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  1. Luis Perez

    Musk has the voice of Elvis

  2. James Bond

    Chuck Yeager went real high in the sky also, back in the 1950,s.

  3. Alex Sel

    11:00 die Eichel ist gelandet 😂😂

  4. DireWolf

    Neil Armstrong: One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind Jeff Bezos: Who wants a skittle.😂😂😂

  5. Mr. Dolla Bill

    Fake news!!!

  6. david danes

    i didnt know jeff bezos have *the boys* with him


    1:55 Little like a Microsoft's logo in today


    5.5 billion to be in a beta gosh bowl

  9. No Name

    Amazon is stupid not to allow bitcoin payments ents. Other smallers stores should allow bitcoin/crypto payments as cash is dead. Watch Amazon change their minds. They will eventually allow it. People are not just hodling bitcoin but spending it in some cases.

  10. Jahid Ahmed

    Richard Branson space trip was much better

  11. 김장훈

    Avengers, i love you infinite

  12. ajaydevgn

    Fun fact : everyone forgot to like 😐

  13. Geg Site

    I have this watch. Super but What a shame it do not have a speaker... c'mon

  14. Michael Cramer

    Oweia eine Penisrakete voller Weltverbesserer , ob es gut Für die Ökobilanz war ?!

  15. Dario Cugia

    Farming bitcoin on Mars would create positive C02 effects on THAT planet. On Earth it's absurd and demential.

  16. Horia Ioan Filip

    But why is Blue Origin white ? Whiiite supreeeeemacyyyyy ! Cough-cough-cowgh-cowg-cow.

  17. I Wayan Adisaputra

    now i know that my little johny is actually aerodynamic...

  18. Kay D

    Great cgi

  19. M sadiq

    Prefer Blue Origin bcoz of its safety and back up which is missing in Virgin

  20. Ryan Ginnelly

    Does anyone know the breakdown music CNET used here? If you could link it, that would be amazing.

  21. Baba Foodle

    As rocket enginer this is fake!

  22. Funny Videos Compilations

    There's a reason why they haven't shown any crew members.

  23. Nobody123

    0:00-Will this guy fight with 0:53 guy? That windows is better than mac? comment down

  24. Beff Jezos

    1:12 AwEsoMe!!!! 😎💪

    1. Melon Eusk

      aWeSOme!!! 🤓

  25. Dyfrig Shandy

    Her soul seems dead

  26. Sammy_Wolf

    For people who reading when we are already in mars: Sup, this started like this, IN THE EARTH.

  27. Rahat Buriro

    Apple copy video design everything

  28. pavel abadjiev

    Drone ship I Still Love You they couldnt give a better name

  29. Glen With 1 N

    Meanwhile Amazon employees are treated like garbage.

  30. Ramfer trader

    Can you imagine 10 of it togther , what they can send to the space

  31. Ramfer trader

    What people don't know is that this ships are only part of something bigger.

  32. Scorpion King

    Does not even have CALENDER hahaha …do not waste your money on this,

  33. Scorpion King

    Worst watch I have ever bought.

  34. BAMFSpYdy

    UFO at 8:38 bottom center screen moving left.

  35. TenshihanQuinn

    "Watch Blue Origin launch Jeff Bezos to space!" ...Yeah, but can you please KEEP HIM THERE? ...thanx

  36. Garrick Muller

    Dorsey can't even look at computer screen, must be embarrassing to ban a U.S. president .

  37. Guille William

    As someone who has worked on big tech companies, you don't understand how many people are working on so many things and it is a clusterfk of layers and unnecessary complexity. Nobody knows it all and it is sad seen Zuckerberg had such a passive and pathetic stance on questions that were obviously made by someone with no idea of technology and looking to shame FB.

  38. Tom Ek

    What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and lose his soul I never think he left the Earth in the rocket he’s so much loves his money he will not move from earth

  39. Tom Ek

    Jeff Boosel never was in this rocket we have no pictures to prove it Jack Bussell was not an astronaut and he was just Just a potato sitting on the rocker and we have no proof he’s coming out up and we have no proof is going in he will never leave so much money on Earth and put his life in danger

  40. John L. Reid Jr.

    Hated the commentator...SHE was "SO-DAMN" irritating...ruined the entire experience!

