Watch Jeff Bezos and Wally Funk in zero gravity during Blue Origin spaceflight

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    1. Ljupce Ristov

      Here is Jeff Bezos reaching space And here i am being a foken penguin Elon musk gang here

    2. Morgan Weedman

      10 Minute Historic Flight: " Who Wants a Skittle"? 🤣

    3. seeni gzty

      nobody: Random person at 100km altitude: "who wants a skittle?"

    4. Kitsune

      I've been to trampoline parks longer than Bezos flight and probably got bigger than him

    5. Jesse Garrett

      Is there video looking out the window from takeoff to landing

    6. david danes

      i didnt know jeff bezos have *the boys* with him


      5.5 billion to be in a beta gosh bowl

      1. seeni gzty

        Lmao so this is what billionaires do is go up in space and play with ping pong balls and try to catch skittles with their mouth 😂😂😂 y’all be too funny

    8. Beff Jezos

      1:12 AwEsoMe!!!! 😎💪

      1. Melon Eusk

        aWeSOme!!! 🤓

    9. KhemBoBeatZ

      Where the heck is the outside camera?

    10. Plugging 420

      The comments 😂 but fr they didnt even look out the window like if they been looking at that view forever

    11. xfire7

      Why would you be playing with ping balls when the best view in the world is there ? Unless its fake ?

    12. TheAnonymous One

      We can all agree that Bezos is a Zero G -- no gangsta in him whatsoever

    13. TheAnonymous One

      Oh why didn't gravity kick in just when they were twirling around like kids. We would have been laughing our 🍑's off for the next thousand years

    14. Drummer_Zay94

      I like how no one was looking out the window. It was CGI because the earth is actually flat. No one wants to look out at a green screen!

    15. Venti

      Wasting time playing with Skittles for media points instead of observing what he paid endlessly for? I've only used Amazon twice. But now I'll never use it again. Lol

    16. James Lalramliana

      True example of wasting your life

    17. Sir Limps-a-Lot

      This rocket looks like something that can penetrate Uranus

    18. oiuet souiu

      They must be having the best sleep of their night today...feeling completely satisfied with their beautiful life

    19. A. M.

      Bald people are the best

    20. Sandip Shelar


    21. Dakota McCoy

      Lmao so this is what billionaires do is go up in space and play with ping pong balls and try to catch skittles with their mouth 😂😂😂 y’all be too funny

    22. SOBER

      what if the gravity came and whole system breakdown..🔥happy advance birthday jeff

      1. oiuet souiu

        earth then we will move so much quicker

    23. Saretta

      I am sorry. I feel a sense of... disgust.

    24. Kosmos Na luzie

      Nice video

    25. Thoth Wisdom

      I think let's go ahead with the asteroid hitting earth and killing us all. We've had a go at it and maybe the next civilization will be worthy

    26. P. Pinchelette

      Technically 12 miles from space, but okay.

    27. Captn Mojo

      Fake as f

      1. North Korea

        lol how is this fake?

    28. Digital Encom

      100% FAKED!

      1. North Korea

        Lol sure buddy it’s “FAKED”

    29. Arcadia Green

      Jeff Bezos? more like Second Plazos. get gud Jeffy Boy

    30. Travis Mcree

      Bruh they just went to the edge of the atmosphere👎

    31. Matthew Stull

      they should have kept editing the footage for a while longer

    32. Kenton Carter

      So was earth flat?

    33. jeff f

      Space made much,1 billion and you get to do spinning things in the air for 2 minutes

    34. James Graham

      Can't believe they aren't puking.

    35. Isabel Aguilar

      Congratulations Jeff Bezos & the Crew!👍😁

    36. gg33 5566

      Honestly this is such a huge step for history and it wasn’t even that bug of a deal compared to other space trips. Once we get passed people saying we live in a dome or on a flat earth then we will move so much quicker

    37. Yash Sharma

      Bored of emptiness do something about the birds and the bees

    38. Potts Watts

      How pointless what a waste of money

    39. Dimitri Lazarevic

      I almost threw up watching this

    40. Edwin Alvarado

      He's looking for an Alien doctor to fix that horrible looking eye. He should of had a bionic eye by now

    41. Nanise Puia

      I cant imagine how much fun they had

    42. Nanise Puia

      Who wants a skittle lmao

    43. Elliot Alderson

      Neil Armstrong is unfortunate for not experiencing a "REAL" spaceflight 🥺😢 prolly hates the sands they used to when they faked the Moon Scam thingy

    44. Tepuranga Heremaia

      That Bezo creep needs too be trashed.

    45. Walter Tomaszkiewicz

      Biggest lie in 2021 !

    46. HYDRA YT

      Jeff: Who WaNtS A SKiTTLe


      0:06 This makes no sense! They have the only chance in life to be able to see space from the window and are only interested in playing with the G force? Hey !! From the window you can see the space !! Hello??! Look out the window for the love of god! What do they not understand ?!

    48. Stu Riley

      Does that flat earth look curved or is that just me?

      1. miko foin

        I'm just happy for wally funk

    49. Rome

      Fake. They didn’t go


      *FAKE AF*

    51. Angel Campos

      So they just wanna spin n flip n not look at the most amazing view they've probably ever seen?? Seems legit

    52. Daniel Maldonado


    53. John Zack

      very small space ship it seems like moneys in a cage...

