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    Military Airplanes: Military aircraft that have made history, and that have driven technical innovation in aviation.

    For several decades now, it has been aircraft above all that have decided the outcome of military conflicts. No wonder that unimaginable sums have been invested in their development. Engineers around the world assiduously improve the speed, range, versatility, and armament of military aircraft, thus decisively advancing innovation in aviation. Ultimate Vehicles showcases the best fighters, bombers, and transport aircraft.

    It is the result of the largest armaments program of all time: the F-35 Lightning II. When developing it, engineers had to satisfy numerous demands at once: a stealth aircraft with high speed and excellent avionics. In addition, it had to have vertical and short takeoff capability. How well was this mammoth task executed?

    It shocked the West and taught American bomber pilots during the Korean War the meaning of fear. The Mig-15 was the first Soviet fighter jet. Today there are only 12 airworthy Mig-15s left. We take off with one of them.

    Three decades later, the successful aircraft manufacturer Mikoyan-Gurevich had another stroke of genius: the Mig-29. Its maneuverability is unparalleled, and today it is considered one of the best fighter jets in the world. “Ultimate Vehicles” presents the technical features responsible for this.

    One day it will be the longest-serving military aircraft: the B-52 Stratofortress. It is planned to be used for about 90 years. What is behind this legendary airplane’s longevity? And how does a plane with a 56-meter wingspan take off and land?

    The Airbus A400M is considered the most modern transport aircraft in the world. For a propeller aircraft of this weight, it can fly unusually fast and high - but also slow and low - thus making it incredibly versatile.

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    1. Mar Law

      Ow it is a good plane.

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    3. Incessu Anteludium

      and China thinks just because they got someone else's tech they're powerful - and just because of their number doesn't mean they can defeat the US LOL - do not underestimate the US coz just even before you deploy your arsenals, US is already there to wipe you out LOL

    4. John Nguru

      3000 Euros is a senior doctor's salary in Kenya... And all that for a 20 min experience., Wow

      1. Eagle Fx

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    6. Dieno Vandale

      ? Them boys make an hour , builders \designers &such ?

    7. Hudayi Kaya

      Nobody needs weapons. We don't want wars. Spend the money for your nation. Let us live in peace.

    8. Markoli

      Pinoy pride: "Hinahangaan ng mundo ang husay ng mga Pilipino"

    9. Keerthivasan Nambiraju

      the mig-29 was used by the Iraqis in 1991 & rival Yugoslav factions between 1995-1999. One took on F-15s at close range in Iraq as did another one in Serbia but in both cases they lost nevertheless the 29 is a plane to keep in mind as its agility is something to live up to, since the Soviets/Russians always build their planes very light with very big & powerful engines.

    10. PrimeIX

      F22 yo uhh who this

    11. Eric Yuan

      Great, US made another weapon to steal another country’s oil

    12. edo edo

      Excellent program. I love the MIG-15. It was an amazing bird for its time.... As for the F35, well, geez, sure, advanced tech, but hell, the price tag, geez...

    13. Most Extreme Documentaries

      Hello Good Sir Can I Reupload?

    14. Mark Brisec

      F-35, a truly ground braking aircraft that is and will redefine the way air power is used and the way air combat is executed. The amount of criticism has decreased with the years and although the jet performed perfectly during large air exercises and in spite all the praise coming from the pilots flying this jet from multiple countries, there are still "experts" out there who think that F-35 cant's fly, can't fight and costs 200 million$. Currently the A model of the jet costs around 80 million $ which is lower than many Western made 4th gen fighter jets like the Eurofighter Typhoon, Dassault Rafale, F-18 Super Hornet Block III, etc... Currently the only drawback is higher than average cost of flight hour which is around 33 000$ and dropping while for example F-15 E cost is around 22 000$ per hour. F-35 is a much needed capability in NATO and for our Pacific and Asian allies. Of course that doesn't mean that the F-35 is it and we should stick with it for the next 50 years.. That's why the USAF and US Navy have started large scale investment in the next generation of fighter jets, so called NGAD or Next generation air dominance. And the most surprising thing about it is the fact that the prototype has already flown.. Amazing.

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    16. Wardad

      Revisionist BS aside Mig-15 suffered a 1-15 kill ratio vs USAF SF-86 Sabres .A" UTI" is a Urinary Tract Infection .

    17. Cyprian Njoro

      The helmet is half the cost of the jet😲

    18. Nitaya Jelitte

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      Imagine having a 100 million dollar plane that was declared a failure by your USAF chief. 😂

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    25. Abdi Piano

      I really like to fly MIG15

      1. flodA reltiH

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    26. micheal pineda

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    27. Military Update

      Best documentary

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    32. Sten hård

      There is no such word as AIRCRAFTS.....aircraft is singular AND plural!

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      Airbus 400m is manufactured by France right?

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    39. Daily my childhood

      The world never stop going forward ,what happen in the future ?

    40. Ilham Nur

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    41. Macartan Caughey

      With that costing so much you would thing they could clean the cockpit screen

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    43. Thomas Jackson

      That last pilot for the NATO plane is absolutely crazy, watched entire video for that flip or whatever it was called. The migs still rock.

      1. Iksan Nurmansyah


    44. Mel Brooks On Business

      The plural of aircraft is not aircrafts. One aircraft, two aircraft, three aircraft.

