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    1. sofee.gd

      I swear they were thinking of something dirty when they were discussing who will be on top or bottom with the bunk beds lmao

    2. Shamira Zoe B Dullas

      I hate sm for making the songs so nostalgic of the memories of dream Also reminds me of friends

    3. iwin

      I've been watching this for like 2 weeks and I still haven't finished AN EPISODE WHY IS MY SCHEDULE SO FUCKED UP AAAAAAAA I just wanna watch dream :')

    4. Sunny zhou

      Dear my dream, i will be there for you

    5. Sunny zhou

      how dare they use DEAR DREAM as the opening song

    6. Sri Aulia

      Mark renjun jeno haechan jaemin chenle go go jisung NCT DREAM

    7. Sri Aulia

      Tolong berikan banyak konten untuk kami

    8. lauren its me


    9. vio viavio


    10. Reyna Amalia


    11. niyaf Misriya

      Jaemin being young and rich 😅

    12. hae chanie

      Feel free ik this isn't your first time coming here 😌

    13. Shaina Miranda

      This really made me feel better... 7DREAM THERAPY

    14. Ni Putu Winda Aprilarassati

      sab, 150521.15:15

    15. ROSE로즈 앤

      Such a perfect dream house

    16. melody

      haechan babying chenle so much hahahah

    17. melody

      renjun disliking exercises is so relatable to me 😭😭😂

    18. yAngwon _

      does anyone know the brand of Renjun’s bag? pls-

      1. yAngwon _

        @Jenifer Wang Thanks!

      2. Jenifer Wang

        Its YSL Sac De Jour carry Bag..

    19. Lindsey Eberhardt

      This is Terrace House and The Real World

    20. ace

      any rui here?? the house looks like the one from oui go up 🤣

    21. Madeleine

      jaemin spent only seconds to explain about his 'bag' ajsajhvas i aspire to be as simple as him!

    22. Vanilla kim

      mau nanya dong, di intro judulnya apa ya?

    23. eg lee


    24. M K


    25. Mega R.

      Dear NCTzen, I wanna ask what's the song title from the opening song?

    26. Tenzin Samten Trasar

      look at jisung getting excited when haechan is doing whats in our bag

    27. Tenzin Samten Trasar

      mark is so down to earth

    28. aeri chee_zen

      they're using dear dream in the intro!

    29. My Name is Xuxi

      Aaaaa sayang mereka

    30. Leya

      I'm exactly like Jaemin. Don't bring a bag wherever I go. Lol. Except during me as a student era and for a really really special occasion. 😂

    31. Ripsera marak

      NCT Dream everytime they do or play something, 'When will this end'? In frustration bcoz they talk to much

    32. Son Min Ji

      21:59 wow jaemin really...woah boy didn't even bother bringing a bag at all AHHAHAHAHAH

    33. Son Min Ji

      the beds that haechan assigned to each member were a little confusing that I could only remember _"jeno's doggie bed"_ lmaoo

    34. Vivien Agas

      Wow. They really spoiled the album alot. Chenle was singing ANL at around 5:07

    35. Dwi Putri Ramadhani

      Jaemiiiiiinnn labyyyyuuuuuu

    36. Rin F

      Jaemin is just so cuteeeee.. i can't.. ughggghhh

    37. Hwang Samuella

      Haechan is so good at soccer wow

    38. Song Victoria

      17:54 someone save this and make a video 🤣🤣🤣


      Jaemin suit ✊

    40. Vs b

      Hahahahhaa jaemin so cute

    41. Akhwat Hijrah

      Anjirr nana simple Beutt😭❤️

      1. ngeeeng

        haha 😭

    42. bitch

      Renjun sitting cross-legged makes me picture him sitting in amongst kindergartners starring up at the teacher whilst they read them a story before nap-time. The only problem is that I can't see him over the heads of the six year olds

    43. VVS my diamonds

      I came back to watch the wholethang again

    44. Neelapu Niktha

      Highlighting lines chu chu chu chewing gum 😂😂😂

    45. M K


    46. Suh Johnny

      14:32 hahaha

    47. Nurul IzzatiOfficial


    48. Nurul Shazwani

      rewatch it over and over again!!💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

    49. Michelle Damansila

      The house is so nice and cozy.😍😍😍😍

    50. Pinkrevenge101

      Markle bro moment

    51. Pinkrevenge101

      24:18 Jaem havin cute convo with kid jisung Mark moaning out of nowhere Cut to Jaemin passed out on the sofa parenting is tof Mark singing Baekhyuns Candy in the bg again 2 moods basically

    52. Pinkrevenge101

      25:08 I repeat the little fox has escaped SOUND THE ALARMS HE JUST FKN TELEPORTED

    53. Pinkrevenge101

      Nyuuu I didn't know Jeno got lasik

    54. Pinkrevenge101

      Ah yes rmbr the last time Mark tried to sneakily eject some items from his bag when tyong was checking them ahhshs

    55. Putri Anggita

      24:11 😍😍

    56. neo culture johnny

      no one: haechan: *scared of jeno’s bag. thinks it might have a dumbbell inside* haechan: *pulls out microwaveable popcorn* mark: THATS CUTE jeno: why is that in there?🤨 chenle: UWU CUTE

    57. neo culture johnny

      i just know renjun smells good

    58. neo culture johnny

      it makes me a liTTLE bit sad that renjun jokingly (or not) didn’t wanna show his braces case(? idk the name) . its almost as if they don’t wanna show their flaws. they are normal human beings and i feel like they should be able to live freely. but who knows maybe i’m looking to deeply into this.