    54. Michal Topór

      amazing that at an altitude of 100 km away you can not see the curvature of the earth, earth is rly flat

    55. Thomas Gutiez

      B●ring AF

    56. Justin Bieber

      अमीरो के शौक है बापू भईया अमीरो के शौक है 😂😂

    57. Chumino11

      Min 1:10 until the person stops flipping, I see many objects pass through the first window on the right, they look like black dots quickly through space. Min 1:10 hasta que la persona deja de dar vueltas se ve que pasan muchos objetos por la primer ventava de la derecha parecen puntos negros rapidamente por el espacio

    58. Ace Gabriel Cruz

      Dumb people think it's fake but we billionares do this stuff I will try to go to space some time

    59. He will add a Knight

      if this were real they would be like looking out the windows, gawking at outer space. Instead they are more concerned with throwing balls and skittles. The fakery is real yall

    60. Rashid Abdul

      Fake cgi.

    61. Transcending Authenticities

      Have they tried Farting ?

    62. mmpj twod

      I'm just happy for wally funk

    63. JJxOFFiCiAL

      Even billioners eat skittles 😍

    64. Daniel H

      The slave employees of Amazon wanted Jeff is staying in space forever.

      1. LV LC

        Imagine the reverse thing for the future. If the space colonization program is a success. The future could look pretty grimm. Where the poor people would be under questionable criteria, mainly arbitrary considered:"unworthy, parasitic, criminal". Then sent away on off-world colony more like ghetto where the low people would be put together like some kind of space gulag opened on the moon or maybe mars. While the rich and the very, very, very rich have the priviledge to remain on Earth that is beeing depolluted and the wild life restored, only for themselves. Like a lost paradise. That could make a good dystopian science-fiction story, but knowing the human mind and the capitalism, this kind of thing could happend.

    65. Hood Carney

      Jeff wore a hat when exiting the capsule… where is the hat while they are in “space” ? Wouldn’t it be floating around too ?

    66. Eazy Peazy

      Wow 🤦‍♂️

    67. The Ultimate Reductionist

      1:15 UFO (unidentified flying object) entering from right, sharp downward turn, sharp upward turn in middle window INCREDIBLE that NOBODY in the comment section mentions this

    68. justin schmidt

      For some reason I think it's weird they didn't really care about being in space itself. Rather than have a good time in some 0 gravity. Just a little strange

    69. JeepStuff

      So instead of enjoying the view they are playing with balls?… not too sure this is real.

    70. kazo ski

      What movie is this?

    71. Sanjeeb Tamrakar

      it seems that virgin galactic is much more comfy than blue origin.

    72. Joey D

      CGI is a mother, isn't it?

    73. larry zan

      I saw that ufo

    74. Quits Official

      Why aren't they glued to the windows and just fascinated with being weightless and being materialistic in what they call "space"

    75. Frank

      I feel like I'm watching the origins of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Fight Club was right. The IBM Stellar Sphere, the Microsoft Galaxy, Planet Starbucks.

    76. lee russell

      Whats flying past the windows and turning??? Especially at 1.15

    77. henry Knight

      huh... I love watching rich people have fun. back to the 9-5 ig

    78. Daniel Adkins

      More money than sense....hahaha

    79. Mark Says

      Its too bad it didnt blow up, although I'd feel really bad for the lady

    80. janko pandza

      hmm...2021 no live feed from a guy going into this some bad cartoon or what ? man o dumb does one have to be to believe this crap ? who ever wants to experience same thing you can come to Croatia and for only 1.500 dollars we can even make you look like you were in what ever space you desire...even a new dimension...might cost a little more though...lets say 2000 dollars max...

    81. Shahzaman Shah

      If they want normal people to travel Richard Branson's flight was more practical. People will feel comfortable sitting in a plane rather than a rocket

    82. Dutch

      All fun and wauw Blue Origin and virgin galactic shooting toerists into space, till the first one explode, that gonna happen sooner or later.

    83. Ajay tranter

      Just got to space and all they do is play kid games 🙄

    84. NightmareIsStupid

      Her: he's probably cheating on me Jeff Bezos:

    85. NuttyBuddy

      So it just hung in place for 10 minutes then fell back down? The earth never moves in the window.

    86. bilinas mini

      Everyone acts like a kid in space orbit! ! So cool 😛🙂

    87. Kevlin Fernandes

      Where are the flatearthers at?

    88. Brandon Lamb

      So fake

    89. Misty Lynn

      Jeff does not pay taxes so he could afford to build a rocket to take a joyride with his rich family and friends. We need those tax dollars for Infrastructure to build a better world. There is no planet B.

    90. Sandra Claire

      When compared with others, Richard Branson’s virgin was far superior.

    91. Goddess Hylia

      Extra Terrestrial: nice! But try to be on par with us next time will ya?! Lol 😂 👽👽👽🛸🛸🛸

    92. Yankale Golan

      Astronauts my foot. They are space tourists, that is all.

    93. Paul Flusk

      Why couldn’t they have left Lex luthor in space?

    94. Mikel Jackson

      After the flight - Bezos : Imma flat earther

    95. None Ya

      @1:13 look outside the window! Is that UFO flying outside the window?????

    96. Andy Sell

      What a waste of money😒

    97. Sarfaraz Alam

      its not zero gravity,its free fall...ther's a difference

    98. Sarfaraz Alam

      its not zero gravity,its free fall...ther's a difference

    99. A step at a time. kvarn

      No-one is taking pics out the window why why it makes no sense. You can play weightless games on earth again cant get a good real pic of flat or round earth. 😠

    100. A step at a time. kvarn

      I would have spent more time looking at our flat planet.