Which Steve is Stronger? Smash Bros Vs Minecraft

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    Is Steve Stronger in Smash Bros or Minecraft? With the recent update of Minecraft Steve into Super Smash Bros Ultimate, I was wondering how the two compare. Did Sakurai and team buff the new challenger, or did they nerf his true power? That's why today we have an insane experiment to compare steve in Smash Ultimate to steve in Minecraft 1.16 to see which one is truly the better steve. It's smash bros vs minecraft in this Skip the Tutorial experiment.

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    Map built and co-researched by: Jonah Walters
    Texture Pack: Vanilla Tweaks vanillatweaks.net/picker/reso...
    Some music used in this video is courtesy of Mewmore. Make sure to follow his tracks at kolove.info
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    Other Credits:
    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - A New Seed! - Nintendo Switch
    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Mr. Sakurai Presents "Steve \u0026 Alex"
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    1. Skip the Tutorial

      Subscribe, or I'll use my final smash

      1. natedogwooof or crystal the shapeshifter

        Who remembers brawl Smash Bros Brawl and we you work to a my games of my childhood cuz I own both of them but I like brawl more I honestly like grow more even though doesn't have Minecraft characters just because you can play it on a Wii

      2. natedogwooof or crystal the shapeshifter

        Whoa whoa calm down I think your Final Smash would be those annoying tutorial pop-ups from the old tutorial worlds in Minecraft like frosting better than jump make some glass mine

      3. Arnav XD


      4. RipToad 172

        What would you do? Skip just the tutorial

      5. Night haz


    2. fccabs

      Minecraft beats smash in crafting for at least two reasons 1. Minecraft Steve can craft so much more 2. Potions(can craft a potion making thing)

    3. Đạt Võ Tiến

      It's all fun and games until Minecraft's creative steeve comes in

    4. Lupus Deam

      Steve it's better

    5. Sage Zero

      3:47 did he just recreate the whole smash map LOL

    6. Rasmus Kukk

      Me: looks at the sun in minecraft Me: WHY IS THERE A ROUND SUN

    7. Dragon Gamesters

      (0:18) 1 STONK (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`) Left.

    8. Randomyoutubeuser 3


    9. Nathan Josiah Alfonso

      i saw a speed bridger on ipad that did that clutch

    10. SharkzillaBoi Lol

      Enchant, team and dogs: lets introduct ourselves

    11. Adam Hennessy

      Smash Steve is stronger since he can kill Multiversal beings. Minecraft Steve has more potential tho, creative existe

    12. DaFrenzyGuy YT

      smash steve: haha steve im gonna smash you minecraft steve: *C R E A T I V E*

    13. liam Marsden

      You do realize that the smash arena is just a one wide gap surrounded by barrier blocks. That is how steve can place blocks "freestanding".

    14. Yeetz Yt

      Skip did you make a game theory Video?

    15. Juan / Redpowerangeee2

      Pretty sure the steve in minecraft is better since he can use mods and go into creative

    16. Jahari Tan

      I like steve in minecraft Instead of SSBU steve.

    17. Gabriel Shafer

      Do one with alex! that would be better

    18. Zak Awezum

      🤔🤔 game theory

    19. Bluelighteninggamer

      0:51 do you guys see that one video?

    20. zaratoungo

      prot 4 thorns 3 netherite strength 2 turtle master totem egaps pearls bow ez

    21. god of imposters

      I know who the winner is Is the one who name Steve

    22. Tania Louis-Matiuk

      bedrock edition

    23. Jillian Salazar

      i have steve in smash

    24. waqli noi

      smash cool and minecraft to and tie

    25. Hylian Link

      Do not underestimate my power

    26. DOOM

      Steve in Super smash needs bow and arrow, netherite weapons and all kinds of amor.

    27. Reece Webb

      Hey, wouldn't Smash Steve win in the crafting section? I mean, he can craft all the tools at once, which "Basic" Steve can't. Also for Gold and Diamond, Smash Steve only needs one Diamond/Gold instead of 9. ALSO, he doesn't need sticks, as his wood supply doesn't go down at all when crafting any weapon variant besides wood but, it IS wood.

