Ugh but Every Turn a Different Cover is Used (Ugh but every turn another character sings it)


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    Ugh but Every Turn a Different Cover is Used (Ugh but every turn another character sings it)

    THIS IS A PLAYABLE MOD!!! It comes as an update for the Guns but Every Turn uses a Different Cover Mod! Also includes mods for the Animal, and Guns videos.

    A remastered version of the Ugh But Everytime it's the opponent's turn a different cover is used. Now it's actually playable and features more mods! Wait for the Pico part. It's pretty cool. Also Ex GF is the reason this took so long to upload. Had to convert her into a playable BF mod cuz for some reason just flipping the sprites doesn't work. Hope you enjoy!

    Mod Download:

    Other Mods Used:
    HD Senpai:
    V.S Annie:
    Smoke Em' Out Struggle:
    EX GF Mod:
    V.S Whitty:
    Sky: Mod got deleted.
    V.S Hex:
    Monika Mod:
    VS. Cassandra:
    FNF HD (Pico Shoot Sound):

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    1. Blantados

      Changed my mind. Finished this before Animal's Encore. Also Pico is pretty cool here.

      1. Luiz S Games

        Sum1 help gf >:(

      2. Malicious

        Ruv is god

      3. DavidAwsome 678

        Why do u like tankman and senpai

      4. Opheebop


      5. Opheebop


    2. Kassidy Soucie

      Fun fact about me after the video was done I got a add the song for the add was ugh so I watched a ugh video and a ugh add :)

    3. ricky ricardo

      1:13 who's that?

    4. cake بالعربي


    5. Basically Im Funkin

      whenever i play this and i miss a note a things pops up saying no miss animation(NOTEDIRECTION)

    6. Diego 2021


    7. Horary Pigeon484

      Everyone: casually singing Pico: hah gun go brrrrr

    8. Leyla

      Çok güze👍👍👍👍👍👍💜💜💜💜❤❤❣❣❣😘😊😀🤗😏😂🤣

    9. Alex Young MorrisonHD

      I can't find this game but a link to the game pls

    10. Virginia Velazquez

      I love it so much

    11. juhana murhan

      You komputer

    12. juhana murhan


    13. Carlos Roldán

      Me gusta ☺️☺️☺️

    14. Rosario Bermejo

      XD fnf1234

    15. Bloxin

      Hey Balntados you should copy right or sue this fnf app they used this video in their ad idk if you let them

    16. apirak. 96ARK


    17. romell manuel

      Again speed 0.5 sounds a bit good

    18. Furrvis David Pasayloon

      How to dowload

    19. •moon •

      Sarvente, witty, hex suit this song

    20. Luna

      Cass: ah~

    21. Sarthak's adventures with friends.

      Anyone noticed senpai wasn't 8-bit

    22. Bella Hk

      Me: "This is the best song ever in the fnf community, prove me wrong!" Me at 0:50 : N e v e r m I n d

    23. XXcherryXX


    24. King

      I not like the witty pica Sarv and rub selver and gorcello

    25. Ja'kori Hughes

      woooo 🔥

    26. Hani Darina Khazlezul


    27. •CharliePlazYT_Youtube5676•

      When the class is having a fight:

    28. Agoti

      Everybody: sings normally Ruv: drum drum drum

    29. Giraldo Urquijo Luna Nikol

      Estuve todo el día buscando este video xd

    30. Nina Roblox

      Miku just makes my heart melt

      1. Nina Roblox

        wrong vid

    31. ITS JAMES563

      i have played this

    32. Raphael's Epic Stuff

      Whitty sounds like he inhaled a balloon not just the helium

    33. losserbg

      I'm in love whit this songツ

    34. Bobby Bobby

      Hello! I found a guy on TikTok who used this audio without crediting you. His username is @trenox_85, and the video name is "Ugh sang by different characters" or something. Please let me know if you found him or dealt with the situation. Thanks!

    35. Zizzymaniacs

      I showed this to my friend yesterday

    36. Sebas7710

      I just got an ad for “Tap Music: The Music Game” And it was play Animal from the atsuover mod.

    37. cielo ortega


    38. iiAshxley

      Witty said ugh

    39. Neozel Perestrelo

      is the mod safe?

