Welcome to my KOlove channel, as a proud member of HermitCraft, founder of FoolCraft and member of the MSI Gaming Team, I enjoy playing videeeo games!

MSI Iskallium CUBE
Intel i7-8700k
MSI Gaming Pro Carbon Z370
Mouse: Steel Series Rival 700 (400 dpi)
Keys: Steel Series Apex Gaming Keyboard (non-mech)

Microphone: Blue Yeti
Recording Software: Playclaw
Editing: Vegas

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  1. PixelStacker

    Iskall: "Time to get organized!" 100%!

  2. Big Jon

    You should build a kids treehouse on one of the branches and make it look old like it was on the tree when it was younger.

  3. RGIA xDeathnote

    Iskall that Mumbo Jumbo card is just the best! I was laughing so hard XD Glad to see you back in good health!

  4. Redstoneboy 1009

    *You won't have have not completed the tree before episode 100 if you never make episode 100.* -iskall 2021

  5. Sushil Chettri

    Did mumbo just gave spoiler of iskal industrial district in the latest ep ^^... Btw that diamond ore pile was looking fantastic^^

  6. Combat Wombat

    14:38 accidentically :D

  7. Caveman Kris

    Haha toasted....

  8. Willc

    mumbo found a brilliant way to farm palm trees

  9. Aarnso

    Just saw the thumbnail and it cant be Iskall, cause the person is wearing boots


    Any school or college students watching here ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Lord Devo

    Where there always this many bots in the comments?

  12. sparx0s

    I am pretty sure that Iskall already forgot that he built a diamond ore house in the industrial district

  13. JustRecentlyI

    Iskall! To stop being a noob, you should visit Etho's Aque Town shop, which sells pre-organized shulker boxes for all sorts of purposes!

  14. rociogoingtowin

    I can just imagine iskall's hello in a dark hallway

  15. Marcho

    Oo trending

  16. David Could you

    the tree man the tree

  17. Faris Latif

    We can't trust that moustache man 🤣

  18. Zac Wicht

    me watching the clip knowing Mumbo's two brain cells are freaking out , as we named them Mumbo and Jumbo

  19. Bennett Marks

    Good to see an Iskall Video in my sub feed! hope you're doing well y man!

  20. 205 badger

    Wow that FOV is throwing me off

  21. Ace H

    dont worry about video plan just have fun

  22. Dr. mnbvcxy


  23. Fancy Freestyler

    after looking at the thumbnail I thougth this was a collab with mumbo

  24. Arath’s G

    You gotta get back on track man your channel was blowing up! If you stop you won’t be growing as fsst

  25. Jacob Bennett

    You should go buy organized shulkers with all kinds of building blocks in them from ethos new store in aquatown

  26. MadestMitchel

    Iskall: *acts as if he's uploaded within the last 3 months* Nebody: :) Me: ;(

  27. Carl Flodkvist

    Iskall: im the biggest noob in hermitcraft ( lives in the tallest tree in minecraft)

  28. Lukáš Páriš

    Can we please get an update on Vault hunters ? People like me who don't absolutely go on twitch don't know whats happening at all, I would really love to see more edited youtube videos from that series as you were uploading before .

  29. Anonymous

    Hey man take inspiration from the lion King mod go to the the lion King dimension and go to refikis tree it would give you some ideas

  30. Cndace Candler

    Master told us, “Find your shortcomings, and do better. You are the hope of humankind. Get your act together and be like the North American Dafa disciples who do not shrink back in the face of difficulty. Do not be blocked by human constraints. Do not be cowed by the evil, because history has been kept for your sake.” (“To the Fa Conference in France,” Team Blue Translation) I came to the realization that we have the responsibility to tell people why the plague happened, to wake them up to understand right and wrong, and to tell them that Falun Dafa saves lives. I realized that difficulties can only stop ordinary people, they cannot stop Dafa practitioners who are walking the path to divinity. I encouraged myself not to be constrained by the difficulties. I firmly believed that with Master’s help, I would overcome these difficulties. I recalled a dream I’d had a long time ago, while I was illegally detained in a detention center. In the dream, I was walking through a desert. There was no road but I kept walking forward. Suddenly, a road to heaven appeared in front of me and a voice said, “Even if there is no road ahead, I will create one for you!” This dream encouraged me during many seemingly hopeless ups and downs! Every time I remembered that dream, I felt grateful for Master’s compassionate protection and encouragement; I stayed diligent. I firmly believe that as long as I have the desire to save lives, Master will help me-things that seem impossible can happen!

  31. troy alexander rivero

    The man who got a million subscriber came back after 2 months of no grinding and no eposodes in youtube because captain sparklez is in his vault hunters now came back

  32. Gone Fishen


  33. Evelyn Hiatt

    Iskall my dude try the trident water thing where you boost out of the water and then activate your elytra. Its fun. Also; Iskall, getting a stack of diamonds from his treasure island: That's a real stonks moment. Grian: *laughing in wealth because he gets about a stack of diamonds per chest regularly*

  34. Collicou

    At the current upload rate, he won't break his promise of tree completion by episode 100... they'll be on season 8 by then

  35. PineappleBrickProductions

    Does the time played include afk time?