    28. blue Sah

      Smash Steve tied with the og Steve Minecraft Steve creative mode: they shall now my power

    29. Kids DeMott

      minecraft stecve can lift th paraklek dimensions.

    30. PzKpfW V Panther Ausf. g

      Laugh in "/gamemode creative" and "/kill @e"

    31. X5epsilon

      me watching while eating an orange:

    32. Icecream Scoop

      I think smash Steve won because yes it’s a tie if you say that crafting is a tie but I think smash Steve wins in that category because you only need 1 diamond to make a sword axe Picaxe and an shovel

    33. Lucario The Aura Guardian

      Minecraft Steve is stronger. In *ONE* shulker box He can carry the weigh of two Eiffel towers. Edit: in smash bros He can carry only one item at once.

    34. Jachii (JachiiGamingPL)

      imagine minecraft phone edition (i dont mean PE i mean java edition for phones)

    35. Kirby lover

      bad video

    36. Kirby lover

      the damage in the games is not one to one

    37. Jonah LT06

      Smash Steve should have won the crafting category because he only needs one diamond/gold/iron/wood/stone to craft a whole set of tools

    38. mad chads podcast

      He uses 1 diamond for a full set tho

    39. BadArtStudio

      Put an ender chest in an ender chest with any other item and then you’ve got infinite mass

    40. Nate Magill

      Crafting should go to Smash because you only need 1 iron, gold, or Diamond to craft the sword, axe, pickaxe, and shovel

    41. Let's get 100 subs without content

      one Minecraft steve can choose what he crafts 2 creative mode is in Minecraft making all smash bros characters go to shame

    42. Isak Caverson

      Steve crafting in smash bros is WAY better he only needs 1 diamond to craft a diamond sword, diamond pickaxe, diamond shovel, and diamond axe

    43. wolf playzz

      how did you know about netherite

    44. Absolutely Nobody

      actually, i think ssbu steve wins in crafting because 1) you only need 1 stone/1 gold/1 diamond to craft ALL 4 TOOLS at the SAME TIME which you cant do in minecraft, and also in pvp you can actually grab people and trap them in a fence in smash but not in minecraft, and pistons do far more knockback than they would in og minecraft. also in mining ssbu steve can get diamonds from any material which you cannot do in vanilla minecraft, not to mention iron, gold, and redstone. you also require only 1 iron to place anvils, i dont know whether this should be pvp crafting or building, but just so you know. i am not attempting to make the og minecraft fanbase mad, im just pointing this out.

    45. George Miron

      In minecraft dungeons

    46. Grouper_grooper

      4:18 bedrock players: am i a joke to u?

    47. Liam Marks

      Whyd you make this?

    48. Funny 7477 (Funny7477)

      8:08 *coughs* someone dosent know how to combo.

    49. Savino Pasceri

      M.C. Steve wins because you can craft so much more than smash steve

    50. Bundle of Nonsense

      I’d have to say Smash Steve should have won crafting, he can make an entire set of diamond tools with a single diamond

    51. OriginalSparkstar

      modded MC angel block

    52. Teodor Hossu-Longin

      he is limited because he does not have netherite stuff

    53. BlazingBlueFlame 094

      /effect steve strength 9999 30

    54. N8 Savage

      Who else thought Steve’s beard was his mouth but the newer Steve has a shave

    55. creb

      4:07 bro bedrock u play in java (me too)

    56. A J

      How do you get steve?

    57. Epicspeederwolf Plushes

      minecraft steve: i build things, mine blocks, and one of my goals is to defeat the ender dragon super smash bros steve: *S T E A K*

    58. Nev

      Steve in smash dont have creative mode

    59. Commander Battle Droid

      Actually on bedrock you can just place a block in front of you if you're at a certain angle!