    45. Faro Zara

      “The unity of the human race… the establishment of a world commonwealth in which all nations, races, creeds and classes are closely and permanently united, …. its state members and personal freedom and initiative of the individuals that compose them are definitely and completely safeguarded….it, consist of a world legislature, whose members will, as the trustees of the whole of mankind, ultimately control the entire resources of all the component nations, and will enact such laws as shall be required to regulate the life, satisfy the needs and adjust the relationships of all races and peoples. A world executive, backed by an international Force, will carry out the decisions arrived at…this world legislature, will safeguard the organic unity of the whole commonwealth. A world tribunal will adjudicate and deliver its compulsory and final verdict in all and any disputes. A mechanism of world inter-communication will be devised…” (Baha'u'llah, The Proclamation of Baha'u'llah, p. x)

    46. Roseller Castillo

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    50. Nathan Pondias

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      1. KIRA • 69 years ago

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    51. Design Coordinates

      Nice, with all those planes they can give a lot of democracy lessons to oil rich countries

    52. Adam Frazer

      Briefing room ??? SON, this is the 21st century - we STAND for our briefings !

    53. Wolfgang Klaus Abou Chaker

      spend 300billion on some jets and still not having a health care system and an education syystem like nigeria bahahahaha

      1. WATER WATER

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      2. Annalisa Gomes

        Nigerians go to the Philippines to study and try to find jobs in America after graduation. Filipinos are given scholarship programs in America. They could be jet fighter drivers, nurses, and doctors during all those wars. Bahahaha.

    54. Talith Gaming

      in the MiG part, I am trying not to cringe at their terrible English, like, you have English classes about thrice a week.

      1. Talith Gaming

        the 1st MiG

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    56. Scar626

      4:29 - Think he's like "wtf Jason? It's me, why acting all weird around the cameras? Talk like a normal person"

    57. maja horvat

      ok tu-95 beaar have service ceiling 13.500 m an he is turboprop plane how 12300m beets 13.500m ...both are big rotor planes with turboprop engine not a jet engines aircrafts...

    58. Abdullah

      Why this airplane is called "BUFF?"

    59. Atomic

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    60. jam jamal

      Thanks to these scholars ,,, they devoted science to serve humanity،،،jamal

    61. Ralph Latham

      " I am in flight controll..we learned very early not to make mishtay- ..mistakes..."

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    63. neuron55

      I don't get the politics behind the decision to build the F-35. It's more embarrassing than a show off for the US at this point, considering its cost. All the while they are shutting down the amazing A-10. Or if you want a multirole fighter you can probably get 10 Swedish Gripen E for the same money as one F-35.

    64. Nathan Strawbridge

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    65. Mario Lavoie

      why the hell do we have Russians in this video???

    66. Helfahrt Kilo

      Documentary is great but ads every two minutes are annoying AF.

    67. Evi Balatsiou

      Let's be sincerely, with the same money you buy 5 SU 30's in all variants, a 4 plus jet, 5 vs. 1🤪🤪🤪The F 35 has it hard to beat one, imagina 2, 3 or 5. The F 35 is the greatest swindle ever. Most good Russian radars can detec the jet, all another like.

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    72. Evil Totoro

      Is there a reason they couldn’t make the F35’s canopy a frameless one like the F22 and 16? The only reason I can 5hunk if is the frame has some sensors to track the helmet.

    73. Vathis Shopee

      china already made a replica of this jet xD

    74. Bill Halliwell

      OK, whoever made this documentary... look at the title, you use the word 'aircrafts'. Not the word of an expert on aviation. ‘AIRCRAFTS’ The addition of an ‘s’ on the word aircraft is incorrect. The word ‘aircraft’ can, and should, be used for both plural and singular contexts. It is one of those words called singularia-tantum nouns or irregular plurals like sheep and fish. Cheers, BH

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    76. V.D.K. 1959

      I enjoy watching video,, damn what pissed me off commercial keep popping up 😠 every 5 minutes..

      1. Rhon Oreta

        inglish vedio

    77. Marcelo Lima

      Ótimo documentário

    78. Tlotliso

      That Helmet is the most expensive

    79. dramoth64

      Ummm... I reckon that the guys who flew the Blackbirds had a much greater adrenaline than these guys would ever get. These guys only get to Mach 1.6... the SR71 would hit a reported 3.2.

    80. 13minutestomidnight

      So...the F-35 is outmaneuvered in a dogfight (the critical plane-to-plane fights that fighter jets are for i the first place) by a plane 30 years older? ...Uh, I guess the U.S Airforce's strategy in 'enemy engagements' is for their pilots to wait around behind a nearby mountain somewhere until the MIG-29's in enemy airspace need to refuel?

    81. Coughing Penguin

      11:35 His veins are poping

    82. Coughing Penguin

      What happens if the pilot trusts the mechanics and when he gets in the jet, the jet explodes

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    84. TP Mokoena

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    85. Donovan Wallace

      Them: "No one is allowed to examine it closely." Me: *Pauses video to examine helmet closely.*

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      2. Drakthar

        Me : Apply 200% Zoom and CSI Image Enhancement

      3. Eric Luk

        But you are still 10000km plus away from the helmet physically.

    86. shanaka jayatilake

      this channel is better than Discovery and Natgeo combined...

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    88. Sheila19

      Anybody know what is that bright light military plane throws and what is its purpose???

      1. TooGoodTooBeReal

        Not sure if you are still wondering but anyway - those are high temperature fake targets to fool the rockets with the targeting system based on heat detection. For example Stingers and other hand-held rocket launchers

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      I just wanted to mention, that the plural of aircraft ist aircraft and not aircrafts!

    95. Live Life Freely

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    96. Thorbjørn Prytz

      Soviet jets were designed with small fueltanks to prevent pilots from reaching the west and defecting with them

      1. Nik Der


    97. villegas24

      400 billion dollars in jets but people have medical and education debt lmao what a dumbass country

    98. Sweden’s Pepe

      Wait earlier in the vid when they said that the f-35s top speed was 900 kph but when he was going to take off he said he could get to 1000 kph Explain what do u mean???

    99. Charles Mills

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