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  1. Expand your mind & Think outside the box

    Wish ppl just played the game regular instead of finding was to cheat....thats why everything is so expensive now

  2. Silv3rDeath YT

    I think my GTA is glitched because I can't buy any vehicle . when I hover over the buy now or the trade price it shows up grey and won't let me buy it even the cheapest car it won't let me buy. Is any one else going through the same problem?

  3. Official_DABABY

    When I walk into the store I can’t use my gun

  4. Parker Neilson

    Homie has to have the most boring monotone voice I’ve ever heard in my life hey mrbossftw ever thought about voice acting? Don’t you’d suck

  5. syntarx

    I think the Rock N’ Roll Legends (05:07) is an homage to Johnny Silverhand’s Porsche 911 from Cyberpunk. Primary color for this livery is metallic or chrome. The gray in the back is green or olive on the original.

  6. Wizardnil

    So excited for this car

  7. spidey man

    i wonder what happen if you sell it make a new account and see what happens i don’t want to try i don’t think i can get it back

  8. Jayden Hall

    Got 17000 cant give 100


    The squaddie was added into gtao with the cayo update so the other ones might get added

  10. Richie Middleton


  11. Giovanni

    One of my favorite cars i love it.

    1. GTA 5 online

      Same mg

  12. Logan Cap

    I can't believe I can put Johnny Silverhand's Porsche livery on that car

    1. Charles Pruden

      Yes. This.

  13. Shizon84

    Wow, I never would've known this detail about high vs low honor.

  14. Agent Loserface

    Bro you seriously need to work on your lazy editing. Have a little pride in your product...

  15. Violates

    I use the hot knife in 2021. I love the way it looks 🙌🏽

  16. The Timbs

    Gta v is gonna be released, I can’t wait

  17. Mrsandman

    Mans at reputation level 4 and he made rep gaining videos lol

  18. Yu di Tera

    Great Car I think I have me record time on the LSCM time Trail with this Car something like 00:57 seconds. Anyone allready has the LS coveralls? And something totally unrelated the watches in the game don't tell the in game time which is just for style ans nothing else 🤔

  19. Mrsandman

    When dose it release?

  20. lior levi

    7:55 MrBossFTW: Obviously I'm using PC mods to get this into the game. Rockstar games: ban wave against players who do the same But nothing will be done to their sales agent: MrBossFTW.


    If your level three you get both

  22. Max Fry

    What day release

  23. Scepam Djurickovic

    May favorite car in gta online

  24. Wold Greizer

    Watching my Mom go through her divorce was more interesting than this man's whole video catalog

  25. Kwaku Danso

    Your work ethic is inspirational 🤧👏🏾

  26. Dat Boi Drew

    "All motor no tuning issues" the real ones know

  27. DSCbam offset21

    So the pfister is out now?????

  28. Ryan F

    Pfister - fist her 🤭

  29. Lamar McDermott Arroyo

    Rock n roll legend is based off Johnny Silverhands Porsche in cyberpunk

  30. Faheem Iqbal

    hey! i didnt understand about the 250k to every one account we dont have to do anything and we will get it or should we do any missions?

  31. Deppreso-expres

    I wish you could buy and live in the house near the lighthouse

  32. GRS Cambo

    Lets not...kapp dude got dedication he consistent (its bs) but he consistent💯

  33. cold war

    Been a while since he made a vid like this

  34. joshua bartko

    I didn't watch the video but I'm buying it no matter what the 10 reasons are

  35. DeadSkinMask32

    Um, sorry, don’t use tuner while speaking of Porsche. Tuner cars wish they could be a Porsche

  36. Juze pisa I ritma

    How do he get that car in story mode??

    1. halofighter2020

      he uses modifications

  37. Jordan Booker🥷

    POV: you thought it dropped 😢

    1. Eugene Taco


  38. Gary Stump

    Any word on the next panther statue event week?

  39. 5.9Aaron

    Its stupid how much these new cars look like a the real life varients

  40. Jenson Chester

    things you need to know before i buy a car in gta??

  41. Nathaniel Minott

    First 100 to comment

  42. Mesar

    Is the car out yet?

    1. CommanderBlack


  43. X-gamer Pro-HD

    I already got it in story mode tho. And I like it and probably gonna get it whatever you say I’m still gonna get it 😂

  44. William Kennedy

    Found one blue dot on map of cars you deliver to docks so that have come in to game yesterday or today not sure how many are their or what time of day or night when they come out

    1. CommanderBlack

      There are 10 in total and it is random when a car is spawning


    This Is All BullShit. Nothing Happens It’s Rockstar’s Fault In First Place For Modders. Why Even Your Account Get Screwed For Others Fault.

  46. Ben Gunn

    Anyone else finding the cars but not getting the blue dot nor the gold on anchor?

  47. Darren Moore

    Looking good al be getting it

  48. mktrill

    Pro tip, if you are going to afk the car meet make sure to go to a secondary character and take out all your money from the bank (using and ATM is faster than phone) that way you don't have to keep paying all those daily fees

  49. Jordan Rohde

    Does this car have the hydraulics option available so u can make it super low like a tuner?

