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  1. rayyski

    Anyone else thinking SONIC the whole vid?

  2. Drobot500

    I aspire to be as good and a whole heartedly good person like you Noah. Thank you being the amazing person that you are! Much love, the grind is real. Stay happy!

  3. TwixStify _


  4. Gatchaplays21

    Welcome back, I clicked on this video

  5. LumpyBaconFace

    I never stopped smiling watching this

  6. r6

    love you so much noah, glad your back broski.

  7. Danny Capps

    @Noahj!!! My man please do a reaction to insomniavirus's 1000+(thousand) outbreak run @noahj!!!

  8. Last Dare

    Thank you noah you’re right u have helped a lot of us. I can’t sit here and say i watch u everyday or you’re my favorite youtuber. but after this video it shows you’re a man of character and heart. i’m glad you stand strongly on this. much love. <3

  9. toxic chemicals

    Why is he leaving

  10. Faulty Life Alert

    Wasnt even worried. This man knows what he needs to do :) And that would be make a fire bow tutorial 😂😂

  11. Daniel Merritt

    You’re videos have always lifted my day especially 3 years ago I was in a bad spot because my son was born 4 months early and he spent 133 days in the hospital we didn’t know if he was gonna live or die but he’s healthy now and when it was at my lowest I’d watch your videos and it bring a smile to my face.

  12. milk

    i cant tell if this is a joke or not

  13. PhonicDeath

    What are you quitting YT or something?

  14. Fille Gitana


  15. captaincookie Andmilk

    Firebow tutorial coming soon...

  16. Okie G8

    It’s like a breakup with your Highschool sweetheart

  17. i CHIMP

    well....he's back....and Craig told us:things won't stay dead and he was right,cuz Noah is back

  18. Chris Mendick

    Thank you Noah!

  19. Bobbas

    And who are you exactly?

  20. Bret Harvey

    How long did it take the first guy to figure this out? This is crazy

  21. Young Marco

    This game was so good when it launched I loved then it turned to shit like fortnite

  22. cesar ayuso

    NoahJ456 help me so much my life its so good to see u back

  23. Tubblescousine2

    Papa Noah is back

  24. Watame Bread

    I've been watching since gta videos and it been crazy, how much we've grown as a community.

  25. Matt Carney

    Cod God has returned to his rightful throne💯

  26. Arcadia’s Ace

    Literally a legend to me. You inspire me.

  27. lilhawk115

    Hey Noah I’m so happy your still making videos you have gave me joy for so many years and you have inspired me to start my own channel

  28. Josh Niles

    This year was bs. I didn't get a single vacation/ stay at home order from my job. Dang pizza driving flaws

  29. Daniel Moreno


  30. popped and smoked

    Dude lasted 3 days

  31. Paul CampTV

    So happy he hasn't left.

  32. Jesse Barrentine

    Thank you man

  33. Steven Cisneros

    well that was short lived

  34. Lance Harvey

    This is awesome man thank you so much for never changing throughout the years

  35. Matthew ???????


  36. Patrick Bowdish

    When you posted that end video I just started crying I don't know why I guess you are just such a influence on mine and so many other people thank you

  37. Redirectgamer 88

    1 hour 1 second oof

  38. Bee Double U

    Gee.. why am I coming back? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ duh fckn duh

  39. brad Sherman

    Noahj ur awesome ur great person there's a few things I love about ur channel . But the most important thing I love ur still the same person still helping doing you .

  40. cesar ayuso

    My last memory of my childhood had left we love u noahj456 thanks for the great memories and i cant wait for you to comeback. Another call of duty legned has left

  41. Robert Biggerstaff

    Imagine disliking this video. Sad sad people

  42. Lauren Doherty

    Reasons for down: Zombies❌ Falling off shit✅

  43. SoleScorpion


  44. Colossal Cwaleb

    You attract what you put put. A toxic youtuber will attract toxic fans and vice versa. You're just a real person unlike 90% of people on here now

  45. SeanSly23

    Welcome back! We missed you!