    40. Farren Saunders

      0:38 Whitty “stop posting among us dud memes AHHH”

    41. Stig Wolf

      Damn Hex sounds great when singing ugh

    42. Roblox Trains And More

      Can someone explain the fact that I thought hex was wearing a tank man hat

    43. CodyGaming

      Senpai:*straight up smiled when Monika showed up* Me:now that's a man who likes a girl

    44. flippy

      auh~ -cassandra

    45. 🍄✨𝚙𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚘𝚗✨🍄

      Who is the red girl

    46. Lil Gacha Potato

      Sky be like: LOVE ME Girlfriend on the speaker: oh no not her again Cassandra: HELLO IM BACK Girlfriend:noooooo

    47. KingPichu

      I'm surprised that people don't lag off of this mod

    48. 💙 sky💙

      I love you boyfriend 💙💙😃😃😃

    49. SoulSeeker Panda ツ

      how do you take the console off of the screen

    50. CyqnX_LluismaGaming

      Characters who sings: Tankman BF Sky Ayana?? Mommy Must Murder Daddy Dearest Senpai Monika Whitty Hex Cassandra Pico Annie Garcello Sarv and Ruv

    51. D3r N1ck

      1. D3r N1ck

    52. PUM ☻


    53. gamers

      0:50 please tell me the name of this mod please

      1. gamers

        @Vinniard thank you

      2. Vinniard


    54. Dutchy alpha Gang

      Cassandra did not say ugh...

    55. Inumizaki


    56. Trinh Nguyen

      This mod is sick

    57. lavn

      Hey Blantados, there a ad going arouo that has copied your own video and its really crappy. Its called “music tale geam 321

    58. NotDavizin

      Cassandra's voice sounds ultra weird we all gonna agree

    59. Jordan daniel Ninacondor sanchez

      Era good tog pot fel XD



    61. Levi Bard

      Tankman #2 at 0:14: wtf just happened to Captain?


      NİCE 100+ GOOD GOOD 100000+

    63. lina ariani

      The end part is da best lol 😂

    64. amayrani Magaña

      I liked it when he sings so man

    65. XHunt Gaming

      Dude Whitty just screams to resemble the Ugh that's so cool!

    66. Planetduker  .

      That be called "Omnifunkin'"

    67. Никита Петров

      Как мне уснуть такой модный

    68. Gatofofo Oficial !! se inscreva 💙

      Love is art😍

    69. Munky Honk

      0:38 why whittys voice so high instead of deep guitar voice


      esta bueno

    71. Pac-Man

      monika does not hd

    72. Natalia Barraza

      plis amogus

    73. DJ Gaster


    74. Eli Joseph


      1. Eli Joseph


    75. ꧁Itz_ComicBlueDeer꧂

      Tankmane: UGH BF: **agressive beeps** Sky: annoying 8 years old noises BF's ex Girlfriend?: 18 years old voice MM: GO QUEEEN!!! Popstar voice DD: 46 years old beeps Senpai: 16 years old teenager agressive beeps Monika: **Agressive Monika beep noises** Whitty: **Guitar joined the chat** Hex: Computer noises Cassandra: aH~ Pico: 40 cigarettes That wolf (idk his/her name srry): Chill Garcello: Chill beeps Sarv: **Flute joined the chat** Ruv: **Russian man has joined the chat** yeeey...

    76. Šejla#teamharisson teamharisson

      Why do Monika and whitty sound the same

      1. Šejla#teamharisson teamharisson

        And it Sounds cool

    77. Aixix

      0:56 mi madre Entrando a mi cuarto después de las boletas

    78. Sarthak's adventures with friends.

      Lol girlfriends parents don't even care she is at gun point😂🤣

    79. Opheebop

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    80. Horary Pigeon484

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    85. Thomas Martinez

      Cassandra's ugh is kinda uhhh, awful

    86. Bunny_gurlblu3

      If you seen the ad of this it is very AND I MEAN VERY CHAOTIC!

    87. Blindpit

    88. Ani


    89. Ulix2008 xd

      0:51 dont click here i said u

    90. Nightfall Fell

      The only time Pico ever shot Cassandra was because she moaned

    91. Edwin Rojas

      :fnf week 7 android gama baja optimizado

    92. Dark_ Clipp3

      Bro I’ve seen ur video in a add just saying bc I think they didn’t ask for permission

    93. Kankira

      Could you maybe do this but with “stress”. This was still great

    94. Nathaniæl Hue Redman

      I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news, but I’ve seen ads for a game called “Battle Music Full Mod” that uses footage from this video to advertise their game

    95. Ihcv csd

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