  41. KhemBoBeatZ

    Where the heck is the outside camera?

  42. Truth warrior3443

    Does this look like CGI to anyone else??? I’m calling BS.

  43. RF monkey

    Australia is having a "LUNAR EXPLORATION ACTION MISSION" its happening at the martygras in sydney there might be a jeff bazos style rocket mission to URANUS code named "penetrator 8" "i kant vait for that one"

  44. Mayla Vidal

    Mcontent got on BKEX exchange on their first day! MContent is Live on Bitmart! Binance soon! MContent Token Contract 📝 Contract Address: 0x799e1Cf88A236e42b4A87c544A22A94aE95A6910

  45. Mayla Vidal

    Mcontent got on BKEX exchange on their first day! MContent is Live on Bitmart! MContent Token Contract 📝 Contract Address: 0x799e1Cf88A236e42b4A87c544A22A94aE95A6910

  46. Keshava kumar G.

    Excellent camera skill.

  47. Rachel Edwards

    You going down JACK!!

  48. Ednis Rodman

    Hope strongnodes. io will build a community about this game it was lit I guess

  49. Ednis Rodman

    Everybody has purpose small or huge vision was still a purpose.. just like OGLife. tv and its decentralized network and planned ecosystem..

  50. Plugging 420

    The comments 😂 but fr they didnt even look out the window like if they been looking at that view forever

  51. Ednis Rodman

    Jack dorsey was probably happy to hear this new OGLife. tv founded by StrongNodes.. hope this project will be successful..

  52. Rick Hammond

    A shame the slave driver did not get lost in space

  53. dale winter

    Think of all the good that the money spent to finance this ridiculous venture could’ve done to help feed starving children all over the world… instead it was all burnt up for ten minutes of being weightless. Good job… accomplishing nothing we haven’t already done.

  54. MarkY MarK

    Mark Zuckerberg is one guy who does not care about any individuals lives whatsoever he don't care if you live or die.

  55. M D

    Wonder what happen to global warming? Guess that was an electric powered rocket!

  56. PJ Nam

    Virgin Galactic was better

  57. xfire7

    Why would you be playing with ping balls when the best view in the world is there ? Unless its fake ?

  58. Jari Schol

    Earth’s flat chill

  59. MrDoss89

    People can't use a blinker or use a traffic circle. yet we want them to fly over your neighborhood??? Unless they are fully autonomous it is unrealistic.

    1. Jack der Hauptsturmführer

      That’s two completely different aspect of vehicle control that they’re irrelevant, you can totally pilot a plane without worrying about blinkers

  60. TheAnonymous One

    We can all agree that Bezos is a Zero G -- no gangsta in him whatsoever

  61. TheAnonymous One

    Oh why didn't gravity kick in just when they were twirling around like kids. We would have been laughing our 🍑's off for the next thousand years

  62. sgt haggis

    They could of put more effort in for the motionless dummy in the window, what a heap heap of crap!

  63. carlos villalobos

    CGI like a mother...😂

  64. carlos villalobos


  65. Red Krawler

    Too bad he’s not an Astronaut 👨‍🚀. Maybe next time you can go around earth 🌍 1 time.

  66. Kelly Null

    Nothing but CGI.

  67. Kamrul Hasan Sani

    Oh OnePlus, I had Faith on you but now you become a joke... Deliver exactly what you shows before product launching. Otherwise RIP

  68. Drizzt Do'urden

    Look so fake.

  69. Francisco Delgado

    Is the Earth flat or a globe.....did anyone happened to notice,?????

  70. DzulakaBumba

    Any cool pic from space?

  71. Sh Ig

    For me the windows 98 is very very stability, small and speedy. After that windows XP I spent a lot of time on that version. And of course windows 7 and 10 is most popular for me. But the 98 favorite. Ah how old I am!!! :).

  72. Alan Minshall

    He would get more respect if he was saving the planet rather than helping to destroy it.