  46. The Dead Memester

    Noah don’t be afraid to take a break, you have a loving fan base that will care for you no matter what happens. If you ever need a break in this crazy year, or insane future, you go for it and make you life better. Because you can help us all you want to, but nothing will be the same if you aren’t you. Don’t lose yourself out there Noah, love you always and here’s to a positive world change

  47. PhantomJB 1023


  48. Nova

    Been watching you for 6 years dude and I almost got super sad not almost I was super sad to see you go with that video dude I'm so glad to see your still here watching your streams watching you have so much fun and having so much fun with the chat all the blue screens all the Failed speedruns destiny gameplay all of it dude I love it so much and am unbelievably glad that you are coming back it got me through almost losing my life and all dude I have nothing but respect and love for this channel can't wait to see more noah I hope you feel way better knowing how much your community cares man I really do

  49. C-Milley Gaming

    so glad to hear youre not leaving... been here since gta early gta days, youve helped me keep my mind off of a rough home life i had living with my parents for years. literal years, sadly ive gone thru so many youtube accounts that it probably wont show but ive been watching you for so long and youre a huge inspiration to many people. Keep being you!

  50. Judah Waahkah

    He is so cute no homo bro but the voice is so cute and with the dog to the perfect combo

  51. Pugsley

    I almost cried I was so sad u were leaving

  52. Hollow King

    This is bullshit

  53. Jakethebeast16

    Thank god he didn’t pull the mr wonder woffles

  54. Ryan hernandez

    You just got a new sub hope you can keep makein videos

  55. Gray555 234

    Yesssssss Noah very happy to see u back and oml I love the new intro

  56. Titanchomper

    He came back for the money duh lol

  57. Cookie neo

    Noah: its an aggressive soup Me: *spits out soup*

  58. Derek Knowles

    Not all superheros wear capes

  59. cartoonjunky 99

    Noah you are one of the most wholesome youtubers ever. Much love dawg

  60. Mr Private

    Who cares

  61. Harrison Flaim

    true :) in chat boys

  62. Gearhar

    Noah if you need to please take a break if you need it we will understand love you tons

  63. Grayson Beaudrie

    Thank you Noah you will always be my favorite you been around since i got on KOlove thank you for everything you have done always makes my heart jump when you pop up. Chillest man out there. You are a king 👑. I Love you man

  64. Redirectgamer 88

    i was gonna watch some custom zombies but ill wait an watch

  65. LesClaypool OnBass


  66. Zack T.D

    Congrats on 5 mill

  67. JB 2000

    Thank god Noah thank you I really felt like crap knowing my fav most genuine YT was leaving literally had me heartbroken

  68. Burdee

    3:15:20 When you try to make the Aether portal in Minecraft Vanilla

  69. Blessed Cursor

    Hey bro u can help! My moms just been diagnosed with Covid We could use a million doll hairs

  70. Chaotic X

    And when they needed him the most...


    Lets go noah do not stop making your video

  72. Josiah Peters

    Was there when he hit his first fortnite trick shot thank god your back. I come home from a shitty day and I want to watch NoahJ456

  73. legend_achiver_2342 grims_death

    Thank you noah you helped me for 5 years to keep moving, and be a better player in zombies hehe Thank i'm glad your back.

  74. wholsome toast

    Thank you

  75. Saber Gabo

    Protect Noah at all cost team 💪🏿💪🏿

  76. Jack Gatlin

    Thanks for sticking around Noah. It means more than a lot to us.

  77. Fortnite Killer222

    We all love you love ❤️

  78. Dakota Share

    Anyone els hold their breath when he was going through the water tunnel

  79. Noel Nelsen

    Yo dont ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever leave again,the world needs noahj456

  80. Miguel

    the thing i love about apex it will never be a sell out they do this every season but wont give up i have respect for that