If anyone could ear that gun firing, it's only because they weren't the target.

    56. roger davies

      As I sit here listening to the commentator it dawned on me that the A-10 is without a doubt to be the most unique and effective fighter/ground support aircraft ever in the history of the Air Force

    57. Gabby Ross

      The second you here that Gun it’s too late unless you’re on the allies

      1. Rui Correia

        If anyone could ear that gun firing, it's only because they weren't the target.

    58. Sperm cell with Internet

      "hey ya see that building, APCs, tanks, and enemies?" "Yes" "Make it no more" "Ight" Also yeah sure the raptor and F-16 are fast and all but they don't go "BRRRRRRRRRT" so I don't want it.

      1. Gamer Idiot

        It's just a shame the gun can't kill tanks

    59. red mercury

      Martha McSally was a top pilot in the airforce. she has over 100 combat hours flying the A-10 warthog over iraq in the 1990s. she was among the very first women that the airforce trained to be fighter pilots. she was also a flight commander and trained combat pilots. she is the Kelly McGillis of Top Gun lol. she also served as united states senator for the republican party, representing arizona from 2015-2019. so dont let that A line skirt and cardigan sweater fool you. this one tough cookie. a fine lady and great roll model. she represents what girls can achieve with dedication, discipline and hard work. you dont get something for nothing. you get out there and make it happen!

    60. MechnTech Beau

      In BRRRRRRRT my brothers and I trust

    61. Cabbage Man

      How would the F-35 be bobbing and weaving? Its not that maneuverable, perhaps the F-22 would be rocky, definitely not the F-35

    62. Dr. Zippy Mcscoots

      This plane was born the same year I was in 1972. Love this plane. Im a three time combat vet and Ive seen what this plane and Apache helicopters can do.

    63. I.B. Jr.

      "Depleted" uranium is very dangerous, and I certainly wouldn't want to be around it.

      1. matthew kühl

        It's very dense, therefore highly destructive at high velocity. It's a useful way to dispose of the waste

    64. Christopher Tysen Henriksen

      19.25 [g/cm³] density of tungsten for comparison to uranium at 19.1.

    65. Drag D

      Thanks for cancer from uranium, said Serbia and it's population.

    66. Sleepless Indefatigable

      I'm loving the fact that apparently you can actually take off with the recoil from the gun. That's madness.

    67. Thomas Szoke

      Haha A-10 go brrrrrrrrtttt

    68. Dark Mugetsu

      A-10 is obselete in modern warfares outside of middle eastern styled battles but I can see it working extremely well within groups. Regular modern fighters take out any modern anti air guns / missile batteries. Then the A-10 comes in and takes care of the remaining on the ground troops, vehicles.

      1. battalion stallion

        that is how it would be used in war steath bombers try and hit big AA f35s come it and get the rest A 10 comes and cleans up all that's left

    69. Anthony Gonzalez

      F35 s are garbage

    70. Nicholas Pratt

      I never noticed Bryan called it the Lightning Bolt XP

    71. OPPOTATO

      The F-16 doesnt have 11 hardpoints, it has 9

    72. Luke Kent

      I see a lot of people hoping it stays in service. I can see why too, it is an impressivley engineered plane and deserves respect for that. But I think the technology is just moving away from it. Firstly, it is no longer inexpensive to maintain, many of the parts aren't off-the-shelf anymore. Secondly, technology like drones and smart munitions where a rocket can be guided straight to its target are filling in the roles the A10 filled. Neither risks a pilot's life, and smart munitions can often be delivered even faster than a close support plane. No need to take off, fly to target, deliver payload, and retreat. The smart-rocket launches at high-speed, hits target, end of action.

    73. Larry Dugan

      Having done Close Air Support in a high speed aircraft it is very difficult to do well and there is a greater danger for our own troops due to the difficulty that comes with high speed. The F16 and F35 are not well suited to this role. The A10 is the aircraft for the role.

      1. Bruce U

        @Larry Dugan Thank you for the insight.

      2. Larry Dugan

        @Bruce U HI Bruce. Stand off weapons with target designation work well and are quite accurate. It does require air superiority which the US and their allies should have for the foreseeable future. Obviously technology is constantly changing and I am a dinosaur. The sophistication of the enemy is all important in this discussion.

