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Dance a lot, STUDIO CHOOM


STUDIO CHOOMはK-Popダンスに特化されているユニークなチャンネルです。

あなたのお好きなアーティストの出演をお待ちしてください !

Dance a lot, STUDIO CHOOM

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  1. #Apink_PERCENT PandaID

    Just take my daily dose of her ♡ 🥰🥰

  2. Dominique Cin


  3. Cassandra De Santiago

    Anyone know what film camera they use?

  4. Sharon Khemraj

    Man.! He is really wearing that suit

  5. Conejitoas🐇


  6. Sweet Chaos

    Why u do this to meeee ? Just why? San is my love but....

  7. Lemon Unnie

    I miss you

  8. Teresa Mshlui

    Can't stop watching this

  9. denisse chuco


  10. Teresa Mshlui

    Ka duh em em pa...

  11. zey

    en sevdiğim şarkıyı daha da anlamlandırdığın için teşekkürler <3

  12. lNlam21531355

    Pls stream yeji fancam 🥺

  13. Angelite BTS💜

    I'm not even Midzy but This song is vibe💜 and Chaeryoung...kills me + Ryujin ✌️ in blue hairs OMG

  14. STAN Txt

    He is insane

  15. Stecy Veiga

    1M Congratulations

  16. MA!!내가 ENFP다!!

    썸넬 이민혁 얼굴 뭐지? 일단 다급하기 들어와봄

  17. M G

    Why does he look small when he's literally 5'9?? It's more than the average height of Korean men, right? Nevertheless, I know he'll still grow taller. Our talented Yang Leader. Saranghae!! <3 <3 <3

  18. Iwani Izzati

    Road to 10M gaja!!

  19. Araceli Isabel

    The perfection ♡

  20. Jaza Jaisal

    Others except ryujin: let’s wear shiny cloths don’t tell ryujina 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. ryujin shin

    i watch this too much to the point that i can see yeji on my brain dancing to this, and im not even mad😌

  22. huhyeji


  23. gena melodyl

    They all looking so colourful (≧▽≦)

  24. ryobunkdie95

    Tzuyu can sit on my face and I'd still say thank you

  25. STAN Txt


  26. simran balmiki

    Moonbyul is looking so beautiful ❤️

  27. Ellie Park


  28. Sophia Passos


  29. Asian Stuff

    Juyeon is Moonbin and Euwoo's son PERIDOT.

  30. Jazmin Abigail Galindo

    El paso que hace yeonjun cuando se tira al piso con estilo, intente hacerlo pero me doble la pierna jajajajajaja ay .. xd en fin yeonjun sige creciendo te mereces el cielo.

  31. theo

    oh to be reincarnated as that guitar

  32. sue

    really obsessed w this i cant stop coming back to it after 1 month

  33. ryujin shin

    when you cant even walk on heels yet yeji is dancing on heels, GOD SHE'S SO PERFECT


    kim kaaai i love u

  35. MaVy254

    Keep coming back and watch this video hmmmmm what's wrong with me? Wooyoung you have to take responsibility for that

  36. Roselyn macalaging

    My daughter's first favorite song..

  37. char b

    6M soon!! let’s work hard moa!!

  38. Karen Pahayahay

    50k to go before 20M! :)

  39. Aleister Crowley

    Kai truly makes every song come alive through his performance. He can truly pull off any concept

  40. Aleister Crowley

    Kai was born to be a performer. Talent, stage presence, artistry, and beauty, he has it all!

  41. Aleister Crowley

    Kai is truly the best dancer in kpop, no one else comes close!

  42. Aleister Crowley

    Kai is truly the best dancer in kpop, no one else comes close

  43. Aleister Crowley

    Kai is pure art, no one can fully embody a song through performance like he can. I admire his passion so much

  44. Aleister Crowley

    Kai is so beautiful, he is simply unreal

  45. Sarah Irahadi

    What is a shushu??

  46. me myself

    4th gen it boy fr

  47. Hobi luv sun

    . . .

  48. Soobinnie ~

    Ay algo que este muchacho no haga bien?

  49. Cedric Barquin

    these girls are so delicious

  50. lili's wnnie

    Esta joya de performance debe ser más reconocida, atiny sige apoyándolo <3

  51. 니니

    12 331 363

  52. Aleja UwU

    ITZY queens of the 4th generation🎶 Stan all the groups uwu they deserved that💛

  53.  🛸 Silvio 💙

    te amo Yeonjun!!

  54. Shreya Negi

    Everybody watch it :) our 4th gen it boy

  55. Stan TBZ OT12 y'all

    Studio Choom can you invite TBZ again? Lmao-

  56. Kristel Francisco

    Cha eunwoo 💙

  57. Mrk_ 160


  58. la midzy de ITZY

    STR34M DON'T BE LAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. luming ou

    She is so cute!!!

  60. Michelle Allena

    !! STREAM LIST FOR ATINY !! 1. Fireworks MV (PRIORITY FOR MAMA) 2. Wonderland MV 3. Wooyoung AOTM 4. Fireworks STUDIO CHOOM 5. Dreamers MV 6. Summer Taste MV + All ATEEZ MVS

  61. Buse Aktuğ

    Wooyoung is not JOKE

  62. sojungie for lyfe


  63. 에이티즈우영약혼녀

    He is my husband....

    1. 에이티즈 우산

      @에이티즈우영약혼녀 Yesss♡.

    2. 에이티즈우영약혼녀

      @에이티즈 우산 hey.. bro you are so kind..!! Let's love wooyoung together😍 we can be good friends

    3. 에이티즈 우산

      @에이티즈우영약혼녀 but I luv him so much, I know you luv him too, so let's be friend.

    4. 에이티즈우영약혼녀

      @에이티즈 우산 No.. i engaged.. please let him be mine...

    5. 에이티즈 우산

      No!! He is mine

  64. Valeria Teodoro


  65. My Life

    My baby's bad you know~ 6,116,728

  66. Soobinnie ~


  67. 田秀蓉

    Miss them 😭😭😭

  68. 𝗹𝗼𝘂𝘃𝗲𝗿

    So cute I love you everyone 💗

  69. itboysunoo

    12,161 600k

  70. dvfg

    c'mon midzy 20M so closee

  71. atiny rose

    LETSGO 6.8M

  72. Afni Nur

    Subtittle nya*Lia(ji soo)eonnie cantik banget❤

  73. kth

    Road to 30M!🤩

  74. moon child

    Hi! I want to ask someting. Does anyone know who the backup dancer with red hair an gucci belt is. I think she is really pretty and I want to know her name. If anyone can help me, please relpy to this comment. Thank you <3

  75. kth

    Road to 19M!🤩