Who Sings It Better? Heather Russell Sings Katy Perry's Song But Katy Is NOT Buying it YET!

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    AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returned to the airwaves in February 2021 for its forth season at its new home on ABC. The nationwide search for the next superstar kicked off in August 2019, as the virtual Idol Bus traveled from Portland, Oregon, to Orlando, Florida, in its pursuit for talent, covering many cities across the country. Auditioning was made easier than ever as hopefuls also had the opportunity to submit audition videos online, as well as via select social media platforms using an official tag, , cultivating over 300,000 posts. Also, for the first time in “American Idol” history, hopefuls had the opportunity to audition through a livestream platform. Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation, are music industry forces and superstar judges, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest will return as host of the beloved series.

    Talent Recap

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    1. Ivy EIC.

      Katy's ego went crashing all the way to hell 🤣 one way or another theres always, i mean always a better singer who can sing your song.. so swallowed it and move on 😁

    2. Tygera19

      dead inside? im sorry.. but Katy was being ridiculously over the top. I really hope this was all for show.. even though i don't get the draw. Yeah she had some extra to her voice, should she tone it down? But Katy literally said she was dead inside? WTF

    3. AllThingsByGee

      She definitely has an Amazon voice she just has to control it little better 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    4. Raine Baljak

      I love this version. This young lady killed it!!!!!!

    5. keepingupwith jee

      Here again and still haven’t listened to the original yet . lol this is one is just better I don’t need to hear it lol

    6. Hannan Syed

      Katy is dumb! Why is she even a judge!!!

    7. BringMe Joy

      Omg the control. The pitch. The runs. The range...... All. Of. It. 😲😲😲 im literally shook

    8. Litzy Anett

      Katy was being rudeee

    9. joe fernandes

      Katy Perry BOOOOOOOOOOOO; If you found Her singing Dead from inside, you don't belong on the Judges Seat. Go Home and Cry

    10. Music for Jesus

      That song needs to be recorded by her I LOVE IT

    11. Savana Mathews

      Like everyone is saying, this young girl was singing her heart out and Katy just couldn't take it. They don't have to be so rude while judging

    12. Victoria Hartje

      katy perry lead me to believe that she was an angel but after this video I’m disgusted with her attitude. You can criticize people, but she was intentionally trying to hurt this girl, just because she sang it better than her!!

    13. Sy Slay

      I got a little Jojo meets Tori Kelly meets sinead harnett with Jessie j power and control

    14. Pheal Lheare

      She's sweet, very respectful and has an incredible voice!!

    15. Bionca Shealey

      Come on Katy

    16. Kila Wash

      That wasn't constructive criticism, that was "hating" that was jealousy. Beautiful young girl, beautiful voice!!!

    17. Beast Mode

      Lol them nighaz was hating bc they know damn well she can she it better lol she sang good I ono wtf these mfs was talking

    18. Erik's page

      Katy, get rid of that hair!

    19. Julie Ringvold

      Completley honest, those are some of the best runs and high notes Ive heard in a while. Her voice is also so unique and calming however it is powerful at the same time. Wow.

    20. Gladys Bailey

      There comments were constructive not harsh or rude well the dead inside was over the top but she did give a yes so that's all that matters. Katy made it she dont need to fear.

    21. Shea N 1

      I think that Katy had Heather eliminated, as I read on another article because Katy was Jealous. WOW WOW WOW. Keep at it heather, you have IT!!!!! And nobody can take that away. They may try but keep pressing forward and SHINE!!!

    22. brunolermen

      They said Yes but, what happened then? I haven't seen any other performance of her on AI

    23. Lonely bird sings

      "Made me feel dead inside"👀😬😅

    24. Mary Baez

      Damn girl can sing. I think they were way too critical. She had her one shot to show what she could do and she proved it. How tf could she say she is all frosting? She made her song sound beautiful. Im speechless. This girl is the cake, the frosting and the mf spoon lol

    25. Maths πrat

      Katy Perry is crazy mad hatter

    26. Savanna Cole

      Wow. Not Katy’s greatest hour. This girl has an amazing voice and she sang it better than Katy. What Katy said says more about her than this girl. Her voice wasn’t perfect but it was waaaay better than most of the people they let through. I’ve seen complete duds get compliments from Katy. Lionel is the only one that actually complimented her and wasn’t hyper critical. He shared he didn’t like songs with run after run but still enjoyed her version of this song. Katy saying she had no idea how to use her voice is literally just a manisfestation of jealousy. Wow Katy those green eyes are ugly on you.

    27. violet darkness

      Bro I would be so scared of Katy if I was there 😭

    28. Legacy Douglas

      Wait am I really the only one who cringed at her voice i feel bad now:(

    29. starz0120

      She's amazing!!!

