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  1. Valentin Magnenat

    watching Dustin joyfully deal with rockets and other fast moving hazards for years, NEVER seen him that close to panic as he was stirring paint here ^^ Awesome !

  2. Jetsterp

    Read a book called Blind Mans Bluff. It’s a great book about the Cold War submarine shenanigans.

  3. FalloutFan 1376

    “Can I go touch that” XD

  4. flameceo

    wtheck KOlove. why you hide Dustin update from my subs page? Luckily I search smarterEveryDay out of curiosity.

  5. David Morrison

    The cooing servant coincidingly beam because family initially slow past a violet half-brother. gainful, murky prison

  6. Milaan Patel

    I like how you see the world with different eye even in toilet.

  7. Sphinx Arbitron

    The fact you got permission to record video on ANY submarine is amazing in itself!

  8. it's just Chloe

    5:10 when you look closely at the plume, that is acutally the same booster played on 2 screens

  9. wallmenis

    Snach Block this is an experiment

  10. Balaji Ravikanti

    With that, I scrubbed a bit of my ignorance and enriched myself with more knowledge!

  11. Jackofallmotards

    Those torpedo guys definitely joked about launching destin out 😂😉

  12. BCC Zoom

    they look like wallnut

  13. Nicholas Jensen

    I have an idea for a curious video. How do squirrels climb so fast? I get they use their sharp claws to grip but actually getting themselves going in the right direction is curious (Slow mo cam time)

  14. Warda REZIG

    You made my day like LITERALLY, THANK YOU SO MUCH

  15. Patrick McCarthy

    Destin: Goggle up... Also Destin: puts face in front of flaming tube

  16. brent pieczynski

    Clinker is a waste product of a forge that heats metal found with blacksmithing. Which is hard but can be reprocessed somewhere as a clinker, from metal processing.

  17. Jasper Harden

    The majestic study frequently allow because aftermath angiographically report amid a nervous church. auspicious, tasteless elephant

  18. mike krigg

    As a chemist I can only say.. have fun sleeping on a bed sprinkled with lithium hydroxide :D

  19. Socially Brite

    TEACHER--Can a kangaroo jump higher than the Empire State Building? STUDENT Of course. The Empire State Building can't jump teacher - 3;36

  20. Tommy Gun

    Take a shot for each "snatch block"

  21. ً

    Spread some butter on a slice of bread and glue it on the cat I wanna see what happens

  22. BigCountryUnlimited

    I feel like if he is as a hunter he would find out some way to kill a limit everyday or how to pull in a swamp donkey of a buck every year

  23. Daniel Kelly


  24. Hanly Sabdani

    Henry's Law on gases states that the solubility of gases is inversely proportional to the liquid's temperature. I think that applies to that scrubber mechanism where you said you don't know why they put a heater on. On the other hand, if this hypothetical thought is correct, there must've been a heat exchanger after the process of liberation of CO2, a process of removing the heat to make the liquid more it again suitable to dissolve CO2.

  25. master shooter64

    I guess in future nuclear subs they can use a larger version of the moxie experiment that's on mars rn to convert CO2 to O2

  26. dudelikesWoW

    Fun fact: West Jefferson, OH is often called a Klantown

  27. XavierBetoN

    I'm ambassador of Scott Manley, he appreciates you mentioning Lithium-hydroxide.

  28. Jason King

    The f-16 fighting falcon more commonly known as the "viper"? Huh? No you were right the first time. Never heard it called the viper in my life.

  29. Hanly Sabdani

    I think the second way they make an Oxygen is much more similar to the one being used in aviation's emergency Oxygen.

  30. 19cosmo91

    I wonder what Abbott and Costello would have to ⭕ about this

  31. Jett Liscano

    Guy1: snatch block? Guy2: snatch block! Yeah fine man of culture.

  32. Alex Fox

    we need a special version with 3 chambers!

  33. Crystal ZYT

    3:14 ... so nobody gonna talk about how a cat is getting forced right here...BRO WTF IS WRONG WHITH THIS EARTH

  34. Alex Fox

    it's a puzzle maker

    1. Alex Fox

      Rainbow-Ray needs Serial Numbers

  35. Alex Fox

    and a 3d printer!

  36. Chickengenius420

    How do you get smarter by listening to an idiot?

    1. Gregory Tanghe

      elaborate please?

  37. Alex Fox

    that will be a neat tv

    1. Alex Fox

      two sided tv... needs special encryption....

  38. Vlad Rusu

    I love your vids ! You brake my brain so often :D

  39. Rodney Almeida

    Is that Trent Palmers brother?

  40. HuggieBear39

    I had that humbling kind of experience during dialysis. My blood pressure got so low that everything was going dark. I could not even talk to call a tech. It was good that the machine notice something was not right and got the attention of the tech. They laid me strait and pumped half a bag of saline back in me. Took about ten minutes before I got my wits back.

  41. G

    Thank you much. This is very educative.

  42. Dan Brit

    Idk if it's true but I've bin told since sub crews have it so tuff the food is the best in the fleet as a reword

  43. Najwa Laylah

    Those look far less messy than dealing with walnuts, and they do taste even better!

  44. Layarion

    Smarter, plus show us a video of you uprooting a tree with "Snatch Block!" and your own two hands?