      3. Bruce U

        As you are a subject matter expert I would be very interested to know your opinion about standoff weapons in close air support. Do you think that a multirole fighter from a standoff distance can provide effective close air support with ground troops providing GPS and/or laser targeting? In your opinion what makes the A-10 still more effective than the modern approach?

    74. misc ellaneous

      I think the only weakness with the A10 is it requires air superiority to be established first.

    75. D M

      One of my favourites. So badass! Gotta appreciate the role it serves.

    76. Josh Leggore

      10:29 and they say random crits don't exist in real life

    77. sam murphy

      Sorry mate Ur videos are being over recommend to me so I'm going to have to dislike every video and unsubscribe thank you for the videos tho

    78. The Baltic Word

    79. Troy Merrell

      Infantryman’s best friend … when the A-10 fires it’s weapon you see the gun fire then you hear the bullets hit their target and then you hear the gun fire ….

    80. Kaleb Schaaf

      They cannot retire the a10 it's, needed and upgradeable its just to perfect of a jet

      1. Daniel Hope

        The A10 was good for its time but in the modern world its outdated. The only reason its still here is coz they need something cheap to fire at terrorists in the middle east

    81. Lord Hentai

      As abundant the memes are about the Fairchild A10 Thunderbolt, but the most common are fact: *The Warthog is a flying tank.* The engineers saw tanks on the East German front, but wanted to make one that could fly but could easily best and devastate its ground based counterparts. *The Warthog is a flying gun.* Tried and true, the A10's frame is but a slave and flying delivery system for the General Electric GAU8/A Avenger cannon; a weapon who's firing noise on its own is so powerful and intimidating that it is something of a meme, and ground support troops dub the cannon "the hand of God". _In short, it's a flying tank with an aircraft built for it's gun, but not a gun built for it's aircraft._

    82. Mechanic Mike

      The A10 has been a favorite plane of mine with the F35 being a close second

    83. Blixxzard “Arctic”

      solider : yay we are saved! *slowly realizes that you are the enemy*

    84. Leung Stone

      Me when A-10 goes brrrrrrrt:

    85. Araki Luke

      You know it's a good video when it starts with a "BRRRTTT"

    86. Erick Delgado

      Hace BbbBbrprrrRrp y c va

    87. darkalman

      "An aircraft that is purpose built, cheap, easy to repair, and a rugged work horse" The exact opposite of modern US Air Force design philosophy, and one of the primary reasons the aircraft remains indispensable and in service today.

      1. Harrison Fross

        It's more like the cost of entry for fighting in even minimally contested airspace has rocketed up and nobody is quite sure how to compensate for it. Unfortunately none of the proposed solutions are cheap. The simply fact is that we know what happens when an A-10 tries to fly in airspace where a F or F/A would potentially be threatened. It dies. It dies fast. The A-10 is known for its durability. And it is very durable. It does indeed survive older and lighter weapons that would mission kill other planes. But modern AAA has gotten so energetic that no amount of resilience will allow a plan to survive a hit by the sort of weapons a moderately well equipped standing army can field.

    88. PistolPete

      Brrrrrrraaaatttttttt you beautiful best legendary plane the USA 🇺🇸 know how to make a planes!!

    89. Warpaul Gundol

      The A10 is the Iranian boats killer.

    90. iicherryboi

      Other Planes: My plane has a gun! The a-10: My gun has a plane.

    91. James Anderson

      The gun isn't mounted down the center. It's offset to the right slightly and the barrel that fires is in the 9 o'clock position to stop the plane from being pushed to the left on firing.

    92. mikevyhb glynn

      keep it for the troops protection. well presented, great historical context

    93. foilist1

      It’s Thunderbolt.

    94. Elijah Goode

      The conversation while creating the A-10: “See that big gun” “Yeah!” “Make it FLY”

    95. Bliksem

      The primary reason why the spent shell casings are pulled back into the drum is to maintain the aircraft's center of balance, not to stop them from damaging the plane.

    96. Zabala D. Oroz

      Lol I can't belive I didn't see a single shit out of hudrens in those 5 seconds. Pretty cool war machine.

    97. ethan

      Haha Warzone PTSD go brrrrrrrr

    98. Keanan Morgan

      I know very little about planes but I grew up in Tucson so I’ve know a warthog when I saw one for as long as I can remember

    99. Angel Kitteh

      The plane with many lives.

    100. Johnny Lema

      The callous cannon intriguingly communicate because skate astonishingly attend throughout a orange event. complete, uttermost united kingdom