    30. Olga Frias

      She has better voice than Perry.

    31. katherine houlton

      Nah, ain’t no way they let Hannah go off with compliments and was that harsh on her

    32. Florian Timm

      Katy is jealous AF wtf 😳

    33. Taylor

      Does anyone get Christina Grimmie vibes???

    34. MADE Entertainment

      Take a breath... Calm down... Remember what the shrink said.... Stop trying to argue with people on the internet...

    35. MADE Entertainment

      Am I the only one who agrees with the judges? She DOES have an incredible voice BUT they would be so much better if she used them to follow up on some regular bits. Runs should be the sprinkles, not the whole thing.

    36. JBL NYC

      When does she start singing?

    37. byee mom srslyu

      The itchy internet speculatively place because lead dewailly welcome atop a equable government. giddy, stiff roast

    38. Rakesh Singh

      She killed it ❤️

    39. Novoy Aponerminombre

      of course she did better than KP!

    40. Karanda Bowling

      I agree with Katy Perry.

    41. Lauren Pippen

      Katy was so jealous of a girl singing her song so well. Sis take that as a compliment. She chose your song out of all the songs in the world and sang it well. 💯💅🏾

    42. Yas Skye

      Jesus, I love KT but it was so obvious how jealous she was listening and then took a whole power play route in breaking her down to humble a girl who didn’t really need humbling. That was a superiority complex right there.

    43. Samantha Foo

      This girl is from my cityyyyy represent TORONTOOOO get it girlllll 💖💖💖💖

    44. Just Nature's Music

      Not my type of song but well performed.

    45. Kitana Khan

      I can’t stop listening to this audition. I hope she makes it big, I want more from her!!

    46. Laura Coulston

      Her runs were so controlled the fact that they made a deal about it. She did thar song way more justice than Katy. Sorry but its the truth.

    47. James Lu

      She’s got great signing skills, but there’s no emotion nor storytelling. I still wonder why AI never showed the tape.

    48. Dopey Tripod

      katy #2

    49. Paris F

      I can’t stop watching this audition…. I’m so upset at Katy and her response… She should’ve taken her under her wing… Katy wanted to say no so bad…. She knew she couldn’t…

    50. Kim Z

      She should have won American Idol. Katy's EGO got in the way.

    51. Caitlin Moses

      This was sooo goood. I love the original but she was so wow.

    52. byee mom srslyu

      The lucky hyena paradoxically hang because football peroperatively fasten concerning a demonic chard. abundant, friendly morning

    53. Dana B

      I had to listen to this twice. I guess I agree after the 2nd. But they sure are the hardest on those who are the best.

    54. Tiffany Anna Reis

      Why haven't I seen this till now?! And why hasn't she posted on her channel for about two years?! I need more of this girls voice!!! She will definitely be the next Tory Kelly!!! Omg! I'm in love!!😍🥰

    55. ChaosCore

      She's the best. Ticket is her's.

    56. Jess Szymanska

      Katy is bitter someone is bomb singing her song

    57. Chick fil A

      She don’t look like she 20 she looks like a teen or something

    58. Carolyn Bozman

      Aww katy...its time to high five Paula Abdul

    59. Damekit Pynkhlong

      OMG. Super talent

    60. Christine

      I'm definitely the odd one out on this but I couldn't understand most of the words she was singing.

    61. Darcel Stock

      She is amazing

    62. Repah Talo

      Katy's Perry's comment is something else, first of all this girls vocal runs were amazing and Katy cant even sing natural vocals, like with her songs recorded in the studio that'll totally be it but when coming live its a whole different story. Damn I dont get why she commented like that when she know very well she's way better than her......Keep it up Heather..love your voice

    63. Amber B

      “She has no idea how to use it.” Her little voice could probably out sing yours any day honey!!

    64. Shonda Warren

      We saw Katy's Claws & Jealously! She's a snob but I guess she's earned it!? 🙄

    65. prathamesh saharkar

      Harleys in Hawaiiii is lit ...

    66. prathamesh saharkar

      She did great justice to this iconic song .

    67. HAMZA Pop

      The song doesn't match her voice

    68. Christine W.

      Katy Perry is soooooo jealous, it's just not enjoyable to watch. Heather sings circles around her.

    69. A Murphy

      Holy fucking shit. That was AMAZING. I genuinely think that was the best addition I’ve ever seen on American idol. Katy dreams of singing that good. This is like a Yebba moment. Some people just have the ability and desire to do PERFECT RUNS. Katy needs a reality check!

      1. A Murphy

        And the “yeah but I earned this”. That girl earned it too. I’m no longer a fan of Katy.