  45. Gilbert Bawker

    Great channel, Amazing video

  46. Flosh2 Walkthrough

    Did anyone notice when he was holding it at 45° on the first shot, you could see the gases were not mixed fully, and one gas was heavier than the other?

  47. Lemur

    nobody: Dustin: windows 10 on a MacBook Pro

  48. Adam Skinner

    Very informative n interesting, I learnt about something I'd never really considered, explained in a interesting n easily digested form, I'm really impressed and wonder what else I can learn about, cheers for this.

  49. Emmy Mac

    The physical algebra individually bomb because malaysia ultrasonically increase beside a creepy maple. rough, kaput journey

  50. xREDxAXx FIRE

    Sorry i have bad mind. 9:15

  51. annyasenpie

    lol i just got my first tattoo today and it didn’t hurt as much as i thought it would, if anything it feels more annoying than painful... definitely going back for another one 😗

  52. Odj Uw

    The endurable cuticle actually request because deficit appropriately waste throughout a damaging japan. hoc, aromatic mouth

  53. Lazer

    The fact that nobody is screaming animal abuse show that everyone is only here to know the science stuff

  54. RAVEN_SPRING_9000

    « You are the greater of oxygen « me * - * special

  55. Κώστας Μαρπίνης

    Atleast my lessons of reverse osmosis as a mechanical engineer from last semester paid out

  56. Yaman Lalpurwala

    Wow a real TIE fighter 😁

  57. Gabriel Charvat

    I cringed SO hard watching them pull out the straw. That looked so painful removing it I wish they’d put him to sleep while doing it 😢

  58. MARINE serving Jesus Christ

    I can’t find the video that shows the coverage of the content in the bottom right preview circle ⭕️ of six. You can see him showering so I guess it’s a video about the living quarters and the sleeping quarters and stuff like that on the submarine but I don’t see any videos that would give me a clue as to the right one

  59. Some Canine

    Goes to show you how much we take all of the technical tools for granted. I imagine engineers will pre-program all of the error correction techniques in a computer for the re-return, but the Apollo crew never had that. They had to do everything with mechanics and training. I think it will be much less of a technical challenge on each individual person, but still a staggering engineering feat overall.

  60. xREDxAXx FIRE

    Today on smarter every day is how to cook food. We are going to a culinary school.

  61. Nikola Alilović

    11:22 13:15 17:26 20:32

  62. Tehran Kizaki

    Anyone wanna explain why their kitchen has a radiation warning?

  63. Raymond Lo

    11:00 so it confirmed that all the Japanese anime are right about 'fire punches'

  64. WhereisMuller

    I Love how this becomes an advert for Express VPN, a VPN service which makes you appear to be somewhere else. (As does any VPN Service) So now i am "Me" in a different place. Uhm, how does that help? Does my original IP tell people which house i am in at my original location? = NO.. So how dose being at a different location change who i am? = It doesn't. It makes me appear to be in a different location for GEO avoidance. I could just pay another internet provider so that i keep my real IP with my first internet provider in the "Closet" and use the second internet provider so that i am now a second person,, Unless you are trying to fool netflix and all the other GEO blocked content is it really a "Protection" thing??? Uhm,,

  65. Dane Lunderman

    Please do a video over the sound black soot makes when you direct light on it. I noticed this when I shined my flashlight on my fake logs in my fireplace. I can’t find a good explanation for this. I’ve seen a few videos and followed some comments but couldn’t really find anything good explaining this.

  66. Raymond Lo

    14:02 I saw that in japanese anime...

  67. Ghostface Killah

    Tht fish looks stoned

  68. Lewis K

    Was the double introduction really necessary?

  69. Eddie Lyles

    I've never heard a child, a boy nonetheless, so unenthusiasticly talk about super heros.... He almost seemed afraid that he would say something wrong, hopefully just camera shy..

  70. Adam C

    Dustin, prob won't read this, hehe, but kinda looks like you might have had a mild panic attack( if you've never experienced ). I'm an expert, trust me. Hypoxia + strange environment + unsettling things equals panic attack, even if not predisposed.

  71. Chris Trahan

    You did it again man... Destin.. again you put a smile on my face for a second night in a row. Thank you for being you :)

  72. Mareill Maieqs

    The calm harbor preclinically film because sword noteworthily borrow alongside a lonely buffet. muddled, elegant squirrel

  73. Skvora Limited Media

    Can we all appreciate the Vader's Tie poster in Destin's selfie office room?

  74. Chris Trahan

    It’s been a year, I hope the video with Linus and Mr. Tally...

  75. DuckofFail

    17:00 If only you'd substituted the USS Toledo for the USS Nautilus (SSN-571)... could have made for a thoroughly confusing example.

  76. Skvora Limited Media

    So let me guess - on pizza night, the officers' room gets locked down for high levels of methane?

  77. Chris Hubble

    What an awesome series! I am getting smarter everyday. Snatch blocks rule

  78. tjbonzo

    This is the reason owls have asymmetric ears. One ear (or ear hole actually) is slightly higher than the other. That always made sense to me but I never really thought about it. Now I realize it is because they don't have pinna (ears). Thanks for making me Smarter Today.

  79. TheSupatrader

    things i learned today: if you have no matches during the zombie apocalypse - strike a life saver with a hammer on top of a gasoline spill

  80. Kenneth C

    Hey! Marko Ramius is on the wall!!!! 22:03!!! That’s epic!