    60. Takeoutknight76

      Hey Nintendo Minecraft isn’t yours

    61. Vibes_ AreEpic

      This man even included legend himself fruitberries parkour gauntlet 2 video


      They have brought minecraft at shame so i will get smash bros in to much of shame YOU JUST GOT V E C T O R E D

    63. Yuan Plays

      0:50 the girl in the mid is korone

    64. Househopper

      Steve’s final smash should’ve been creative mode Change my mind

    65. Jacob Cox

      Crafting better can craft all 3?? items at once

    66. James Malo

      In bedrook swads are more powerful

    67. Hazren Tengah

      Skip the tutorial:multi-attacks Me:umm... its called combo attack

    68. Black knight

      Here's a quicker explaination: The Steve in smash is the og one so that means in my opinion, it won.

    69. boa alcazaba

      I hit the subscribe button so hard that I killed it 5 times in a row. Awesome content dude! Can we just appreciate how high quality content this dude makes? No Clickbat Makes Content We Love Dosen’t Swear Answers the questions we have on mind Funny

      1. boa alcazaba


    70. PlipPlopFlip (PlipPlopFlip)

      I clicked on this video thinking it was a game theory video

    71. KaBoom Boomy

      Smash May Have Diamond...What About NETHERITE ;)

    72. Earl “Earlymation” Magtangob

      I think the crafting is more favor in pc because you can make so much like end crystal that one shot a full diamond guy with lvl 4 prop armor can kill with a single end crystal and you can fling a player in the air a kill him with gravity

    73. AlexisTheAwsome

      Wait you can place blocks in air in bedrock edition

    74. Santiago Dela Rosa

      “Steve in smash is controlled by a joystick” Console players: we’ve had this since the beggining

    75. Vo1dG4mer

      steve in normal minecraft can hold 10^550 universes and sprint like its nothing so i think normal steve is stronger

    76. TEENY LI

      Smash stronger Sword and many other stronger

    77. Aistis Grusauskas

      Fishing rod does damage at bedrock

    78. utkrisht gupta

      do more smash videos

    79. Yoshblang

      7:31 - 7:38 I haven't seen any comments on this but in bedrock the swords are stronger than the axes and they have the same cooldown (so nearly none) that's something you should consider

    80. Clinton B

      Well obviusly its minecraft steve because of motherfrickin creative mode

    81. FlakAnimation

      Hold My 32K Sword

    82. Aiden Zumwalt


    83. MrSpace

      steve is stronger in doom eternal

    84. Gus Zillman

      Also if Minecraft Steve has an inventory full of shulker boxes that are carrying nothing but gold blocks he can carry trillions of pounds at once without breaking a sweat

    85. Reddest Moon

      I dont see any red button because i subbed way b4

    86. Oscar Lin

      you forgot herobrine he's a steve

    87. undertrash sans

      Minecraft wins in crafting he can craft so much more he can also craft shields

    88. Eron Man

      Nobody win

    89. Bat

      Super smash Bros Steve vs Minecraft bedrock edition steve

    90. Poplarino

      I main Steve in smash so it's funny how they're tied

    91. Jacob W

      "enderman" "zombie" "alex" "S T E E E E V E"

    92. Autumn_ Flame

      This is so stupid you can’t. Compare this stuff if the basic games are completely different

    93. TheStarViper

      Me playing sonic and no even knowing what I’m doing and still beating up my friends(and yes I just bash random controls and kill everyone): sonic go brrrr

    94. clemente arriaza

      hey, smash attacks tho

    95. Alfie Maglacas

      What OG Steve has that Smash Steve don't :creative

    96. Youssef Serag

      you know, steve only needs 1 diamond to make a full set of tools soooo

    97. Debbani Bhattacharya

      2b2t is just bunch of steves

    98. ad

      In acrobatics, mining, crafting Smash wins. and in everything else minecraft vanilla wins

    99. Guguinha02

      In Minecraft Bedrock you can make a bridge by placing blocks in front of you.

    100. Chases Channel

      HES NOT ALLOWD BEING BROKEN. Like op It would be broken Everyone would ALWAYS use him