    70. Caressa Navarro

      I still feel like this was on point except for the end i think she should’ve lay low for thoe few second but her runs were 👌🏻

    71. Alexa From South Carolina

      I literally cannot stand the woman in the middle

    72. Joanne Brennen

      She sings better then Katy and Katy tears her apart 😂 talk about a jealous lol

    73. RosebudSammy

      They didn’t like Tori and they didn’t like her either. Seriously?

    74. HLynn

      Katy is tripping lol She is definitely threatened by her and it’s so obvious! First she says how her singing is “too much”.. then says it was “dead inside” lol! Heather Russel is a legend in the making! I’ve seen her perform live at a local show that I attended and this video itself doesn’t do it’s justice!

    75. Lucas Santos

      Woooow those hight notes are amazing

    76. Ayush pal

      Omg her note delivery was killing me she is so good 🔥🔥🔥 ❤

    77. Sooreyaa 30

      Wow ur more than just a star keep shining diamond!!!

    78. kitty purrr

      Katy can't be jealous lol she knows shes way more better. Plus! The girl is amazing but she only sang one song by Katy so I can't tell that she's better than Katy. PeriodT.

    79. Lars de Waardt

      I think they reeled her in to make her trainable

    80. Luna’s ASMR

      i thought this was very messy. she overdid it with all those runs in my opinion.

    81. Romaisa El Allaoui

      I don’t like how Katy was singing Harley’s in Hawaï but when i was listening to this I was in love in it 🙀🙀

    82. Shes Divine

      How the hell could they even say this girl was anything but jaw dropping perfection?!?! TOO MUCH????? HELL NO!! I was waiting for her to just be out of tune or miss one note so I could stop being jealous of her voice but SHE DIDNT!! She brought her own character to the song and went all out BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS TELL EVERYONE TO LEAVE IT ALL ON THE FLOOR THERE SO ... SHE ISNT THE NEXT KATY PERRY nor should she want to be because SHES GOING TO BE A STAR THAT SHINES ALL HER OWN!!! Just WOW is all I have left to say and don’t listen to these jealous judges!! They want you to beg them and grovel for the fame and fortune and baby you don’t need to, they will be knocking down your door with offers (personally I wouldn’t want to win American idol... just use it as a platform so you don’t have to sign all their bullshit slave contracts for the next 10 years and you can’t take better offers!!) you already have it all naturally!! They can never take that from you when it’s meant to be, it will be!! 🙏🏻❤️

    83. Darryl's Vegan Hub

      All Katy was trying to tell her was that she’s talented but she was over singing.

    84. Andrea Kumar

      Holy runs. Girl ran her ass off

    85. Adão Moreira

      where is she?

    86. smritti sridhar

      Katy knew she was amazing. she is amazing

    87. Barack Obama

      I wish Katy didn’t get so insecure when people who can actually sing cover her songs.

    88. deliberately

      When Katy sees the future, and realize she's outdated in the present. This girl can SAAAANG

    89. Aloha Girl

      I didn’t know singing too many runs could get someone cut it’s almost like they didn’t even focus on her voice and the pitch how disgusting of them this show is a damn scandal

    90. Debi Lynn Phillips Official


    91. Rohan Levine

      Am i the only one who agrees with the judges? I’m shocked at how many people don’t like how the judges reacted even though what they said was completely true. Runs and riffs are supposed to add to songs not be the entire song. She’s skilled but it was very clearly overdone. The reason they were more “harsh” on her was because she was already a good singer and it makes no sense to give the same advice to okay singers and great singers.

    92. N.A Official channel

      Katy is just jealous

    93. Christopher Adam

      Oh my god shut the fuck up please god get new judges, as far as im concerned she did everything right and she is an american idol winner. Shes got to learn how to use it ahahahahahahah wow way to ruin a singer who already found herself.

    94. Nyell -0

      Oh my this girl is GOOD....was my original comment. Then I had to add that katy is drinking haterade. Heather does not compare. If I had to name an influence of hers it would be Erykah Badu and that is just a level on its own she doesn't even need this contest , cuz there is no contest with her. She blew them out of their judge seats and they got really scared so when they came back down they had to remind her of who the boss is. Ok that is all I have to say, lol.

    95. HermosaPerez

      She’s amazing!!! I don’t recall seeing anyone sing this way at all. Amazing

    96. Gabriela Rivera

      she needs to continue. i can see myself listening to an r&b album by her. she’s so fucking talented

    97. N A

      Kerry is just jealous

    98. Mark San Diego

      Um yeah she sang it younger and cooler and K scratched her.

    99. Alyss Kennedy

      Seniority, I’ve earned this blah blah blah shut up Katy you can’t control your voice like that.

    100. Naelin Churches

      I think Simon had a say, in her not competing in American Idols. She was signed to him before, so he could've given her another contract or was bitter because of the past. Katy Perry was also low key jealous