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  1. Caticorn Universe

    Alternate title: frenemies 101

  2. Big Boy Monke

    "No one has ever subscribed using their kneecaps" Shows video of someone subscribing to his channel using their kneecaps

  3. Switchblade1013

    I cleared up red stone in the nether with water and it works!

  4. Brynn Madison

    6:17 the middle child of cooking 😂

  5. Diamond Fox081

    11:31 when you say "Hay bale ia still look like this" your sound like somebody.....

  6. Pedro Goncalves

    i subscribe and unsubcribed with my kneecap

  7. Mikayla B

    plot twist. diamonds are petrifide tutrle egss from centeryis ago

  8. Ellie

    DONE (I unsubscribed after bc I subbed to to MENY ppl)

  9. People Animation

    thank you for the composter glitch :D

  10. Switchblade1013

    But ya see when you want your item from the fox that gonna be depressing

  11. Fauzia Tareen

    /replaceitem entity @e armor.head minecraft:glass

  12. dream

    yea me to

  13. leprodu882 YT

    2:48 just use block

  14. Kendrick Suon


  15. Rynden Torres

    I did it with the kneecaps

  16. QuetzaCota

    To answer your question, Skip, granite has a lot of quartz, and it tends yo be made up a lot of different stones, so Quartz + Diorite

  17. Maciej Wołosz

    i thought using 8 wood for chest isn't that hard

  18. Bertha Villarreal


  19. MsDream2004

    I love this video!

  20. Leila Koller

    I did not know the skeletons are rare I find them everywhere around the desert I found a couple hundred of them throughout my years a playing

  21. Elliot Kopitske

    everyone only wants half of these

  22. Joseph Lester


  23. Terra_Blade5

    ah yes you should use water chest

  24. Elliot Kopitske

    16 features everyone wants actualy

  25. GrammieNoob



    1:59 Everyone knows this you idiot

  27. Elliot Kopitske

    the new dog model in the thumbnail, NO ONE WANTS TO REPLACE MINECRAFT'S ICONIC DOGE YOU IDIOT

  28. LEDNoodle

    jokes on you i was already subscribed

  29. pupypup

    you know its extremely bizarre to see that this has become a top 10 minecraft channel when it used to be a channel about beating games with unconventional challenges. I really miss old skip the tutorial.

  30. Patrick Ducy

    Out of them all I think the pig elytra trick is the best

  31. Kelekers

    8:37 magikarppp!!!

  32. Cody Gibson

    You know if you press Lcntrl and q you can drop whole satcks

  33. Tthavetopp

    Btw i subed with my knee

  34. IRodric

    3:17 that was actually sick, I had no idea

  35. VENOM

    [removed herobrine]

  36. GamerBlocko

    4:35 captions: Thanks to the fanta

  37. MasterGamer 23

    Tutorial: getting a creeper to the nether can get 100% drop rates for skulls Bedrock players: haha strays go boom

  38. Hero

    Gemini Tays world yay

  39. btw goku

    You can also do ctrl + q and it drops a stack

  40. Alej4n_D u h

    NOT THE MEME AT 3:53

  41. XpNvH

    Face reveal!

  42. Sweet Potato

    Make sure u don’t blink!” Me: blinks* also me: “frick”

  43. haha man

    One time I built a house over a ravine it was pretty sick

  44. WICKEDMagma

    The looting off-hand thing doesn't work

  45. J H

    Regarding No. 24 we all know we only use the disgusting diorite with cobblestone to make andesite cause its the only decent looking 'stone' block not gonna waste quartz on making diorite or granite

  46. All among us logic TY

    I only made one video

  47. Elliot Kopitske

    you never broke it bru thats not enuf

  48. Hill Gamez

    The Mii, The Moom, and your impending doom.

  49. Terri kim

    Technically, can't you put more shulker boxes in your crafting thing?

  50. The YeetSquad

    Dude I love how he always says maybe or rpobably

  51. Fresh Froot

    Hey dad, I turned Jimmy into bacon! You wha-

  52. Rose Phantom

    I luv watching these videos cause I always learn something new every vid so thank u Skip the Tutorial

  53. Cloud _

    I subscribed with my nee cap

  54. Mauling

    fnf players when 9:15:🙄😶😑😊😍🤗😎😋🙂😍😘🤩😶🤐😙😊😍😄🙂

  55. MarCraft

    the first one is so valuable! thank you so much I immediately subscribed!!!

  56. Mi Phegl

    In peaceful mode, wolves, iron goloms, and bees will also spwan.

  57. Poiny


  58. RadioActivity Gaming

    him: i have 0 subs. me: NOOO YO HAVE 2.35M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. The İsot is Back

    Fact 32: In spectator mod you can use your scroll button to change flying speed.

  60. BG Vlogzzz

    Hi skip

  61. gamer samyak

    hes like I found Q key to throw stuffs but he doesnot know that is in the minecraft manual you can throw anything by shift+ F5

  62. uiop uiop


  63. MaverickFire

    fact in older versions of bedrock and console minecraft you could break arrows with a perfectly timed sword shot

  64. Mike Richardson


  65. Kidzes

    Awsome Thx :)

  66. Datininho

    me hiding my items on my single player server: my goals are beyond your understanding

  67. a ladder

    water logging chests is genius

  68. E05_Mabashi

    "This pork parachute might actually save you in a future manhunt" This is a prediction, now we wait.

  69. Peanut

    I unsubscribed with my left ring finger. Do you know there is a thing called a lefty

  70. Kevin Johnston

    I love failboat.

  71. Matt Anthony

    The fireworks thing is sick

  72. Henry Lowe

    You Serious?