    59. neo culture johnny


    60. phai tos

      What title song?

    61. neo culture johnny

      haechan, anytime someone else tried to express their thoughts about the beds: ok 👌be quiet 😃 (조용히하고)

    62. neo culture johnny

      every time haechan mentioned that jeno would be sleeping in the dog house: 10:25

    63. Pinkrevenge101

      9:15 excuse me Mark wtf... "Its impt who uses the top bed and who uses the lower" He's seen our Twitter ramblings n how it decides if ur a top or bttm The awkward smiles n laughs n slight cough from chenle at the end oh my

    64. Pinkrevenge101

      No who decided haechan get to dictate where they slept? Cuz it made him perfectly calculate Mark with himself Like how could it possibly be like this cuz the mastermind is cunning

    65. Pinkrevenge101

      Jeno wdym the dog house is made for you

    66. Pinkrevenge101

      Thinking of Renjun as the 2nd oldest but its different cuz '00 line exists so he ain't lonely lol

    67. jaemin's strawberry

      The "do you want me to smack you with this banana?" I- Renjun honey, calm down sweetie

    68. Saraangg S2

      I'll be your home

    69. Riska Ramadhani

      You goods

    70. 혜원

      남정네들 가방 까는게 뭐이리 재미난다냐

    71. Park seri jasmin

      That's what we need without knowing that we need it🙇🏻‍♀️

    72. Rebeca


    73. 신라박


    74. ๋John Doe

      รอซับไทยน้าาาาา 🙇🙇🙇

    75. nihel za

      10:13 haechan be like : tell me you want to tease and sleep with jeno without telling me that you want to sleep and tease jeno

    76. Bernadette Alabado

      Well thanks SM for making this happen for our boys.

    77. Hannah Lowell

      4:40 Haechan talks like a realtor while Chenle looks like the owner of the house 5:10 😂🤣

    78. 게아kheya

      The opening looks like a drama.

    79. Suci Rachmadani

      Konten NCT selalu saja terdengar lagu member EXO. Skrg lagu Baekhyun - Candy

    80. Californian Freaks

      that house looks so comfy omg 😭

    81. Agnieszka Jaśtak

      It's where WEi's reality show took place right?

    82. Jeong Alexasas

      Love you all

    83. eviandaj

      i love them so much my god.

    84. Aanrchlfh Byun


    85. Luh Nyoman Ollyvia R.S.D.

      Haechan*is on roll call 7 dream : Jeno ? nee Mark ? nee? Jisung ? yoo Chenle ? ehe Renjun ? nee~ hc : Yes, all arrived here rj : Where's Jaemin? hc : Not coming ~ everyone*laughing

    86. パナ


    87. Jisung Pwark

      Tempatnya sama kaya yg di tempatin WEI dulu

    88. Jamless Potato

      Does anyone know what kind of bag Renjun has? It looks so cool

    89. Daniel Gabriel

      Jaemin I'm rich don't need ro carry stuff can't relate though😂

    90. faradila

      Jaemin emang savage sih

    91. Naqisya Razeman

      The way everyone just wants haechan to cook coz theyre too lazy and are confident that he'd slay the dishes anyway since he's such a great cook is still sending me 😭

    92. Naqisya Razeman

      Haechan's expression at 12:05 made me wheeze 😭

    93. Nasiriyah Styles

      Mark singing Candy!!!!!

    94. emma. bruh

      Lol this is the place where WEi also filmed their show, I just noticed

    95. Nct's Emerald Princess

      I love how haechan always wins and bosses around

    96. monica mahdha

      hAHAHAHAH GUE BARU NONTON INI SEKARANG WKWK SELINGAN STR3AM MV XIXIXI✊😁✊ Mon maap ni emang sengaja nunggu mv keluar baru nonton, biar ga pusing spoiler😀👍

    97. Lets Fly

      12:29 mark's laugh makes me laugh. Jaemin really is effortlessly funny.

    98. 김채은

      이마크 사랑해 I love you Mark

    99. ice fairy

      watching this makes me remember wei member was designed to sleep on the floor I THOUGHT THE HOUSE HAS NO ROOM!!?!?! but then i believe they use the room for staff :-D

    100. zyx

      12:29 can someone explain? i don't get the joke lol