    1. CommanderBlack


  50. spidey man

    a million i don’t have a single million i’m poor :(

  51. Nik Kafka

    Stop making videos dude yer a troll

    1. Carl Tyas

      He is literally the most helpful GTA KOlover through this DLC. He is covering all aspects of the update to help players who need the help so don't complain.

  52. Grenade Warrior

    What’s the point when the car don’t cost that much 😂

  53. Space Jam Sences

    What about the spoiler???

  54. John Doe

    Will get that trade price...thanks for the info.....see you in the next one

  55. Frydee

    My favorite car from the update, tied with the Jester RR. I love Porsches

    1. Kory Blake

      @Hyperius HD how much does it sell for?

    2. Hyperius HD

      I sold both the Remus that i won and fully upgraded and the rx7 for a hellfire and 8f

  56. nass2005


  57. xAstrophelia

    i’ve stopped watching your videos for the simple fact that you don’t even have correct information half the time. the comet s2 is not even the most expensive vehicle in this update its the calico. smh

    1. Carl Tyas

      Bruh he said the most expensive DRIP FEED vehicle not the most expensive in the whole DLC so don't say stuff like that when it might not be true... -_-

  58. Anthony Sofield

    I’m buying it ❤️❤️❤️👍🏻

  59. Mustachio Mr.

    Whats the rep level you need to get it for the trade price?

    1. adarrl nathan tv


    2. Carl Tyas

      so u will have to just keep levelling up and every 5 levels u go, check and see if u have unlocked the trade price :D

    3. Carl Tyas

      @Mustachio Mr. Well if u get to level 75 then u have unlocked all car trade prices because u get one trade price every 5 levels

    4. Mustachio Mr.

      @Carl Tyas what?! That doesnt make sense, the last part…

    5. Carl Tyas

      lol its different for everyone im afraid. Anywhere up to level 75

  60. ace2tone

    Dude I paid $1.9(almost 2) for the Calico GTF, this is not the most expensive car in the update. Starting the video off wrong

    1. CommanderBlack

      Not the first time

  61. Carl Tyas

    Yo Bossman, is there any engine bay customisations?

  62. Evan acker

    Idk if that’s just me or what.

  63. Evan acker

    The good catches are messing with the hood every time I try to open up the hood it won’t if I have the hood catches on it.

    1. Evan acker

      @lukinjo123 yeah I know that of course But before the hood would still open with them on but I have to take them completely off the car for the hood to open now. That’s what I was confused on.

    2. lukinjo123

      Damn thats weird, almost like hood catches are supposed to keep the hood from opening...

  64. Hunter Perez

    It’s different for everyone

  65. BlazeGamer100

    I literally have no space since the new 10 car garage I got is filled with the recent 10 dlc cars

    1. BlazeGamer100

      @Ghost Phace can't I'm at maximum property/garage limit lol

    2. Ghost Phace

      Just buy another garage?

    3. BlazeGamer100

      @Omkar Bhatt nah I just got that I might sell like 7 older cars idk it would have to be 7 cars I could be alright without imma see it's gonna be tough tho they should have given us a 20 car garage with the new auto shop instead of just 10

    4. Omkar Bhatt

      Sell the warrener hkt it's trash

  66. Toto B.

    Very nice Car ,i love it

  67. ZONIX

    It's out?

    1. ZONIX


  68. I Know The Truth

    MrBO$$Ftw would be a great teacher


      He dumb fan boy

    2. Bleu

      I hope you know he spent 4 hours scripting that 9 min video

  69. Gavin Fitch

    If you are trying to do car meets, drifting, or racing hit me up on PSN endofox

  70. dragon gaming

    the rock and roll legends is the porsche livery from cyberpunk

  71. ItzJay

    I'm so hyped for this car

    1. Jeremy Kasteleijns

      @Karandev Singh grind cayo perico ? For a 2 million dollar car ? Ok maybe u will need 2 cayo's if u also want it with full upgrades but grind is a big word my friend 😝

    2. Doug Lewis

      @Premium Games it's coming out this Thursday

    3. Doug Lewis

      @Karandev Singh it's coming out this Thursday

    4. Karandev Singh

      @Premium Games same. I wanna know when it's coming so i can grind cayo perico

    5. Premium Games

      @Karandev Singh I’m wondering the same thing. I want this and the SVT Corba mustang

  72. chris burns

    When are we getting the other cars then

    1. Matt Mekhaeil


  73. Joaquin Moncayo

    gonna do some rwb shit to this car

  74. Miss Cute

    *Thank you for all the useful information Mr.BossFTW! You are so helpful!* 💖🙏💖

  75. SSSniperdeshae

    “I’m ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ”.....

    1. ItzJosheyy


  76. HD

    when does the vapid dominator asp(Stang cobra SVT) come out?

    1. Tyler 2020isthebest

      It's the last car

    2. Enrique Malparida Bermejo

      We don't know

  77. Nonody worth to remember

    Why do you go to LS customs when you can do everything cheaper at your auto shop?

    1. indelusional

      car isnt out in online yet

    2. Matt Mekhaeil

      He’s in story mode…

  78. jollyj189

    Dammit I clicked on the video before I saw who it was.