  36. T-Virus Terrance

    Hello, Humans. If you could hack into any one computer, which computer would you choose? TERRANCE OUT

  37. dragon slayer

    I remember when you were getting 30k views in a day now it's 321k good job you are great

  38. Ayesha ruby

    i really thought you left youtube.

  39. S B

    And to think you had the nerve to challenge mumbo to git good.

  40. Warlock8ZERO

    Sorting my ender chest is actually one of my fav things to do in mc, idk why, just like to be organized and prepared for everything I guess. 1. I have a backup box with 5 picks (3 fortune, 2 silk), 3 shovels, 2 swords, 2 tridents, 2 bows, arrows, fishing rod, 2 sets of armor, 3 eltra, axe, hoe and flint n steel, think that's about it (all max enchanted). 2. Rocket box. 3. Food box, steak, pie, golden carrots, etc. 4. Tree box of every sapling and log type. 5. Farming box of all plants, cactus, sugar cane, lilly pads, coc beans, pumpkins, seeds, etc (and stack of dirt and sand to place them on). 6. Flower box. 7. Dye box. 8. Box full of dark oak logs. 9. 1-2 Boxes of redstone things. 10. Rich box, diamonds, lapas, redstone, gold, ghast tears, netherite, iron, stack of shulker shells and wood, etc. 11. Emerald block box. 12. couple extra with random crap 13. then a couple empty ones for carrying back loot.

  41. Tam Murrell

    Iskall is turning into Grian when it comes to the mess in his shulkers...

  42. Sharang Ramakrishnan

    Hey iskall make a netherrite Helmet to be a non noob. You will also look insanely cool by wearing it.

  43. mrturtle 019

    48th trending pog

  44. Hojjat

    That FOV is nauciating.

  45. A PlayZ

    I think u should go and check out mumbo's industrial district

  46. Brax G

    Tbh, missed the HALLO out of you and your videos 😁 Happy your back!

  47. Random

    20 episodes left

  48. Kithxh 01

    You know it’s nearing the end of the season when hermits make whole videos about making an organized ender chest

  49. Vampyro Sovereign

    Welcome back Iskall glad u r feeling better

  50. Jess

    Why are you so funny?!!?! 10/10

  51. j Walster

    Will he ever finish the tree? Answer possible help from update delays

  52. William Powell

    You may be the biggest noob in all of Hermitcraft, but we love that because it’s entertaining. Keep it up, Iskall! We love you!

  53. Jacob Hendrickson

    Dang I was hoping he made an actual email for Mumbo Jumbinson

  54. SIR MOO

    I think I found your twin iskall but I don't know how to add the picture here

  55. gagereynolds93

    As a former lumber Jack. It bothers my soul to hear you call those limbs branches. Happy your back and feeling better!

  56. kc

    iskall i luv u pls join gran's 3 life thx

  57. OneGreenSeaTurtle

    Didn't Iskall dump all his stuff underground because he didn't want to organize it? There's probably tons of useful stuff still under the floorboards

  58. Adam Painter

    His plan for finishing the tree before episode 100 is by monthly uploads

  59. Uksin

    11:53 video starts

  60. Cadaver

    It was interesting how your dirt branch matched your completed brand perfectly

  61. GJ Gali

    Finally its been a month since the last episode

  62. Willk03


  63. SIR. SLAP

    When the world needed him most he returned all hail the tree

  64. Vittoria Coriel

    Glad you feel better!

  65. Smoll Bean

    3:16 12 bamboo is a bargain ngl

  66. Isaac Shafer

    Iskall had to "Get Good Lol"

  67. drygyn

    And now we wait another three weeks because season two of Vault Hunters is happening.

  68. MR.WhiteDevil

    Omega tree VS flint and steel

  69. Jayme Ash

    No the bread got toasted Not. Roasted

  70. Motivational Quotes

    👈👈👆 "Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots" -Ziad K. Abdelnour

  71. Robottic Wolf

    Iskall uploads just as much as I actually listen to my sleep schedule

  72. Chase Hollingsworth

    Whos that nooby man? Imagine that but with the Pokémon “Who’s that Pokémon?”

  73. Kassie Boyd

    Iskall, you had a box with experience bottles, right? While I'm not 100% sure on how much you get from each one...shouldn't you have used them before you went to the gold/xp farm? And you also had 4 stacks of 64 emeralds...did you just not want to use it up since it was a Christmas present?

  74. Corey Taggart

    You are a braver man then me, starting trades with a high-end sword in hand.

  75. Jenna Oc123


  76. first name last name

    #22 trending

  77. James Sheils

    Thanks for explaining what you’ve been doing, and I’m glad to hear you’re feeling much better. It’s great how you’re so honest with your viewers. I really appreciate all of your videos - Thanks!

  78. Olaf Gołąb

    #26 on Trending? Hmmm... Nice!

  79. Random Guy


  80. Hoonter

    Didn't Grian sell backup boxes? Or did he stop?