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  1. Kelkiiii

    Holy shit this music composition was fantastic. Can't wait to go on all these adventures with you guys

  2. My goal is to register 100million without videos

    1:25 Octopus is cute.🐙

  3. Reyna B

    i keep watching this over and over again and im in love. the animation is fantastic and so so so damn cute and compelling. and I especially love how every movement is on-beat with the song. may 6th hurry the hell up challenge

  4. Timothy Wiggill

    Giving me some serious Steven Universe vibes, love it.

  5. Bog Bastard

    among us

  6. Daniel Simpson


  7. Mr. Bubbles

    Is no one gonna mention how good the music is

  8. Giles S

    I got chills, this is so cool

  9. Salem Mint

    IM SO READY (eventhoimverybehindandjustgotintotazbutiamveryexcited!) P.s (I am now in episode 54! Only took me 3 and a half months to get there!)

  10. Alison G

    Just started the series, this is gonna be great

  11. T-Virus Terrance

    Hello, Humans. If you could hack into any one computer, which computer would you choose? TERRANCE OUT

  12. Ham Hames

    My predictions: Way of the Astral Self Monk with a pet (Clint), Battle Smith Artificer (Travis) and a Warforged Fighter (Justin)?

  13. Quinn Cochran

    Can we talk about the music tho?

  14. spooky Bonnie

    ngl this made me cry it's so beautiful I can't wait

  15. Frick Sicle

    YES!!!! im barerly through S1 BUT THIS IS GONNA BE SO FUCKIONG COOOL

  16. hamysnhasnonumbers

    So excited!

  17. Joshua Bernier-Taylor

    The story of a Ranger, Artificer and John Lennon

  18. eXxsubbs

    This trailer: *drops* Me, who's never listened to this before: oh cool! Me: *finds it on Spodify, see's how many eps are already out* Me: Well I guess I just have to speedrun it now huh I don't know how long It'll take me, but I'll be back y'all wish me luck This trailer looks absolutely amazing oh my goodness

  19. Vynnie v

    Captions oh how I love you

  20. Iampablothedragon

    also, Griffin your music is fuggin *tongue cluck* nice

  21. Brian Voelpel

    Aw yeah Snorks rp

  22. Iampablothedragon

    which character belongs to whooooooo

  23. Jess

    this is slowly becoming another one of my select monster factory rewatches... my other fav is second life of course

  24. Hannah L


  25. Chraliras


  26. River Quinn

    "Magic has a price", glad to see in the post-magic-induced-debt-collapse, everybody is still fucking around and finding out with magic.

  27. Lord Spud

    I thought this was some 3d pokemon romhack from the thumbnail

  28. Clint Davis

    Honestly this is the most insightful unboxing of the PS5, and that isn't even a little sarcasm. It's big. It's heavy. It's got some ports to plug the things in. The base is confusing. It makes a normal human woman look tiny. What else is there to know?

  29. Brandon Lizza


  30. Post Apocalyptic News Radio

    PANR has tuned in.

  31. Cameron Tyler

    I can’t stop watching and neither can you.

  32. SarahN Dipity

    Hah, I’d rarely leave the bathroom if it was this nice

  33. Georgia Gordon

    Griffin: This is not a story about saving the world. Me at 1:49: OH SHIT IT'S THE HUNGER

  34. thanaGogical

    goddamn, looking good trav.

  35. Rose MacQueen

    Question, the back log is kinda daunting, can I jump into this season without listening to the others? Like a Dimension 20 type deal?

    1. Michael L

      None of the seasons are connected! I do recommend listening to at least balance though

  36. kyle sadler

    Finally no more Travis as DM.

  37. TheZeroMonroe

    Yes please

  38. Octy In Boots

    My island's theme is EGG BABE (The Voidfish's Song)!

  39. Rem Joleea


  40. ASquared

    If the name of 5th arc of TAZ starts with an L, I’m gonna be so glad that this whole series has been dedicated to spelling the word “BAGEL”

  41. Mothman's Bad Memes

    aooough fuCK yea we got chtulu up in this bitcn

  42. Matthew Cupelli

    TAZ 4: make sure you reapply sunscreen every time you exit the water

  43. Savannah Nowicki

    ive literally been watching old mcelroy animal crossing streams on youtube for the last 3 days and i MISSED THIS

  44. Kat C

    Okay but who has the trilobite dog

  45. Rhod Moses

    OHh shiiit

  46. Trollocs


  47. Luke

    Boy i sure do wish it was possible to be an entertainer without being politically charged.

  48. FiresofDarkness

    Wait thats in 2 days....i can only have one dnd hyperfixation at a time, wait,

  49. wqwe qwet

    Ok I gotta ask, anyone have the link for the theme used in the trailer yet?

  50. Glynn Andrews

    Magic has a cost our ancestors didn't account for so it drove us under the sea and we all became sea creatures and....started using MAGIC?

  51. amlamancuso23

    Whew... Chills. Graduation was amazing, can't wait for Ethersea!

  52. Nicholasryan17

    Alright but wheres Monster Factory its been three months and thats like the funniest show by far?

    1. Just a boy

      If they didn't recorded it in the last months, then is going to be a while, considering that Griffin has just become a dad again

    2. Escapist

      I agree. Also, in the words of Montaigne: it's better with two.

  53. Josie Bianchi

    oh i LOVE this

  54. mara.iara

    18:31 - the exact moment that Griffin cursed the fig tree that was Snack Braff

  55. FreakMotion


  56. Lancen Harms

    Clair De Lune has never sounded cooler.

  57. BabyTown Tokyo

    Need to open that island for visitors!

  58. James Smith

    To clarify in the last trailer for season 3 we see no firbolg. There is no guarantee that the McElroys characters will look like this. Justin has confirmed that no characters have been made yet.

  59. Wine Salt

    All aboard the hype train.

  60. Mike Gainor

    The people demand (well, ask politely) that there be elevators.

  61. Ashly Plourde

    Bimmy juffet is tight as hell

  62. Ell


  63. Kathleen Illustrated

    Castle Swimmer cross-over? CASTLE SWIMMER CROSS-OVER!

  64. oblivionscall

    how much do i have to donate to maxfun drive to make griffin do another one of these

  65. Matthew Cupelli


  66. 好きな人

    i'm so glad mimi was hired for the trailer again, their artstyle is so charming!!!

  67. Daniel Scheiner

    I’m now a max gun driver

  68. urbanoire

    can we please acknowledge how powerful griffin's mind is

  69. عشاق وادي الذئاب

    Please, be happy with your sister's participation

  70. Nepeta Ren


  71. Ерлицк Мистер

    А у меня только коропка пенапластовая вот и весь кавчек

  72. Ерлицк Мистер

    Так чо потоп?

  73. Ryan Brennan

    Okay, you’ve got me **hooked**

  74. Tyler Douglas

    Alright, sign me up. As if I didn't have enough to listen to at work trying to catch up on Critical Role.

  75. Alvin Cares

    And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Hebrews 9:27) And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: (Acts 17:30) For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death. (2 Corinthians 7:10) I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5) For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13)

  76. TheMrmixedjelly

    No thanks

  77. Rtb062

    I've rewatched this every few hours since its posting and lemme tell you. No signs of stopping

  78. Catie Kent

    my islands name is Coolsville